North  Highline  Fire  Station  1243  SW  112  St.  White  Center    

7:00  pm       7:05  pm   7:10  pm      

AGENDA   September  5,  2013     Call  to  Order  –  Flag  Salute  –  Roll  Call  -­     Approval  of  Agenda  –  Approval  of  Minutes   Public  Announcements   Public  Comment  
3minutes  for  Individuals   5  minutes  for  G roups  

7:15  pm     7:20  pm  

Deputy  B.J.  Myers  –  White  Center  Storefront   Chris  Stripinis  
Infrastructure  C ommittee  C hair   Westwood,  Roxhill,  Arbor  Heights  C ommunity  C ouncil  

  7:30  pm   Erika Nuerenberg, MP
Office of the Director Public Health - Seattle & King Count

7:50  pm      

Zachary  Howard  

Assistant  Planner/Health,  E quity  and  Sustainability  Toolkit  Program   Puget  Sound  Regional  C ouncil  

8:10  pm  

Committee  Reports  

8:10  pm  

New  Business  
• • •

October  3 rd  Public  Safety  Forum   King  County  Grant  A pplication   White  Center  Food  Bank  Dinner  Oct  19  

NHUAC MEMBERS: Pat Price - Jessica Stoneback - Liz Giba - Ron Johnson - Christine Waldman Douglas Harrell - Barbara Dobkin - Rebecca Lopes - Richard Miller COUNCIL OFFICERS: President – Barbara Dobkin: Vice President – Liz Giba: Treasurer – Christine Waldman  

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