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Truth That Can Save the World Part-2: God and Spirituality as Science beyond Religion

Truth That Can Save the World Part-2: God and Spirituality as Science beyond Religion

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Published by John Paily
To explore God and Spirituality beyond religion, we need to evolve science to a new realm. We need to invent a “New Force” and “Parallel Space and Time Field”, which Einstein searched to oppose the gravity field and its time direction to singularity. Einstein did introduce the concept of anti-gravity and retracted it. Possibly he could not find a source for it. What escaped Einstein’s observation is open for all. All you have to do is to open the window of your laboratory or home to observe a plant grow, seed sprout and lilies flower. All life has an “INNER SPACE” where gravity is converted into anti-gravity. Life instinctively grows against gravity. This means the existence even ONE SOUL, ONE CELL, ONE LIFE can deny the gravitational collapse or singularity. Alternatively we can reinvent Big Bang Creation from inner space of Single Soul, Cell and Life. Universe now can be understood as CONSCIOUSNESS and INTELLIGENCE or INFORMATION unfolding and enfolding in time.
To explore God and Spirituality beyond religion, we need to evolve science to a new realm. We need to invent a “New Force” and “Parallel Space and Time Field”, which Einstein searched to oppose the gravity field and its time direction to singularity. Einstein did introduce the concept of anti-gravity and retracted it. Possibly he could not find a source for it. What escaped Einstein’s observation is open for all. All you have to do is to open the window of your laboratory or home to observe a plant grow, seed sprout and lilies flower. All life has an “INNER SPACE” where gravity is converted into anti-gravity. Life instinctively grows against gravity. This means the existence even ONE SOUL, ONE CELL, ONE LIFE can deny the gravitational collapse or singularity. Alternatively we can reinvent Big Bang Creation from inner space of Single Soul, Cell and Life. Universe now can be understood as CONSCIOUSNESS and INTELLIGENCE or INFORMATION unfolding and enfolding in time.

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Published by: John Paily on Sep 02, 2013
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Truth that can save the World

Part -2: God and Spirituality beyond Religion as a Science
God the Spirit is the Father and Earth is the Mother, they Love their creation. Our misery, disorder and destruction emerge from our “self” and ignorance of Truth. In our selfcenteredness and our slavery to material world we have been plundering Earth. Earth has been reacting violently. We saw why, how this is happening and saw simple solution to it in Part-1. This misery and death from aggravated Nature forces wanes into insignificance when compared to misery and destruction we cause in the Name of God. Unless we know the Truth of God as science beyond religion we are doomed. To explore this, we need to evolve science to a new realm. We need to invent a “New Force” and “Parallel Space and Time Field”, which Einstein searched to oppose the gravity field and its time direction to singularity. Einstein did introduce the concept of anti-gravity and retracted it. Possibly he could not find a source for it. What escaped Einstein’s observation is open for all. All you have to do is to open the window of your laboratory or home to observe a plant grow, seed sprout and lilies flower. All life has an “INNER SPACE” where gravity is converted into anti-gravity. Life instinctively grows against gravity.

This means the existence even ONE SOUL, ONE CELL, ONE LIFE can deny the gravitational collapse or singularity.

Gravity net of Einstein, which forms the back bone of material world and becomes the information carrier in time, has a time direction to singularity or black hole or Big Bang Point. It is directed to gravitational collapse. In life we are inventing a New Space and Time that opposes this time direction in material world. We can compare this to Newtonian and Quantum Mechanical World View, which speaks of Instantaneous Communication. Just bring into mind “inertial mass” or resistive force that coexisted with “gravitational mass” in Newtonian World View. This was overlooked by scientist as one and the same. Time direction and death however is inevitable reality of Nature both from modern scientific and ancient Spiritual and living perspective. The circular line in the figure represents gravity force or feminine force or field where communication takes place in time. The straight line represents the masculine line where communication takes place instantaneously. The force acting from the center to the periphery supports the system from collapse.

This calls us to search the cause for time direction to death
The quantum science tells us that we cannot understand Nature in isolation of the observer. Let us now introduce the observer into the “Parallel and multiple world design” of Earth. In Part-1, we saw how energy cycle of Earth is self-sustaining with plants and animals. Plants transform gravity into anti-gravity and thus oppose the gravity field that is directed to singularity. If unchecked it can lead the world to antigravitational collapse. Thus we have herbivore controlling plant kingdom, carnivore controlling herbivore. The Earth is self-sustaining Gaia. Noble laureate James Lovelock proved this to the world.

