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One World 2 Pages 32-33 & “Why do Wikipedia?” Lesson June 18th, 2009 at Shimotombetsu Junior High for Three 2nd Grade Students From 10:30 to 11:20 A = ALT S = Student(s) JTE = Japanese Teacher of English Lesson Focus(es), Measurable Outcome(s) & Actual Outcomes ~レッスンフォーカス&測定結果 • Comprehension of reading story. o Ask student questions about vocabulary and the story.  Success. • Students walk away with at least a basic understanding of what we’re trying to do with the Wikipedia project. o After the speech and worksheet I asked if they understood, and they said yes. For what that’s worth. 10:30-39 1. Greeting with Review Questions ~レビュー質問とご挨拶 a. Questions focused a lot around the previous weekend’s badminton tournament. b. Overall, questions were fielded a little too easily by the students. 10: 39-46 2. Pages 32 - 33 Vocabulary a. One of the students had gotten ahead of the class and already looked up all the translations. It was good to see his eager attitude, and it let us fly through the vocabulary section, but it created a strange dynamic in the classroom, and led to the other students not really learning vocabulary, but just copying down definitions. 10:46-59 3. Pages 32-33 Story 10:59-11:07 4. JTE’s “Reading Lesson” questions sheet. 11:07-11:19 5. Wikipedia Speech • • What is Wikipedia? o An online encyclopaedia that can be written by anyone in the world.  OK Why would someone want to write for Wikipedia? o To record human knowledge and teach others. o So people can learn.
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Lesson Review

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 Slightly different answer “to tell others” but spirit was there. Why should you write for Wikipedia? o To teach the English speaking world about SJHS.  OK What did you do last week? o Updated the Shimotombetsu Wikipedia entry.  OK

6. Ending Greeting ~ 挨拶終了 ~ 10:20 Next Time • Let JTE know about the errors in his reading questions worksheet? • Take the opening questions up to another level. • Add the clubs section to the Wikipedia entry. Put some time into thinking about the best way to do that.

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