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Something to Think About

Something to Think About

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Published by surintan

Thai politics

Thai politics

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Published by: surintan on Jun 18, 2009
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Dear all, Sad thing finally happened again this morning to our beloved country.

Most people will have their own belief of whom or what is right. However clash should not happen if the ones who try to stop it are sincere enough. So let's stop for a moment, read the following quotations and keep them in mind. 1. 2. Politicians never try to educate the public. They only use people as their political base. In the politicians mind, thinking is dangerous. If people are allowed to think for themselves they will develop their own minds, which might be different and harder to control than the mindless state that modern society prefers. Those who commit unspeakable crimes sometimes become presidents or prime ministers, while those who dare speak truthfully of those deeds are crushed owing to the threat posed by their honesty. The politicians have always caused the wars; it is the ordinary people who have always fought the battles and suffered the consequence.



brgds, Surin DCP33

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