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MBA Resume Guide - Transition 2012 - Final Edits

MBA Resume Guide - Transition 2012 - Final Edits

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How to write a proper resume - DeGroote School of Business
How to write a proper resume - DeGroote School of Business

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Centre for Business Career Development

MBA Resume Guide

Revised July 2012



Introduction…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 3 6 Steps to Creating Your Brand………………………………………………………………………………………… 4 Step 1: Review Your Current Resume…………………………………………………………………….. 5 Step 2: Create Your Skills Inventory & Analyze Your StrengthsFinder Assessment……… 6 Step 3: Defining Accomplishments………………………………………………………………………… 8 Step 4: Defining Resume Sections / Headings…………………………………………………………10 Step 5: Five P’s Checklist – Easy to Read & Error Free……………………………………………. 11 Step 6: Getting Your Resume Market Ready……………………………………………………………13 How Will Your Resume Evolve?.......................................................................................... 14 Resume Guidelines: Finance…………………………………………………………………………………………….15 Action Oriented Words & Phrases…………………………………………………………………………………….16 Past-Tense Action Words………………………………………………………………………………………………..19 Sample Resume…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….22 Online Resources………………………………………………………………………………………………………….24


@ DeGroote) Ask yourself these questions:      Does my resume demonstrate my unique skills. Your resume must speak directly to the employer’s needs and clearly demonstrate the value that you will bring to their organization. We recommend you start by reviewing your StrengthsFinder Assessment and think about how you can highlight these strengths on your resume.MBA RESUME GUIDE INTRODUCTION Overview Whether you are competing for full-time. To maximize the impact of your resume. it must be:     Focused on your accomplishments Easy to read Error free Unique and represent your personal brand (You. or summer employment opportunities. Co-op. 3 . Inc. One-on-one coaching sessions with a Relationship Manager (can book an appointment online through OSCARplus or in person at CBCD). and create a Skills Inventory so you can incorporate results into your resume. Employers spend 10 seconds reading a resume or cover letter on the first review. describe accomplishments and validate results with quantifiable evidence? Is my resume easy to read and does it flow logically? While there is no one right way to craft a resume. having a professionally prepared resume and cover letter will determine whether you get your first interview or not. Other Resources   Resume critiquing completed by a Relationship Manager (submitted in-person or online. with a 4-day turnaround time). this guide will help you present and market your experience and qualifications in a style and format that is well received by our employer partners. abilities and experience? What key competencies are currently highlighted on my resume? How does my resume differentiate me from the competition? Does my resume create interest.

and extra-curricular activities. school. Evolve and showcase your personal brand – your skills and knowledge will change with work.MBA RESUME GUIDE 6 STEPS TO CREATING YOUR BRAND Step 1 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 • Review current resume • Define your brand by creating a Skills Inventory and reviewing Step your StrengthsFinder Assessment • Define your accomplishments • Define resume sections/headings • Five P's Checklist • Getting your resume market ready For your resume to be effective. it must…  Show how the skills and accomplishments you have now will translate into what you can do in the future.   4 . Create your personal brand by highlighting your experiences and accomplishments as they relate to the position for which you are applying.

Action.MBA RESUME GUIDE STEP 1: REVIEW YOUR CURRENT RESUME As yourself the following questions: First impressions:    Does the resume look visually appealing? Is it easy to read? Does it flow? Content:  Do the skills emphasized in your resume align with the employment opportunity and competencies listed by the job description?   Are the bullets on your resume achievement-oriented and quantifiable? Do they incorporate the STAR (Skill. Result) method? Competitiveness:  If you were an employer. Time. would your resume stand out in a stack of over 200 applications?  Does it reflect your strengths and brand? 5 .

