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INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH LANGUAGE TESTING SYSTEM Test Report Form i [ACADEMIC NOTE. Aataissiers to uncergractunte.and Cree ee a the AGADEWC Ranga ng tao. ‘GENERAL Trade Reng and rng Modes a ee el age ong ret tone pero A stecroreaed ct cat engage obi creates een 2 re fo ya ot at a Cente Number | E091 ale (| RUE <3) ead Waka | Sonase Candidate Details ~~ pees Date of ith oa/oei1974 | Sex (MIF) | eI Sereno Code Gen Funded Be Seed, ie pene Goris. i Firat Oe egiono! | Egypt Ben [oe : Language | N@E : | Repeating Previous | | Previous é : } IELTS (YIN) y resto is Test Centre| ee eed Test Results : Overall Listening Reading. Writing Speaking ‘Band Score Administrator Comments Centre stamp Validation stamp @ BRITISH ee @ COUNCIL / Witing Examiner. Adrtinistrators Seta ee 996482 Number f 3 Signature