MBA301 ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT The objective of the subject is to introduce the concepts of environmental management that is becoming a major

area of concern and also understand the dimensions, institutions of environmental management. Unit I Environment and its components - Ecology - Forest - Wildlife - biotic and abiotic environment - Agricultural - fisheries - cycling of materials in the ecosystem - eco friendly farming - Lithosphere - atmosphere - hydrosphere - stratosphere - Food chain - Climate change - Carbon credit. Environmental degradation - Population growth - Economic development - pollution pollution control - sustainable development - Hazardous wastes - Energy and environment - alternate sources of energy. Dimensions of environmental management - economic dimensions - technological dimensions - sociocultural dimensions - ethical and moral dimensions- Participatory Environmental Management - integrated environmental management - managing the urban environment - managing the rural environment - environmental management systems - environmental audit. Development Management - environment friendly - sustainable agriculture sustainable forestry management - water resources management - industrial waste management - nuclear waste management - municipal waste management - hospital waste management - air quality management - coastal and marine resources management Environmental Management Institution - Environmental legislations - legal framework - national and international legislations - governmental institution for environmental management - private sector and civil society in environmental management environmental awareness - environment friendly products - green taxes - academic and research institutions in environmental management.

Unit II

Unit III

Unit IV

Unit V


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