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The US F-22 fighter is still the worlds only operational stealth fighter although from time to time, some

western analysts offer the French Rafale as a fighter with some ready-made stealth. But the French jet has no internal storage for weapons carriage at all, so it is clearly not a stealth fighter. The last F-22 was delivered to the USAF in May 2012 and no more are being produced. Thus the USAF now has 186 F-22s not including those kept in museums. The F-22 has performed very impressively in numerous air combat exercises and in computer simulations, so the decision to stop its production represents a very huge mystery. The F-22 is very useful for massacring enemy air forces in the first few days of combat. But if that enemy were to hold out for more than several days (he has a very huge quantity of aircraft, missiles, drones, and decoys), the usefulness or effectiveness of the F-22 in influencing the outcome of combat diminishes rapidly. Perhaps even evaporating completely altogether. This is because there are only 180+ of the planes and they need long runways and modern air bases, all vulnerable to missile strikes. It is also said that the F-22 is very, very maintenance-intensive, thus a tiny F-22 fleet is likely to fall totally flat on its back after only a couple of days of fighting and killing. Also, it is said that an unarmed F-22 was downed by a J-10 in September 2007. (Recall what happened to the once supposedly invisible F-117.)