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Letter to Rex Tillerson 13-09-01 As Autumn Approaches 3

Letter to Rex Tillerson 13-09-01 As Autumn Approaches 3

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Published by Doug Grandt
As Autumn Approaches -- Willful Blindness vs. Fiduciary Duty
As Autumn Approaches -- Willful Blindness vs. Fiduciary Duty

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Published by: Doug Grandt on Sep 03, 2013
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Douglas A.


PO Box 6603 Lincoln, NE 68506 September 1, 2013

Mr. Rex W. Tillerson ExxonMobil Corporation 5959 Las Colinas Blvd. Irving, TX 75039 Re: As Autumn Approaches -- Willful Blindness vs. Fiduciary Duty Dear Mr. Tillerson, This is my third letter of five As Autumn Approaches. Autumn’s lengthening shadows, longer nights, falling leaves, dormant and dying crops are omens. As a metaphor for the challenges that humanity now is failing to address with rigor, Autumn is transition to the stillness of Winter’s dormancy and hibernation. If humanity cannot agree on global measures quickly enough to avert the profound changes in the climate and in the oceans, all the talk and debate and valiant attempts to move forward on solutions will be moot. Those who truly don’t understand the science or how to act to get carbon-free energy technology onto their rooftops -- and onto their community and commercial buildings -- will be redeemed for their inability to act. But those who understand the possible implications of not taking action -- especially those who have a broad perspective -- and turn a blind eye to evidence or otherwise act intentionally to protect their personal interests should be held accountable for ecocide.

I will continue to remind you about your speech at the Boy Scouts of America Annual Meeting in May (video http://bit.ly/rex-main-thing). Imagine yourself the captain of a ship of state leading a change of course toward a world of lifepreserving carbon-free energy.

I believe the concepts of ‘willful blindness’ and ‘fiduciary duty’ would compel you and the Board of ExxonMobil to lean toward conservative actions that tend to protect rather than risk life, for the sake of your investors, institutions, community. Reinvent ExxonMobil as an energy company -- be more than an oil company. Compel others to do the same. How would you classify this statement to Rev. Michael Crosby at the Shareholders Meeting?
“We do not see a viable pathway with any known technology today to achieve the 350 outcome that is not devastating economies, societies, and people’s health and wellbeing around the world. You cannot get there, so the real question is, you want to keep arguing about that and pursuing something that cannot be achieved at cost that would be detrimental and do you want to talk about what’s the pathway we should be and how do we mitigate and prepare for the consequences as they present themselves because our ability to predict the consequence is simply not that good.”

Replace Refineries with Renewables I am traveling. Please email me at answerthecall@mac.com or call me at 510-432-1452

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