Tc Whaley Ethical Question Is drug testing for performance enhancing drugs in NCAA sports bias or not?

I am going to look into the subject of performance enhancing drugs in college. First off, what is considered a performance-enhancing drug? Along with how often to schools/ NCAA actually tests for it? And what are the penalties. I have been looking around at articles and it turns out that testing for these drugs doesn’t really lean on NCAA, but the conferences that the schools are in, and even the schools them selves. I am a student athlete myself and have personally never taken any illegal performance enhancing drugs. I used to take protein supplement that was legal with NCAA, but soon realized the price was to high to continue to buy them, and also the results weren’t all the drastic. So when I see other players around me talking about taking proteins and such I become a little curious as to what they are taking, and if its legal or not. I’ve been looking into NCAA websites, and also espn. But only for articles that bring up professional, and college athletes taking drugs. There is still a lot to look into for this subject, for instance how many kids at our school have been tested for it?