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Fund of The Day

HDFC Top 200 has been a good performer in large cap category funds. This fund
got inception in Oct 1996. It has delivered 23.86% annualized return since its
inception. Over the last 5 years it has delivered 32.43% annualized return beating
its benchmark BSE 200 that has delivered 24.34% annualized for the same period.
In last 1 year it has delivered absolute return of 13.53% beating its benchmark
return of negative 0.54%. It has 80.84% exposure in large cap stocks, 13.73%
exposure in mid cap stocks and 1.41% exposure in small cap stocks. Mr. Prashant
Jain has been managing this fund since Jan 2002.

Portfolio Highlights: It has diversified its portfolio in 63 stocks as per May

portfolio. It has a cash holding of 3.06% in the May portfolio. Top 5 stocks
constitute 24.46% of the portfolio composition. ICICI Bank Ltd is the largest equity
holding in the portfolio with 6.49% exposure which has been increase from
previous month exposure of 5.45%. Exposure to Infosys Technologies Ltd has
been reduced from 5.60% to 5.18%. Exposure to State Bank of India has been
reduced from 5.10% to 4.70%. Exposure to Reliance Industries has been reduced
from 5.43% to 4.25%. Exposure to ONGC has been increased from 2.45% to
3.81%. Exposure to Bharti Airtel has been increased from 2.85% to 3.59%.
Exposure to Punj Lloyd Ltd has been increased from 1.85% to 3.01%. Exposure to
ITC Ltd has been increased from 1.43% to 2.77%. Reliance Communication and
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceutical has been exited from the May 2009 portfolio.
Banking sector is leading the May portfolio with 20.95% exposure which is up
from previous month exposure of 20.12%. Exposure to Computer Software sector
has been reduced from 9.43% to 9.23%. Exposure to Pharmaceutical sector has
been increased from 8.09% to 8.14%. Exposure to Power Equipment sector has
been increased from 3.71% to 4.17%. Reliance Communications Ltd. 00.77
GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals 00.53

Asset Allocation % (BCCIR Industries Classification)

Comparison of Capitalization

The fund has 80.84% exposure in large cap stocks,13.73% exposure in mid cap
and 1.41% exposure in small cap stocks.

For further details please contact at

Kirang Gandhi
Corporate Financial Planner
M-9271267305 , 9766319919