At the Park

Unit 1

teacher/sir.” “I’m fine. Get pupils to say /s/ is for ‘s’. • The tongue is flat behind your teeth. Trace the letter ‘s’ in the air and say /s/. thank you. picture cards Time: Teaching Aid(s): Cross Curricular Element(s): Multiple Intelligences Introduction: a.2. 1.4. ”or “Good afternoon. class/children. c. d.” “Good morning. 30/60 minutes composite picture. b. the mouth is slightly open. f. teacher/sir. Ask pupils to observe you. pupils will be able to: i. thank you. e. Name objects with the phoneme /s/: swing. Encourage pupils to reply. 2 . slide. Get pupils to do the action and say /s/. “Good morning. Step 1: a. Put up a chart. Form a cobra head with your hand.” Set Induction: a. Greet pupils. Puan Laily/ Madam Tan.”or “Good afternoon. six. skipping rope. and ii.” “We are fine. • Air comes out between your teeth.1. c.Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s): Listening and Speaking 1. say the phoneme /s/ correctly. see-saw.1 (a) & (d) {SK & SJK} By the end of the lesson. Puan Laily/Madam Tan. Introduce the phoneme /s/ by showing an action.” “How are you today?” b. Get pupils to talk about the picture. Do it a few times to different groups. identify objects with the phoneme /s/. “Good morning. class/children. sand.” or “Good afternoon. (Appendix 1) b. sun. Demonstrate how to sound it out: • When you say /s/.

Complete exercise on page 3 in pupils module. Show pictures and words of other objects that have the /s/ sound. class. Show the word cards. sun. c. e. spoon. Divide pupils into groups. pupils shout out /s/. teacher/sir. (Appendix 2) b. Closure: a. d. Get pupils to do the action for the /s/ sound and say /s/. slide 3. six d. When. snake 4. Say the words aloud: swing. sand c. Step 3: a. see-saw. Pupils respond: “Thank you. Next. six. sit. sister. spots e. f. f. Instruct pupils to tick pictures. Teacher leaves the class by saying: “Thank you. Show objects on the composite picture. The group that shouts out first is awarded a point. get pupils to show the action for the phoneme /s/ and articulate the sound. nest. Get pupils to say the words with guidance. Play a game with the pupils. Point to objects on the composite picture and get pupils to say them. b. d.” b. c.” “Thank you. seed. swing 2. Example: 1. the teacher points to an object with the /s/ sound. Step 4: a. point to the letter ‘s’ and say /s/. b.Step 2: a. The group with the most number of points is the winner. sun. Show objects at random on the composite picture. Say words with the /s/ sound. Example: spoon. skipping rope. nest.” 3 . snake. Repeat step c. Pupils tick the correct pictures. Madam Tan. Puan Laily. see-saw. slide. Consolidation: a.


Tick the pictures.APPENDIX 2 1 Listen to your teacher. 2 3 4 5 .

1. Pupils repeat after you.” T: “Siti. chant with actions. Step 2: a. Invite pupils whose names begin with the /s/ sound to the front. (Appendix 3) b. name the object and then say /s/. c. say a word with the /s/ sound and then followed by the /s/ sound. ii. b. /s/. c.Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s): Reading 2. Pupils repeat after you. b. pupils will be able to: i. articulate the phoneme /s/ correctly. Example: T: “What is your name?” P: “My name is Siti Aishah. d. 2. match pictures to the /s/ sound.2 (a) /s/ {SK & SJK} By the end of the lesson. Say the pupils name and articulate the /s/ sound. b. d.1.” Step 1: a. Set Induction: a.1. Next. and iii. Introduce a chant to the pupils. Invite pupils to pick a picture card. Pupils reply. Get pupils to do the action and say /s/. Pupils say the chant. Pupils clap or stamp their feet as they say the chant. Greet pupils. 30/60 minutes picture cards Time: Teaching Aid(s): Cross Curricular Element(s): Constructivism Introduction: a. 6 .

