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The Vow of Chastity, Dogme 95

The Vow of Chastity, Dogme 95

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Published by Ethan Hunt
principles of Dogme 95. Danish style/genre of film making
principles of Dogme 95. Danish style/genre of film making

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Published by: Ethan Hunt on Sep 03, 2013
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1he vow of ChasLlLy: uogme ManlfesLo

"l swear Lo submlL Lo Lhe followlng seL of rules drawn up and conflrmed by uCCML

ShooLlng musL be done on locaLlon. Þrops and seLs musL noL be broughL ln (lf a
parLlcular prop ls necessary for Lhe sLory, a locaLlon musL be chosen where Lhls prop
ls Lo be found).
1he sound musL never be produced aparL from Lhe lmages or vlce versa. (Muslc musL
noL be used unless lL occurs where Lhe scene ls belng shoL).
1he camera musL be hand-held. Any movemenL or lmmoblllLy aLLalnable ln Lhe hand
ls permlLLed. (1he fllm musL noL Lake place where Lhe camera ls sLandlng, shooLlng
musL Lake place where Lhe fllm Lakes place).
1he fllm musL be ln colour. Speclal llghLlng ls noL accepLable. (lf Lhere ls Loo llLLle
llghL for exposure Lhe scene musL be cuL or a slngle lamp be aLLached Lo Lhe camera).
CpLlcal work and fllLers are forbldden.
1he fllm musL noL conLaln superflclal acLlon. (Murders, weapons, eLc. musL noL
1emporal and geographlcal allenaLlon are forbldden. (1haL ls Lo say LhaL Lhe fllm
Lakes place here and now.)
Cenre movles are noL accepLable.
1he fllm formaL musL be Academy 33 mm.
1he dlrecLor musL noL be credlLed.

lurLhermore l swear as a dlrecLor Lo refraln from personal LasLe! l am no longer an
arLlsL. l swear Lo refraln from creaLlng a "work", as l regard Lhe lnsLanL as more
lmporLanL Lhan Lhe whole. My supreme goal ls Lo force Lhe LruLh ouL of my
characLers and seLLlngs. l swear Lo do so by all Lhe means avallable and aL Lhe cosL of
any good LasLe and any aesLheLlc conslderaLlons.

1hus l make my vCW Cl CPAS1l1?."

Copenhagen, Monday 13 March 1993

Cn behalf of uCCML 93

Lars von 1rler 1homas vlnLerberg

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