However, this self-sustaining picture breaks down when we introduce adult Human beings. Adult Humans are “self-centered” and exist as slave to material world. He lives by His mind and digs his own grave separating himself from the whole. He visualizes the opposite as enemy and builds his kingdom on war and destruction of the opposite. In the process he destroys the Kingdom of God. Bible says that Man ate the Forbidden Fruit and took the path of death. Vedas says that universal time cycle comes into being when Truth and Justice begin to deteriorate. If we stand back and observe the world we live in, we note that we are digging our own grave in two ways. We are stressing Earth to her critical limit, where she can split and turn inside out virtually destroying everything on Earth to make a New Beginning. The other is that we are polarizing in the name of religion with all the weapons of destruction in hand and are poised for self-destruction in the Name of God. Truth and Justice has waned to the lowest level. We today weigh Truth and Justice by Money, material and political and manipulative power. By our mind and material centered knowledge and life, we have aligned with material and evil force of the world leading the whole system to gravitational collapse. We are fast approaching towards it.

The Alternate Possibility

The alternate possibility is the existence of FORCE that amends human doings and sustains the system from within. Here it becomes inevitable that we imagine a “Primal Human Soul” or “GOD SOUL”, who’s “INNER SPACE” can arrest time and transform all the gravity force into Antigravity force and lift the system back from “0” to “1” or “DEATH TO LIFE”. This could be a “little perturbation” that non-linear scientist seek to explain origin from non-linear science. This also could be “Reinvention of Big Bang” from the inner space of single Primal Soul. The characteristic of this “PRIMAL SOUL” can be well defined. It should be “ABSOLUTELY SELFLESS”, “ABSOLUTELY FAITHFUL”, “ABSOLUTLEY CONSCIOUS”, “INSTANTEANEOULSY COMMUNICATED ALL THE TIME” “ABSOLUTLY POWERFUL” and should carry “ABSOLUTE INFORMATION” A search for such a “PRIMAL SOUL” leads to “JESUS” and “CALVRY SACRIFICE” – The question is how to comprehend this Truth

Two Perspectives of the Universe and its understanding
The Modern science perceives universe as material. The ancient Spiritualist understood it as living conscious and intelligent being. Modern science’s thinking, in time ends in singularity, black hole, big bang and so on. The have failed figure the origin sensibly. Quantum scientists have shown an inseparable role of observer and thus life in the universe. Gaia hypothesis of James Lovelock and all the ancient Spiritual scriptures, in contrast, forcefully suggests that we must change our vision. I am not a physicist and I do not understand physicist’s language. However, I came across three scientists Neil Turok, Paul Steinhardt and Burt Ovrut, suggesting a concept where at singularity time in one parallel world piercing the other and emerging on the opposite. I am not sure how their minds

arrived at this thinking. But it falls in line with the Living Universe Theory centered on a “PRIMAL SOUL” unfolded to me by Grace. Life or Living Universe is not beyond time. Life has four phases where light and life deteriorates with a hidden phase where light hides in darkness and unfolds to conquer time. This could be understood from four phases of life, child hood, early adulthood, late adulthood and old age leading to death. Within this cycle, past the middle point, it also has a fifth phase where life conquers time to perpetuate in time cycle. [Reproduction where the essence of the Father exists in recessive to Mother to create and restore the system] Our attempts to understand Nature should account for two basic laws of energy – the first and second law of thermodynamics. First laws states energy/matter cannot be created or destroyed it can only be transformed. The second law states that there is a time direction to disorder and destruction. From linear science it leads to collapse to Big Bang Point. From Non-linear science it leads to disorder. Here at least science has an answer. It says that order can emerge

out of a Great Attractor State at the peak of disorder. But it does not tell us how the Attractor State comes in to being at the universal level. From ancient Spiritual point, souls are indestructible entities. We already noted that all life is instinctively anti-gravitational. They have “inner space-time field” that carries energy/information and converts gravity into anti-gravity.

Very Important
Now, much the same way for gravity there is a center, for anti-gravity there should be a center. In short there should be “Primal Soul’ to which all other souls should exist in relative manner. This Primal Soul and its inner space hold the complete information of the whole system and the potentials to transform all gravity into anti-gravity and thus lift it from event “0” to “1” or Birth. See Fig. Every Soul is called to look up to this Primal Soul and align with its “Conscious Field” that is unfolding from within the system. The Primal Soul resists other souls from aligning with material field and its force. But human souls that seeks “self” becomes slaves to material force does create time direction. Forcing the universal system to enfold again into 2,4,8--- to form trillions of worlds. The above figure explains the secret manifesting. The process of “Primal Soul” and its inner Conscious/Spirit field unfolding and lifting the system from near death to life, from great disorder to order, is happening with Christ’s Calvary Sacrifice. This needs to be understood as transformation of souls or New Life experience. A mass experience of New Life would only manifest when Truth reveals. Only this mass awakening to Light and Life can save the world from impending disaster. The whole picture now confirms with first and second law of thermodynamics. Our hope for survival on Earth and entering the Golden Age exist in the “Great Calvary Sacrifice”. Even great Eastern scriptures “VEDAS” seems to validate this. Yajurveda VS

