1. Do you both earn? Wife 2. Age: 3. How many jobs do you have? 4. Profession? 5.

Number of days they work? Husband

6. Are the jobs part time or full time? Wife 7. What time you go to work ? 8. At what time you return? 9. 10. 11. 12. Do you have children? How many? Do you live in a nuclear or extended family? Who takes care of the elderly and sick in the family? Wife 13. Are you able to give time to your spouse? Children? and relatives? 14. How many hours do you spend at home? Wife : Husband : 15. What do you do during this time? Wife : Husband : Husband Husband

How many hours do you assign to your children? Spouse? Relatives? 17. How many hours do you spend in the kitchen? Who looks after the children? Who washes and irons the clothes ? Who clean the dishes? 20.Wife 16. Who does the household chores? 18. What strategies you employ in order for you both to be able to spend quality time with your children and relatives and spouse and still give your best at work? Wife: Husband : 21. Do you help your spouse in household chores? Husband Wife Husband 19. Do you suffer from stress or tension? . What facilities does the workplace provide you to be able to cope with the demands of family life and professional life? Wife : Husband : 22.

Does conflict at home affect your concentration and performance at work? Wife: Husband: .on whom? Wife: Husband: 25.Wife: Husband: 23. Do you discuss you work problems with your family? Wife: Husband: 24. Does it sometimes happen that you vent out your work’s frustration and tension on family members?If yes.

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