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Examplestypes of Tablets

Examplestypes of Tablets

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Published by Christina Lagarteja

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Published by: Christina Lagarteja on Sep 04, 2013
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Examples of Types of Tablets 1. Compressed: Actifed®, Thyroid®, and Synthroid®. 2.

Film Coated: Erythrocin® filmtab, Tagame®t, and Elavil® 3. Enteric Coated: various brands of ASA , Slow-Fe, Losec, Salazopyrin®, Entabs, Entrophen®, AltiErythromycin®, Sugar coated Advil, M&Ms, Smarties, Chlortripolon®, Repetabs and Dimetapp® “EXTENTABS”, Dixarit (small, blue, sugar coated tabs contg 0.025mg Clonidine, Cytoxan®[cyclophosphamide], Ex-Lax®). 4. Chewable: Flintstone’s Multivitamins, TUMS, Vitamin C Chewable Tablets, Dilantin®, Infatabs and Amoxil®, Chewable Tablets Pepcid®, Complete Chewable Tablet. 5. Effervescent: Alka-Seltzer®, Gramcal®, Redoxon®, K-lyte ® Novartis Phosphate. 6. Multilayered: Equagesic®, Dristan®, Robaxacet® and Robaxisal® and Norgesic Forte®. 7. Sublingual/Buccal: nitroglcerin, atropine sulfate. 8. Tablet triturate or molded tablet: Urethral MUSE® Urethral Inserts (Alprostadil [PGE]) 9. Hypodermic: Morphine (replaced by powders/liquids in glass ampules or vials) 10. Pills : Carter’s Little Liver Pills.

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