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Please refer to the below mentioned points for drafting training policy: 1.

Introduction: write few lines on the importance of training.Like Training and development requires the same rigor and attention as any other management task. Well managed, training and development can deliver people with the right skills at the right time to enable the organisation to deliver strategic results. 2. Purpose & Scope : Write objective of the trainings which will be imparted to the employees 3. Applicability: To who it applies 4. References & Definition: References of other policies or documents which might be mentioned in the policy. Definition of the technical words used. 5. TNA - jot down the methods that will be used i for doing Training need analysis 6. Training Material: Mention from where all the training material or content will be derived. Incase of internal content development, mention who will be approving the content made. Mention about Training Curricula .i.e what all trainings will be imparted whether softs kills, sales or technical or all. 7. Mode of delivery: Mention what eill be the mode of delivery .i.e online, classroom or on the job. 8. Costing 9. Documentation: What all kinds of reports & documents will be maintained and for how long they'll be kept 11. Training feedback & evaluation: might inlcude any specific benchmark for trainers, any assessment that might be conducted after the training to the judge the participant's knowledge. 12. Training environment: what kind of seating arrangements will be there in the training room, white baords or projector required 13. Tracking, Training, & Certification: how training imparted will be tracked(any specific software will be used or not) or hard copies to be maintained, how employees' performance will be tracked and will employees be given a certification after the training or not. 14. Training Department Support System: Mention the responsibilities and coordination required by the differents departments, trainees and MGT 15. Checklist for training: Mention all the material that will be required. i.e. manual, white board, markers, projector, computers, water bottles etc 16 Lastly: list of the templates or forms that will be used in training. Like nomination form, attendance form, training feedback form, etc. Hope this will be of some use to you. If you need any further help, do let me know.