ab: from a-, ab-, abs-, advance, advanced, advancement, advantage, advantageous, advantageously, avant-garde, disadvantage, disadvantageous, disadvantageously, readvance, van, vanguard, vantage Examples: avert, abduct, abstain (and numerous others). Distinguish Greek prefix a- (the alpha privative meaning not or without); e.g, amoral, atypical. N.B. This prefix is not listed separately in the Reverse Index abbātia, abbātiae, f: abbey abbacy, abbatial, abbe, abbess, abbey, abbot abdōmen, abdōminis, n: belly abdomen, abdominal, abdominally, abs, dorsabdominal, postabdomen, subabdominal abiēs, abiētis, f: fir tree abietic aboleō, abolēre, abolēvī, abolitum: destroy abolish, abolisher, abolition, abolitionary, abolitionism, abolitionist, abolitionistic accipiter, accipitris, m: hawk, falcon (perhaps related to capiō) accipiter, accipitrine aceō1, acēre, (acuī): be sour; acētum, acētī, n: vinegar acescent, acetabulum, acetate, acetic, acetone, acetosalicylic, acetous, acetyl, acetylene, acicula, acicular, acid, acidic, acidification, acidify, acidity, acidly, acidosis, acidulate, acidulous, aciduously, aciform, amyl acetate, antacid, deacidification, deacidify, diacetate, diacid, DNA, hyperacidity, hypoacidity, niacin, oxyacetylene, oxyacid, peracetate, peracid, subacid, triacetate, triacid, ācer1, ācris, ācre sharp, harsh

aceō, ācer, acerbus, acuō (next page), and acus (next page) are all related roots but split apart here for clarity, to show which English words are from which Latin root

acrid, acridine, acridity, acrimonious, acrimoniously, acrimony, acrylic, alegar, eager, eagerly, eagerness, vinaigrette, vinegar, vinegarroon, vinegary acerbus1, acerba, acerbum: bitter acerb, acerbate, acerbic, acerbity, exacerbate, exacerbation

acuō2, acuere, acuī, acūtum: sharpen acuate, acuity, aculeate, acumen, acuminate, acumination, acuminiferous, acupressure, acupuncture, acute, acutely, acuteness, acutifoliate, ague, aguish, cute, cutely, cuteness, penacute, peracute, subacute, acus2, acūs, f: needle, pin aglet, aiguille, aiguillette, eglantine acervus, acervī, m: heap, mass acervation, coacervate, coacervation acinus, acinī, m: berry (esp. grape, sometimes ivyberry); the seed of a berry aciniform -ācius: tending to perspicacious etc. (= Eng. -acious) -ācitās: quality of being inclined to perspicacity etc. (= Eng. -acity) -ācia: quality of having obstinacy etc. (= Eng. -acy) ad: to, toward ad-, adapt, accept, addition, adept, affect, aggressive, adhere, adit, adjacent, allege, admit, ammunition, announce, adopt, apply, acquire, arrive, assume, attend, adumbrate, advent etc. Note assimilation: ad + munio becomes ammuntion. Despite their appearance advance and advantage are not compounds of ad, but rather are a combination of ab and ante (q.v.). N.B. This prefix is NOT listed separately in the Reverse Index. N.B. dos-a-dos from French. adeps, adipis, c: fat, lard, grease adeps, adipose, adiposity adulēscēns, adulēscentis, c: youth (see alō) adūlor, adūlārī, adūlātus sum: flatter, fawn upon
acuō and acus are related roots (also related to aceō, ācer, and acerbus on the previous page), but split apart here for clarity, to show which English words are from which Latin root

adulate, adulation, adulatory

aedēs, aedis, f: temple, building; (house in plural); aedificium, aedificiī, n: building aedile, aedileship, edification, edificatory, edifice, edify, edifying, edifyingly, unedifying aeger, aegra, aegrum: sick; aegrōtus, aegrōta, aegrōtum: sick aeger, aegrotat Aegyptus, Aegyptī, f: Egypt Egypt, gipsy, gypsy, gypsyish Aemilia, Aemiliae, f: Aemilia (perhaps related to aemulus) Emil, Emily aemulus, aemulī, m: rival; aemulus, aemula, aemulum: envious, equal emulate, emulation, emulative, emulator, emulous, emulously See also imitor, which may be related. aequus3, aequa, aequum: equal, level, fair, just; inīquus, inīqua, inīquum: unequal, unjust; adequacy, adequate, adequately, adequation, autumnal equinox, coequal, coequality, coequally, disequilibrium, Ecuador, Equadorian, egalitarian, egalitarianism, egality, equability, equable, equably, equal, equalitarian, equality, equalization, equalize, equalizer, equally, equanimity, equanimous, equant, equatable, equate, equation, equational, equator, equatorial, equiangular, equidistant, equifinal, equilateral, equilibrated, equilibrator, equilibrist, equilibrium, equilize, equinoctial, equinomial, equinominal, equinox, equinumerous, equipartition, equipedal, equipede, equipluve, equipoise, equiponderate, equipotent, equipotential, equiprobable, equirotal, equisonant, equitable, equitably, equity, equivalence, equivalency, equivalent, equivalently, equivalve, equivocal, equivocally, equivocate, equivocation, equivocator, equivacatory, equivoluminal, inadequacy, inadequate, inadequately, inequality, inequitable, inequitably, inequity, iniquitous, iniquitously, iniquity, nanoequivalent, triequal, unequal, unequaled, unequally, unequivocal, unequivocally, vernal equinox āēr, āeris, m: air, atmosphere (cf. Greek ἀήρ)
aequor, aequoris, n: sea is related but not included as it has no English derivatives

aerate, aeration, aerator, aerial, aeriferous, aerification, aeriform, aerify, aerodynamic, aeronaut, aeroplane, air, airbag, airballon, air base, air bath, airboat, airborne, airbrake, airbrush, airbus, aircondition, aircraft, airfield, airfoil, airforce, airframe, airfreight, airhead, air-hole, airified, airify, airily, airiness, airlift, airline, airmail, airman, airplane, air pocket, airport, airproof, air pump, airseal, airship, airsick, airtight, airway, airworthy, airy, antiaircraft, aria, AWACS, Buenos Aires, deaerate, deaeration, malaria, malarial, malariologist, malariology, malarious, midair, open-air, radio-aerial aes, aeris, n: bronze; aeneus, aenea, aeneum: brazen; aerārium, aerāriī, n: treasury aeneolithic, aeneous, C.E., Common Era, era aestimō, aestimāre, aestimāvī, aestimātum: estimate, value, esteem (perhaps from aes) aim, aimer, aimless, aimlessly, disesteem, esteem, estimable, estimate, estimation, estimator, guesstimate, inestimable, misestimate, overesteem, overestimate, self-esteem, underestimate, underestimated, unestimated aestās, aestātis, f: summer aestival, aestivate, aestivation, estival, estivate, estivation aestus, aestūs, m: tide estuarial, estuarine, estuary aethēr, aetheris, m: upper air (from Greek αἰθήρ) aether, ethane, ethene, ether, ethereal, ethyl, ethylene, ethyne aevum, aevī, n: age, generation; aetās, aetātis, f: age; aeternus, aeterna, aeternum: everlasting ab aeterno, age, aged, ageism, ageless, agelong, agene, coetaneity, coetaneous, coeternal, coeternally, coeternity, coeval, coevality, coevally, Dark Ages, eternal, eternalize, eternally, eternity, eviternity, in aeternum, longevity, medieval, medievalism, medievalist, medievalize, middle-age, nonage, old-age, over-aged, primeval, sempiternal, sempiternally, space age, steam age, stone age, teenage, teenager, underaged, world-age ODEE adds tarnation (see damnō). Āfer, Āfra, Āfrum: African; Āfer, Āfrī, m: an African man; Āfrica, Āfricae, f: Africa; Āfricus, Āfricī, m: the south-west wind Africa, African, Afrikaaner, Afrikaans, afro, Afro-, Afrocentric, Afrocentrism

ager, agrī, m: field; agrestis, agrestis, agreste: rural acre, acreage, agrarian, agrarianism, agrestic, agribusiness, agricultural, agriculturalist, agriculture, agriculturist, agrogorod, pelerine, peregrinate, peregrination, peregrinator, peregrine, pilgrim, pilgrimage, VoAg, wiseacre See notes on aerie in OED and W3. agger, aggeris, m: rampart exaggerate, exaggeration, exaggerative, exaggerator agnus, agnī, m: lamb (cf. ἀμνός) Agnus Dei

agō, agere, ēgī, āctum: do, drive; agmen, agminis, n: line of march; exiguus, exigua, exiguum: small, scanty (cf. ἄγω) abactor, abreaction, act, actable, acting, action, actionable, activation, activate, activator, active, actively, active-matrix, activism, activist, activity, actor, actress, Acts, actual, actuality, actually, actuarily, actuary, actuate, actuator, agency, agenda, agent, agent provacateur (Fr), agile, agility, agitate, agitatedly, agitation, agitato (It), agitator, Agit-Prop, ambagious, ambiguity, ambiguous, ambiguously, anticoagulant, assay, astrogator, astronavigation, astronavigator, auto da fé (Pg), bioactive, bioreactor, cache, cachepot, cachet, castigate, castigation, castigator, chain reaction, CIA, circumnavigate, circumnavigation, circumnavigator, coact, coagulability, coagulant, coagulate, coagulation, coagulative, coagulator, coagulin, coagulometer, coagulum, cogency, cogent, cogently, cogitable, cogitabund, cogitate, cogitation, cogitative, cogitatively, cogitator, cogito ergo sum, counteract, counteractant, counteracter, counteraction, counteractive, counteragency, counteragent, counteragitation, crossexamine, crossexamination, deactivate, deactivation, diddlysquat, disambiguate, disambiguation, double agent, eco-activist, enact, enactable, enaction, enactive, enactment, enactor, enactory, EPA, essay, essayism, essayist, exact, exactable, exacter, exacting, exactingly, exaction, exactitude, exactly, exactness, exactor, exam, examen, examinable, examinant, examination, examine, examiner, excogitate, exigency, exigent, exiguous, expurgate, expurgation, expurgator, expurgatory, fumigate, fumigation, fumigator, fustigate, -gate (for some words), geonavigation, hyper, hyperactive, hyperactively, hyperactivity, immunoassay, inaction, inactivate, inactivator, inactive, inactively, inactivity, incogitable, incogitant, inexact, inexactitude, inexactly, innavigable, interact, interaction, interactionism, interactive,

purgation. āiō (defective): say adage. overactivity. mitigative. reexamine. stress reaction. OED assigns prodigal to agō and prodigious to āiō. litigation. See purgō. redact. proactivator. aliform. mitigation. objurgative. reactivate. overaction. W3 assigns prodigious and prodigy to āiō. overactively. prodigally. aliped. nonambiguous. nonactivity. unexamined. reactionism. mucilaginous (OED). prodigal. navigation. For double underlined words see āiō. transaction. litigant. interactivity. transactional. psychoactive. overreact. movie actress. ODEE assigns prodigal to agō and prodigious to either agō or āiō. tea act. wire act ODEE adds cache. one-act. self-examination. nuclear reactor. travel agency. unreactive.interactively. purgative. levigate. levigator. navigate. unexacting. overreaction. mitigator. OLD says virago from vir + agō. purge. variegate. mitigate. overact. prodigal. prodigalize. reactor. photoreaction. aisle. ālae. cachet. prodigally. litigious. unnavigated. reactant. prodigiously. radioactivity. alar. medcical examination. movie actor. W3 accepts cache. nonnavigable. press agency. reagent. ālēs (ālitis): winged. prodigy OLD says prōdigālis. reaction. unpurged. LS says virgō. overactive. litigiousness. reenact. photoaction. OLD divide purgō into pūrus + agō. axillary. elevon4 4 elevon is a blend of elevator and aileron . viraginous. quick-acting. intransigently. purger. prodigious. variegation. press agent. transactor. f: wing. mucilage (OED). ODEE and OED derive virago from vir alone. intransigent. hesitates on cachet. mitigating. radioactive. LS. nonradioactive. unambiguously. āla. objurgate. aliferous. āxilla. levigation. travel agent. photoactive. litigator. litigiously. retroact. proactive. retroactive. swift. nonambiguity. purgatorial. intransigence. alary. unambiguous. navvy. axil. navigability. squat. social action. virago. radioactivation. Test Act. objurgation. retroaction. reactionary. interagency. unenacted. prodigality. unexpurgated. unacted. procoagulant. litigate. redactor. purgatory. ultrareactionary. prodigality. wave action. navigator. prodigiousness. navigable. prodigal to agō. purgator. sex act. react. prodigalize. squattage. reenactment. transact. prōdigium from either agō or āiō. f: armpit aileron. Italicized words are from purgō. reaction time. mitigatory. reenactor. reexamination. reactance. redaction. varactor. objurgatory. retroactively. reactive. squatter. alate. āxillae. photocoagulation. nonreactive.

alacer, alacris, alacre: brisk alacrity, allegretto (It), allegro (It) Albis, Albis, m: Elbe Elbe albus, alba, album: white alb, alba, Alba Longa, Alban, Albania, Albanian, albarium, albatross5, albedo, albedometer, albescent, albifrons, albinism, albino, Albion, album, albumen, albumin, albuminous, alburnum, aubade, auburn, bedaub, daub, dauber, daubery, daubster, dauby, dealbation, ovalbumin ālea, āleae, f: dice (cf. Greek ἠλεός) alea iacta est, aleatoric, aleatory alga, algae, f: seaweed (perhaps related to ligō) algae, macroalgae, microalgae algeō, algēre, alsī: be cold algid, algometer, algor, Mt. Algidus -ālis: pertaining to general, genial, manual etc. (= Eng. -al, -eal, -ial)

alius, alia, aliud: another; aliēnus, aliēna, aliēna: foreign; aliquis, aliqua, aliquid: someone; aliter: elsewhere abalienate, abalienation, alias, alibi, alien, alienable, alienage, alienate, alienation, alienator, alienee, alienism, alienist, aliquant, aliquot, et al., et alia, et alii, hidalgo, inalienability, inalienable, inalienably, per aliud allium, alliī, n: garlic aioli alō, alere, aluī, al(i)tum: suckle, nourish; altus, alta, altum: high, deep; adulēscēns, adulēscentis, c: youth; alma, almae, f: nourishing; prōlēs, prōlis, f: offspring adolesce, adolescence, adolescent, adult, adulthood, aliment, alimentary, alimentation, alimentative, alimony, Alma, alma mater, altazimuth, altigraph, altimeter, altimetry, altiplanation, altiplano,

