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Corruption and politics in India

Be aware who are going to rule us……….

1) According to the information given by the Chief justice Of India K.G
Balakrishnan in 10th DP Kohali memorial lecturer that around 9
thousand cases (high profile crimes and corruption) are pending in
various courts of India.
2) The national police commission recommendation to change the
patterens of IPC and criminal justice system has not been
implemented since 1981.
3) The national police commission recommendation has been changed
and revised four times last was, 2nd administrative reforms
commission July 2007. yet only 10 percent of the revised
recommendations has been incorporated in judicial and police system.
4) 60% arrests made in our country are needless.
Poltical candidates who have crime record
1) 222 politicians running for parliament in the first phase, 16
percent of the total amount of 1425 candidates has committed
some kind of crime in the past. Crimes include murder, attempt
of murder and kidnapping.
2) The ruling Indian National Congress has put 24 candidates with
a criminal record forward and the second party, the right winged
Hindu party Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), 23.
In the present Indian parliament 125 out of 543 MP’s have a
criminal record.
3) As 15 per cent of the candidates out of total 336 contesting the
elections have criminal cases pending against them. These
include a total of 39 candidates charged with wrongful
restraint/confinement and 13 others with cheating and forgery.
Fifteen candidates have cases relating to criminal intimidation.
4) Elections for 629 assembly seats of Delhi, Rajasthan, Madhya
Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Mizoram took place this November
and December. NEW analysed affidavits of 4,607 candidates
out of a total of 7,508 candidates in the fray.A total of 288
candidates with criminal records will contest the polls on 23
April, the second phase of the ongoing Lok Sabha election.
5) The first phase had 222 candidates with criminal records.

So, Brothers and sisters be ready for an intellectual revolution

Arise, awake and not stop till the goal is reached