and new approaches. style. you need to have a solid understanding of the product you are promoting – YOU. credentials and areas of expertise. ides. Supporting Qualifications – what other skills do I have to offer? Focus on new things that you have learned (about yourself and/or other people). and techniques used and developed. By evaluating your past activities (what you have done and/or contributed in school. Consider:    When you have been recognized What others say you do well/what you are known for When you have exceeded expectations or have received promotions 6 . personal traits.MBA RESUME GUIDE STEP 2: CREATE YOUR SKILLS INVENTORY & ANALYZE YOUR STRENGTHSFINDER ASSESSMENT Skills Inventory To effectively market yourself. and skills. and other activities (travel. Review your education. what company you were with. and community activities – anything outside work/school) to determine your:    Brand Supporting qualifications Value to an employer Brand – why would an employer be interested in me? Include details of your past experience and achievements including what position you were in. employment. and how you interacted with others. work. skills. and other activities) you will discover your Skills Inventory – the experiences that make you distinctive and interesting to an employer. equipment. sports. knowledge. who was involved. what you contributed/achieved. Value – how do I bring more to the job than expected? Combine your unique offerings.

feel. Communicating these strengths through your resume is important to show the employer that you are a good ‘fit’ for the role. 7 . Your strengths make you unique. and this will help create your brand.MBA RESUME GUIDE StrengthsFinder Assessment The purpose of the StrengthsFinder Assessment is to identify your strengths based on t he way you naturally think. Studies have shown that when you have the ability to use your strengths at work. and behave. You will complete the StrengthsFinder Assessment as part of Transition – please contact CBCD if you did not take part in this or have any further questions. you are more likely to be engaged with your job and enjoy what you do.

who you partnered with. the number of people on your team. and Extra-Curricular Activities sections of your resume to show achievements. why. helped) – these are weak verbs and do not say what you specifically did    Do not list skills without providing evidence of how and where they were demonstrated Avoid being subjective – do not put: “Showed communication skills…” on your resume Keep it brief – include the scope and impact of your role. it will allow employers to see not only what you did. Reflect on your experiences using the STAR method: Skill: which skill was used? Time: when did you use that skill? Action: what specific action did you take? Results: what impact/outcome was achieved? When creating your STAR statements. attributes. accomplishments. Volunteer.MBA RESUME GUIDE STEP 3: DEFINE ACCOMPLISHMENTS STAR Method The STAR Method should be used in the Work Experience. or for whom your work was used and your overall contributions – i. and experiences. and results. but also how well you did it. how.e. remember to:   Use strong action verbs that add power and impact to your accomplishments Avoid passive words (assisted. By highlighting the results of your actions and your skills. aided. specific recommendations made and for whom  Put yourself in an employer’s shoes – is what you have written a clear description? Pretend you are writing to a person that is completely unfamiliar with your position  Quantify results whenever possible – complete your story with the results of your work 8 .

MBA RESUME GUIDE Samples: Using STAR Target Position: Project Manager Skill: Project management. start to develop a database of all your skills. expense management Time: January 2012 Action: introduced/revised expense policies and control procedures Result: annual savings of $275K. included a tender type process change resulting in an annual savings of $275K. provided suggestions to ‘up sell’ customer orders. exceeded daily food sales targets by 10% This translates to your resume as:  Exceeded rigorous customer service guidelines on a consistent basis through friendly service. outperformed serving team’s average sales target by 10%. This will allow you to tailor resume and cover letters to specific jobs based on different skills you need to highlight. CBCD QUICK TIP As you create these statements for your resume. accurate processing of orders and quick delivery of food. 9 . modified policies This translates to your resume as:  Introduced and modified expense management policies to effectively control spending in both stores and head office. greeted each customer in a friendly manner Result: repeat business. Target Position: Service Representative Skill: Customer service Time: July 2012 Action: accurately processed customer food orders.

