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Child: Steven Date: 20th August 2013 Teacher Natasha Kia ora/As-salumu alaykum Steven and whnau, When

you arrived this morning Steven your face lit up with excitement as you noticed all of our dress-ups set-up on the carpet. As soon as you said goodbye to your sister you quickly ran over to your all time favorite dress-up the Police Officer hat! You surveyed the other accessories and decided to try a builders belt with it. You excitedly ran around the classroom telling Leena and Yamin you were the policeman with your pretend gun. You came across to the job poster and pointed at the police image, turned to me and pointed to yourself as you quietly whispered

police! You looked at the other jobs and quickly ran and changed in to a high viz jacket just like the construction worker! As you walked around with the jacket on I observed your posture change and you put on a deeper voice. Your friends started to also try different roles during your imaginative play, interacting with each other in character. When you observed the other children had also chosen similar career roles you raced over to the dollies. You started demonstrating your caring side through putting the dollies to sleep (as well as a monster truck!) and singing to them. Recognising the Learning Wow Steven you were very busy this morning exploring different roles and expressing a variety of viewpoints in a playful manner. During your play I was able to see you using your imagination, being expressive, as well as making meaning as you fostered your creativity. You also demonstrated the ability to self-regulate, using your peers actions as guidance. I really enjoyed observing your contribution to the group, taking responsibility to ensure there was a caring character at all times for the babies/dolls. This involved you be passionate, open-minded, and have empathy. Where to next? You continue to reach our, contribute and explore your social world. Therefore your teachers will continue to coconstruct your understanding and connections to people places and thing using reciprocal relationships you have built up. Your teachers will also look in to a possible trip once the weather warms up, to further strengthen these links you have been creating this year.