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The Road Runner

A Reference For The Montair Staff

The most authentic thing about us is our capacity to create, to overcome, to endure, to transform, to love, and to be greater than our suffering." -Ben Okri Nigerian Poet and Novelist

Monday 9/2/13
Labor Day! No school!

Upcoming Deadlines
September 6 Allergy Posters are to be displayed. September 20 PD Plans and Cycles of Inquiry due to Anthony

Tuesday 9/3/13
7:00-8:00pm 2nd & 3rd Grade Back to School Night

Wednesday 9/4/13
Picture Day! Say Cheese! 8:45am 12:00pm 2:00pm Foundation Board Meeting Special Ed Team Lunch Meeting Grade Level Collaboration

Thursday 9/5/13
8:45am 3:00pm School Site Council (SSC) Meeting Staff Nuts & Bolts Meeting (Adjunct Duty) 30 min

Roadrunner(s) of the Week!

Beep! Beep! Our Wonderful Staff! Everyone on staff did an excellent job preparing for the start of the school year. From the office staff to custodians to teachers to paras, everyone made students feel safe and honored. I appreciate your efforts and support. As we move forward, Im confident this is going to be a great school year and one to remember. Once again, thank you.

Friday 9/6/13
8:30am Parent Volunteer Training

Upcoming Events
9/9/13 Split Reading 1st Grade 2nd Grade Full Day Transitional Kindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade Back to School Night at 6:00pm Special Needs Committee Coffee 8:30am Family Movie Night 7:30pm


9/13/13 9/13/13

For the Week of September 2-6, 2013

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Shifting Practice
Wow! This is a great resource to hear and see common core in action. Enjoy! Pathways to the Common Core: Videos from Inside Classrooms features almost 40 clips of Common-Core aligned teaching and learning. We captured these scenes of classroom teaching in an effort to help you imagine methods of teaching that can support students in moving towards the ambitious standards set by the Common Core. Please visit this link (Either click on link or Cut and paste link into web browser):

Safety Tip
Keep a close eye on the wasp/bee situation at the planter boxes near Sondas classroom. We have had a couple children whove been stung by these creatures. We have assembled yellow caution tape around the area of concern. We have also called Contra Costa Vector control. Bee careful!

Important News
Teacher Websites Thank you to everyone who has updated their teacher website. I understand there was a glitch, which may have deleted previous information. Hopefully everything is up and running. Please let me know if you need any assistance with your webpage. Im here to support. Lunch Supervision Support Thank you for being in the lunchroom this past week. Your support is greatly appreciated. Your presence made a difference. Weebly Site Here is the link: Please let me know If there is information you would like to see on our Montair Staff weebly site. Character Trait of the Month Courage!

Human Systems Dynamics (HSD)

This past week I had a wonderful conversation with Royce Holladay, the author of the Change Maturity Model. She gave me permission to use the model and any professional development I received. If you are interested in HSD here is the link to their wiki page:

Simple Rules

Assume positive intent Be part of the solution Recognize, value, and build on assets of self and others Teach and learn in every interaction Look for the true and useful Seek joy in learning

Our Purpose for Teacher Life is

To shift our current practice from unknown work to adaptive work by constantly engaging in systematic collaboration. To ensure all students are being led to independence by implementing common practices and vertical alignment (TK-5).

For the Week of September 2-6, 2013

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