e.  Do not include references to High School 10 . team player. not just “travel” or “music” – why.MBA RESUME GUIDE STEP 4: DEFINE RESUME SECTIONS/HEADINGS EDUCATION Variations EDUCATION & ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS EDUCATION & PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT  Represents the top 1/3 of your resume  Include dates (i. etc. affiliations  Do not list words or skills (i.e. including dates Best Practices CAREER RELATED SKILLS Variations ACHIEVEMENTS & SKILLS PROFESSIONAL TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT PROFESSIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS  Include computer/technical skills (programs or software) with level of proficiency  Include language skills (level of proficiency and differentiate between oral/written skills)  Include professional membership. sports memberships. dates. organized. etc. Expected Completion: December 2014)  Scholarships and awards – include recognition awards only (Dean’s Honour List) and monetary amounts if greater than $10k  Do not include references to High School Best Practices WORK EXPERIENCE Variations PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (use only if exposure is business related and have more than 5 years of experience) EMPLOYMENT RELATED EXPERIENCE SUMMARY OF WORK EXPERIENCE  Include 3-5 achievements or STAR statements per work experience  Use bullet points and one sentence for each statement  Vary the action-oriented verbs used to describe achievements  1st point should be greatest accomplishment.) Best Practices VOLUNTEER ACTIVITIES Variations VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT (OR INVOLVEMENT)  Typically found on the 2nd page as a separate section  Include as part of work experience only if activity directly relates to overall career strategy and personal brand  May be combined with Extra-Curricular Activities  Include at a minimum one achievement or STAR statement per activity  Reverse chronological order.  Reverse chronological order. etc. next accomplishment 2nd. including dates Best Practices EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Variations Best Practices EXTRACURRICULAR EXPERIENCE  Include at a minimum one achievement or STAR statement per activity  Reverse chronological order. inside/outside school ACTIVITIES & INTERESTS Variations Best Practices INTERESTS  Be specific. including dates  Can include roles within affiliations. what type.

and even on left and right sides (and top and bottom) For 2 page resumes . organizations.EASY TO READY & ERROR FREE Remember – a resume cannot guarantee you a job. Professionalism PACKAGING             Easy to read.company name.8” generally look good). and e-mail are at the top of page 2 For 2 page resumes . Positioning. 5 P’s: Packaging. 2012) First page of resume must include the strongest content   First Impressions  11 . round bullets (be consistent throughout) Do not use templates .text on second page should cover at least ¾ .no abbreviations (i.create your own document Single spacing within each section Visual presentation . Power Information. and date (at right margin) on second line. be creative with margins. in bold . Before submitting your resume. and dates are on line 2 EDUCATION: Degree.university name. not bold. italics preferred Write months out in full .name. professional looking font (Tahoma.margins should be no less than 0. Personality. location. space between headings to reduce to one page or extend to two full pages Use same heading format for your resume and cover letter Do not continue activity description/bullets onto next page .e. September 2012 instead of Sept. while the school. Verdana) Size: 10-11 point font Consistent font size throughout resume (exception: make headings 1-2 points larger and bold) Name no larger than 16 points and bolded Use small. page 2. location. font sizes.7” or 0.MBA RESUME GUIDE STEP 5: FIVE P’S CHECKLIST .if not. italics preferred EMPLOYMENT: Position/title and department (if relevant) should appear on first line . use this checklist to help you critically review your resume to ensure that it is easy to read and error-free.keep text on same page Font Formatting POSITIONING    Order of Content Resume should read in Reverse Chronological order under each section/heading Your degree(s) and position(s) are on line 1. not bold. major/specialization on first line. Arial. and date (positioned at right margin) on second line.5” and no greater than 1” (0. but it can prevent you from getting an interview.

