4, 2013

NR # 3216

Nationwide barangay fitness centers pushed
A lawmaker has filed a measure seeking to establish a community fitness center in every barangay nationwide. Rep. Emmanuel Pacquiao (Lone District, Sarangani), author of House Bill 58, said the state of health and mental fitness of every person are controlling factors on the ability to take advantage of education, technical capabilities, and business entrepreneurship. “Involving the citizens in physical fitness activities and sports program is one method of maintaining our physical and mental health condition,” Pacquiao said. Pacquiao said the State’s policy is to promote physical education and encourage sports programs league competitions, and amateur sports, training for international competitions to foster self-discipline, teamwork and excellence for the development of a healthy and alert citizenry. “The establishment of a community fitness center in every barangay will serve as a venue for physical fitness, wellness program and provide sports activities for all the residents of the barangay,” Pacquiao said. Under the measure, the Municipal or City Mayor shall appoint a full time fitness instructor who will manage the center. The fitness instructor shall receive a monthly compensation of not less than ten thousand pesos to be charged to the annual appropriations of the Municipal or City Health Officer where the center is located. The measure requires the fitness instructor to formulate criteria for selection of qualified individuals for training and accreditation as physical fitness instructor in the center. The instructor shall introduce and implement varied physical fitness and sports competitions within the barangay. He shall consult with the residents of the barangay at identifying any physical fitness activity and sports program that may be implemented by the Center. The measure also requires the fitness instructor to oversee and ensure the continuous and effective implementation of the physical fitness activities and sports program undertaken by the Center. The instructor shall also disseminate proper information on the policy and objective of their physical fitness and sports activities that will encourage active participation of the residents. (30) jsc

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