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JF Berns Quote Worksheet 1

JF Berns Quote Worksheet 1

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Published by: Le Duong on Sep 02, 2013
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SPECS SHEET for Special Automatic Chamfer Machine Quote

Please be as specific as possible to receive a more accurate quote

End User Information Company Name: Phone: Dealer Information (If applicable) Company Name: Phone: Chamfering / Machining Information Single or double end: Degree of chamfer required (i.e. 30, 45): Max depth of chamfer required (i.e. 1/4", just debur...): Is facing of the material required?: Is drilling of the material required?: If drilling is required, what size drill and how deep?: Is turning of the material required?: If turning is required, from what dia. to what dia., for what length?: Your material: What are the materials to be machined?: Approximate material hardness (i.e. mild steel, xx Rockwell C...): What is the range of diameters?: What is the variance within each diameter? (i.e. none, .002"...): What is the range of lengths?: Variance in length per bundle to be machined? (.005", 1", 5"..): Is the material solid or tubing, or both?: If tubing, wall thickness range: Is the material straight? (would it roll down a ramp straight?): What are the shapes of the materials? (i.e. round, hex, square...): Where the material is gripped, or where metal on metal might cause surface scratching... How critical is your material surface finish (1-10) 1 = scratches, marks etc. not a problem, subsequent operations will clean up the finish. 10 = No metal on metal contact, NO scratching of material permitted (will add cost to the machine) Circle: Material Handling: What is the desired load method? (i.e. ramp, bundle loader...): What is the desired unload method? (i.e. ramp, drop to bin…): Typical bundle size of your material (i.e.25 pcs., 900 lbs…): Desired cycle time? (i.e. 10 sec., xx Per day…): Other Notes: Contact: Fax: Contact: Fax:











Return or fax this form to: J. F. Berns Co. Inc. 11115 Ashburn Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45240 Phone:(513) 851-4600 Fax: (513) 851-4666

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