This can be played as a game. Say words with the /s/ sound and get pupils to pick the pictures and show them to the class. c./Madam Tan. Give out a set of picture cards to groups. c. Pupils respond by saying: “Thank you. d. Closure: a. Next. show the pictures. The game is carried out until every group has had a chance to shout a word. the other groups will pick the picture and say /s/. One group will shout a word from the given pictures. If you say a word without the /s/ sound. b. children. d.” b. Pupils clap or stamp their feet as they chant.” 7 . Consolidation: a. c. Step 4: a. pupils do not pick up the picture. Pick a leader amongst the pupils to lead the chant. e./Mr Rama. (Appendix 4) b. (Appendix 3) b.Step 3: a. Say the chant again and pupils repeat. Leave the class by saying: “Thank you. If the word has the /s/ sound. As the chant is chanted. get pupils to say the chant. Puan Laily.

. sun /s/........ Teacher can flash the picture cards as the objects are mentioned in the chart.. /s/. /s/. 8 . socks /s/..... seed *Note: Teacher does not prepare this chart but only says the chant and get pupils to repeat...... /s/.. /s/. snake /s/. /s/.. swing /s/. /s/.. slide /s/...... /s/. /s/...... /s/... six /s/. /s/.. /s/.. spoon /s/. /s/. /s/.APPENDIX 3 /s/. /s/... /s/.. /s/...

APPENDIX 4 7 9 .

Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s): Time: Teaching Aid(s): Writing 3.1. Step 1: a. in the sandbox. Example:- b. b. 3. pupils will be able to: i. Distribute a blank piece of paper and crayons. Then. Pupils reply. on a friend’s back. Show pupils how to form squiggles. write the letter ‘s’ correctly. Pupils follow by drawing squiggles in the air. plasticine. Step 2: a. they write the letter ‘s’ in the air and say /s/. Constructivism Introduction: a. (b) {SK & SJK} By the end of the lesson. Show the correct formation of the letter ‘s’. Pupils draw squiggles on the paper.2 (a). c. 1 1 10 . Get pupils to form a cobra head with their hands. Pupils may carry out action in the air.1 (c). Greet pupils. 30/60 minutes picture cards. (e). on the desk. b. b. (d). Set Induction: a.1. crayons Cross Curricular Element(s): Multiple Intelligences. etc.

Complete exercise on page 4 in pupils module.’s’ Example:- sun /s/…… ‘s’ c. Get them to form the letter ‘s’ Step 5: a. Step 4: a. Teacher leaves the class by thanking the pupils. Next.. Pupils respond appropriately. Show picture cards and get pupils to say the words. Consolidation: a. (Appendix 5) b. 11 . b. teacher says /s/…. Closure: a. Pupils write the letter ‘s’ correctly.Step 3: a. b. Paste/write the letter ‘s’ on the board. b. Repeat with other words learnt. Distribute plasticine to pupils. b. Pupils paste picture cards of objects that has the /s/ sound around the letter ‘s’.

APPENDIX 5 Trace and write neatly. S S S 12 .

sand. sit. Introduction: a. c. and ii. Next. (Appendix 3) b.Focus: Learning Standard(s): Objective(s): Language Arts 4. Get group leaders to pick three pictures each. sister. Step 1: a. complete a worksheet. Step 2: a. c. Greet pupils. pupils will be able to: i. The group with the best performance is declared the winner.3. Say the chant learnt in previous lessons. pupils chant using the pictures they have chosen in their groups. Pupils perform in their groups. nest. skipping rope. Pupils repeat. Multiple Intelligences. slide. see-saw.1 (c) {SK}. seed. Put up a set of picture cards containing the /s/ sound. Set Induction: a. 30/60 minutes picture cards. b.3. 13 . plasticine Time: Teaching Aid(s): Cross Curricular Element(s): Creativity. spoon. Assess pupils. 4. sun. (Appendix 4) Example:- s wing. snake. b.1 (b) {SJK} By the end of the lesson. spots b. 4. Pupils reply. six. chant with actions.1.2 {SK & SJK}.

Get them to say their names. Pupils decorate the letter ‘s’ and draw pictures or get pupils to paste suitable pictures. (Appendix 6) b. Pupils respond appropriately. Complete exercise on page 5 in pupils module.Step 3: a. 14 . Ask pupils whose names have the /s/ sound to come forward. Closure: a. b. b. Teacher leaves the class by thanking the pupils. do the action for the /s/ sound and say /s/. Consolidation: a.

APPENDIX 6 Colour the letter ‘s’. Draw pictures in the boxes. 15 .

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