possibly a folk etymology, real root might be Arabic

altitude, alto, altocumulus, altostratus, altricial, alum (alumnus), alumna, alumnus, coalesce, coalescence, coalescent, coalition, coalitionism, coalitionist, contralto, enhance, enhancement, enhancive, exalt, exaltation, exalter, exaltingly, haughtily, haughtiness, haughty, haut (Fr), hauteur, hawser, maltitude, nonproliferation, oboe, oboist, overprolific, palimony, preadolescent, preadult, prole, proles, proletarian, proletarianism, proletarianization, proletariat, proletarization, prolicide, proliferate, proliferation, proliferative, proliferous, prolific, prolificacy, proligerous, proly, sine prole, superexalt, superexaltation, Terra Haute, unexalted OED derives altar from alō, see altar. Alpēs, Alpium: Alps Alpestrine, Alpine, Alps, cisalpine, subalpine, transalpine altar (or altāre), altāris, n: altar; altārium, altariī, n: altar altar, altar boy, altarcloth, altar girl, altarpiece, altar rail, altarstone OLD (perhaps from oleō), ODEE, W3 say altar from oleō; OED from altus (alō). LS: from either. alter, altera, alterum: one or the other of two; adulter, adultera, adulterum: illicit lover, adulterous, unchaste; alternus, alterna, alternum: by turns AC, adulter, adulterant, adulterate, adulteration, adulterer, adulteress, adulterine, adulterous, adultery, alter, alter ego, alterability, alterable, alteration, altercation, alternate, alternately, alternating, alternating current, alternation, alternative, alternatively, alternativity, alternator, altrigenderism, altruism, altruist, altruistic, altruistically, inalterable, inalterably, subaltern, subalternation, unadulterated, unalterable, unalterably, unaltered altus, alta, altum: high, deep (related to alō) alūmen, alūminis, n: astringent substance alum (substance), aluminate, aluminiferous, aluminotype, aluminous, aluminum, sial alveus (or alveum), alveī, m (or n): basin, bathtub; alvus, alvī, m: belly, hollow cavity alveary, alveolar, alveolate, alveolus, interalveolar, postalveolar amārus, amāra, amārum: bitter dulcamara, maraschino ambō, ambae, ambō: both (cf. Greek ἀμφί)

ambagious, ambi-, ambiance, ambidexter, ambidexterity, ambidextrous, ambience, ambient, ambiguity, ambiguous, ambiguously, ambilateral, ambisinister, ambisonic, ambit, ambition, ambitious, ambitiously, ambivalence, ambivalent, ambivalently, ambsace, anfractuosity, anfractuous, circumambience, circumambient, disambiguate, disambiguation, nonambiguity, nonambiguous, overambitious, unambiguous, unambiguously, unambitious, unambitiously ambulō, abulāre, ambulāvī, ambulātum: walk alley, alleyway, amble, ambulance, ambulant, ambulate, ambulation, ambulator, ambulatory, andante, circumambulate, circumambulation, deambulation, deambulatory, funambulism, funambulist, noctambulism, noctambulist, noctambulistic, noctambulous, perambulate, perambulation, perambulator, permabulatory, pram, preamble, solvitur ambulando, somnambulant, somnambulism, somnambulist amiciō, amicīre, amicuī/amixī, amictum: wrap, clothe; amictus, amictūs, m: cloak amice amita, amitae, f: (paternal) aunt (perhaps from amō) aunt, aunty, grandaunt, great-aunt amnis, amnis, f: river amnicolidae amo, amāre, amāvī, amātum: love; amīcus, amīca, amīcum: friend(ly); amīcitia, amīcitiae, f: friendship; inimīcus, inimīca, inimīcum: enemy, unfriendly, hostile Amanda, amateur, amateurish, amateurishly, amateurism, amative, amatory, amer (Fr), ami (Fr), amiability, amiable, amiably, amicable, amicably, amicus curiae, amiga (Sp), amigo (Sp), amity, amoretto (It), amorous, amorously, amour, amour-propre (Fr), Amy, archenemy, enamor, enamorment, enemy, enmity, inimical, inimicality, inimically, innamorata (It), innamorato (It), Mabel, mon ami (Fr), odi et amo, omnia vincit amor, paramour, polyamor, polyamorous, pro-am, radio amateur, Somos Amigos amoenus, amoena, amoenum: pleasant (perhaps related to amō) amenity, disamenity amplus, ampla, amplum: large

AM, ample, ampliate, amplification, amplified, amplifier, amplify, amplitude, amply, laser, laserprint ampolla (ampulla), ampollae, f: bottle (diminutive of amphora from Greek ἀμφορεύς) ampoule amulētum, amulētī, n: charm amulet anas, anatis, f: duck anatine ancilla, ancillae, f: maid ancilla, ancillary ancora, ancorae, f: anchor, hook (cf. Greek ἄγκυρα from ἄγκος) anchor, anchorage angō, angere, anxī, anctum: choke; ānxius, ānxia, ānxium: troubled; angina, anginae, f: throat infection; angustus, angusta, angustum: narrow angina pectoris, anguish, angustifolia, anxiety, anxious, anxiously, overanxious, N.B. Anger and angry are not derived from angō. angulus, angulī, m: angle, corner angle, angler, angular, angularity, angulate, angulation, cubangle, decangular, equiangular, heptangular, octangular,pentangle, pentangular, phase angle, point angle, quadrangle, quadrangular, quinquangular, rectangle, rectangular, right-angle, septangular, slip angle, triangle, triangular, triangularity, triangularly, triangulate, triangulation, triangulator, warning triangle, wide-angle anguis, anguis, c: snake; anguilla, anguillae, f: eel anguiform, anguilliform, anguine, anguis in herba animus, animī, m: spirit; anima, animae, f: soul, breath; animadvertō, animadvertere, animadvertī, animadversum : notice; animal, animālis, n: animal; exanimō, exanimāre, exanimāvī, exanimātum: kill anima, animadversion, animadvert, animal, animalcule, animalculum, animalish, animalism, animalistic, animality, animalize, anima mundi, animate, animated, animation, animator, anime, animism, animist, animistic, animosity, animus, de- animalize, disanimate, disanimation, equanimity, equanimous, exanimation, exanimate, inanimate, inanimately, longanimity, magnanimity, magnanimous, magnanimously,

nonunanimous, parvanimity, pusillanimity, pusillanimous, pusillanimously, reanimate, reanimation, unanimism, unanimity, unanimous, unanimously, wheel animal annus, annī, m: year annal, annalist, annalistic, anniversary, anno Domini (AD), annual, annually, annuitant, annuity, annular, biannual, biannually, bicentennial, biennial, biennially, biennium, centennial, decennary, decennial, decennially, decennium, duodecennial, duodecentennial, interannual, millennial, millenialism, millenialist, millenially, millenian, millennium, octennial, per annum, perennate, perennial, perennially, perennibranch, postmillenial, premillenial, quadrennial, quadrennium, quincentennial, quindecennial, quinqennial, quinquennially, quinqennium, semiannual, semiannually, septennial, septicentennial, sesquicentennial, sexennial, sexennium, superannuate, superannuation, tercentennial, triannular, tricentennial, triennial, triennially, triennium, vicennial N.B. Centenary and millenary do not contain the root annus. N.B. Distinguish decenary, decennary. -āns: see -ant ansa, ansae, f: handle ansa, ansate anser, anseris, m: goose anserine, anserous, merganser -ant-: -ing important etc. (= Eng. -ant) ante: before; antīquus, antīqua, antīquum: old advance, advanced, advancement, advantage, advantageous, advantageously, a.m., ancestor, ancestorial, ancestral, ancestrally, ancestress, ancestry, ancien regime (Fr), ancient, anciently, ancientness, ante, ante bellum, antecede, antecedence, antecedent, antecessor, antechamber, antedate, antediluvial, antediluvian, antefebrile, antefix, anteflexion, antelabrum, antelocation, antemeridian, ante meridiem, antemortem, antenatal, antenate, antenuptial, antepartum, antepenult, antepenultimate, anteprandial, ante rem, anterior, anteroom, anteroposterior, anteversion, antic, anticipate, anticipation, anticipative, anticipatively, anticipatory, antics, antiquarian, antiquary, antiquated, antique, antiquity, avant-garde (Fr), disadvantage, disadvantageous, disadvantageously, penny ante, rampart, readvance, van, vanguard, vantage, verd antique (Fr)

antenna (antemna), antennae (antemnae), f: sailyard, yardarm antenna, antennary, antennule, radioantenna -āntia: quality of -ing hesitancy, petulance etc. (= Eng. -ance, -ancy) Antōnius, Antōniī, m: Anthony Anthony, Antonette, Antony, Tony antrum, antrī, n: cave (see ἄντρον) antral, antrum ānus, ānī, m: anus; ānulus, ānulī, m: ring anal, anally, annelid, annelida, an(n)ular (ring shaped), annularity, annulate, annulet, anorectal, anus, penannular, per anum, postanal, transannular, triannulate anus, anūs, f: old woman anile, anility aperiō, aperīre, aperuī, apertum: open aperient, aperitif, aperitive, aperture, April, malapert, overt, overtly, overtness, overture, pert, pertly, pertness, wide aperture LS and OED derive from pariō; OLD does not. See pariō and operiō. See OED: malapert. apex, apicis, m: peak apex, apical, subapical, transapical LS, perhaps OLD, W3 derive from aptus; OED from vertō. apis, apis, f: bee apian, apiarian, apiarist, apiary, apicaceous, apicide, apicultural, apiculturalist, apiculture, apiculturist, apiotherapy, apivorous apīscor, apīscī, aptus sum: reach, obtain; aptus, apta, aptum: suitable; adipīscor, adipīscī, adeptus sum: obtain adaptability, adaptable, adaptation, adapter, adaptive, adaptor, adept, adeptly, adeptness, annuit coeptis, apt, aptitude, aptly, aptness, attitude, attitudinal, coapt, coaptation, copula, copular, copulate, copulation, copulative, copulatively, copulator, copulatory, couple, coupler, couplet, coupleteer, coupling, decouple, discouple, inadaptable, inapt, inaptitude, inept, ineptitude, ineptly, ineptness, lariat, maladaptation, nonadaptive, preadapt, pro-attitude, thermocouple, unapt, uncouple, uncoupling, variocoupler

appellō: see pellō aqua, aquae, f: water Aachen, aqua, aquabib, aquacade, aquaculture, aqua fortis, aqualung, aquamarine, aquanaut, aquaplane, aqua regia, aquarelle, aquarellist, aquarian, aquarium, Aquarius, aquatic, aquatint, aquavit, aqua vita, aqueduct, aqueous, aquiclude, aquiculture, aquifer, aquiform, aquosity, Eau Claire, ewer, ewery, nonaquatic, pseudoaquatic, seaquarium, sewage, sewer, sewerage, subaqua, subaqueous, terraqueous, thermoaqueous aquila, aquilae, f: eagle (OLD perhaps from aqua) Aquila, aquiline, eagle, eagle-eyed, eaglet arānea, arāneae, f: spider araneid, araneidan, araneiform, aranology arbiter, abitrī, m: judge, overseer; arbitror, arbitrārī, arbitrātus sum: think arbiter, arbiter bibendi, arbitrable, arbitrage, arbitral, arbitrament, arbitrarily, arbitrariness, arbitrary, arbitrate, arbitration, arbitrational, arbitrator, arbitress arbor, arboris, f: tree arbor, arboreal, arboreally, arborescent, arboret, arboretum, arboricidal, arboricide, arboricolous, arboriculture, arborist, arborway, arbuscle Only Schaeffer associates arbor with herba, likely untrue. arceō, arcēre, arcuī, (arcitum): keep away, ward off; arca, arcae, f: chest; exerceō, exercēre, exercuī, exercitum: train; exercitiō, exercitiōnis, f: training; exercitus, exercitūs, m: army arcane, arcanist, arcanum, ark, coerce, coercer, coercible, coercion, coercionary, coercionist, coercive, coercively, coerciveness, coercivity, exercisable, exercise, exercitant, incoercible, overexercise, uncoerced, unexercised arcus, arcūs, m: bow arc, arcade, arch, arched, archer, archery, architrave, archway, arciform, arc-lamp, arcosolium, arcuate, counterarch, nonarcing, overarch, oxyarc, triarcuated, up arch, wall arcade ārdeō, ārdēre, ārsī, ārsum: burn ardency, ardent, ardently, ardor, arson, arsonist arduus, ardua, arduum: uplifted, high

arduous, arduously ārea, āreae, f: yard (perhaps related to āreō) aerie, area, areal, areola, areolar, areolate, areolation, tail-area, target area, wing area (h)arēna6, (h)arēnae, f: sand surface of an arena arena, arenaceous, arenation, arenicolous āreō, ārēre, āruī: be dry (OLD: perhaps related to ārdeō) arid, aridity, aridly, aridness, semiarid argentum, argentī, n: silver Ag, argent, argentiferous, Argentina, argentine, Argentinean, argentophil, argentophilic argilla, argillae, f: clay argillaceous, argillite arguō, arguere, arguī, argūtum: show, prove; argūmentum:, argūmentī, n: proof, conclusion, argument arguable, arguably, argue, argument, argumentation, argumentative, argumentatively, argute, counterargument, inarguable, inarguably, outargue, unarguable, unarguably ariēs, ariētis, m: ram Aries -āris: pertaining to nebular etc. (= Eng. -ar) -ārium: place for bestiary, herbarium etc. (= Eng. -arium, -ary) arma, armōrum, n pl: (defensive) weapons alarm, alarmable, alarming, alarmingly, alarmism, alarmist, ambry, arm (v), armada, armadillo, armament, armature, armiger, armigerous, armistice, armoire, armor, armor-bearer, armored, armorer, armorial, armory, arms (weapons), army, disarm, disarmer, disarmingly, disarmament, fire alarm, firearm, forearm (v), gendarme, light-armed, man-at-arms, outarm, queen’s arm, rearm, rearmament, Salvation Army, side-arms, small-arms, smoke alarm, unalarmed, unarm, unarmed, vi et armis, White Army, yardarm

In classical Latin, the more correct form is harēna, with the h

artificial. exasperate. inertia. astronaut. astrolatry. coarticulation. pons asinorum asper. m: joint article. arability. jackrabbit. inarticulate. m: copper coin ace. decussation asinus. asterial. rough asper (grammar). exasperation diaper is derived from Greek ἄσπρος rough which later meant white aspis. exarticulation. sloth art. artūs. f: skill. inertia. video art. 7 In classical Latin. decussate. disarticulate. oligarticular. nonarticulated. astro-. jackass. asterism. astrologer. asslike. inartificial. astronavigation. artist. (h)arundinis. inertly. disarticulation. artisan. artificer. astrometeorology. artistic. artificiality. coaration. asp viper astrum. astronautics. asperity. artillerist.arō. coarticulate. fine arts. articulacy. f: reed arundinaceous arvum. interarticular. string art. articulation. articular. artillery. monarticular. astrolabe. de-articulation. inertiae. graphic arts. artis. arāre. asinī. astral. biarticular. n: field arval. astrī. arviculture as. astrodome. ass (animal). Astraea. assis. eco-art. artful. diaper. artlessly. astrally. n: star (see Greek ἀστήρ) aster. arvī. artifice. astrobiology. inarticulately. arātum: plow arable. artfully. overarticulate. f: asp (see Greeks ἀσπίς) asp. arāvī. with the h . asperum: harsh. art. artefact. war artist artus. astrometry. inertial. exarticulate. aspera. inartistic. inarticular. artistry. idleness. non-art. astrobotany. astrobiologist. artiste. astrography. f: laziness. asterisk. astrocytoma. unarticulated (h)arundō7. inarable ars. exaration. astrological. inert. artless. artificially. asperate. astrodynamics. artistically. articulate. artifact. ambs-ace. aspidis. asteroid. aration. video artist. asperous. m: donkey asinine. arty. astronautical. astrology. astrographic. the more correct form is harundō.

