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Supply Chain In Iraq

Presented By
Ravi Sinha
Ravi Parmar
Tarun Talwar
Iraq War : An
• Reasons for Invasion of Iraq :

3. Violations of U.N security council

4. Atrocities committed by Saddam
Hussein against his people
5. Manufacture of weapons of Mass
destruction (WMD)
Case Preface
• Around 1,50,000 US
troops in Iraq
• 100+ Dining facilities
All across Iraq.
• Dining Facilities
place order Online
every Week.
• Agility,recieves,revie
ws and finalizes the
order with customer.
Case Preface Contd…
• Agility Creates
Shipment Orders
assembled by
• Weekly the trucks
enter Iraq under
military protection.
• Dining facility person
matches and signs
Case Preface Contd…
• Payment is done by the military
• Military compensates for the lost
shipment and the Security lapses.
• In General two types of items
,Perishable and Non Regular items are
• Expiry date is to be considered while
signing off.
Supply Chain Issues
• Approved Lost of around 40 suppliers is
spread all over US. No central Authority
• Lead Time with Suppliers Unreliable.
• Problem with the expiry date.
• Damaged Goods.
• Lengthy and Tiring Documentation.
• No Tracking of Shipments.
• Problems in matching of Items codes.
Supply Chain Issues Contd..
• Lack of Visibility
• Lack Of Co-ordination.
• Shipping only in full palate or full