“in order to”) Avoid word repetition (same verbs to describe all accomplishments) Make it Unique to You      PROFESSIONALISM Ensure no spelling or grammar mistakes Spell out numbers. car rallies. skiing. except for Provinces and States (ON. assisted) be specific Use different descriptors and action verbs throughout the document Utilize bullet points (3-5 points per work experience) One sentence only per bullet point. i. why. etc. and the result or achievement Work experience must include results/outcomes (quantify where possible) Do not simply list your duties or tasks Do not use ‘Responsible for…’ .they have no place in resumes Include transferable skills from non-traditional experiences (outside business environments) Do not include references to High School Do not include dollar value of scholarships unless over $8K Do not include line or heading for providing references (it is assumed you will provide. AB. film/cinema. use numbers for 10 and above Avoid adding the word “dollar” after $200 (symbol identifies this as a dollar amount) To maximize space. how. Music (Do you play an instrument? Go to concerts? Favorites? Which type of music . when. use $100K instead of $100. food and wine. use semi-colons to connect similar/related ideas in one bullet Most significant and/or relevant aspects of the role should be in the 1st bullet. spell out completely the first time. entire. family business) Create an interesting read.) Reduce your word count (use “to” vs. various. one to nine.MBA RESUME GUIDE POWER INFORMATION  Achievement Orientation Make use of STAR statements to demonstrate what.000 Spell out months and university degrees completely Avoid using abbreviations. Summer employment.Jazz? Classical? Teach?) Include interests that demonstrate your uniqueness (such as photography. NY) If using acronyms. art.e. followed by bullets in descending order of importance Ensure consistent use of periods throughout resume (all or none) Do not use “I/my” (personal pronouns) . followed by acronym in brackets.e. if requested) Action Verbs         Bullet Points        Objectivity NonTraditional Experiences Omissions PERSONALITY     Concise & Varied Error-free Using Numbers Utilize sections under community/volunteer/activities and interests to demonstrate your well-roundedness as a candidate by promoting your extracurricular involvement Don’t underestimate the value of any experience (i.it is weak and passive Use past tense. acronym can then be used for rest of document   Abbreviations/  Acronyms  12 . even if you are currently in the role Avoid vague descriptors and subjective claims (many.

13 .e.MBA RESUME GUIDE STEP 6: GETTING RESUME MARKET READY Does my resume reflect the brand I want to represent and is it effectively communicating this brand to employers? Use the following exercise to determine if your resume is demonstrating the skills required of your targeted position. Be prepared. Finance vs. For example: Skills to highlight for a finance position include analytical and quantitative. Save different versions of your resume. Skills to highlight for a consulting position include problem solving and communication.    List the key skills you identify as essential to the position or target market Does your resume effectively highlight these competencies? Are there any gaps? What do you lack? What skills are missing? (Look at all sections of your resume) Tailoring Your Resume A resume should be tailored effectively to represent your brand to each employer. highlighting skills that are specific to each industry. Consulting). Significant revisions should occur only when seeking employment in two very different sectors (i.

including 3-5 STAR statement bullet points YOU HAVE: Completed your 2nd work term or summer job  1st and 2nd work terms/summer jobs should take up the bottom 2/3 of the first page. 14 .MBA RESUME GUIDE HOW WILL YOUR RESUME EVOLVE? After every work term or summer job. include 3-5 STAR statement bullet points per position YOU ARE: Graduating  All 3 work terms or summer jobs should be on your resume and should include 3-5 STAR statement bullet points per role Keep your first resume and compare it to your final resume that you use to secure your job at graduation. you should reassess your skills and adjust your resume so that you can:  Include additional training or specific software and updated proficiency level for computer applications  Highlight any associations or volunteer activities that you were involved in at work or school YOU ARE: A New MBA Student    Pull transferable skills from extra-curricular or volunteer activities and expand on them Try to include up to 3 STAR statements for each activity (especially if you have limited work experience) Arrange headings in resume that best reflect your skills and qualifications (the first page should be the strongest) YOU HAVE: Completed your 1st work term or summer job  1st work term/summer job should be on the first page.