TVA. world-auxiliary. augment. disastrously. W3 assigns to augeō instead) . auditorium. augend. obedience. authorization. authorize. audīre. No English derivative contains the au. augēre. auditor. authoritarian. auditory. ātra. unobeyed. synastry. audītum: hear (probably related to auris) audible.as in aufero) N. auxiliary. auctōritās. astuciously. astrophile. auctōris. -acy) -ātus: office of magistrate etc. (= Eng. astronomical. disobedience. authorship. audio. obedient. Augsburg. augurium. audiotape. audile. audibility. augmentative. ātrium. author. Augustine. co-author. f: authority. astronomer. unaugmented. astucity. auxin. (= Eng. disobediently. obediently. catasterism. Augustus. astuteness āter. -ate) au-: away from (variation of ab. ogive. m: author. water authority. audit. auguris. Zaragosta augur. astūs. auctioneer. clairaudience. obedientary. inauthoritative. obey. astutely. target audience. authority. authoritative. auguriī. unauthorized. Augustinian. audacious. audiogram. girl scout. visuo-auditory augeō. audiovisual. atrocity -ātia: quality of having obstinacy etc. inaudibly. seer. atriopore. disobedient. auxiliar. audēre. disobey. obeisant. atrium. m: prophet. auctum: increase. astrophysics. auxī. August. augmentation. astroturf. clairaudient. audeō. triaster astus. diviner. n: help auction. atrocious.B. bioaugmentation. monaster.prefix. radioastronomy. Augusta. authoritarianism. oyer. obeisance. unobedient. auxiliī. astronomy. nonauditory. oyez. astrophotography. ātrum: black. audīvī. audition. atrociously. disastrous. audacity audiō. audience. astrophysicist. diaster. auxospore. ausus sum: dare audace (It). august. n: living room atrabilious. astrophobia. audiometer. audiophile. n: prophecy (perhaps from avis and gerō. auxilium. disaster. auctor. audaciously. augur. m: cunning astucious. astrophysical. authoress. soothsayer. inaudibility. atrament. auxilian. Augustan. audibly. preaudit. inaudible. obediential. astute. auctōritās. ātriī. obeyer. disobeyer.astronavigator. auxotroph. authoritatively. atrōx (atrōcis): fierce.

inaugural. oreide. auricle. aurīgae. aurification. aurify. Australia. austere and austerity from Greek αὖος dry. aurea mediocritas. f: breeze (see Greek αὔρα maybe from ἀήρ/āēr) aura. postauditory. f: charioteer (OLD derives from ōs. inaugurate. inauguration. aurōrae. oriflamme. f: oats avenaceous. aureomycin. avēnae. aurora australis. ormer. postinauguration.augur. sino-auricular aurōra. auscultation. ormolu. biauricular. scout. Austria is not derived from auster. aurora australis. autumnal equinox. aureate. El Dorado. auroral OLD associates aurōra with aurum. m: harvest. austral. aurea. aureole. it is Germanic. f: dawn aurora. auricular. aurulent. scoutmaster Auster. aureity. oriole. f: ear (probably related to audiō) aural.B. soar8 aurīga. scouting. orillion. Australian. Orleans. Auster. auriscope. auscultāvī. auscultatory. boy scout. auscultāre. augury. aurī. autumnī. Australoid. aurous. dextraural. New Orleans. monaural. auriculate. auris. autumny auxilium: see augeō avēna. preinauguration aura. binaural. aurora borealis. auriferous. Australopithecus N. aurum. aveniform 8 soar < ex + aura . exaugural. aurae. auscultātum: listen to (related to auris) auscultate. inaugurator. autumnal. exhausted autumnus. monaurally. f: mouth) Auriga auris. m: south wind Anzac. autumn autumn. Austrī. dorado. aureola. oroide. n: gold Au. ōris. postauricular. orpiment auscultō.

uncle. axis. avunculus. Avis. aviarist. m: pole abaxial. axial. auspiciously. Ave Maria. avifauna. m: grandfather. f: greed avarice. auspices. aviation. paraxial. aviator. avionics. aviculture. avaricious. facilis descensus Averno. aviary. avāritia. aviculturist. great-uncle. monaxon. avida. avuncular. epaxial. axis. avunculī. proavis. f: bird auspicate. aviophobia. avuncuarism. avidity. avidly avis. granduncle. avian. avariciously. avī. postaxial. avunculate. atavism. inauspiciously. avine. Ave. avicolous. aviate. avuncularity. aviatrix.aveō. triaxial . avis. avidum: eager. coaxial. avuncuarly. avēre: be eager. monaxile. auspicious. ocarina. avicide. rara avis avus. inauspicious. avid. atavistic. ostrich. avāritiae. monaxial. orthaxial. subaxial. Uncle Tom āxilla (armpit): see āla axis. monoaxal. m: uncle atavic. avidus.

balneum. rebarbative N. bassinet. combat. from which base. basso. battle-ax. battuī: pound. battlesome. booby prize. m: Carthaginian family Barcelona bassus. booby trap AHD says booby from balbus. battledress. barbae. abasement. bassa. barbet. barbed. balneologist. fat. belt line barba. m(n): belt. barber. barbule. battering-ram. bassoon. bailment balbus. bassum: thick. barbative. barbershop. bated. bagasse. basis are derived) abase. baiae. f: berry baccalaureate. battlement. bagatelle. barbarian is derived from βάρβαρος. balneology. . baia. which is unrelated to barba. abatement. bassonist. barbicel. bayberry. battlefield. booby hatch.B. combatant. battle. beat abatable. OED asserts no connection. n: bath bagnio. battledore. barbel. bat (baseball. balenological. battleline. battleground. abatis. debasement. debaser battuo (bātuō). battlefront. battery. bailiwick. m: carrier bail (set free from custody). debase. bailiff.B bāca (bacca). bass (low). Barca. f: bay (from Isidore) bay (water) bāiulus. battleship. belting. bacciferous. abattoir. base (evil). boob (person). barbate. balneal. balneation. f: beard barb. balneotherapy balteus (balteum). abator. booby. baccivorous. basset. barbellate. low (not in OLD and unrelated to Greek βαίνω. balbuties. postbaccalaureate Both ODEE and OED reject bachelor as derivative of bāca and say origin obscure. Barcae. an eye). bas-relief. m: stammering balbutient. bacciform. baccate. combatable. battalion. balteī. bāiulī. balneī. bācae. balbī. Barbados. girdle belt. battuere. batter. abate.

biliously. bibī: drink aquabib. urobilin. bene (well): see bonus beō. bibere. bibulosity. Beatrice N. beāvī. debatable. debate. nonbelligerent. Belgium bellum. reveler. rebel. f: beet beet bibo. bētae. outbattle. bestial. belligerently. bellicose. co-rebel. rebellious. undebated See OED and W3 entries for bat and bate(d). bibber. imbibe. revel. bile. beatitude. beastly. duelsome. debatably. bestiary. duello. f: gall. dueler. imbibition. rebellion. urobilinuria duel from bellum through an older form duellum (du/b is a common alteration like duo/bis) 9 . bibaceous. bestially. beastliness. casus belli. duel9. stercobilin. n: war ante bellum. gladden (perhaps related to bonus) Bea. hepatobiliary. undebatable. belligerent. combativeness. revelry Duel and others derived only from bellum and not duo. beātum: bless. debellatio. arbiter bibendi. bibulate. noncombat. wrath. counterbattery. bestiality. bilious. imbiber. bile. bellicosely. combatively. bellī. Beatrice (and Beatrix) may be derived from via. duelist. with the spelling altered because of incorrect association to beō bestia. bilirubin. rebelliously. bellipotent. co-belligerent. imbrue perhaps beer (see OED) bīlis. anger atrabilious. belligerency. post bellum. unabated. bestialize.B. bibulous. bestiae f: beast. bib. bellicosity. beatification. animal beast. beatific.combative. beāre. embattlement. Bellatrix. bestiarian. debater. beatify. noncombatant. debatedly. cobelligerence. bête noire (Fr) bēta. bīlis. revelrous. beverage. noncom. bellus (beautiful): see bonus Belgae: Belgians Belgian. biliousness. embattled. imbibitional. rebate. belligerence. biliuria.

bilabiate. byte. nonbinary. bisexual. barouche. bilingualism. bichloride. bitangent. bilateral.bis10: twice. and therefore from the same root as duo . binucleate. disbalance. biathlon. bicentral. combiner. biennial. biform. bidirectional. biquadrate. bicameral. bisonant. bilaterally. biplane. biannual. bilocate. bimensal. bifid. bicipital. bifarious. bimester. bisect. combinative. bicorporal. bigamy. bissextile. n: pitch. bipalmate. bīnae. biker. combinatorial. bicolor. bivalent. combinedly. biflagillate. bizygomatic. bipeltate. bident. billionth. bipinnate. nanobyte. biquadratic. bireme. bifurcate. bicuspid. biduum. bimolecular. bifoliate. outbalance. biscuit. recombinant. recombine. wheel balance. bivittate. bifront. bifurcation. bimestrial. bisexuality. biconical. bifacial. bivalve. biferous. combinational. embalance. bīna: times two. combinability. bilocular. bigeneric. biscotti. biceps. bivariant. binuclear. bisection. binational. biflorous. biparous. bivocal. bipatent. bicrural. bitheism. recombinantion. biserial. seabiscuit. binocular. well-balanced. bike. combine. biduī. combinator. combinatory. biannually. imbalance. bitemporal. bipedality. binary. bicultural. bicycle. biconjugate. bivious. bituminis. bissymetrical. biauricular. biscutate. counterbalance. overbalance. microbalance. dogbiscuit. biped. bipenniform. megabyte. biverbal. bimaculate. biparental. balancer. bituminous blandus. bipotent. bipod. wind-balance. bipedal. water-balance. biparietal. bivium. bilocation. billionaire. bimodal. bipolarity. biconcave. bīnī. combinable. bivariate. bisectional. bilabial. rebalance. bitonality. bimetallic. bipartisan. kilobyte. bi-monthly. biennially. bisulcate. bidental. gigabyte. bilamellar. biarticular. minibike. bicepahous. bicorn. biciliate. zero balance bisōn. terabyte. biweekly. bicentenary. biuncinate. bilinear. biquintile. bilingual. bipolar. birational. blandly 10 bis is from an old form duis. asphalt bitumen. m: wild ox bison. billion. birostrate. biphyletic. bicaudate. biramous. bilateralist. bicolligate. bigamist. birotation. combination. bisector. bivalence. bidialecticist. persuasive bland. binaural. bimedian. bipartite. blandishment. biordinal. biliteral. bigamous. unbalance. blandum: flattering. bicaudal. blanda. bifilar. n: two days (from duo) balance. bicentennial. bimetallism. biforate. biventral. biradiate. bisōntis. biplanar. biennium. bidentate. bichromate. bicarbonate. biserrate. bicyclist. bivalvore. biloculine. combinant. bimanous. bifocal. bit (comp). binomial. bimillenary. bilateralism. biradial. bipennate. bisontine bitūmen.

beautify. Viennese bōs. buona sera (It). beef cattle. beneficently. optimus. beautifully. magnum bonum. benedictive. nil nisi bonum. beauty. bonhomous. beefsteak. summum bonum. beautician. bon viveur (Fr). ameliorate. bene: well. optimist. bombshell. benediction. embellishment. boāre (boere). embowelment . cui bono. bountifully. meliorate. bellum: pretty. bon jour (Fr). bomber. benignant. beneficiate. bovinity. bon voyage (Fr). disembowel. reboation. Greek βοῦς) beef. optimally. beneficially. Vienna (Wien). ultimately from βοῦς) botulus. bovis. botulism. melioration. benefactress. Bonaparte. beefcake. vienna cross. embowel. disembellish. meliorant. beautifier. otimity. Belleville. bugle. reboative bombus. optimality. ultimately from bōs (Greek βούβαλος. bon vivant (Fr).boa. Boniface. optima. bonbon. ovibovine Buffalo is derived from būbulus. optimistically. ameliorative. benevolence. optimates (pl. amelioration. beautiful. bonus. boa constrictor boō.B. belletrist. benefactive. benevolently. ameliorator. Benedict. belletrism. bounteous. Vienna green. beaux. benedictory. buenos (Sp). boātum (––): bellow reboant. rude word botuliform. ameliorant. debonairess. beefy. embellish. bowel. benefactor. bon mot (Fr). belle. meliorist. f: large snake boa. optimization. bellus. meliority. bonhomie (Fr). debonairly. optimistic. m/f: ox/cow (cf. debonair. Benedictine. bel. benignity. belletristic. bombī: humming sound bomb. optimize. benefitter. disbowel. meliorism. boae. optimal. debonairness. bonification. bella. boon. Bonaventure. optimum. beef eater. emboweler. bugler. benefit. ovibos. beautification. beneficent. benignly. disbenefit. optimism. benignancy. meliorator. beneficiary. bounty. beldam(e). beneficial. optimific. meliorative. optimum: best (perhaps related to beō) ameliorable. benefice. bountiful. omnibenevolent. pro bono publico. bona. bonum: good.). benign. benefactrix. bombard. haggis. belles lettres (Fr). belvedere. sausage. Vienna coup. bombardment. bonanza. botulī. m: black pudding. benevolent. bovine. bonny. beneficence.). belladonna. Buenos Aires. melioristic. boāvī (––). bon soir (Fr). nota bene (N. beau. beauteous. benefaction. melior (meliōris): better. benison. rebound bonus. bona fide. Vienna circle. bounteously.

bulliō. brutism. bulletin. Britannia. brutally. boiler. Briton. ebracteolate brevis. Brutus. bullītus: bubble. brutalize. bowling. brevity. bullīvī. British. debouchment. brume. pot-boiler. boil. pretzel bractea (brattea). bullion. Britain. bull (papal). m: Britons. buckler. briefcase. ebracteate. abbreviature. bracteae (bratteae). Britannōrum. brutalization. mouth buccal. bullīre. budgetary. abbreviatory. unabridged Britannī. imbrute bucca. budge. buckled. brevipennate. ebullism. brūtum: heavy. breviloquent. semibreve. stupid brutal. buccolingual. parboil. dull. f: Britain Breton. f: leather bag budget. bulletinize. brevirostral. tax bill. debouchure. billet-doux (Fr). bucally. briefing. bowler. breve. boil bill. bracelet. Britanniae. unwieldy. bullae. debouch. brūta. brutish. f: locket. f: purse. brutist. bracing. brumal. billable. wagonboiler bulliō: see bulla. ebullition. hardboiled. f: trousers bracket bracchium (brāchium). steam boiler. burrae. f: gold foil/leaf bract. bracchiī: arm. bulla. burra. bowl (vb). debrief. brevis. Britannia. buckle. ebullioscope. brevirostrate. unbuckle bulga. ebulliency. Brittany brūtus. brief. billboard. f: jaw. abbreviation. bullet. burlap bursa (byrsa). buccinator. abridger. ebullient. budgeter. abridgement. f: wool (LL) burgeon. ebulliently. brevilingual. brassiere. brute. bursae. brutality. bulge bulla. ebullioscopic.brācae. breve: short abbreviate. ebulliometer. abridge. abbreviator. embrace. buccae. brumous. bag (Greek βύρσα hide) . breviary. brevet. unabbreviated. bulgae. handbill. breviped. briefly. brevier. tea bill. softboiled. billiards. et tu Brute. ebullience. bracteose. billet. brācārum. forearm brace. imbreviate. soap-boiler. bouillion. tea boiler. bracteole.

