You are a Radiant Being a mixture of many Divine Elements.

Do not put limitation s on what you are, stop with the i am a black man, black woman, white man, white woman etc... What a insult to your Essence. Do you not know you are more than t he flesh you are clothe in? Do you know that the flesh will decay away? how can you base who or what you are on something that will adventually become food for the plants & creatures of the living earth? You cannot perish, you are eternal. Know your worth you beautiful STAR, energy cannot ceased to exist only dissolve back into its original purest state until its ready to take on physical existenc e once again. Meditate in silence so the universe can educate. Your are more pre cious than a black man/white man... The matrix cannot keep you from this truth w hen you choose to seek it..... Seek beautiful soul, Seek your Royal Nature.. Com e to innerstand your purpose and that which you are connected to(Oneness).