NAVFone Quick Start Guide

1. NAVFone Installation Step 1: Goto Menu>Organizer>File Manager>Memory Card>NAVFone

Step 2: Install .SIS files to memory card. Install in the following sequence; • NAVApps_s60….sisx, once completed proceed to next item. • LBS…..SISX, once completed proceed to next item. • Singapore....SISX, once completed proceed to next item. • Malaysia(Central)….SISX, once completed proceed to next item. • Malaysia(South)….SISX, once completed proceed to next item. • After the map installation is done, proceed to NAVFone activation.

NAVFone Installation completed.

2. NAVFone Activation Step 1: Goto Menu>Installation> NAVFone

Step 2: Enter License number and then press Ok. This can be obtained from the NAVFone scratch card provided.

Step 3: Once activation SMS is received, start NAVFone again. The following screens will appear. Press Ok to continue.

Step 4: Select default map.

NAVFone Activation complete.

3. GPS Connection Step 1: In NAVFone, goto Options>Navigation>Connect GPS

Step 2: A red arrow will be displayed on the map, indicating the current position when GPS is connected.

GPS Connection complete.

4. Search & Navigation Step 1: To search for locations, goto Options>Search.

Step 2: Select search category or Search All.

Step 3: Key in search keyword. Press Ok when done. Result will then be displayed.

Step 4: Select the correct result and then goto Options>Navigation>Destination

Step 5: When prompted, press Ok to connect to GPS. Navigation will start when GPS is connected.

Search & Navigation complete.