purse. whence also combūrō (combūstus) 11 . disburse. through an old *būro. būstī. m: hawk buzzard perhaps related to ūrō. reimburse. purser. būteōnis. disburser.disbursal. reimbursement būstum11. disbursement. n: funeral pyre bust (statue) būteō. reimbursable.

cacāre. caballine. chivalry. cheat. occasionalism. casualness. case law. casuistic. recidivist. caducicorn. caedis. cadere. deciduousness. cheater. upper-case decade is from Greek δέκα ten cadus. cadenza. cachinnation. cascade. cavalry. chance. occasional. cavalierly. cavalcade. occidentalist. cavalryman. n: dead body accidence. cacāvī. parricīda. occidentally. incidentally. cheatable. occasionality. alpha decay. accidental. decadence. chancy. accidentally. per accidens. parachute. cadence. decadently. happen. decadentism. occidentalize. occidentalism. cachinnāvī. chivalrously. decausualize. casually. incident. f: slaughter. occidentality. cadāver. m: fall. die. cachinnator. deciduate. misfortune. incidental. recidivism. decidual. cacātum: defecate cacafuego cadō. joual. pichiciego caedō. decidoma. coincidently. coincident. parricīdae. coincider. chute. deciduary. kill. cadī. caeca. casuistically. cāsum: fall.C caballus. aquacade. caecum: blind caecum. occident. deciduous. Cecil. decayer. m: horse caballero. accident. cacchinnatory cacō. decausalization. decadent. cāsūs. cecity. perchance. undecayed. hapchance. lower-case. lastchance. casuistry. cadaverous. recidivous. cadaver. Cecilia. recidivate. case history. decidua. caedēs. m: jar (Greek κάδος) albatross (this is likely a folk etymology and the origin is actually Arabic) caecus. motorcade. cadāveris. decayedness. undecaying. procidence. incidence. cadent. casus belli. coincide. casual. chevalier. caesum: cut. caedere. beta decay. cecīdī. chivalric. cachinnātum: laugh cachinnate. chivalrous. case (event). deciduously. caducous. coincidentally. casuist. decayable. adeciduate. cecidī. coincidence. cāsus. decayless. accident. caducity. decay. escheator. occasionally. escheat. occasion. decadency. c: killer . caballī. parachutist. cavalier. mischance. cachinnāre. occidental. unchivalrous cachinnō. cadential. coincidental. casualty. intercadence.

biocide. herbicide. f: onion chive. concisely. coelostat. matricide. celestial. regicide. uxoricide. celestina. decide. viricidal. ceilometer. arboricidal. precis. decisiveness. vaticide. excision. herpicide. taenicide. coeligenous. precision. undecided. decidable. precise. pesticidal. celestialize. homicide. cement. spermaticide. weedicide caelebs (caelibis): unmarried celibacy. ecocide. avicide. insecticide. germicidal. ceiling. genocide. incisively. n: sky. cytocidally. menticide. giganticide. ursicidal. pseudocide. patricide. macropicide. homicidal. fratricidal. imprecision. scissors13. deericide. recision. schizonticide. indecision. scallions14. imprecise. decisive. cytocidal. circumsise. ecocidal. decidingly. lousicide. incisal. incisive. indecisive. preciseness. precisive. vermicidal. phytocidal. precisionist. supercelestial. technically from the word Ascalōnia Ascalonian. suicide. excide. germicide. verbicide. suicideology. ovicide. culicide. cementitious. bactericide. decidability. celibately caelum. serpenticide. abscise. urbicide. tyrannicidal. muscicide. nematocide. incisiform. negrocide. celesta. felicide. undecisive. feticide. concise. caesura. sororicide. viricide. uncircumcised. toto caelo OED seems unsure about ceiling. caepae. rodenticide. cesium. dominicide. vibriocidal. W3 assigns to caedō. indecisively. deciding. through the phrase caepa . excise (cut). incisure. prolicide. circumcision. biopesticide. caelī. vespacide. tyrannicide. soil cement. microbicide. decisively. chiseller. apicide. decisionmaking.aborticide. split-decision. Coelicolist. precisely. larvicide. vaccicide. deicidal. decidedly. insecticidal. ursicide. gramicidin. parenticide. cerulean. -cide. decided. celibate. parricidal. molluscicide. vermicide. spermatocide. demonicide. raticide. silvicide. stare decisis. incisory. senicide. scissor. Celeste. concision. shallot13 12 13 14 parricide is from parricīda (a disputed root [possibly pater] + caedō) scissors is from ex + caedō. filicide. canicide. caerulea. spermicide. matricidal. discission. not scindō. rubber cement. caepa. piscicide. cement mixer. arboricide. incision. paticidal. lapicide. deicide. incise. heaven. cementation. fratricide. caeruleum: dark blue caesium. decision. infanticide. incisor. decidedness. verbicidal. Perhaps from celō. cyanicide. genocidal. femicide. occision. vulpicide. suicidal. ethnocide. parricide 12. parasiticde. fungicide. bactericidal. monstricide. conciseness. fungicidal. caeruleus. chisel. pesticide. decider. phytocide.

calorie. chafe. calidus. callus Ascalōnia onion of Ascalon. ceremony. czarism. unceremoniously Caesar. preceremonial. calicis. scalding. New Jersey. religious rite ceremonial. calorific. nonchalantly. n: hard skin callosity. tsar. incalescent. calamitously. m: heat caldarium. Calēdoniae. callously. caloric. f: disaster calamitous. caloricity. callidum: clever callidity callum. callī. cālīginis: mist. calefacient. f: Scotland Caledonia. calenture. camouflage. caluī: be warm. Jersey City. jersey. millicalorie. chowder. Caesaro-papism. calēre. calamity Calēdonia. calefactory. tea ceremony. calescence. ceremoniously. callous. f: sanctimony. thus no part of the word is technically actually from caepa . Cesar. calamitātis. Jersey Islands. nonchalance. calescent. caudle. scald. Caesarian. emcee. coddle decalescence. m: Caesar Caesar. chafing. calorimeter. calidum: hot. diacalorimeter. czarina. ceremonialist. transcalent coddle may not be a derivative of caleō. nonchalant. caldera. calefaction. see OED and W3. calor. cauldron. ceremonialism.caerimōnia. unceremonious. Calor. tzar Calā̆bria. tsarism. chauffeur. caerimōniae. chalice callidus. Calā̆briae: Calabria Calabria. czar. calorimetry. scalder. calōris. caldron. cālīgō. kaiser. Caledonian caleō. Calabrian calamitās. Caesaris. m: cup (Greek κάλυξ) calyx. decalescent. calorimetric. callida. fog caliginous calix. kilocalorie. tsarina. ceremonious. chaldron. Caesarism. calorescence. calida.

chummy. cavil. calx. decal. calculus. monocalcic. Calvinistic. calcāvī. calque. chalky. calculation. changeable. time-change. inculcation. m: fire place . calcifuge. miscalculate. chaussure. calculate. calciform. stock exchange. cavilling. calumniate. chamber. calcium. cambium. pedocal. slander. calciform. calcātum: trod upon. calcitrāre. sex change. calcification. calcitrō. f: vault (not in OLD) (Greek καμάρα) antechamber. calk. calcify. Calvary. calumnia. calculous. calvaria. challengingly. f: limestone acalculia. caleiform. unchanged. calumnious. exchangeable. calcigenous. rechange. oxycalcium. calcis. changeful. changer. incalculable. calumniator. inculcate. recalculation. cambīre. chalkboard. calcāre. calumniously. camerae. recalcitrate. calculability. unchallengeable. decalomania. dyscalculia. decalcation. cavillae. chalk. counterchange. Calvin. interchanger.calō (call to meeting): see concilium calumnia: see calvor calvus: bald callow (OED. challengeable. (campsī): exchange. calvity calvor. recalcitrant cambiō. cavillation. interchangeable. caliche. wave change camera. changeling. calcariform. unchangeable. f: heel. but W3 rejects). calculable. trick. calculist. calcariferous. GIF. challenge. calciferous. calcific. trample. interchange. uncalculated calx. calcar. calumny. changeless. f: insult. chambermaid. chum. change-over. Calvinist. ferrocalcite. f: trick. calcitrātum: kick calcaneal. short-change. unchanging. caligerous. cockatrice. calciphobous. calculifrage. comrade camīnus. calcareous. chamberlain. decalcify. calcine. ecalcarate. camīnī. recalculate. telex. challenger. cambium. bedchamber. changeability. ––: to deceive. moneychanger. calculiform. interchangeably. procambium. calcō. discalced. jesting calumniate. caulk. calcite. discalceate. calcis. miscalculation. cavilla. change. camera. everchanging. interchangeability. causeway. calceate. exchange. incalculably. cambiī. inculcator. n: exchange ASCII. calcination. calcitrāvī. calciphilous. calculator. Calvinism. calceus. unchallenged calx. cavī.

cancrī. campanologist. campo. cankerous. campanology. candidus. cane. candent. Campania. champion. chancellorship. cancrivorous. footcandle. incendī. canon. f: reed. decampment. sheepcamp. minicamp. encampment. candor. candelabrum. campus. candlelight. cannon. cancriform. summer camp. m: field aide-de-camp. watch candle. campānae. be white. candidly. candescent. decamp. chancriform. incendivity. incandescence. chandelle. candidness. incandescent. m: crab (see also καρκίνος) cancer. Canis Minor. canary. canister. cancellōrum. chancel. channel. campestral. scamp (OED rejects). excandescence. campanile. canicide. cancellous. Prairie du Chien canna. championship. cancelli. Canary Islands. noncancerous. incensory. campaign. chandler. champignon. campesino. canine. campaniform. candlestick. canescent. champ (n). offcampus. chenille. incendere. chancre. incesum: burn candela. railings cancel. cancellate. chancery. candlepower. cave canem. c: dog (cf. campground. campaigner. campsite. precancerous candeō. youth camp cancellī. canis. Campus Martius. transit camp. kulturkampf. vice-chancellor cancer. camper. cannonade. canicular. encamp. incensed. Manchester. incandesce. campfire. candida. incendiarist. cancroid. cense. κύων) canaille. campanula campus. candidacy.chimney campāna. candidate. precancel. frankincense. incendiary. canduī: shine. Canis Major. cam-follower. canophilia. cancerous. candid. canivorous. candēre. candidum: shiny white. censer. barrier. campimeter. Campagna. panpipe canal. sugar cane . cancerously. chandlery. incendiarism. incense. canker.canonical canonize. chandelier. war camp. candlewick. cancellation. candidature. wax candle canis. cybercamp. m pl: crossmarks. incendō. noncandidate. canyon. camp. . f: bell campana. on-campus. cankerworm. champagne. kennel. chancellor. candle. work camp. campī. cancrine. cannae.

chemoreceptor. Capreae. enchanting. capably. disincentive. carmen. captive. cabman. caprigenous. catch. chansonnette. capillarity. capacity. conceit. disenchantment. capacitor. cabbing. capricious. catchword. acceptant. chant. outcharm. enchantress. cabling. prince charming.) capillaceous. captivate. leader. intercapillary capiō. cant. chanter. accentuate. cēpī. carmen. cantatrice. m: hair (LS suggests derived from caput. f: cabin (LL) cabana. catchup. enchantment. acceptability. caprification. capacious. cabinet (OED. . catchpenny. catch-22. watch charm. recuperō. anticipatory. recuperātum: recover accept. captiously. caption. charming. cablegraph. Capella. caprī. chanticleer. capannae. n: song (OLD) accent. recant. capilliform. caper. charmer. chanson. cabin. warchant. m: goat cab. conceited. capillary. concentus. capriciously. capriole. capacitance. capillī. disheveled. apercu. carminis. chasseur. catcher. accentuator. catchable. cabler. word accent capanna. taxi. capstan. capturable. capacitation. incant. oscines. captus: take. capillose. inceptum: begin. taxicab capillus. cantor. caterer. cablegram. capture. pedicab. cecini cantum: sing. acceptance.canō. enchantingly. cabby. catchall. cantabile. captious. incantation. caprice. Capri. acceptable. descant. mūnicipiī. capability. captor. Capricornus. cahoots. capere. acceptation. cabriole. cater. cantatory. capacitate. accepting. caitiff. catchy. conceitedness. conceitedly. accepted. charm. kitchen cabinet caper. canto. charmingly. cabriolet. recuperāre. cabinetry. canzone. recuperāvī. recantation. anticipation. incipere. capriciousness. capacitive. captivator. enchanter. captīvus. unaccented. rupicapra. mūnicipium. accentuation. OLD dissents. cabless. incipiō. canere. cantillate. capable. disenchant. chaser. concent. discharm. prīnceps (prīncipis): chief. n: free town. chevron. anticipatively. encharm. countercharm. caprine. chase. first. enchantee. cable-car. incēpī. precentor. accentual. apperceive. capriform. enchant. canorous. acceptably. captivum: captive. anticipate. capicitance. acceptor. cable. apperception. catchphrase. chevelure. but W3 says cabinet French). capric. cabdriver. cantata. inaccentuation. captivation. anticipative. capriccio. accentus. canticle. charmless. captivatingly. chanteuse. incentive. captivity. captīva. charmlessly.

imperceptively. discept. nonparticipating. emancipative. deceivable. occupancy. conceivably. perceptiveness. deception. incept. concept. introsuscept. recept. inconceivable. participle. conceptualization. incipience. emancipation. incapacitate. conceptively. purchasable. incapacity. concipience. exceptionable. perceptible. except. deceivability. perceptive. conceptual. introception. princelike. petitio principii. imperceptive. cop (vb). ESP. decapacitatation. inoccupation. intussuscept. conceptacle. municipalism. intercept. forceps. nociceptive. imperceptibility. preoccupation. introsusception. receipt. intussusception. receiver. municipalist. participating. Princeton. exceptionalism. preceptive. conceive. preconceive. inconceivability. misconceive. principality. disoccupy. cow-catcher. princely. participation. pseudoconcept. occupation. conceptualist. incipiently. participational. deceptive. incapacious. deceitless. dischase. preceptor. occupant. irrecoverable. deceitful. percept. conceptualistic. preceptress. nuncupation. contraception. preceptee. emancipatist. nuncupative. inceptor. flucatcher. occupier. owner-occupied. nonperception. exception. conceptional. principal parts. conceiver. inception. participator. purchase-price. emancipatory. perceptual. receivership. excipient. municipal. imperception. incapacitation. municipally. percipience. princedom. prince charming. prince consort. nociceptor. osmoceptor. inceptive. incapable. receivable. exceptional. conceiving. preoccupied. forcipiform. exceptionally. disoccupation. conceivability. power cable. impercipient. irreceptive. perceptually. radioreceptor. perceivable. misconception. deceitfulness. participant. emancipist. incipiency. crown prince. recapture. gnatcatcher. irrecoverably. princess. preceptory. perceptibility. preceptorial. omnipercipient. preoccupant. exceptive. receive. occupy. deceptivity. . concipient. reception. omnipercipience. occupance. deceivingly. incapably. occupational. contraceptively. conceptive. perceptively. municipalize. purchasing power. purchaser. deceptively. photoreceptor. receptacle. inconceivably. deceive. conception. emancipate. contraceptive. conceivable. principium. perceptivity. neuroreceptor. princelet. misperception monocable. conceptually. introceptive. princeps. principal. ratcatcher. imperceptible. counterdeception. emancipator. imperceptibly. participate. perceptron. incapability. principally. decapacitate. conceptionist. deceiver. princehood. deceit. precept. exteroceptor. participial. perceptomotor. introreceptor. preoccupy. perceptional. interceptor. purchase-money. percipient. interceptive. participative. conceptualize. perception. principiant. principle. purchase. exceptionalist. prince regent. preconception. municipality. insusceptible. interoceptor. participatory. insusceptibility. incapacitant. proprioceptive. prince. proprioceptor. escape. preoccupancy.conceitless. receptal. interception. incipient. conceptualism. exceptionless. deceptiveness. deceitfully. principate. nonacceptance. perceptum. perceptibly. perceive. radio receiver. emancipationist.