30-31 says universe was created through the Self-Sacrifice of the Creator. This is no way a support for a religion called Christianity. Christ never spoke of creating religion. He spoke of spreading Good News and Transformation of Souls. All religions are deteriorated form of knowledge spoken by the illuminated. All True knowledge is spoken spontaneously. The “Written form of Scriptures” takes shape when illuminated followers see entry of evil minds and deterioration in the system. Spiritual/religious institutions are the most revered and powerful institutions of the world. All powerful institutions such as religions and parliamentary where rules are made and human Judiciary where laws are executed become the target of evil minds. The evil mind once in the seat of position declares themselves above law. People who look to them for direction eventually deteriorate and thus system deteriorates till the HIGHER FORCES intervene Spiritual deterioration is the key to all deterioration. The key to world survival exists in awakening to Christ or “God Consciousness” or the “Spirit of God” beyond religion. Christ needs to be understood as a science beyond religion. The key is to understand Universe as living Being as the ancient East taught the world. Steps involved are 1] The Spirit is the Father or God. It is the conscious field of the system that gives life and sustains the system in time from within and from outside. It is energy and information of life that creates and liberates humanity into True freedom or Light. It is the one entity that perpetuates in time cycles. It is called Holy Spirit in Bible, Brahman in Vedas, al-Ruh al-Qudus in Koran. In fact all Spiritual philosophies have reference to this SPIRIT that binds everything into one. It is the Conscious field that scientist search wrongly in Brain. The phase when

this SPIRIT exists in recessive manner is the CREATING phase. When it emerges it exist as SUSTAINER. 2] The Body is the Mother. It is static entity. Life to it is given by the spirit. Must note that Egg cell dies off, if it is not fertilized by the Spirit of the Father. The function of the Spirit the Father is to create and sustain the Body. It works to balance the left and right, inside and outside of the body. He is the Perceiver within, which is instantaneously communicated to the whole system. Life actions originate from Him from a point in the body and then it is communicated to the whole body. The SPIRIT causes the expansion of the body from a single point to whole system within the womb and beyond it to an adult Body. He also controls the deterioration of the body. But he ensures that He survives by a process of recreation and restoration. What is said above can be perceived from life that begins from one cell that is fertilized by the “Spirit” of the Father. Note – Biology thinks that it is “gene” that carries biological information. The fallacy of this thinking is increasingly evident. Dr. Bruce Lipton speaks it vociferously. We already saw that information exist in the inner space and time field of life in Spiritual form. Much the same way Einstein’s gravity net forms the net holding the material world. This Life Field also forms a net that holds life and works against material world that tends to collapse to a point. This field in creating mode exists in the darkness of the womb as “WHITE HOLE” that gives life. Bible can be reinterpreted as a science This line of thinking brings Spiritual Knowledge of the ancient as a simple science beyond religions. Here are the steps to this great secret that could be understood from Life’s two phases

1] Creation Phase: Here “Spirit the Father” exist in the womb of the Mother as creating entity. Spirit the Father is the force and information that gives life and sustains the system. When He is in Creation phase, He manifests as Love with Free will to all Souls. He exists as Transforming Principle giving New Life to all souls. This is well in line with first law of thermodynamics. From the time of Calvary we are in this Glorious period of recreation and restoration. Christ’s Consciousness or Spirit of God is unfolding within supporting the universe that is edging to self-destruction. Universe now can be visualized as Big Bang Origin from the inner space of a Primal Soul. Universe is controlled by unfolding and enfolding of information. 2] Created Phase: This begins when the Spirit or Consciousness unfolds and breaks the womb of darkness to emerge as pure Light and knowledge to create new order out of disorder. Here it differentiates light and darkness or superior knowledge and inferior knowledge. This could be compared to Egg cell dividing after it is conceived with the Spirit from the Masculine. A radiating organ called “Centriole” forms on one side outside nucleus, which then separates and moves to poles twitching one cell into two. It also could be compared to pregnant woman giving birth. We see a cycle here with the “Spirit the Father” going through EVOLUTION and INVOLUTION. The Spirit Creates and then Resists and leading the system through a path. The resistance invariably means there is optimum state in which HE wishes to exist. Now we can sketch the evolution path taking some leaves from Spiritual scriptures. 1] When God after Creation resisted humanity from eating from the tree at the center. He invariably resisted humanity from becoming selfcentered and slave to material force. But in time he eats the Forbidden Fruit. This is initiated by Fallen Angels, which clearly speaks that

