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History Grade 8 Outline 2013-2014

Teacher: School year: Course: Ministry Guideline: Level of Difficulty: Maija-Dawn Parker 2013-2014 History Grade 8 Canadian History (1850 - 1920) The Ontario Curriculum Social Sciences Grade 8 Core

Core Content and sequence: Unit 1 Confederation The Big Idea: Why did some of the colonies put aside differences and create a new country Canada? 1. People of British North America The Great Migration, Underground Railroad 2. Political Systems of the Canadas in the 1850s Canada West vs Canada East 3. Effects of Industrialization Capitalists, leading industries i.e. flour mills, boot and shoe factories etc. 4. Factors that drew the BNA colonies together - to many governments, transportation, British withdrawal of troops. 5. Key figures: Harriet Tubman, Sir James Douglas, George Brown, George Etienne Cartier, John A. MacDonald 6. Creating a Nation Charlottetown, Quebec, London Conferences, how the map of Canada changed. Unit 2 The Development of Western Canada The Big Idea: How and why Canada expended so rapidly following Confederation. 1. Origins of the Metis List of Rights 2. Three new Provinces and a Territory 3. Land distribution between the First Nations, Metis and new immigrants (Free Land distribute) 4. Building a Transcontinental Railway 5. Northwest Rebellion Battle between the Metis and the new settlers 6. Beginning of the North West Mounted Police (NWMP) 1873 7. Gold Rush Era creation of the Yukon Territory Unit 3 Canada: A Changing Society The Big Idea: Examine the opportunities, challenges and changes faced in Canada between 1885 1914 1. Snowball effect of factory and city growth 2. Impact inventors and pioneers had on Canada i.e. George Ross, Alexander Gram Bell etc. 3. Changes in womens roles 4. Immigration 5. English French tensions 6. International trade 7. Canada and the coming of the of the First World War The Royal Canadian Navy Textbooks/Resources The Core Program will primarily use the Pearson Canadian History 8 Textbook Other primary and secondary resources such as videos, postcards, Newspaper clippings, Canadian Flashback textbook, guest speakers and various web sites will also be implement commencing on course material at the time of learning.