Mrs Parker at Christmas time behind her husband's back while sitting on the sofa felt your thigh gave you the eye smiled her fingers tightening arousing her daughter catching sight said nothing gazed at you you looked away and sensed Mrs Parker's fingers release their grip then tried to unzip the finger and thumb tight holding you looked down she intent her husband putting on some Christmas carols LP tried to lower the noise by waving his hands as if he were about to fly her other children gathered here and there about the tree or by the fireside or on the sofa

beside their mother whose finger and thumb discreetly unzipped and felt inside rousing your pecker from deep sleep the carol singers from the LP filled the room the others adding voice or chatter or loud laughter but the one daughter seeing all her mother's fingers engaged at play blushing looked away drink young man? Mrs Parker's husband asked gesturing with a hand held out yes beer please you replied sensing your pecker stirring in its cage Mrs Parker's fingers digging deeper her face averted eyes on her husband's wanderings smiling all the while singing carol verses she knew by heart or rote but you sat aroused below and sang not a note.

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