1 page resumes are used in capital markets.5” .0.75” margins to eliminate excess white space How accomplishments will differ for a one page resume: Quantifying results is critical when writing finance resumes . “Consolidated outstanding accounts receivable resulting in savings of $40K. How packaging will differ:    Font size 10 Contact information no larger than font size 14 0. You can transfer your resume into a one page resume for your second and third work terms if you a Co-op student.” Keyword Phrases Finance recruiters will scan through resumes to identify key terms .MBA RESUME GUIDE RESUME GUIDELINES: Finance Until you have developed strong finance skills and experiences obtained through employment. investment banking. and equity research positions. In general.g. 2 page resumes are acceptable for financial positions in a corporate environment or retail/credit. a two page resume highlighting transferable skills is recommended. and for graduate recruitment.e.listed below are examples to include throughout the resume: Auditing & compliance Business valuations Business process re-engineering Budget management Cash flow management Expense analysis Financial statement analysis Fixed asset accounting Financial projections Financial & strategic planning Forecasting General ledger P&L management Operating & working capital Mergers & acquisitions Risk management Tax reporting Tax planning Trial balance Value added analysis 15 .

processes Adept at finding ways to speed up a job Able to handle a variety of tasks and responsibilities simultaneously and efficiently Works well under stress and can still improvise Keen and accurate memory for detail Excels at systematic ordering and manipulating of data Collates data accurately and compares with previous data CUSTOMER RELATIONS / SERVICE Sensitive to other’s needs Keen ability to relate to people Listens intently and accurately/conveys awareness Expertise in interpersonal contact Tactful. services DETAIL & RESULTS ORIENTATED Follows detailed instructions well Expert at meeting deadlines. artistic (visual) presentations COMMUNICATION SKILLS / ABILITY TO CONVEY IDEAS Expresses self clearly and effectively. problems Verbal/linguistic skills in foreign language(s) Adept at translating jargon into meaningful terms Explicit and concise writing skills Flair for writing reports and speeches Creates imaginative advertising and publicity programs Relates well when dealing with the public Excels at customer relations. ABILITY TO PERFORM                                      Confidently participates in group settings Poised in public appearances Exceptional speaking ability Generates enthusiasm in people Conducting and directing public affairs and ceremonies Develops strong.think of a time when you used these skills. and then add the specific details and results that demonstrate your abilities.MBA RESUME GUIDE ACTION ORIENTED WORDS & PHRASES Use these words and phrases to help get you started . diplomatic. concepts. discrete Effective in dealing with different kinds of people Works well as part of a team/collaborates with colleagues skillfully Motivates others Readily willing to share credit with others and express appreciation Works well in hostile environment/handles difficult customers/employees effectively Able to ignore undesirable qualities in others Thorough understanding of human motivations Adept at helping people with life/work adjustments 16 . within budget Skilled at making arrangements for events. intelligently expresses a position Able to explain difficult or complex ideas.

values of others Designs educational events/organizes and administers in-house training programs Facilitates group training/provides leadership to groups. affects change Sees a problem and acts immediately to solve it Deals well with the unexpected or critical issues Able to act decisively in emergencies Adept at confronting others with difficult personal matters No fear of taking manageable/educated risks Adept at policy making Able to terminate projects/people/processes when necessary Inspiring. adept at conflict management Mediates between contending parties or groups Negotiates to joint decisions Crisis intervention EDUCATIONAL / INSTRUCTIONAL Fosters a stimulating learning environment Adept at using visual communications Advises/aids people in making decisions Ability to hear and answer questions perceptively Keen ability to help others express their views Facilitates personal growth and development of others Clarifies goals.MBA RESUME GUIDE INFLUENCE / PERSUASION                                         Establishes rapport quickly Inspires trust in mind of others Expert in reasoning persuasively/developing a thought Influences the attitudes. initiates. encourages discussion LEADERSHIP Moved into totally new situations independently Took initiative in developing relationships Continually searching for more responsibility Excellent at organizing time/time of others Works without supervision/self-directed Unwilling to automatically accept status quo Keen perception of the potential of things rather than accepting status quo Acts as agent of change/promote major changes Plans. and leading organized groups Skilled at chairing meetings Leads others/impresses others with charisma and enthusiasm 17 . motivating. ideas of others Promotes ideas/products effectively without tearing down competing ideas or products Sells program or course of action to decision-makers Develops markets for ideas/products Motivates others and stimulate them to action Gets diverse groups to work together.

