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CTC ro ee Seed Cad FOR A ae Oem Dead ae Yeantfer R. Heiua design verb~ To plan and fashion artistically or skilfully: to invent or create an object or space Design is limitless; it inspires me the most when it is different, raw, and unique. 1 strive for the “understanding between two or more completely different design styles. A sophisticated design, With a splash ofthe unexpected. ‘My designs come from the heat and? want to achieve, innovation, and bewuty for a success that works cofiesively for all spaces. 1 feel design is searured by the enot ral reponse tevocmnrecetves from is cdhtants A ncconfuldekgn = 4 space that meets the needs of all the encounter it. treterior designer nor ~ Hie Professional Interior Designer is qualified by education experience, and examination. to enhiance the function and quality of interior spaces.