case (box). undeceive. transfer case. caput. receptively. receptive. receptor.) bookcase. caisson. capsae. encase. transceiver. capsulotomy. decapsulate. susceptible. thermoreceptor. capsuliform. encasement. enchase. susceptive. f: large cloak (LL) a capella. unacceptably. reoccupation. recover. unrecoverable. encapsulation. time capsule. receptivity. cap. usucaptive. unperceived. usucapt. carapace. praecipuus. unpurchased. torpedo-catcher. chapelry. susceptibility. slip cased. microcapsule. cash cow. encapsulate. praeceps (praecipitis): headlong. cāpōnis: castrated rooster capon cappa. capsule. recuperator. self-deception. pillowcase. thigmoreceptor. chaplain. sample case. unanticipated. chapeau. capsuliferous. receptiveness. self-conceit. undeceivable. unexceptional.receptionist. encash. self-concept. recipe. steeplechase. unaccepted. praecipua. recuperative. semirecovery. recipient. triceptor. usucapient. OED derives capstan from capiō. OED suggests cap and related words may derive from cappa. AHD traces cappa to caput. sternchase. unexceptionable. unusuceptible. Rx. tangoreceptor. varicap. susception. transreceiver. praecipuum: distinguished . wild goose chase. skirt-chaser. heptacapsular. suitcase. stretcher-case. writing case OLD denies cask and casket as derivatives of capsa. f: case. Capuchin. cashier (n). cash-value. capsulation. briefcase. storage capacity. capsuligenous. enchaser. cassette. cappucchino. chassis. capsulize. capeador. casket. OLD not sure. unacceptable. yieldcapacity See also capsa. discase. chapel. recuperate. ODEE supports casket. usucaption. W3 says Middle English. unreceptive. Escape possibly from cappa but more likely from ex and capiō cāpō. capsular. casing. encashment. unprincipled. spansule. uncatchable. usucapion. chaplaincy. timecatch. senseperception. capsa. wide receiver. capsheaf. showcase. spycatcher. chaplet OED suggests at least some connection between cappa and escape. undeceived. caparison. crate (LS derives capsa from capiō. reoccupy. stimoceiver. cappae. egg-case. recovery. staircase. recuperation. sash (frame). encapsule. cash. microcassette. COD. tea case. cape. encashable. capitis. unoccupied. tape cassette. incase. n: head. repurchase.

precipice. decapitalization. boron. cabouche. cape etc. carbonization. cabbage-flower. cadet. co-precipitate. caps. decarbonize. incarceration. cape (land). radiocarbon. commander-in-chief. carbonification. capitate. capitatim. decapitator. jefe. recapitulate. precipitative. decapitation. cattle. neocapitalist. cardinality. incarcerator cardō. m: prison disincarcerate. decarbonization. thiocarbonate. state capitalism. decapitate. cardinalate. pre-capitalist. m: hinge cardinal. capitalization. carbide. decapitalize. captain. carduī. beef cattle. precipitously. mischiefmaker. Captain Nemo. hydrocarbon. fluorocarbon. carbonate. ecardine. cadetship. heptacarbon. mischievously. tricarbon OED says boron combination of borax and the -on of carbon. dicarbon. handkerchief. bicipital. capitular. incardination carduus. caddie. carbon dating. decarburize. capitalize. ultimately (according to AHD) from caput. cap. captaincy. capo. pentacarbon. overcapitalize. recap. precipitancy. chiefly. police captain. capital. noncapital. suboccipital. cabochon. carbon. co-precipitation. carbon monoxide. precipitable. carburetor. carburation. cad. occiput. m: charcoal bicarbonate. carding. achiever. precipitate. carbonic. subcapital. captainship. decarbonate. overachiever. capitol. capitative. occipital. capitulant. capitulator. carbolic. carcer. chef d’œuvre (Fr). carboxyl. quadriceps. caruī. achieve. chef. incardinate. carēre. carbonize. kerchief. capita. cardinis. precipitation. protocarbide. triceps. carbuncle. carbon paper. capitulation. oxycarbonate. cabbageplant. capitulationist. carboniferous. carburization. polycarbonate. caddy. carbō. chief. sinciput. paroccipital. capitulum. carbonite. cadastral. chevet. chattel. carbonify.achievable. decarburator. precipitance. precipitator. mischief. chard careō. mischievous.cabbage. caudillo. precipitous. capitation. capitulationism. carbōnis. chapter. biceps. cabbage-eater. incarcerate. cocaptain. ancipital. halocarbon. dairy cattle. carbonaceous. tricaptain. caritum: lack . cattleman. capitulate. recapitulation. capitulary. post captain. caput. per capita. planicipital. carceris. precipitant. carboxylic. capitalist. achievement. capitally. exoccipital. carbon dioxide. carbohydrate. cabosh. overachieve. space cadet. carbon copy. sea captain. chieftain. chieftainship. decarbonizer. precipitately. cadastre. capitalism. m: thistle card (vb). unachieved Cap. capitalistic. catalo. neckerchief. derive from cappa (LL). decacarbon. carbonigenous.

careerist. carpentum. take-charge. discharger. discarnate. OLD. scarcity carpus. carpī. carrierpigeon. carnality. m: wrist (cf. carnassial. excarnation. miscarry. carload. carnis. reincarnate. carpetbagger. disincarnate. chili con carne. charger. encharge. tricarinate carmen: see canō carō. carnally. carnivorous. carious carīna. carpere. carination. streetcar. solar charged. flatcar. carless. metacarpal carrus. excerpt. supercharger. m: wagon. carport. charge. second car. encarnalize. decarnate. carpe diem. recharge. carpentry carpō. surcharger. turbocharger. cariogenic. undischarged. car. multicharge. carnival. incarnative. incarnation. career. caricaturable. caroche. water carriage. cargador. f: flesh. carry. incarnational. carnelian. carhop. discerpt. carnivore. carpsī. carpet. cargo. motorcar. caricature.caret cariēs. reincarnation See OED: carnelian. overcharge. excerptible. incarnadine. carpool. dischargee. ecarinate. herbicarnivorous. overdischarge. scarceness. carina. LS say perhaps) . carnation. Carthaginian cartilāgō: see crātis (OED. carman. carrousel. carptum: pluck carp (vb). supercargo. Carthāginis. rechargeable. carriage. carsick. n: two-wheeled chariot (see carrus) carpenter. scarce. dischargeable. καρπός) carpal. caricaturist. countercharge. incarnate. charioteer. carinate. scarcely. carnigerous. carrī. discerption. chargeless. cart boxcar. discharge. carrion. f: Carthage Carthage. surcharge. miscarriage. weapon carrier Carthāgō. charnel. chargeable. crone. carīnae: ship careen. chariot. carping. carboy. charnel-house. excerption. carnalize. carrosserie. carfare. cablecar. carrier. meat carnage. carpentī. carpus. excarnate. carnal. supercharge. cariēī: decay caries.

concatenate. chairmanship. castīgāvī. pawn chain. castration. caritative. unchain. castellī. casteless. charitable. cathedral. catenate. Ilchester. cheeseburger. concatamer. castrator castus. incestuously. castranetation. enchain. mega-charity. chastely. chairborne. Casablanca. chain. Castile. chasteningly. unchastened. half-caste. castigator. cheesecloth. n pl: camp. castīgātum: to correct caste. castellate. side-chain. cherishingly. castum: clean. castrative. valued caress. casein. Winchester castrō. chatelaine. castellum. Chester. enchainment. cheesemonger. chairwoman. Lancaster. chairperson. f: house casa. charitably. chasten. castellation. chainstore. f: chair. castellan. Parmesan cheese. way chain cathēdra. castaneae. shorten castrate. chastise. castīgāre. m (n): cheese caseate. casta. castle. cāseī. uncharitable. f: chain catena.cārus. unchaste. ex cathedra. disenchain. cheese. casa. charity. f: chestnus (see κάστανον) chestnut castra. chateau. unchained. uncharitableness. castrātum: emasculate. chignon. mon cher (Fr). cāra. n: fort Castel Gandolfo. chasuble cāseus (cāseum). chairman. chastisement. discharity. watch chain. catenulate. chastity. concatenation. chain reaction. catenation. cārum: beloved. unchastity cāsus: see cadō catēna. Manchester. casae. Rochester. chastiser. chastener. musical chairs . castigation. castrato. catenoid. forecastle. chain letter. food chain. uncharitably See OED: cheer. cathedral. casino. stool (see καθἐδρα) armchair. chain smoke. cheer. cheesy. castigate. concatenator. Swiss cheese castanea. cheesecake. catēnae. castrāre. enchainement. catenary. pure. -chester. chair. chalet. chain gang. unchastely. incestuous. castrōrum. castīgō. incest. charitarian. castrāvī. cathēdrae. Castilian. cherish. chaste.

Catiline catīnus. recuse. kettledrum. coda. catillus. cause célèbre (Fr). accūsāvī. m: small bowl. accūsō. recūsātum: refuse acausal. pot. accūsāre. excusable. accuser. bicaudate. causal. inexcusably. caudiform. coward-like. catillī. excusive. cautum: beware caution. queuetopia. colewort. cause. teakettle cauda (cōda). cavēre. honoris causa. unexcused cavea: see cavus caveō. cauliferous. f: tail acaudal. magnicaudate. cowardice. rush hour (W3). f: cavity. decaudation. monocausal. concausal. cole. recūsāre.Catilīna. caudae (cōdae). irrecusable. m: bowl. caulicolous. cautiously. causerie. cue ball. because. cautionary. incautiousness. cauliflower. accusative. causable. rush (W3). cowardy. catīnī. recusancy. causally. kettle. inexcusable. precautionary. caudally. longicaudal. coward. f: Catiline Catilinarian. precautious. cava. caudex (trunk of a tree): see cōdex caulis. m: stalk acaulescent. caveae. dorsocaudal. cage . omnicausality. uncaused. causation. disease-causing. cause-and-effect. cue stick. ruse. causative. bicaudal. causeless. caveat venditor. accuse. cavum: hollowed. self-accusation. incautious. incaution. concause. incautiously. caulescent. cowardly. causality. excaudate. cauliflorous. decaudate. tricaudal Cue (hint) is of uncertain derivation. precautiously. accusator. ultracautious cavilla: see calumnia cavus. iliocaudal. supercautious. accusatory. kale. planicaudal. cave canem. causae. cavī. ecaudate. scelerocaulous causa. excuse. causer. accūsātum: blame. caudate. caudal. recusant. queue. cauda. recūsāvī. cowardize. excusably. cautious. f: reason. accusation. cue (pool). caveat emptor. recūsō. Catilīnae. caulicle. cowardliness. tereticaudate. nudicaulis. cavea. precaution. caveat. chylocaulous. caulis. caulocarpous. miscue. excuseless. overcautious.

succedaneum. celebre: frequented. OED. conceder. proceed. excess. cessī. exceeding. predecease. decedent. unceasing. successive. microprocessor. procedural. jail. ancestor. co-processor. cage. teleprocessing. W3. excessive. concessionaire. succeed. unprecedented. ancestrally. wet process. successfulness. incessancy. accessorize. concede. cabinet (only ODEE). unnecessary. cavity. intercessive. incavation.biconcave. successively. cabinetry (ODEE). cessation. preceder. necessary. caveman. precedency. ancestry. precessor. necessity. cageling. necessitation. antecessor. intracavital. retrocedence. concessionist. secessionist. precedence. planoconcave. successionary. success story. concessional. de-accession. processional. unprecedentedly. processionally. process. necessitous. cēdō. ne cede malis. access. nonsuccess. excavator. concessionary. cave. successless. cajole. cavicorn. processual. cavitation. cease. concavely. accede. successful. process control. success. recess. word processing. successional. cavea. precess. unsuccessfully. cēdere. processus. proceeds. recessionary. processioner. secede. recessive. encage. precession. intercession. cessāvī. processionary. word processor celeber. inaccessibility. cage-work. processor. interceder. deceased. gaol. intercessory. procedure. processive. excavation. nonaccess. successfully. cease-fire. procession. succession. gabion. enjail. caver. gabionade. wine-cave For decoy see ODEE. secessionism. cavitate. microprocess. jailer. accessory. antecede. accessorial. ceaseless. unceasingly. exceedingly. cessāre. reprocess. successor. ancestorial. cajolery. precessional. gaoler. cavernous. cavernicolous. jailor. incessantly. concession. unsuccessful. proceeding. retrocession. necessitate. saxicavous. accessary. secessional. concessor. excessively. inaccessible. accession. cessum: go. predecessor. cager. nonnecessity. recessional. accessible. multiprocess. antecedence. unprecedentedness. secession. celebris. cavern. accessibility. necessitarian. processable. concavity. succeeder. succedent. unexcavated. concessible. cessō. proceeder. For cabinet: perhaps from capanna (perhaps related to cavea). concessive. incessant. cessātum: to cease abscess. seceder. bird-cage. discage. retrocede. cede. precedent. antecedent. intercessional. secesh. unneccessarily. process server. necessitariansim. necessarily. concave. exceed. jailfever. recessionproof. cession. recede. decease. cave in. intercessor. jailbird. abscessed. stet processus. unprocessed. decoy. ceaselessly. excavate. common . process theology. preceding. recession. intercede. ancestral. ancestress. precede.