review Skilled at allocating scarce financial resources Prepares financial reports Uses numbers as reasoning tool/sophisticated mathematical abilities Effective at solving statistical problems ABILITY TO LEARN / OBSERVATIONAL Highly observant of people. administration. not afraid to re-evaluate programs/decisions/ideas 18 . planning Skilled at planning well-run meetings. comparisons Develops a budget/budget planning. estimates.MBA RESUME GUIDE ACCOUNTING & FINANCIAL SKILLS                                          High accuracy in computing Financial planning and management/maintain financial records Conducts economic research and analysis Performs cost analyses. seminars Adept at bringing order to chaotic environments Brings people together in cooperative efforts Able to call in experts as required Recognizes and utilizes skills of others Creates and maintains on-time work schedules Coordinates operations and details Assesses the effectiveness of other people Property. data. justification. facilities management Makes decisions about others and supervises/manage the output of others RESEARCH / ANALYSIS Anticipates situations before they become problems Recognizes the need for more information to make an intelligent decision Skilled at clarifying problems or situations Adept at gathering information Analyzes community needs. resources Perceives and defines cause and effect relationships Ability to trace problems to their source Organizes material/information in a systematic manner Excels at problem solving/trouble shooting Reviewing and evaluating proposals by measurable or subjective criteria High level of decision making skills. plant. things Skilled listener Committed to personal growth and learning Learns from example of others Assesses and identifies potential in others Assesses situations quickly and accurately Instinctively understands political realities ORGANIZATION & PLANNING / MANAGEMENT Approaches goal-setting systematically Establishes effective priorities among competing requirements Policy formation and interpretation Excels at program development. preparation. projections. values.

General Verbs & Descriptors Accelerated Accepted Achieved Acted Adapted Administered Approved Automated Collected Completed Composed Conceived Concentrated on Conducted Conferred Copied Created Debated Delegated Delivered Demonstrated Designed Developed Directed Displayed Distributed Edited Effected Eliminated Encouraged Enjoyed Established Evaluated Examined Excelled Expanded Expedited Facilitated Followed through Found Generated Guided Handled Heavily involved in Identified Improved Increased Influenced Interpreted Investigated Launched Led Maintained Manipulated Mediated Modified Monitored Motivated Observed Obtained Organized Participated Performed Persuaded Pinpointed Planned Practiced Predicted Prepared Presented Prioritized Produced Programmed Proposed Provided Purchased Recommended Recorded Reduced Reinforced Reorganized Reported Represented Researched Revamped Reviewed Revised Scheduled Served Set priorities Set up Shaped Simplified Solved Sparked Strategized Streamlined Strengthened Structured Studied Supplied Synthesized Taught Tended Tested Translated Trimmed Tutored Upgraded Utilized Wrote Words Related to Abilities & Skills Ability to Adept at Analyzed Apprised Aptitude for Artistically presented Assembled Built Capable of Communicated Competent Composed Conceived Constructed Counseled Created Delegated Developed Implemented Increased productivity Increased profit Initiated Innovated Installed Instructed Interviewed Lectured Mastered Operated Performed Planned Practiced Proficient in Recruited Reduced expenses Repaired Scheduled Solved problems Strength in Strong dedication Supervised Taught Trained Understood Well versed in Wrote 19 .MBA RESUME GUIDE PAST TENSE ACTION WORDS Use these words in past tense when describing your experiences to convey the impression that you have taken action and achieved results in the past.

