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Student Profile

Lesson Plan

Teacher: Jennifer Davis

Date: 16 June, 2009

Context: Vocabulary/Prepositions/Verb Tenses

Focus (theme): Geography/Current Events/News
Teaching Aids: Newspaper, handouts, sentence cards

Learner Objectives: To understand, identify, and correctly pronounce prepositions and

to use appropriate verb tenses.

Personal Aims: To identify areas where my student needs sharpening, and to increase
his skill in those areas.

Anticipated problems for students: Tasks too difficult/easy. Hesitation to speak.

Solutions: Offer a variety of tasks that can be adjusted to be more difficult or easier if
necessary, also give him help. Encourage him to speak more, do not correct too

Anticipated problems for teacher: Nerves, inability to quickly adapt to his skill level,
difficulty correcting him.

Solutions: Begin lesson while seated. Take a deep breath, focus on observing him,
donʼt be afraid to take a moment or two to adjust the lesson if necessary. Donʼt be
afraid to correct, gently.

Procedure Phase Timing Interaction

1. Have introductory talking session, asking about Engage 5 S-T

his day and his weekend, noting any pronunciation
issues to address at the end of the lesson.

2. Ask him to describe his 3 favorite trips, Engage 5 S-T

especially the things he did there. Then talk about
future trips, listening for tense usage and
correcting if necessary.

3. Newspaper discussion. Student finds 3 stories Study 5 S-T

in the newspaper and predict what you think
happened from the headline, using past simple
and past continuous. Then we skim the story
together so I can help with any difficulties, finding
out if we were correct.
Student Profile

Procedure Phase Timing Interaction

4. Using the newspaper again, student and I look Study 8 Student, S-

at the horoscopes. Student writes sentences T
about 6 of his friends based on their birthdays,
making predictions, using future simple. Then read
them aloud, make corrections as necessary.

5. Again using the newspaper, guess what Activate 5 S-T

happens in the movies that are advertized, using
present continuous.

6. Hand-out: common prepositions for him to study

outside of class.

7. On his own, complete US State Map questions. Study 10-12 S-T

Then go over the answers together, having him
answer the questions in complete sentences
aloud, correcting where necessary.

8. Sentence cards, aloud. Let him use the Study 5-8 S-T

9. Complete the Directions handout and discuss Activate 8 Student, S-

the answers, correcting when necessary. T

10. Address pronunciation issues noted during the Activate 5 S-T

lesson, practice drilling each one.