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Throw Quilt with Multi-sized Squares

Finished size 56 x 72 or (7 squares x 9 squares) Large squares are 8 x 8 finished (start with 9 x 9 cut squares) Small squares are 4 x 4 finished (start with 5 x 5 cut squares) Total number of large batting (7.5 x 7.5) squares needed: 32 Total number of small batting (3.5 x 3.5) squares needed: 124

**Note For the quilt pictured, I decided to use more than four colors/patterns and use fat quarters instead. I made the front from various coordinated fat quarters and the back was a solid beige to create a contrast on the ragging. If you choose this, you will need about 18 fat quarters and 4.6 metres (4.2 yards) of one solid color for the back. I cut 2 large and 6 small from 16 fat quarters and 8 small from the remaining two fat quarters.

Table of color distribution: Color Beige Brown Black Green Totals Steps: # of large 16 16 16 16 64 # of small 62 62 62 62 248 Total # metres of fabric needed 2.29 (2.1 yards) 2.29 (2.1 yards) 2.29 (2.1 yards) 2.29 (2.1 yards)

1. Cut all squares of fabric (according to chart above) and batting 2. Sew sandwiches together 3. Sew 4 small squares into a large square using a seam (if using many colors, you can lay it out, if using only 4 refer to instructions below). Sew all small squares into large squares first as it is easiest to sew the rows together when the squares are all the same size. 4. Sew the squares into rows using a seam; the first row begins with a large square, then 4 small squares sewn together, and alternating from there. The next row begins with 4 small squares followed by a large square and continues to alternate. 5. Sew rows together using a seam 6. Sew a border around all four sides of quilt using a seam 7. Nip all seam allowances without nipping the seams 8. Wash on cold with a bit of laundry detergent and fabric softner 9. Dry on low until dry (You may want to use a Laundromat if you are concerned with the fabric shedding in your machine) 10. Use a lint roller to remove shedding. If only using 4 colors, create the small squares into the patterns below. The number of sets (4 small squares needed) is indicated to the right of each. Setting the small square blocks (4 different patterns needed) # needed is 6 # needed is 8 # needed is 9 # needed is 8