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There is a old puranic version seems to be reasonable to state here :- “God will to create a place
for the creation of life, first he created water, first there were only water and water, than god
created earth, and life on it”. Supporting to this there is another version “That human body
created from the “Pancha Mahabhuta” i.e., Water, Air, Space, Earth, and Light. According to
scientific out look these are all physical factors which are necessary for human growth,
development and survival.

The long history of human evolution evidently says from Java man to Homosapiens of modern
man, the evolution took place on the earth. So, it is clear that the earth provides such facilities
which are responsible for the human survival and development. The history of human
development can gives better evidences to prove that who utilised these physical factors best, he
cherished best. But our topic is necessari8ly related not with an individual person but “a group of
interacting people i.e., population”. When we discuss about the relation between population
distribution and physical factors. The population seems to be passive agent, more regrlated by
the environment or nature, but when we taking into account the Socio-Economic factor human
population seems to be more active in shaping their environment into their desirable forms.

Now, think our selves, if in an auspicious time, you are being asked or got an oppertunity to select
a place to reside, then which type of place do you select. Necessarily a healthyenvironment and a
suitable place, because, you can’t live in a swamp area, you can’t build your house on the steep
slopes or on the top of a hill. You always discarded the idea to built a house in extreme cold or
hot climates. This is an general trend of population distribution, but there are some exceptions,
lide every body knows that