Transcribed Text SUBJECT: Additional information reference dead body (Lincoln Cemetery) Sgt Kilgore, I was contacted last

week by Robin Richards, I.P.D. desk person, reference the dead body at Lincoln Cemetery. Ms. Richards advised me that on 10-22-97, at 2030 [Note from FBC: 8:30 PM military time] hours, a person who identified himself as the victim's father stopped officer Corey Stoff, IPD, and told him that his daughter was missing. Officer Stoff apparently then relayed the information to his dispatcher. Ms. Richard stated that she was sure of the times and that officer Stoff could verify it. Ms. Richards further relayed that the father responded to IPD HQ and contacted her on the evening of 10-23-97. The father invited the desk personnel to the funeral and advised them that they were the only ones who would help him. Ms. Richards described the father as calm and collected while his daughter Francesca wept and hugged the desk personnel. Upon leaving Ms. Richards stated the daughter appeared reluctant to leave. This report is for informational purposes only. D. Epperson

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