cause célèbre (Fr). occultness celsus. celliform. m: centurion bicentenary. celsa. deceleration. superexcellence. celebrate. centenarian. decelerator. decelerate. monocellular. celebrant. cell. syncellus. cellifugal. cellate. paracellular. centiliter. multicellular. acceleration. cēnsōris. celebrator. cellicolous. germcell. hepatocellular. f: speed accelerando. centenary. unicellular. concealment. cellulate. cellarage. accelerator. stem cell. censoriously. exocellular. express an opinion. taste cell. solar cell. censurable. centigrade. excellence. intercellular. m pl: Celts Celt. concealer. censorable. cēnsuī. one-celled. celeber. cēnsēre. occultō. centigram. accelerate. ovicell. celebratory. concelebrate. occultātum: hide conceal. excellently. centesimate. celere: fast. centum: one hundred. watercell. occultist. pluricellular. concealable. sex cell. cent. occultly. cellulose. celebrity. cēlāvī. censorious. celeris. pericellular. saltcellar. photocell. cellule. excelluī: to excel (perhaps related to culmen and columna) excel. target cell. holocellulose. cellmate. celluloid. decelerometer. accelerated. celebration. celerity. celeritātis. cēnae. proaccelerin cella: granary. excellency. celeritās. Celtics cēna. occultation. oxycellulose. celeritous. sickle-cell. stormcellar. cellular. . superexcel. excelsior. chamber (ultimately from cēlō) acellular. hemicellulose. plasma cell. W3 assigns to sedeō. supercell. m: censor censor. censure. tricellular. celsum: high. cēnsum: think. excellō. centuriōnis. Celtārum. stall. uncensored ODEE and OED assign excise (tax) to cēnseō. unexcelled Celtae. centavo. cellblock. cellar. centennial. occultism. censorship. polycellular. census. deceleron. yellow cell cēlō. occult. bicentennial. cellarless. censorial. accelerant. centesimal. celeb. intracellular. cēlātum: hide (see also clam). Celtic. protocell. occultāre. cēlāre. superexcellent. microcellular. excise (tax). celebrated. pyrocellulose. centuriō. winecellar. metacellulose. intercensal. excellere. excellent. cellphone. uncelebrated celer. recension. accelerometer. Celtiberian. cellophane. gloria in excelsis Deo. occultāvī. f: dinner cenacle cēnseō. cēnsor. concelebration.

certificate. centurian. certāre. certātum: contend antidiscrimination. see. discretely. criminousness. crimebusting. decree. cerebral. concerted. discerner. discreteness. criminalistic. septcentenary. criminate. ascertainable. decerniture. certainty. criminalist. decern. concerned. crēvī. discreetly. concernedly. excretive. CPA. criminous. discreetness. incriminate. indiscreetly. seicento (It). intracerebral. incertitude. cernere. discriminating. certainly. discriminator. century. cere. decretist. discriminatory. discernibly. centimeter. crētum: sift. centurion. decretalist. hemicerebrum. certifiably. duocentenary. disconcerted. certification. indiscretely. discern. certitude. sexcentenary. decrement. disconcertedly. discriminoid. excretion.centillion. cerebration. percentagewise. concerto. crīminis. concert. discriminant. discriminative. indiscrete. crīmen. percenter. decriminalize. excremental. incrimination. decretive. decertification. discerning. . certeriorari. discreet. Ceres. concerting. quincentennial. protocerebrum Cerēs. cerecloth. cerumen. concertize. decretory. quartercentury. centipede. quinquennial. excretory. criminously. procerebral. percent. discernment. medicerebral. intercerebral. cerate. criminalism. certamen. hundred-percent. certāvī. criminalistics. crimeless. cerebrospinal. discretization. discriminability. discretion. cerific. ceric. cento. quatercentennial. centuple. neocerebellum. concernment. n: crime. decretal. f: wax ceraceous. criminatory. discrimination. cerebrovascular. discernant. cybercrime. concertina. disconcertingly. quinqueenium. decretally. discretive. cerous cernō. discrete. quatercentenary. certa. criminal. discernible. certain. Cereris. ceruminous cerē̆brum. decertify. discretional. cērae. octocentenary. disconcerting. percentile. quindecennial. criminally. disconcertment. concernable. cerement. percentage. excrete. trecento. discriminatingly. sesquicentennial. crime. certified. certifiable. decretorial. n: brain cerebellar. criminaloid. indiscernible. cerebrate. discerningly. ascertain. tricentennial cēra. decerebrate. tercentenary. tercentennial. certify. cerium. percental. criminator. certum: sure. criminologist. f: Ceres (goddess of grain) cereal. concern. decretorily. cerebrally. criminality. cerebrum. ceriferous. certō. discretionary. quattrocento. cerē̆brī. trecentist. incriminatory. decriminalization. crimeful. concerning. criminology. discriminal. discriminate. cerebellum. criminative. certus. crimewave. epicerebral. crimination. centoliter. centime. indiscreet. excrement. quinquennially. septicentennial. discriminable. cerebriform.

f: paper (from Greek χάρτης) à la carte (Fr). unconcernedly. uncertain. secretive. Secret Service. top-secret. recrement. cartouche. rucervine. cartridge. navicert. dance troop: (cf. cervix. uncertainly. cervīcis. cēterae. cervicitis. carton. chartae.indiscretion. secretly. recriminatory. cartophily. uncertified. prosecretin. the remaining. charter. card. war crime. cicerone. nondiscriminatory. undiscerned. endocervicitis. cartomancy. secernment. trade secret. serval cēterī. n: chickpea Cicero. undersecretary. cervicoscapular. m: food ciborium. cervine. secretaire. cicatrix. cicātrīcis. et cetera charta. etc. f: neck cervical. street crime. f: scar cicatrice. cartographer. precibal cicāda. secretion. uncharted chorus. cardtable. Ciceronian . cartel. microcard. secretaryship. charterless. choral. postcard. vesicocervical certus: see cernō cervus. m: dance. preconcert. hircocervus. postcibal. recertify. m: deer cervicorn. secretum. cardboard. recrementitious. cartoon. the rest ceteris paribus. ciceris. secretiveness. cartography. sex crime. uncertainty. secretor. secret. χορός) choir. discard. nonsecretor. secretariat. cervicovesical. recriminate. secretary. chart. indiscriminately.. secretory. secretin. secretarial. cicādae. cicatrize cicer. chorus. cartoonist. indiscrimination. recertification. dorsocervical. secretively. chartaceous. state secret. secrecy. cētera: the other. indiscriminate. secrete. carte blanche (Fr). cibī. chorī. war criminal cervīx. f: cicada cicada. charterer. cervī. secretagogue. unconcern. unconcerned. quire cibus. cicadellid cicātrīx. recrimination. undiscernible. chorister. discarder.

ciliate. excite. precinct. surcingle cinis. recitative. circus. cinerarium. resuscitation. succinctly. cilium. cite. citatory. resuscitable. excitement. circumcinct. excitably. solicitudinous. citum: move. recitation. photoexcitation. citāre. superciliī. overexcite. ratiocinative. encircle cinch. m: (a lock of) curled hair Cincinnati. circuitry. ciliary. circularly. oscitation. circumcinct.cieō. cingere. incite. succinct. circulate. recitalist. superexcitation. cit. supercilium. supraciliary cincinnus. citātum: move quickly. excitingly. cincture. de-excitation. resuscitate. circularity. exciting. loco citato (loc. circumambulation. citāvī. m: bedbug chinch. sollicitum: agitated. incitement. excitedly. inciteful. m: circle. circumadjacent. discinct. circumference. circulatory. ca. superciliousness. citigrade. unexciting. circumferential. solicitor. circumfluous. ciliī. unexcited. cinereous. circumduction. oscitant. circa. from sollicitus through French. circline. gird. solicitousness. solicitation. uncited. circumcise. κινέω) citation. superciliary. recite. cineris. Cincinnatus cīmex. solicitous.troubled. solicit. circulation. chinchilla. excited. circa: around.. de-excite. cilia. excitation. cīnxī. m: ashes cineraria. encincture. circumflect. n: eyebrow biciliate. inciter. cīnctum: surround.. circularize. supercilium. citō. circumambulate. ratiocinator circum: around. circlet. circī. circulator. reciter. sollicita. cit. circinate. circuit. unexcitable. opere citato (op. insouciance. circumferentor. cīmicis. recital. circumambience. superciliously. insouciantly. ciliform. supercilious. solicitant. circumcision. excitable. excitor. incinerator -cinor: act of a kind ratiocinate. racetrack. ratiocination. enceinte. resuscitative. resuscitator. circular. ciēre. oscitancy. incinerate. . unsolicited insouciant. n: eyelid. excitability. succinctness. circuit breaker. cimex cingō. excitant. incineration. cincinnī. circumfluent. concerned (sollus whole. etc. entire + cieō) (cf. circuitously. circiter: about c. cinereal. circuitous. cīvī. excited .). circumcorneal. cinerary. cinerator. concitation. palpocil. insouciant. solicitously. circumflex. circle.). ciliferous. circadian. circumambient. sollicitus. solicitude.

curl. circumfusion. civilian. citerius: nearer cis. cistron cista. cirrocumulus. cirrī. cirriferous. circumtension. circumnutate. circumrotation. uncivilized clam: secretly (probably same root as cēlō) . cumulocirrus. recherche (Fr). circumundulation. research. searchingly. civil law. cirrostratus. hour circle. search. circumventor. deep-search. cismarine. ensearch. circumgyration. m: citron tree citric. Great Circle. trunk. noncitizen. citrometer. vicious circle. researcher. circumgyrate. circumjacent. transit circle. circusiana. cītrī. Quaker City. f: state Atlantic City. city. intercity. ciudad (Sp). circumstantiate. Vienna circle cirrus. circumlittoral. circumvallation. Mexico City. circumvolve. circumvolant. encircle. cīvitās. circumstantiality. circumlunar. cispadane. semicircular. civism. uncirculated. cirrigrade. circus. uncivil. incircle. citrovorum. circummure. civilize. cirriped. circumfuse. cīvis. cislunar. cirrus. cirriflorous. circumvolute. cityscape. circumoral. civilizing. circumspect. cīvīlis. tricircular. circumstantial. citizeness. circumscriptively. citrus cīvis. circumvolution. CB radio. citrine. citronella. citizenry. incivility. overcivil. circumspatial. cīvīlis. civil rights. stone circle. circumvallate. civilized. circumscissile. cirrigerous. stratocirrus cis: on the near side. circumstantiation. cismontane. cīvīle: civil. circumlocute. civil. circumocular. circumspection. citerior. m: citizen. searchful. circumterrestrial. cirque. Jersey City. searchable. circumvagrant. tuft cirrate. searchteam. civic. city-state. noncircular. civilly. circumpolar. cirrose. circumrenal. searchparty. civilizable.circumforaneous. searcher. unsearchable. civilianization. civics. tea circle. decivilize. m: forelock. circumlocution. encircler. circumstantially. circumnutation. box. circumsolar. civitas. circumvent. citadel. circumnuclear. citizenship. basket (see κίστη) chest. intracity. circumstance. Civil Service. citify. cisalpine. circumvascular. citizenhood. cīvitātis. cispontine. semicircle. circumundulate. encirclement. unsearched. half-civilized. cistae: chest. circumscription. cistern cītrus. searchlight. Holy City. panem et circenses. family circle. outsearch. citron. circumspectly. circumnavigate. civilization. circumscriptive. citizen. citerior. circumnavigation. circumvention. circumscribe. Civil War. civility. oversearch. polar circle. search warrant.

clear-eyed. unclassical.clandestine. classless. declaratory. classroom. exclamation point. pivot class. praeclārus. classic. clear. καλέω) acclaim. disclamation. clearance. classifier. declaratively. declare. unclear. exclamative. clairsentience. clāmātum: shout (related to calō) (cf. glairigenous. eclair. acclamatory. second-class. chiaroscurist. classicistic. quasi-classical. Eau Claire. grade. disclassify. clarified. exclamatory. class-conscious. declaim. underclassman. upperclass. clarionet. clear-headed. proclaim. declarable. declarer. classmate. unclaimed. claim. clāmāre. disclaim. classis. underclass. counterclaim. clārum: loud. reclaim. world-class . undeclared classis. tree-claim. subclass. m: noise. outclass. conclamant. overclaim. levy. classicism. clang (cf. declasse. clearing. working-class. delaimer. disclass. clairaudient. nonclaim. classification. classlessness. self-proclaimed. clarain. declaredly. class list. classify. exclamatorily. classy. claret. clarification. chiaroscuro. clarion. outclearing. declarative. clairaudience. vox clamantis in deserto clangor. dēclārātum: proclaim. wordclass. reclassify. disclaimer. clairvoyantly. classics. declarator. clamorous. exclaim. clarify. high-class. clāmāvī. declamation. dēclārāre. classicist. Clare. clearness. no claim. clamorously. clandestinely clāmō. neoclassicist. praeclāra. classical. dēclārō. classically. declassify. clarifier. declassification. claro (Sp). clangōris. Claire. pfc. clamant. postclassical. declamatory. proclaimer. disclaimant. clear-sighted. acclamation. unproclaimed. classifiable. reclamation. lower-class. proclamatory. clearable. f: property class. clarinetist. rank class. clamative. distinct. clamorousness. slum-clearance. unclearly. praeclārum: distinguished chanticleer. acclaimer. claimer. dēclārāvī. claimant. fleet. declaringly. exclamation. third-class. unacclaimed. clamor. classiness. Clara. clangorously clārus. tourist class. classism. clearinghouse. middle-class. κλαγγή) clang. clearage. first-class. proclamation. clerestory. classified. quitclaim. declarant. conclamation. glair. unreclaimable. clearly. clarinet. clear. clangor. declass. clear-cut. unreclaimed. irreclaimable. declassicize. pre-classical. classist. neoclassical. declaratorily. declaration. glairy. clāra. clangorous. clarity. clairvoyant.

conclusion. claustral. clāva. eclosion. conclusive. clavicle. inclemency. cembalo. close-run. foreclose. concluder. water closet claudus. conclavist. treble clef clāvus16. interclūsī. claviform. disclose. claviger. time clause. Claudia. exclusion. Clement. concludingly. waste sluice. interclūsum: shut off all-exclusive. limping Claud. conclude. reclusive. closely-guarded. cembalist. exclusivity. clauda. merciful clemency. seclusionist. malocclusion. clavicular. close-lipped. preclude. include. claustrophobe. foreclosable. clāvae. autoclave. closeness. clavicorn. interclūdō. inclusively. conclusiveness. claudere. clāvis. noninclusive. closer. conclusively. preclusion. cloister. claudum: lame. enclose. aquiclude. exclusiveness. close. exclaustration. sluicebox. clemently. clausum: close. secludedly. recluse. inconclusively. clāva. encloister. cloture. exclave.claudō15. sluice-way. claustrophilia. close-up. cloistral. subclavate. exclusionary. occlusal. Claudius. reclusion. occludent. Clemens. clavula. exclude. sluice-gate. closemouthed. clāvus all ultimately related but split here for clarity of their derivatives 16 claudō. scapuloclavicular. claustrophobia. clāvis. clausula. preclusive. m: nail cloy clēmēns (clēmentis): mild. clavichord. closure. Julio-Claudian clāva16. inclosure. inclemently claudō. exclusive. inclusivist. inconclusive. occlude. clement. f: key. close-knit. inclement. overinclusion. inclusive. exclusory. Clementine. occluder. cloze. enclosure. noninclusion. penalty clause. inconclusion. clāvus. noninclusively. inclose. closed shop. inclusion. closed society. f: club clavicorn. claustrophobic. clavate. disclosure. clāvis. bioexclusivity. discloser. occlusor. nondisclosure. veno-occlusive. claviform. seclusive. foreclosure. occlusion. sluicer. claustration. seclusion. overclosure. excludable. subclavian clāvis16. clavule. clāvus all ultimately related but split here for clarity of their derivatives 15 . undisclosed. exclusivistic. exclusivist. Claudette. clavier. occluse. conclave. inclusivism. interclūdere. unclose. closely. clausī. excludability. exclusivism. clausal. clef. clause. occlusive. exclusively. torsocclusion. secluded. enclave. seclude. sluice. exclaustrate. closet.

