ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivit y Disorder) CHARACTERISTICS
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Inability to stay on task Easily distracted Poor time management skills Difficulty in being prepared for class, keeping appointments, and getting to class on time Reading comprehension difficulties Difficulty with math problems requiring changes in action, operation and order Inability to listen selectively during lectures, resulting in problems with notetaking Lack of organization in work, especially written work and essay questions Difficulty following directions, listening and concentrating Blurting out answers

2. Deaf/Hard of Hearing

be skilled lipreaders, but many are not; only 30 to 40 percent of spoken English is distinguishable on the mouth and lips under the best of conditions also have difficulties with speech, reading and writing skills, given the close relationship between language development and hearing use speech, lipreading, hearing aids and/or amplification systems to enhance oral communication be members of a distinct linguistic and cultural group; as a cultural group, they may have their own values, social norms and traditions use American Sign Language as their first language, with English as their second language

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Autism • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Inappropriate laughing or giggling No real fear of dangers Apparent insensitivity to pain May not want cuddling Sustained unusual or repetitive play. resulting in problems with note taking mathematical calculation and reasoning interpreting social cues time management organization of tasks. may use gestures Inappropriate attachments to objects Insistence on sameness Echoes words or phrases Inappropriate response or no response to sound Spins objects or self Difficulty in interacting with other . such as in written work and/or essay questions following directions and concentrating 4. uneven physical or verbal skills May avoid eye contact May prefer to be alone Difficulty in expressing needs.3. Learning Disabilities • • • • • • • • • oral and/or written expression reading comprehension and basic reading skills problem solving ability to listen selectively during lectures.

5. .

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