MBA RESUME GUIDE Words Stressing Ability to Assume Responsibility Accelerated Accepted responsibility Alerted Automated Concentrated on Controlled Coordinated Directed Drove Guided Handled Heavily involved in Identified Implemented Improved Increased efficiency Independent Operated Planned Prioritized Processed Produced Revamped Scheduled Shaped Solid foundation in Sound overview of Sparked Streamlined Strong dedication to Well versed in Words to Indicate Desire to Get Ahead Accepted responsibility Action-oriented Adapted Entrepreneurial Viewpoint Improved Invented Launched Met deadlines Results-oriented Self-motivated Strategic Words to Indicate Management Ability Administered Advised Aptitude for Authority over Built Capacity for Closely supervised Command respect Conducted Constructed Controlled Coordinated Decision maker Delegated Directed Drove Effective in Established Expanded Founded Guided Headed Hired In charge of Increased productivity Initiated Inspired confidence Instituted Involved Led Leadership ability Managed Mastered Motivated Negotiated Operated Organized Oversaw Promoted Recommended Recruited Reorganized Set up Shaped Spearheaded Strict control of Strong leader Supervised Took charge of Trained Willing to take initiative Words Referring to Competence with Data Analyzed Automated Calculated Compared Compiled Completed Computed Coordinated Estimated Evaluated Formulated Solved Summarized Synthesized 20 .

21 . Bezanson. Fleetwood Communications.” H.MBA RESUME GUIDE Words to Show Profit-Orientation Bookkeeping Budgeted Cost-oriented Curtailed spending Cut Efficient Eliminated bottlenecks Expense-minded Generated cost savings Increased profit Problem solver Profit-conscious Profit-minded Raised funds Reduced excessive costs Results-oriented Set priorities Shortcut to Simplified procedures Sold Streamlined Strict control of Phrases Ability to trim costs and increase efficiency Ability to identify and solve problems Controlled spiraling costs Drastically cut without reduced sales Words to Stress Competence Ability to Demonstrated Knowledgeable Confident in Energetic about Enthusiastic about Expertly trained Passionate about Perform well under pressure Persistent Results-oriented Self-motivated Skillful Strength in Thoroughly trained in Words Referring to Competence with Others Advised Communicated Cooperated Developed trust Diverted Encouraged Listened Instructed Mentored Negotiated Participated Partnered with Persuaded Resolved Respected Served Signaled Spoke to Supervised Team player Understood Words That Reflect Intelligence Ability to think analytically Common sense Creative Inquisitive Logical thinker Mental capacity Numerical ability Perceptive Probing mind Adapted from: “The Completed Do-It-Yourself Resume Manual.A.

partnered with IT manager to determine technical specifications and launched system within six months.ca EDUCATION Master of Business Administration. ON Expected completion: December 2014 2012 Graduated Deans Honour List Completed 1st and 2nd year. Incorporated analytical techniques such as flow charts. Toronto. contract review and regular follow-up. Consolidated up to 16 help desks into one centralized support system. Burlington. ON September 2012 Professional Development Financial Modeling in Excel. ON 22 . Information Analyst Corporate Express. ON September – December 2011 Implemented nine highly successful CRM databases used to track website visitor trends and buying patterns. ON L1L 1L1 333-222-1111 jane@mcmaster. January – April 2011 Managed desktop infrastructure redesign by administering. Hamilton. resulted in further increases in sales and doubled the web traffic within two months. operating and managing multiple desktop systems and application server platforms across a five-province region for 2K clients. increased business growth and profit by nearly 15 percent in first year of implementation. Developed new customer service level agreements and operating procedures for international purchasing division designed to reinforce brand awareness and ensure process efficiency. including print and web. and assure optimum utilization of staff and equipment. Mississauga. Led functional development of inventory tracking database for Yates-Durbin product line consisting of 125 distinct products. Cambridge. The Marquee Group WORK EXPERIENCE Marketing and Web Associate Acme Door Security Solutions. ON Customer Service Manager Cambridge Telecommunications. Co-op Bachelor of Arts. August 2009 – September 2010 Managed recruitment of five customer service representatives. improvements led to 25 percent increase in customer call efficiency and further developed staff product knowledge. Designed sales tracking and market research training program for all product line sales in Canada. Generated high levels of consumer awareness through targeted ad campaigns. expanding department from four to nine representatives and initiated formal reward system to recognize staff achievements. surveys and process mapping to eliminate duplication. Political Science DeGroote School of Business. follow-up methods and quality of after sales service used for continual improvement initiatives. Conducted market research surveys amongst client base to seek feedback on sales techniques.MBA RESUME GUIDE SAMPLE RESUME JANE DOE 121 King Street West. London. facilitate workflow. University of Western Ontario. ON York University. McMaster University. revised current vendor contracts to include national sourcing and purchasing of products. Achieved high revenue commercial account retention record of 98 percent through relationship management. Oakville.

