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Curtains, rather than walls, divide the dressing room at the back of the space, allowing for adjustment of the space’s size to accommodate groups or single shoppers. Shopping online has been fruitful for Suite 1521 in terms of finding pieces to accent the space. A coffee table and light fixture were procured from First Dibs, while artwork in the proprietors’ office was found on 20x200, a website dedicated to affordable art prints.

Suite 1521, a newly formed, member-based luxury retail concept created by Lizzie Tisch and Kim Kassel, will open its showroom at RFR Realty’s 980 Madison Avenue next month. The concept will allow patrons to privately view designers’ collections—for a $500 fee. The company’s lease in Gallery 305, a 4,035-square-foot space, was the result of an extensive search throughout the Plaza district and the Upper East Side. After viewing space at the Fuller Building, which was deemed to have “too much of a corporate feel,” Ms. Tisch’s husband suggested viewing 980 Madison Avenue, where an unused gallery space fit the bill. “If I could have built it myself, I couldn’t have asked for anything more,” Ms. Tisch told The Commercial Observer. Ms. Tisch and Ms. Kassel spoke to us last week about the space and how the gallery will be designed. 01
The showroom will be the centerpiece of the floor plan, and guests will be greeted at a reception area. The space will also feature a living room area, where patrons can sit and relax. “It does have a feeling of intimacy,” Ms. Tisch noted. “We put a living room space in the middle, and around the exterior there will be custom-designed features.”


Stainless steel racks on the exterior walls will display each of the designer’s collections. Each designer will have two days for his or her event accompanied by an accessory designer. Ms. Kassel plans to paint the doors using vibrant colors. “We’re painting the doors bright, electric blue,” she said. “We’re trying to find a blue that matches our blue.”




The floor and walls, painted black and white, respectively, were touched up but have otherwise been left as they were prior to Suite 1521’s arrival.

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