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The average attention span of a seconds* person in 2012:

FUN FACT: 8 seconds is just a second less than the a ttention span of a goldish. So thats why this little guy is helping with this infographic

What can you communicate in 8 seconds?

relevant visuals A Billboard:

words or less


spoken words

social media updates

This is 33 written words. Not a lot of copy, is it? Grab your readers attention immediately by: being relevant to your audience, ask a question, use humor, intrigue, and KIS.
keep it simple


written words

web page
Entorempel etur adi reroreius audae di nonsenti repelIhiciIdebis dent et volorei caborum fugiae seque eario comnimpore in re, iniatio discill estotas se sequis as pernat adicima ximaxim hario qui tecaes eiciusa estion reperfe ribust, ut volorunt, illendebis


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