deterioration begins from Spiritual Institutions. The fall of individuals, society and the whole begins with Spiritual deterioration or knowledge deterioration. This deterioration happens when Spiritual People or Angels seek self and tries to build their Kingdom at the cost of Souls on Earth. When Bible says that Adam and Eve were driven from Eden it invariably means we lost the knowledge of the Divine. We moved from Spiritual power to material power. This invariably means there existed a time when Truth and Justice was at its highest level [Golden Age]. Scriptures says Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice. Vedas describe Universal Time Cycle in terms of Truth and Justice. Logically this means there existed a Golden period when Truth and Justice ruled the world. Christ is the path from Kaliyuga to Dharmayuga, [Golden age] that Hindu spiritualist search. 2] History speaks of God and prophets manifesting trying to awaken humanity and resist the path in which he is moving. We have God leading the War for Truth and justice [Mahabharata]. The crux of Vedas was recited to Warrior Arjuna by Lord Krishna to coax him to do the War. This was a period when some souls existed that could be justified before God 3] By the Time Christ manifested Bible says there was none who could be justified before God and thus He sent His only son as sacrificial lamb to restore His Kingdom. It is unfortunate a religion was formed out of Christ mixing the old and New Wine. The curtain Christ tore with His Sacrifice was re-stitched and restored and the temples that he broke were rebuilt in New Name - Church. The emphasis was again laid on material than Spiritual. Thus we have huge churches built around the world and religion growing in wealth and material power. What Christ asked His people was to Spread “Good News”. He asked His disciples to spread the FIRE and transform human souls. He asked His disciples to awaken Human Consciousness. Call that Christ gave has

elements of Eastern thinking. The fact that evil minds entered and the Church and is ruling it is evident from the world we live in dominated by Christian Nations that is waging war. 4] Prophet Mohammed manifested essentially reminding humanity of Truth and Justice. Unfortunately this also formed into a religion. 5] Then came modern science as Anti to Churches, which were ruling the west with iron fist amassing wealth. Science liberated human mind to think and explore Nature and God independently. Unfortunately partial development in this field is being used by evil minds to its advantage. We see here an evolution pattern that is leading humanity to its liberation and restoration. An awakening has generated since 1950’s and has accelerated since 1980’s in all religions and outside it in science. They are leading us to liberation into Truth beyond religion. Yes all religions are fishing in troubles waters. But when the Truth and Light comes, all the barriers will break down. Souls will be separated by their INTENT into left and right, up and down the central column. See Fig above. The fallowing figure describes the present state of the world how it is endangered. We are endangered not only by upsetting Energy to Matter Ratio, and CO2 to O2 but also by non- illuminated people who have filled the temples of Spiritual knowledge and work manipulating human minds for their self-advancement than liberating human souls and leading them from darkness to light. I am not telling that all people in Religious institutions are evil minded. There are many to whom we all must bow in respect. But their number is limited. Religious institutions must accept the responsibility for the world we live in. They cannot be silent witness to war and destruction in the world. They cannot be mute witness to deterioration of Truth

and Justice. Most religious leaders, lean with the rich, powerful evil and take the weapon of forgiveness Christ preached to pacify the exploited.

Forgiveness is a personal necessity to delink so that we can turn around to face God. You cannot turn to God when chains bind you. Thus Christ forgave every Soul such that He can rise up to God in fullness. However, Forgiveness is not Acceptance. When we stay with evil and corrupted people you have judged yourselves. It is time religious people evolve to know Truth and work to Create Kingdom God than strengthening once own religion adding number to it and aligning with rulers and evil people for material benefits. What we need is qualitative Transformation of people so that they stand with Justice and Truth. One must underline that Kingdom of God is Truth and Justice and Christ manifested to Restore Kingdom of God. Few words from Present Pope after he took the chair raise hopes – must wait and see how people around him influence and how he gets influenced and how time unfolds with Him. When Humans takes consultation with once own Consciousness and Spirit within, it leads Him in right direction. The Heat/Fire/Spirit of material world is destabilizing the Environment and is threatening to burn and destroy Earth. But there is a second Heat/Fire/Spirit of Living World released on Earth by God to lead us to NEW LIFE and NEW ORDER – It is matter of awakening to it.

