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Report Builder for Oracle

Report Builder for Oracle

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How to create Report by using Oracle DB?
How to create Report by using Oracle DB?

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Published by: ahmasam on Jun 18, 2009
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Matrix report requires 4 groups with any no. of queries.
If you build report with one query you need at least 3 groups.
If you build with multiple queries you need at least 1 group.

2.Group Structure:
Matrix reports are built with 4 or more groups:

a. Two or more dimension groups:
It’s a cross product group. The information in this group is sometimes
referred as “Ma trix Labels”.

b. One or more Cross Product group:
The cross product group contains all possible combination values of the
dimension group. This group is represented as intersection of repeating
frames of do wn & across dimension group.

c. One cell or filler group:
The cell group contains actual information that is represented in the cells
of cross product. For each interception of dimension group th e cell values
contain zero, one or multiple values.

Summary Column :
While creating the summary column you need to indicate the followin g:

a. The frequency o f summary i.e. the dimension gro up to which it belongs.
b. The order n which to compute i.e. top to bottom or left o right.

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