courtling. codical. coutiership. declensional. inclinometer. discourtesy. dēclīve: sloping acclivitous. dēclīvis. pseudocode.cliēns. court roll. cloācae. dēclīnāre. dēclīnāvī. recline. bend. com-. police court. uncourteous. disinclination. undeclinable. decliner. declivity. Cloaca Maxima. code. lawcourt. cōdicis. clientele. encoder. codicology. courtship. declinant. declinograph. scrotum cojones (Sp). codability. county court. codicillary. discourteous. courtierism. indeclinable. vocoder coepī (begin): see aptus cōgitō. declinable. declinate. clientis. col-. encode. declinature. inclinable. codonostome. cliental. book ASCII. cōleī (cūleī/culleī). declinational. court. courtlike. dēclīvis. cloacal. codicil. decline. court-dress. codification. declinometer. clientage. color-coded. sorting code. proclivity. courtlet. acclivity. -clīnāre. clīvī. disinclined. tenniscourt. probate court. clientship -clīnō. courthouse. declination. declinatory. postcode. courtmartial. curtesy. m: client (from clueō) client. incline. court-day. courteousness. cohortis. cohort. hortus: OLD) (possibly cum + hortus) backcourt. courtliness. codon. m: a sloping. (from Greek κλίνω) (related to clīvus) aclinal. triclinium. m: trunk of a tree. courtroom. decode. World Court cōleus (cūleus/culleus). courtesy. proclivous. kangaroo court. con-: see cum cōda: see cauda cōdex. frontcourt. codilla. cōgō: see agō cohors. courteously. -clīnāvī. curtsey. tax code. transcode. courting. indeclinably. courtesan. f: sewer cloaca. recliner. codeless. source code. intracloacal cō-. Supreme Court. codifier. courtier. decline. declivate. courtyard. declivous. shift code. BASIC. courtly. discourteously. m: testicle. -clīnātum (only in compounds): to bend dēclīnō. cortege. forecourt. courteous. cloāca. codex. f: cohort (cf. declinator. coder. codify. courtierly. declension. uniclinal clīvus. courtless. inclination. dēclīnatum: slant. codist. cullion .

worship. space colony. cultivatable. polyculture. multicultualism. Coelicolist. saxicoline. colonizer. pisciculturist. m: inhabitant acculturate. insecticolous. transcultural. corticolous. multicultural. sylviculture. colonialist. aviculture. terricolous. decollete. apiculture. olericulture. muscicolous. aquiculture. recolonize. machicolate. caulicolous. subculture. cellicolous. bicultural. silviculture. retrocollic. wingcollar colō. colport. col. culture. collet. mariculture. larvicolous. colonialistic. horticultural. colportage. neocolonial. cultish. graniticoline. vegeculture. agriculture. floriculture. agriculturalist. uncolonized. nidicolous. arviculture. colonization.collis. apiculturalist. tubicolous. encollar. paludicole. multicultualistic. foliicolous. colōnī. cultus. lichenicolous. precolonial. coluī. arboriculture. . colonizationist. culturer. anticolonial. microcolony. colporteur. paludicolous. oleiculture. decollate. aquaculture. culmicolous. colere. radicicolous. neocolonialism. urbiculture. piscicolous. germiculture. colonizationism. culturism. saxicole. cultivate. cultivative. Colonia. Koln. cultism. stagnicolous. Roman collar. personality cult. pisciculture. menticulture. culturology. cavernicolous. collarless. enculturation. palmicolous. cultivated. colony. culturist. lignicolous. intracultural. Cologne. terricole. rupicolous. uncultivated. cultual. cultivatory. fungicolous. cultivar. febricolous. arenicolous. dorsocollar. sylvicoline. crown colony. kultur. raincult. tea culture. decollation. acculturist. lapidicolous. countercultural. collī. n: neck accolade. torticollis. m: hill colline. saxicolous. spongicolous. limicolous. colonist. colōnus. avicolous. seroculture. pecudiculture. cultic. tube-culture. petricolous. rupicoline. m: settler. transculturation. cultivation. culturable. horticulture. rupiculture. intercolonial. colonize. collis. stercoricolous. multiculturalist. counterculture. tubulicole. maricolous. enculturate. decollator. stirpiculture. inquiline. feticulture. cultural. permaculture. incola. ignicolist. acculturation. herbicolous. fluvicoline. decultivate. menticultural. sanguicolous. monoculture. arboricolous. cultum: till. decultivation. tubicole. decolletage. decolonization. silicicolous. kulturkampf. blue-collar. uncultured. intercolline collum. culture-bound. colonialism. cultivator. anticolonialist. domiculture. colonial. horticulturalist. cult. colonialize. cysticolous. sericulture. piscicultural. pomiculture. decolonize. apiculturist. coloniate. cultivable. agricultural. culturally. colliferous. silvicolous. machicolation. aviculturist. collar. anticolonialism. collarbone. whitecollar. horse-collar. apicultural. puericulture. incolae. agriculturist. ostreiculture. colonate. crinoculture. amnicolidae.

color-corrected. wine-colored. coloratura. colostrum colpus. colorfully. color-blind. coup d' grâce (Fr). colostrī. yellow-colored colostrum. clolubriferous. colorably. colorant. color-conscious. columbine. concolorous. colubrī. columnar. colorbar. κόλυμβος) Colombo. colubriform. colory. f: dove (OLD: cf. parti-colored. recoup. decolorate. colpī. machicolation. color.B. versicolored. color-coded. coup. decolorant. columnist. cōlī. f: pillar (perhaps from columen/culmen and celsus) colonel. decoloration. colorable. percolative. coupe. couloir. multicolored. colorative. colorist. colōris. m: blow. columbacious. Columba. colorphobia. colorization. viticulture. n: sieve. coloristic. dark-colored. columniform. decolorization. cōlāvī. cuff (from κόλαφος) contrecoup. Vo-Ag. m: color bicolor. countrecoup. percolation. offcolor. culverin. columna. colubrae. cuticolor. columellar. tricolor. cōlāre. colubrid. culverineer (perhaps from coluber) columna. discolor. discolorment. colorific. overcolor. percolator. colorless. columnation. rose-colored. colonelcy. varicolored. columbary. percolate. Columbia. colaphus. fifth columnist. watercolor. discolorate. colortype. Vienna coup coluber. coulisse. colorful. columnae. columnated. strike cuff (ML). colombophile. colorability. spinal column columen: see culmen. decolorimeter. coloration. light-colored. columelliform. colorize. Occult is from celo. colonnade. decolor. coulee. n: first milk colostration. coupon. coppice. column. columbiform. perk test. culverineer cōlum. color. cōlō. decolorize. filter colander. color guard. columbarium. cōlātum: strain. colonelship. colaphī. colorphoto. portcullis columba. colubra. colorimeter. columbae. dead color. colorizer. colorology. xerocolous N. discoloration.viniculture. viticulturist. colorer. concolorate. colation. f: snake cobra. m: snake. Colorado. culverin. colubrine. . colorbook. coloring. coup d'état (Fr). columniferous. colonnette. copse. columella. viticultural. cope. m: blow.

n: assembly. cōme: polite comity commūnis (common): see mūnus compīlō. calāvī. ensconce. nomenclatorial. conciliāre. calō. irreconciliation. abscondence. compīlātum: pile up. condimental condō. privy council. concinnum: neat. put together (cum + unknown root) concinnity. concinnuous. conciliant. conciliatorily. condīvī. conciliator. agree . comet comes: see eo cōmis. cōmis. gather (perhaps from pīla. concinnō. condere. nomenclative. conciliō. council. conciliarism. comae. nomenclate. order. reconcile. councilor. concinna. compīlāre. inconcinnity condiō. conciliī. leaves: see κόμη coma(in science. conciliāvī. congruī: match. absconder. concinnāvī. preconciliar. sconce cōnfiteor: see for cōnfūtō: see -fūtō congruō. condidī. concinnātum: set up. conciliar. irreconcilability. well-put-together. compiler compos (master of): see potis concilium. conciliate. recondite. nomenclator. conciliation. calāre. nomenclature. counciling. compile. reconciliatory concinnus. councilorship. AUC. reconcilable. incondite. fitly. repair. congruere. reconciliation. parish council. councilman. postconciliar. conciliarist. irreconcilable.coma. condīre. reconcilement. condītum: pickle condiment. nomenclatural. conditum: build. conciliātum: call together. place (probably cum + do) ab urbe condita (AUC). conciliatory. pillar or pīlum javelin) compilation. f: hair. abscond. καλέω) conciliabule. not an unconscious deep sleep). coincide. compīlāvī. compilatory. conciliative. calātum: proclaim (related to clāmō)(cf. found. concinnāre.

Iran-Contra. countercharge. counterfeit. counselor. contraflow. countryside. cōnsulis. countermand. contrabass. incongruously cōnīveō/connīveō (blink): see nictō cōnor. congrous. consulage. countertype. counterbuff. nonconsular. counterbore. cōnsulere. contrarily. counterclockwise. countermatch. countergauge. countryclub. consultant. counterscarp. countershading. contrasted. contraharmonical. counterguard. con. contralto. counterpart. crosscountry. country. counselless. incongruity. counterman. countrywoman. countergear. consiliī. consultative. consultee. counselorship. countersink. incongruent. contrasting. encounter. senatus consultum. countermelody. counterparty. proconsul. cōnsultum. proconsular. consult. incongruently. countrified. cōnātus sum: try conation. countertide. congruity. counterblow. . backcountry. counterfire. countermine. counterplace. jurisconsult. cōnsilium. countertheory. counterplot. countryfolk. counterfly. countersunk. consulative. m: chief of state (perhaps related to cōnsulō) coconsul. contrate. counter. congruously. countertop. counterbrace. congruently. consulate. consular. consulter. counterwork. countercheck. unconsulted contrā: against au contraire. counterpole. supraconsular cōnsulō. counterion. counterstroke. n: advice. contrasty. counterstand. countryhouse. counteroffensive. countermark. counterattack. contrastable. congruent. consultory. counsel. counterterrene. counterearth. counterfeiter. counterstock. counterintuitive. contraindication. counterstrength. counselable. consultancy. mother country. contrariwise. countershaft. n: decree (perhaps related to cōnsul) (probably from cum) cocounsel. contrast. consultation. northcountry. contrariant. consul. counterlath. incongruence. proconsular. cōnsultum: consult. contrarian. contrarianism. counterphobia. counterslope. congruousness. countrymen. counteropening. counterlode. contraband. consulship. counterstep. counterfeitly. conative. counterweight. contra. cōnsultī. cōnārī. proconsulate. cōnsuluī. consularity. contrariantly. counselee. conatively cōnstituō (decide): see stō cōnsul. contrary. contrariness. countryship. contrariety.congruence. incongruous. counterblast. consultor. counterspell. consultatory. consultable. countryless. counterfeitness. countercycle.

corniferous. concordat. ricotta. tubicorn. discordantly. corno. world record corium. cornigerous. encouraging. courage. corcule. coquī. cornule. concoctor. concoctive. cordiality. coctus: to cook apricot. excoriation. accordingly. quadrucorn. camcorder. concocter. discourage. Capricornus. cornicle. unrecorded. discouragement. wire recorder. obcordate. cornea. corner. cookie. concordance. cordate. discourager. tricorn. concordia. courageousness. encourager. caducicorn. courageless. cōpia (abundance. cordiform. recordārī recordātus sum: remember accord. pastrycook. undercook cor. pressure cooker. uncooked. uncourageous. prerecorded. cookless. wing (of an army) bicorn. precociously. discord. cri de cœur (Fr). accordant. concordancy. overrecord.outcountry. kitchen. cornual. corny (ft). cookout. according. excoriate. discordant. cordialize. telerecording. cookbook. m: cook. cornuate. police record. discouraging. coraggio. Cor Caroli. concoct. n: skin. massecuite. recordor. currier. per contra. quadricornate. concoction. war record. concordatory. accordantly. dogbiscuit. discouragingly. cordially. praecocial. uncontrovertible. corniculate. cordis. undiscouraged. cervicorn. decoction. cuisine. inaccordant. discordancy. three-corner. cornucopian. cornucopia. cuirass. cookable. corcle. misericordia. coquō. cooker. f: pity. cornification. cornify. concordal. courageously. circumcorneal. biscotti (It). concord. tape recording. precocious. n: heart. cornerless. concordantly. uncourageously. f: harmony. contro-. cornute. recorder. misericord. discordance. cornerstone. decoct. plumicorn. nodicorn. coriī. cornet. misericordiae. encouragement. intracordal. palpicorn. cook. misericordia. accordance. securicornate. winter country See Reverse Index under contra-. video recording. recordplayer. courageous. corium. biscuit. cordial. ramicorn. coxī. seabiscuit. subcontrary. encouragingly. decoctible. disaccord. clavicorn. concordancer. coquere. cavicorn. supply): see ops (cum + ops) coquus. kitchenette. cuirassier. Also note that contract and other words derived from trahō are compunds of cum. inaccordancy. cornūs. concording. corn (skin). postcordial. cookery. precocity. encourage. record. terra-cotta. n: horn. upcountry. hide coriaceous. naricorn. kitchen cabinet. unicorn . concordantial. over-the-counter. condordiae. scourge cornū. dorsicornu. cookdom. taperecorder. counter-. concordant.

disincorporate. corporosity. wagoncorps cortex. incorporation. unincorporated. corpseless. coruscō. postcostal. corpulentness. corporal. corporealist. Peace Corps. n: body bicorporal. incorporate. intracorporeal. costae. corpulent. corporally. cutlet. encurtain W3 attempts to trace cortina to aula or coxa. corps. corpulency. intercostal. coruscāvī. f: rib accost. corpus. corporeality. corporealize. discorporate. corticose. corporeally. corpulently. cortical. coastline. neocortex. corset. corona. corporator. corpuscular. corticate. mens sana in corpore sano. procorporate. f: crown: see κορώνη corolla. corporealization. hydrocortisone. precostal. corticole. tenuicostate . incorporeal. corporealism. coruscus. uncrowned corpus. decorticate. corporative. corticolous. incorporeally. dorsointercostal. corticin. corpse. entrecote. coastguard. corvī. intracostal. coruscate. multicostate. quadricostate. concorporate. Neither LS nor OLD does so. corposant. seacoast. corpulence. corsetry. sternocostal. habeas corpus. rollercoaster. corvina. coastally. corporatism. corvine. cortisol. concorporeal. corporality. m: bark (perhaps from corium) cortex. corporalship. reincorporate. costermonger. corticoid. excorticate. raven (cf. corporation. corporativism. ecostate. coruscation corvus. cortina. corpusculous. incorporeity. encorbelment costa. Costa Rica. corsage. κόραξ) corbel. costa. corporate. esprit de corps (Fr). costiferous. corslet. corsetless. coronal. corp. laticostate. corōnae. coast. corporately. leprechaun. f: curtain (perhaps related to cohors) cortin. corpuscule. corpus delicti. subcortex cortīna. coruscāre. reincorporation. corporeal. crown. corpuscularian. corticis. coaster. curtain. cuesta. decorticator. decemcostate. costate. cortīnae. m: crow. coronation. corsucātum: glitter coruscant. costoscapular. decortication. corpsy. corticipetal. corporeity. corpuscle. transincorporation. accostable. costiform. incorporator. incorporative. corollary. infracostal. cortisone. corusca. corpusculiferous. coronet. coporateness. fissicostal. costard. corpuscularity. corpusculum. corpsman. coruscum: flashing. cormorant. coastal. costal. corticifugal. corporis. Corvus.corōna.