Volunteer. ON June 2009 – Present Assembled practice drills for team to enhance ball handling skills and guided members on the rules and regulations of the sport resulting in great team cohesiveness. Israel and Egypt to research and chronicle historic landmarks (2011) Tennis: Certified 1 and 2 Tennis Instructor. Answered questions and refined project requirements. Case Competition Team . Hamilton. Illustrator and HTML Fluent in French. Recruitment and Leadership jane@mcmaster. Undergraduate Teaching Assistant. DeGroote School of Business 2009 – 2010 Evaluated and marked more than 100 mid-term and final exams. Provided expertise and explanations to students with questions on specific subject matter or project related details. Word. QC November 2011 Analyzed Marketing case in a team of four to develop creative ideas and solutions competing against 20 schools. ON September 2008 – August 2009 Developed and implemented nation-wide university recruitment program involving campus visits and class presentations resulting in 20 percent increase in student applications. travelled to Wimbledon in 2010 Downhill Skier and Snowboarder – Blue Mountain and Glen Eden 23 .Junior Level Basketball.ca Canada Israel Experience Center. Achieved 1st place standing for the past three years in league of over 20 teams. active tennis player and enthusiast. Hamilton Recreational League . Promoted to Director upon completion of first Israel trip for demonstrating outstanding leadership. summarizing grades on Excel spreadsheet for professor. Access and Publisher Intermediate level of proficiency in Adobe Photoshop. Marketing Research. Member. providing additional support during class and open office hours. York University Campus Walk Safe Program 2008 – 2009 Assisted students and faculty to and from buildings and vehicles during evening hours to increase safety of individuals on campus. Outlook. Montreal. placed 4th overall. CAREER RELATED SKILLS Advanced level of proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite including.MBA RESUME GUIDE JANE DOE – PAGE 2 Director of Marketing. PowerPoint. both oral and written communication VOLUNTEER AND COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES Coach. Toronto. Created print and web marketing vehicles for distribution to all post-secondary institutions accounting for 14 percent increase in participant enrollment for summer and full year programs.MBA Games. ACTIVITIES AND INTERESTS Backpacked through Europe. Conducted staff seminars focusing on development of communication. enabling them to comprehend and understand information. facilitation and leadership skills needed for successful tour leaders. allowing for quicker turnaround of grades to the Academics Office. Excel.

com Various articles are listed under the ‘Resume & Cover Letter’ section of the site. you will have free access to:     Downloadable career guides Employer profiles Discussion boards Industry blogs and news covering the latest trends and issues Wetfeet.quintcareers. Quintessential Careers This online resource is full of ideas and tips to create an effective resume. After registering. unrestricted access to the largest most comprehensive online career resource available. and inspiration to plan and achieve a successful career: www.com have arranged free.wetfeet.MBA RESUME GUIDE ONLINE RESOURCES Vault The DeGroote School of Business in conjunction with Valut. research.com 24 . unique cover letter. and techniques for presenting a professional image in an interview: www.com This free online tool seeks to equip job seekers with advice. You can access Vault through Avenue to Learn – you will have to create an account the first time you log in.

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