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Geography Grade 8 Outline 2013-2014

Teacher: School year: Course: Ministry Guideline: Level of Difficulty: Maija-Dawn Parker 2013-2014 Grade 8 Human Geography The Ontario Curriculum Social Sciences Grade 8 Core

Core Content and sequence: Unit 1 - World Human Patterns The Big Idea: How human patterns set countries apart from one another. 1. Main patterns of settlement and population i.e. rural, urban 2. Factors that affect land use transportation, parks and open space, commercial etc. 3. Use population pyramids to predict trends in developed and developing countries i.e. how the baby boom population will and has effected trends, economy, etc. in Canada. 4. Quality of Life factors basic freedoms, Global Life Expectancy etc. Unit 2 World Economic Systems The Big Idea: How economic systems influence industries across Canada and the World. 1. The four Economic Resources Land, Labour, Capital, Entrepreneurship 2. The four types of economies Market, Traditional, Command, Communist 3. Canadas Mixed economy Primary industry, Secondary industry, Tertiary industry 4. New technologies changing Canadas economy 5. World Trade Unit 3 Mobility, Migration, Culture The Big Idea: Challenges and opportunities migration presents for people around the world, and the effect it has on Canadas identity. 1. How do people decide where to live employment, health services etc. 2. Why people migrate push/pull factory 3. Barriers to migration immigration laws, economic standing etc. 4. Multiculturalism what happens when cultures meet. Textbooks/resources: The Core Program will primarily use the Pearson Human Geography 8 Textbook Other primary and secondary resources such as videos, postcards, Newspaper clippings, Gage Human Geography textbook, guest speakers and various web sites will also be implement commencing on course material at the time of learning.