Inventions and Discoveries MAKE A CATAPULT

_________________________________________________ YOU WILL NEED
10 lolly sticks 2 clothes pegs 1 teaspoon 9 small elastic bands 1 slightly longer elastic band sticky tape _________________________________________________________ (2) Take 4 of the lolly stick pairs and slot them together to make a square grid.

___________________________________________________ INSTRUCTIONS

(3) Fasten the lolly stick pairs together at each join using small elastic bands.

(1) Take 10 lolly sticks. Put 2 lolly sticks together, back-to-back. Wrap tape around the centre to fasten. Repeat with the other four pairs of lolly sticks.


You have successfully built your catapult frame! _______________________________________________________ (4) Use the 2 clothes pegs. 'Clip' one of the lolly stick pairs, with each of the clothes pegs, like Fasten with short elastic bands. (6) Now add the firing device – the spoon. this. Using a short elastic band, attach the end of the spoon handle to the bottom of your catapult frame, like this. (Don't fasten it too tight. The spoon needs to be able to move a little.) ________________________________________________________ (5) Take the remaining unused lolly stick pair. Slot the taped lolly sticks into the unused ends of the clothes pegs, like this. Fasten with short elastic bands. (7) Use the longer elastic band. Loop one end of the band under the end of the handle, stretch it up and over the front of the frame and loop it behind the 'bowl' of the spoon. Like this...

Your catapult is ready to test! You may need to adjust the elastic bands around the spoon, or adjust the angle of the frame to get the best trajectory. Experiment with your design (using non-living targets!) Ammunition: Soft, compact ammunition is best, to avoid breaking anything or hurting anyone. We use sheets of toilet tissue, made damp, rolled into balls and allowed to dry in the sun or on a radiator.