Any + Some + Food Quantity – Speaking Game

A slice of cheese A piece of cheese A slice of tomato .

A slice of watermelo n A slice of bread A bunch of grapes .

A bunch of banana s A cup of milk A bottle of water .

A bottle of milk A jar of jam A jar of cookies ja m .

A glass of lemonad e A glass of milk A cup of coffee .

A jar of candy A can of pop A can of lemonad e .

A bar of chocolat e A piece of bread A bowl of yogurt .

A bowl of strawberri es .

Go over the vocabulary in the cards by showing them the card saying the name of the picture and then passing it to the student next to you. If the answer was (Yes. Cut the cards along the edges and glue them on colored papers. I have some …………s. – a matching picture) then the student with the picture card loses and leaves the circle. When you say stop. 02. (No throwing. Tell your students that one color goes from right to left and the other in the opposite direction. This game is played with the grammar structure: Q:. Write a model question and answers on the board. Students with words must ask. 01. They should not show their cards. (44 are a bit too much. I don’t have any ……………………. (Do a rehearsal). (You may highlight the plural s) 03. Select number of cards to play with. yellow paper.etc.s) the student who asked loses and leaves the circle. (As shown in end result in the first page). Pre teach students the grammar point (Some + Any): Get their attention to the plural form associated with any. (You know which one by color.s. Start with one student. 04. 06. the one with picture answers. let him/her choose another student with the different color to ask (Do you have any ……………s – finish the question according to the card). I have some …………………. They have to do the same. 07.Do you have any …………………. so you can moderate) 10. 03. uncles you have a huge class) 05.s? Yes. If the answer was (No. Each students look at their cards. --------------------------------------------------------------------During the activity:.) 02.s. No.Preparations for the activity: 01. 11. 08. I don’t have any …………. Laminate the cards for long lasting and safe keeping.. each student must keep his/ her card. Practice the previous question and answers with students using their stuff (pencil. no pushing – though they will!) 09. .. green pen.. Shuffle the cards in your hand then separate the cards into colors. Get your students to set in a circle.

12. You have to pay attention. . skip friends or even hide their cards during the ask and answer time. Students are expected to get excited and start throwing cards.

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