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Book of Knots

Book of Knots


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Published by Mr Mat
A role playing game based around Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol. A gothic atmosphere with interesting ideas. Source book with more developed characters, better art and ideas.
A role playing game based around Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carol. A gothic atmosphere with interesting ideas. Source book with more developed characters, better art and ideas.

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Published by: Mr Mat on Jun 17, 2009
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Side: Caretaker

‘The time has come,’ the Walrus said,
‘To talk of many things:
Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax--


Book of Knots - The Caretakers


Book of Knots - The Caretakers

Of cabbages--and kings--
And why the sea is boiling

And whether pigs have

-- A coversation before lunch.
Through the Looking Glass
and What Alice Found There


In the mad city of Durithel
where there are no right
angles and the buildings stand
like crooked teeth, there is
a massive dark estate that is
The Asylum. Within it are the
offces of the Hypotherapist, a
being who has devoted himself
to studying the “lie” that is

He is a great 2000-pound Walrus usually appropriately dressed in a suit
with tails and he sports a monocle. He has Doctorates in Philosophy
from all the most prestigious schools, lectures before the esteemed
masses and he knows his business.

His business is that of despair. He believes that all
“reasons to live” are simply the result of a pragmatic
biological survival instinct (indeed, many of those
who have been subjected to his therapy have
committed suicide). He believes that love is a form of
denial. That hope is always self-deception.

His method of therapy is to pose hypothetical cases
which he uses like a jeweler’s hammer to try to shatter
the subject’s inner faith, strength, or integrity. He isn’t
explicitly cruel in this (although he can seem so)—he
is scientifcally examining a phenomena. All emotions
are lies anyway.

His subjects are patients in the Asylum—many are
non-human things captured or interred for a variety of
obscure rationales. Some are captive humans. Some
are shadows. A very few beings come and see him for
regular sessions—his acumen and insight is powerful
if it can be harnessed safely.

As he conducts his experiments on the nature of
sentience, he writes great twisted books (and studying

Name: The Hypotherapist


PHY 26STR 14

BLD 81

CON 14

REF 11COR 11REA 11

AGI 11

INT 16RES 16

MEM 16WIL 16

DP 210








To Hit

To Be Hit+3/+3



35 IMP

Description: He has the air of a stuffy professor and a dark, shadowed aura about him. He
moves with surprising speed for something of his bulk and he reads voraciously. His fippers
form as hands holding anything he needs to.
Therapy: Having the Hypotherapist treat you is taking a terrible risk. If you engage him
in therapy he can easily drive even a stable person to suicide. Usually this is handled by
comparing his 19- Psychology roll (Level 4) against either the Psychology roll of the target
or the target’s WIL. There may be bonuses (as the GM deems appropriate) for a strong
will to live. A roll the character loses by 10 will result in the character doing whatever the
Hypotherapist asks (usually self-destruction). A roll lost by 5-9 will result in the acquiring of
a major psychological defect. A roll lost by 1 to 4 a minor one. A therapy course is usually
1-3 rolls


Book of Knots - The Caretakers


Book of Knots - The Caretakers

them closely can give the
reader awesome psychological
insights—but can also
do terrible psychological

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