(:ovcrnmcnt of I'akistan

i ~ ~ ~mrwsronr y w c ~

(llcgulations Wing) I;IiC 13uilding, Near State Bank of l'altistan ***
1;.No. 1(3)Imp/2012

Islamabad, the


%July, 2012.


GKAN'I‘ 0 1 ' A1)HOC KlSl,Tlil; AI,I,OWANCl'. - 2 0 ~ 0 20%) 1 0 1 ; l<ASIC PAY 'I'O 1'1-lli CTVII, IiMl1I,OY1',1~S 0 1 : I'I-IRmI~KAI, GOVIiKNMliN'I'.

'I'hc l'rcsidcnt has been pleased t o sanction with effect from



anti till lurthcr orders an Adhoc llclicf Allo\vancc - 2012 @? 20% of basic pa!. to all ihc ci\.il c:mployccs of the b'cdcral Go\,crnmcnt a s well as the civilians paid from 1)cfcncc I'stiniatcs including contingent paid staff and contract c ~ n p l o \ ~ ccmplo!.cti cs against ci\-il posts in Basic: ll;l!rScalcs on standard terms and conditions of contract appointment.

'I'lic amount of this Adhoc llclicf Allowance - 2012 : i) ii)
\will be subject t o lncomc'l'ax.

\*-ill be adniissiblc during leave and entire period of 1.1'11 cxcc:pt during extra ordinary lca\.c.

iii) will not be treated a$ part of cmolumcnts for the purposn of calculation of l'cnsion/gratuity a n d rccovcry of 1Iousc llcnt.
I )

will not be admissible t o the cmployccs during the tenure of ilicir posting/dcputation abroad. . . \$,ill be ad~nissiblclo the cmplo)iccs on their rc:patriatioii from posting/dcputatioii abroad at the rate and amount ~ v h ~ c \$auld h have been adniissiblc to them had they not bcc:n posted abroati.


'l'hc term "l3asic ila!r" for the purpose of Adhoc llclicf Allowance - 2012 3. \$ill also incl~ldc the alnount of the personal pay granted on account of annual incrcnicnt(s) bc!,ond the lnaxiinum of the existing pay scales. 'I'hc abo\:c Adhoc Ilclicf Allo\vancc - 2012 shall be accoinmotfitcd fro111 1. \vitIlin the budgetary allocation for the year 2012-2013 by thc ~.cspccti\.cMinist~.ics/ I)i\-isions/l)cpa~.t~ncnls and no supplcmcntary grants \could be gi\,cn on this accol~rit.

Section Officer (Imp All Min~t_rics/lIivisions/l~cpartmcnts ctc.

. Orhcc oStli(: Cliicf Corn~nissic!ncr. Islamabad. Sunale Sccl. Islamabad. Islaniabad/I. !I. I'aliist. Islaniabad. Islamabad.inancc l>ivision.J:~mnin & Kashmir and Gilgit Ualtistan.O. Sr:c:rc:ti~~.~ccot~tiLability I3urcau. Islamabad.lfaqi Mohtasil) ((!mJ>i~dsman)'s Sccreta~jat. . I. 1:-511.No. S c c t ~Isl:unai>ad.ll I)i~. Intclligcncc: I3~1rcau. 1. Sccrcl:il. A(:1'1I.i~ianci:~l A(I\.\.ctariat. Clost A(:counts Organization.xcisc. l'. Islamabad.inancial Adviscrs/Ilcp~~ty liinancial Ad\isors attached to Minist~'ics/Di\. CapiLal 1)c~clopmcnt Authority. Islamabad.l:384.icc Commission.Islamabad. .Copy also forwarded for information to: I'rcsidcnt's Secretariat (I'ublic).. Cusionis 1 louse.cticlal 'l'ax 0ml)udsnian's Sccl. Ccn~~. I'rimc Minister's Secrctariat(l'ublic). i. KIII.I 1. I)ircc:lo~~tc (.s.mc C O L Iof I~ I'alcistan. W. "s" 13lock.cc..~!.loratco l National Sa\. ~ i\iornie: n I<nc. I'rimc: Minister's Sccrctariat(Intemal). Islamabad.l~:c~tion (:oinrnission of I'al. Agha Khan IIoad. Islamabad.cncralj Ka\valpindi.I'rilnc Minister's Sccl.ings. I)(. I'rcsidcnt's Sccrctariat (I'crsonal). I'll: 9245869 .isions (:LC: and all oificcrs of b'inancc 1)ivision. Mcn1l)cr (l:inancc).i .ctariat (I'ul)lic:). Coninlission.j. Suprc.lrihqunl~c IIcconstructio11 8r IIchabilitation Authorit!. I.ahorc. Islamabad. C1iic:fAccounts Officcr.ahorc/I'cshawar/Karachi/()~ictta~ Militay Accountant (. Rilinistcr's Seerelariat? Islamabad.ial 'l'raining Instituic.ctariat. Is!amab:ld. Islamabad. Tslama!?ati 11. Islamabad. (l<l<lIi\). Islamabad.istin. Controller General of Accounts.c:ncral of Inspccljon 8r Training. Islaniabad. Karachi. lsla~nabad. Ireonomic: A<lviscr'sWing. Nalional IIc-Cot~~str~~ctio~i I ~ L I T C ~ L Il'rirnc . Islamabad.~il\\ays. National Assembly Sccrctariat.. 1\11 1. I'aic. Chid'Acct)unts Orliccr. Islamabad. I'osi Olliccs. Islamabad. ~. Islamabad.Islaniabad.l.1. Islamabad. M / O I'orci. 1~. All (:liicf Sccrctarics/I~inancc Secretaries of the (:o\.nliorc.isc:r and.cdcral Shariilt Conlt. Islamabad.~n ll. National . I'altislr~rl/lint..I3ox. Customs & Central l:.~l)/Sindli/Khyl>cr I'aliht~1nlthu~a/I3alochistan/Aziic1 State of . 8th I'loor. Islamabad. Auditor (kncral of I'al~istan. 1.yn Affairs. I'celcl~al I>l~blic Scr\.crnmcnL of I'un. N (:I\.

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