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Abnormal Psychology Course Expectations

Ms. Ward
Course Content: This course will provide a broad survey of various aspects of abnormal behavior. Emphasis will be placed on a scientific view. The bulk of the course will cover the major categories of adult and, to a lesser extent, child psychopathology. Treatment and assessment of psychological disorders will also be addressed. Course Requirements: Throughout the duration of this course, students will be expected to be attentive, active participants in class discussions, group projects, debates, etc. In addition, students will be required to write and take notes daily. Students are required to come to class with all necessary materials each day (pencil/pen, books, homework). Homework: Students will be assigned homework on a regular basis. Unless otherwise specified, assignments are due at the beginning of class. Late assignments will not be accepted. In the event of an absence, students will be given two days to make up work for every one day of absence. It is the students responsibility to obtain the missed assignments. Long term assignments and group assignments must be turned in on the due date whether or not the student is in class on that day. Grading System: Assignment and assessment point totals will vary depending on difficulty and the amount of preparation required. Daily assignments will typically be worth 15 points and will be scored based on answer correctness and completeness. Assessment point totals will vary. Grades will be updated on PowerSchool regularly and students should check their grades often. In computing semester grades, 50% of the grade will be in-class and homework assignments and 50% will based on assessments such as quizzes, tests, essays, and projects. This grade will represent 80% of the final semester grade. The remaining 20% will be the final exam grade. The grading scale is as follows: 100%-93%=A 92%-90%=A89%-87%=B+ 86%-83%=B 82%-80%=B79%-77%=C+ 76%-73%=C 72%-70%=C69%-67%=D+ 66%-63%=D 62%-60%=D59%-0%=E

Attendance: Regular attendance is critical to the learning process. Students are expected to attend class daily. Seven or more absences may result in loss of credit. (See Attendance Policy in Student Handbook) In addition, tardiness will not be tolerated. Each tardy beyond the first will earn the student a detention. Extra Help: Extra help is available before and after school. Students should make prior arrangements with the teacher in order to avoid time conflicts. I have read the class expectations for Abnormal Psychology. ___________________________________________ Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________________________ __________________ Date __________________

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