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ACTIVITY - ENGLISH Read about Rex Rover. Rex Rover has lots of money.

He lives in a big house in San Francisco with his friend Dave Bryson. Rex gets up at nine oclock in the morning. He has a big breakfast. Then he walks in the park with Dave. At ten he goes to the movie studio and works. Then Dave takes him home at one thirty. Rex has chicken or a sandwich for lunch. Then he listens to music in the afternoon or plays in the garden. Rex has dinner at seven fifteen in the evening. Then he watches a movie. He likes movies about animals. He goes to bed at ten. Rex is very happy, but he doesnt have a normal life. He is a movie star and a dog!

Answer the questions: 01) Who is Rex Rover friend? 02) What time does he get up? 03) What does he have for lunch? 04) Where does he live? 05) Who is Rex Rover? 06) Conjugue o verbo to fly - voar, no Simplet Present, na forma afirmativa. 07) Conjugue verbo to teach - ensinar, no Simple Present, na forma negativa. 08) Separe as palavras corretamente formando uma frase: JohnandCarolreadthebookseverydaytheycatchthebustoschoolonthursday