Spank me Mrs Cleves said it was all part of her sexual foreplay rather than some Freudian slip of a childhood probing stuck inside her head OK Baruch said willing to oblige to keep the show on the road the game in play and she 19 years older and 15 pounds heavier and he a novice of the way it goes the music from the lounge easing through the air the wine seeping through his head trying to keep her words and image and her body on the bed she above him he beneath wondering what the priest would say if seeing him now hand pounding flesh moving to the music and lust doing what a young guy

must the Mahlerian symphonic sounds the sounding springs the echoing voice of her demands and needs and pleads come on more more Mrs Cleves said and he recalls that Lucien Freud painting he'd seen of the fat dame lying on a couch naked as the day she was born seductively reclined her huge breasts and ample flesh her body crushing thighs and thinking such he smiled and closed his eyes and thought of Rome and the Roman orgies he'd read of somewhere and the smell of perfume and wine and he and she moving quickly and sexually there.