Underline and take Note
You are made in the image of God. This means the original copy of Bible exist in you, it is time we read from it and act from it. The world we live in, which is plundering Earth, has filled Earth with weapons of mass destruction and is at war, the world that is in poverty and is exploiting its bread winners and sustainers is not definitely the projection of Mind of God or of Christ. It is the projection of an Evil Mind – The growth of evil mind to such an extent clearly speaks of failures of spiritual institutions specially Christian Religion. Our only

hope is God Pouring His Spirit on all awakening us to Truth and Light and liberating us from religions - Forgive me if I am wrong.

Consciousness is a field full of energy or Spirit. God is Spirit or Consciousness Field. It is the Holy Spirit of Bible, Brahman of Vedas, alRuh al-Qudus of Koran. This is spoken in all Spiritual scriptures. Universe is Living Conscious and intelligent being as the ancient East taught the world. This conscious field is the Basal Space and Time Field on which Universe is constructed. It does not exist in the brain as modern scientists think but exist beyond heart in the inner space of life. Universe is not constructed on material Space-Time field as western thinking is teaching the world. It is time we evolve and unearth the secrets hidden in Spiritual cultures of the ancient world beyond religion. It is time we seek the Truth not “OUT THERE” but “IN HERE”. It is time we grow beyond religion and see the oneness. Our quest to understand universe should be directed to 1] Understanding “Self” in relation to “Absolute Self” 2] Understanding Universe as a “Conscious and Intelligent being” with a Parallel Space-Time World that is full of information and Life Energy that opposes the gravity fields. The material world we see is juxtaposed between these two worlds. 3] The time in material world directs to gravitational collapse by spiraling down to the center. However, time in living world opposes the gravity thus sustaining the universe. The self-sustaining nature of the universe breaks down when humans who lives a mind centered life comes into picture. Human Beings are the cause for time direction to death. The death is conquered by Super Human Soul or God Soul.

Origin of universe or Big Bang now could be traced back to inner space of this Primal Soul and universe can be understood as consciousness and information unfolding and enfolding to sustain the system. God Consciousness or Christ consciousness is unfolding from within trying to lift all life and restore the system into New Order. He has conquered time and is working to initialize time. There is no other way for humanity to but turn his face from material world to Spiritual World. As of now, in freedom most of us are seeking “self” and in our ignorance we are focusing our mind with material force to disorder and death See Fig. When we know the Truth the scenario will change. This scenario change or the Paradigm Shift is the only way for the world to survive. But this will be accompanied by division. This need not be judgment. Both left and right are His Parts. He is also the King of the lower levels. When He reveals as Light and Life we will come to know where we stand. May be in those moments, a last chance might exist for souls to repent cry and enter from lower realms to higher levels. God is the knower of the intent of every soul. Who knows – Many people working in the Altar and Temples and leading you religiously may not be the Lord’s choice to higher levels, it could be the most unexpected people. The people at higher end who were responsible, but failed, may be ones who fall miserably. Search your Intent before you stand before HIM.

Author was a researcher in the field applied Biotechnology. Two and half decades back, staying with his consciousness he left Plato’s chair of science. Since then he has been living as a small farmer making Nature His laboratory. Mother Earth revealed the pages of her book and showed the simplicity behind the complexity in quick succession. But reaching back to people in

temples of science was a fruitless one. The question of origin of the universe and perpetual existence actually took much time. In 1996 author went to a “Retreat Center” as an observer but ended participating in it. In a great moment when author surrendered unconditionally and accepted death [mind death] Truth emerged in simplicity. This was associated with a call to advance Science. But author resisted it because of his sad experience communicating with the Temples of Science. He found no sense in a biologist trying to speak a “Living Universe Theory” to a world where even Noble laureate is not taken seriously. Author could see the world ending in destruction by Natural Forces and people fighting in the name of God and Selfdestroying. However, when author saw Twin Tower Collapse he decided to take up the Call. He left his village to live a uncertain life in town concentrating on learning computer and keep writing everything that is coming from within. Years have gone by, author is seeing greater and greater destructions. Now author sees clear signs of collapse. There is not much time left. If we don’t awaken now we would end in paying heavy price. Author calls for Help of awakened peoples to spread this message. Author may not be able struggle much without help coming to him.

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There is youtube Video Channel called - Spirit Science, That deals with spiritual science of ancient world extensively. I differ in my thought only in the fact that I visualize a non-equilibrium and ratio design at the core of universe and at all levels to the whole. The symmetry that “spirit science” speaks is only transition state, in which the system wishes to stay. It maintains the symmetry with a price. Thus second law and recreation and restoration became inevitable from both material and living perspective. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEcMWs6GudljuLw0-Umf97A

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