credential. grantsmanship. crateful. credence. miscreance. incredible. discredit. crēdidī. f: drunkenness. f: hipbone coxa. incrassation. cushiony. credulity. turnix coxa. creedless. crapulent. f: wickerwork. grantee. creed. credibly. crassitude. incredibly. incredulous. crassa. crātēr. griddlecake. creditably. network. crassum: thick. incredibility. crassly. grill. crassness. OED questions derivation of grid and grill from crātis. coxocerite. credo. credible. grating. gridiron. discreditable. greasiness. OLD not. procrastinatory crassus. grate. incredulity. grater. crate. crapulousness crās: tomorrow procrastinate. f: cartilage cartilage. grampus. crassula. credulous. crātēris. credit. credenda. coxitis. creditableness. credenza. LS says same root. creditress. incredulously. crātis. pincushion. coxo-femoral. fat crass.cōturnīx (coturnīx). creedful. credibility gap. cartilāginis. gratingly. greaser. crateral. creditor. osteocartilaginous Both LS and OLD hesitate to derive cartilāgō from crātis. credal. procrastinator. credentialed. crateman. f: quail turnicine. grantable. crāpulae. crapulence. gralle. discreditably. granter. grantor. creditable. crēdere. degrease. creel. crapulous. crātērae. grease. credibleness. cartilāgō. coxendix. intercoxal. nongreasy See also grossus. credulously. crēdō. credibility. incrassate. greasy. cōturnīcis (coturnīcis). procrastinative. grid. coxae. credulousness. miscreancy. grillwork. griddle. miscreant. graticulation. coxopodite. cushion. . m: mixing bowl. cushionless. crēditum: believe. grattage. gratinate. crapulosity. coxal. inebriation crapula. graticule. grant. crātēra. trust accredit. f: mixing bowl (see κρατήρ) crater. creance. crateriform See OED: grail crātis. accreditation. hurdle. gratine. cartilaginous. water-cushion crāpula. procrastination.

crescent. social credit. creaturize. crepuī. crenature. decrepitate. incrementalist. accretor.). procreator. creaturism. tax credit. creativeness. crepāre. cravenness. incision (supposed from Romance words) crenate. accrue.noncredit. concrement. creative. creaturehood. increasable. cremator. create. crepuscular. recreation. Socred. street credibility. crescograph. crepitant. creātum: beget. decrescent. quantum increase. decreasingly. crenation. concretely. crepusculous. (crepitum): rattle craven (AHD. discrepance. creationist. creation myth. concreteness. incrementalism. cravenly. creatively. crepusculum crēscō. crepitate. concretionary. procreatively. crepitus.. recreance. accrescent. crevasse. increasingly. creationism. incremental. procreate. omnicredulity. increment. decreolize. decrease. creaturely. cremāvī. criollo. creatrix. crescendo. discrepant. nonconcrete. concretization. crematorium. crematory crēna. excrescence. world creator crepō. recruiter. crētum: increase (perhaps an inchoative of creō) accrescence. decremeter. concreter. creature.W3 ph. crenulation creō. crēscere. ODEE. creāre. procreation. procreative. OED obs. concretism. overcredulous. excrescential. cremātum: burn cremains. recreative. crepuscule. crepitous. uncreated. concretive. incrementally. decrepitude. accrete. recruit. Creole. crescentade. cremation. creation. crevice. decrescendo. crewman. creaturliness. decrement. increase. creāvī. crēnae. recreant. creatureship. concrescible. decrepitation. creaturist. concretion. decrepitly. crenellation. n: twilight crepuscle. discreate. creator. crescentoid. discrepancy. recreancy. unaccredited cremō. incrementally. creatorship. crepitaculum. cremāre. creolization. crepusculī. nonincreasing. cremate. accretionary. Creolism. discrepantly crepusculum. cause cocreate. create. critter. creolize. crēvī. rec. recreate. concretively. concrescence. concretional. accretion. rookie. creatural. concresce. croissant. f: notch. crepusculine. creativity. excrescent. decreolization. recreatively. crew. ever-increasing. crescentiform. decreation. crematorial. concrete. concrescent. creaturedom. concretize. decrepit. cocreation. recreational. crepitation. crescive. crescentic. accrual. excrescency. crenulate. procreant. unrecruited .

overcrust crux. ad malam crucem. crūris. crudeness. crus. ecru. incrustate. duricrust. crustae. cruentum: bloody. f: cross. cretifivation. crossable. crosser. κρέας) crude. crisscross. croix (Fr). crinigerous. crispation. intercrural. crustacean. crudely. custard. crinoline crispus. gore. crūdēlis. crūdēlis. cretacious. cribral. crossbuck. cruōris. crispness. crossbar. crotaliform. ncr: sieve cribellum. crispate. crinolette. crepenette. crestlet. cross-examine. recrudescence. cruel. crossdresser. crosscut. crayonist. crosse. crossbow. crepe. cribate. recrudescent crūs.crēta. crustation. criniculture. cribous crīmen (crime): see cernō crīnis. cruenta. cruciāvī. crispa. n: leg. crīnis. criniparous. crossbearer. crossbred. crossbowman. shin bicrural. encrustment. cribrī. crucis. crayonize. crossbone. precrural. crustaceous. crisper. cruciō. genitocrural. crusty. backcross. crūdus. crispy crista. cristae. crispum: curly (related to crīnis and crista) crape. crinoid. crudity. crosier. crūdēle: cruel (cf. cruelly. crustose. crista crocus (saffron): see κρόκος crotalum. crustless. crispen. m: blood. cruentation. criniger. encrust. cretify cribrum. criniferous. intracrustal. crotaline cruor. cribrifom. cruciātum: torture across. crude. crustiness. cross. crisply. crural. crociary. crepelline. crispish. crosscurrent. f: crest (related to crīnis and crispus) crease. cross- . crest. crisp. crinet. countercrusade. f: crust crouton. crudification. crossbite. incrustation. recrudesce. crestless. f: clay crayon. crustily. crine. crossbreed. cross-examination. cruelty. crotalin. n: rattle (from κρόταλον) crotal. crūdum: raw. crustaceology. crispiness. crispbread. incrust. crust. crustal. cruentus. crosscountry. crinivorous. crūda. m: hair (related to crispus and crista) crinal. tricrural crusta. cruciāre. crotalī. crestfallen. crētae. crossdress.

crosspollinate. culcit(r)ae. culicine culīna. cucūlī. cubital. Red Cross. crucifer. cubitum: recline. OED derives them from crux. quilt. m: cucumber cucumber. crucifixion. crux. incumbent. excruciatingly. succubous. couvade. crossfire. lacrosse. crossline. cubitum (cubitus). rallycross. incunabulist. crossfertilize. crossing. overcross. culifuge. cruciform. incubator. cruise line. crucible. m: cuckoo cucliform. succubus. accumbent. f: mattress. kiln. cubicle. quilter. excubant. covering cowl. Southern Cross. f: kitchen culinary. decumbent. incumbency. crossness. cucurbitaceous. crossreference. cushion counterpane. coude. recumbent. concubinate. limekiln . cubō. crosswise. succumbence. cucullate. cruise. culicis. ventricumbent cucūlus. crosstolerance. cubitodigital. crusade. succumb. palmcross. cubuī. incubation. -cumbō. crucially. m: gnat culicide. procumbent. Weeping Cross. crosspoint. concubine. decumbency. incubate. test-cross. cucumeris (cucumis). crusado. cuculliform cucumis. crucify. crosspollination. culicid. cross-section. decubital. noncrossover. cross-purpose. decumbiture. crosstown. culicidologist. intercross. dorsicumbent. crossroad. incunabula. tau crucifix. Vienna cross. cucurbitae. polocrosse. culīnae. crusader. excruciating. quilting. crossly. cucurbital. cumbent. -cumbere. cunabular. cubicular. crossover. crucifix. crossless. Veracruz. m: hood. excruciation. outcross. tau cross. recross.eyed. crossword. n (m): elbow accubation. cubitī. zerocrossing ODEE says italicized words from Dutch. cross-street. cucimiform cucurbita. covey. cruciate. cubāre. decumbence. crossway. cubit. crosslet. crucial. -cubitum: lie down. doublecross. crosswalk. cruciverbalist. f: gourd cucurbit. quilting bee culex. -cubuī. uncrossed. cruiser. incubus. concubinary. cuculine cucullus. concubinage. Cruz (Sp). culiform. cowling. cubiculum. top-cross. postcubital. gourd culcit(r)a. cross-legged. cruciferous. cucullī. Northern Cross. crosswind. concubinal. cunabula.

culmiferous. cuneī. quoin. cumulant. mea culpa culter. culpae. coexist. Words such as cumulus are not compounded from cum. accumulative. culmī. cutlass. cultrī. culminate. culprit. accumulator. cunctator cuneus. disculpate. disculpation. cuneate. couteau. Examples: coagulate.except in direct quotes from Latin such as cum laude and cum grano salis. -cule. cooperate. altocumulus. columinis. culpable. cumulescent. pile. coiner. condemn. cuneal. buttock cul-de-sac. particle etc.culmen. cohere. cumulate. cultrirostral. connote. cumulcirrus. n: top. accumulation. recoilless cum: with English prefix spelled co. coinless. confer. entocuneiform. fault culpability. cumulus. contingent. correlate. culmination. cumulately. m: wedge coin. exculpate. exculpation. culminis. concede. commune. culotte. n: top. cirrocumulus. f: blame. cultellus. cumular. m: knife coulter. culmus. cotangent. cumuliform. cumulonimbus. cutlery -culus: little animalcule. culmigenous culpa. cunctārī. console. compel. cumulet. cunctātus sum: delay cunctation. cuneiform. uncoined . m: stalk (perhaps related to culmen) culm. summit (perhaps related to columna and celsus) culminant. cumulative. culpably. cumulus. cumulostratus. cumulation. m: anus. culpableness. conocuneus. homunculus. cogent. college. cumulocirrus. exculpatory. m: heap. cunctatious. coinage. coinable. conjecture. cultriform. cumulativeness. cumuli. (=Eng. inculpation. stratocumulus cunctor. squinch (support). cumulatively. culmicolous. inculpate. recoil. combination. -culus) cūlus. cultrate. cumulous. convene. -cle. mass accumulate. summit. ridge. cutler. cūlī. coincide. columen. exculpative.

coinsurance. coop. security. pedicure. incurable. cūrō. barrel. covetous. assurant. cūrae. m: chariot. curious. incurably. assuredness. curable. undercure. covetable. . covet. curiously. coopery. assuror. hole coney. ensure. cupuliform. procural. coinsure. proxy. countersecure. accurate. health insurance. curator. currus. curacy. covetously. surely. cupītum: want. corridor. co-coccurence. curiousness. accurately. cupidinous. cupful. Social Security. prog. procurable. teacup cupiō. journey AC.cunīculus. uninsured. curatorship. cupere. per curiam OLD suggests perhaps derived from vir. cupboard. incurability. underinsure.. corral (W3). cupbearer. procuration. cūriae. concupiscently. concur. curiosity. securely. incuriously. steam-cure. cunīculī. sure-footed. currō. cupuliferous. sure-fire. concurrent. cūrāvī. procure. inaccurate. incurious. cupcake. f: desire. curial. insecurely. vat. assured. concurrently. currī. curioso. cupola. corrida. pro-curative. cocksure. cupidity cūra. insecurity. curatrix. concupiscent. cupular. au courant (Fr). greed. cunicular. proceur (Fr). overinsure. curialistic. proctorship. curate. sinecurist. insure. sinecure. cupulate. manicure. concourse. overcurious. ensurer. proproctor. curatory. concurring. procurative. cure-all. cucurrī cursum: run. m: rabbit. self-assured. curiate. cupidus. sure. offscour. inaccurately. insurance. tub buttercup. pococurante. lifeinsurance. insurer. assurer. procuracy. curatorial. concurringly. insurable. co-occur. cupidum: eager. Cupid. cupiditās. covetousness. noncurantist. reinsure. uncured. curative. reassurance. cupiditātis. cure. self-assurance. procuress. coveter. uncurable. cūrāre. procuratory. insurant. procurator. sureness. surety. cupule. concurrency. m: running. f: senatehouse amicus curiae. procuratorial. cupellation. Curia. cupel. ultrasecure. insuree. assure. alternating current. curation. encoop. curatively. cūrātum: take care of accuracy. insurability. cupida. inaccuracy. curialism. unsureness. cursūs. insecure. cybersecurity. f: care. curio. cooper. procurance. cuniculus. manicurist. proctor. underground tunnel/passage. procurement. currere. per proc. cupellate. course. water cure cūria. curialist. cup. cony cūpa: cask. scour. unsure. curatage. concupiscible. desirous concupiscence. proctorially. cupīvī. cuniculate. unsecured. concurrence. assuredly. proctorize. countersecurity. desire. cursus. overcure. reassure. assurance. secure. procurer. proctorial. cuvette. sinecurism. overinsurance.

transcurrent. curvum: bent curb. decurrency. subcutaneous. cutitis. extracurricular. multicuspid. excurvation. incursion. cuticularize. cursory. cutigeral. slope current. custōdis. curber. reoccurrence. cursal. cursorily. curricle. curvilinear. succursal. procuticle. course. curbstone. cusp. price-current. recurve. custodian. curriculum. time-course. curve. procursive. cursorial. occur. succor. castrated. cursively. cuticolor. curtail. stream-current. nonconcurrence. tide-current. precursory. curvaceous. epicuticle. shortened. excursionist. excursion. percutaneous. quis custodiet ipsos custodes cutis. courser. custōdīvī. discourse. occurrence. incurment. decurvation. custōdīre. current. decursive. decurve. cursive. racecourse. crosscurrent. curvation. decurvature. discursive. curvingly. cursoriness. curvet. supercurrent. cuspidation. reoccur. curtailment. cutis. curriery. currency. photocurrent. dicursivity. circumcised. cuspidis. curvograph. cursor. curtailer. incurvate. curule. telecourse. intercourse. discourser. procurvation. curricular. cutization. kirtle curvus. tip bicuspid. f: skin cutaneous. incursive. curtly. courante.corsair. curva. succory. hussar. excursive. percutaneously. recourse. succorable. minicourse. procurrent. currier. curvy. cuspate. f: sharp point. cutisector. coursing. cuspidine. curvesome. broken curt. unicursal. cuticular. excursionary. discursively. incurvature. curtate. gelded. curvital. discursiveness. currentless. curta. countercurrent. sexual intercourse. curvature. upcurrent. precursive. time-curve. petro-currency. undercurrent. recursion. curbing. recurrence. recurrent. paleocurrent. outcurve. tricurvate. cuspid. currently. recur. curtum: mutilated. precursor. DC. courseware. decurrently. curveless. cursorious. cutin. incurrable. transcutaneous . custody. watercourse curtus. cutify. nonintercourse. utility curve cuspis. cuspidate. overcurrent. cursus honorum. curriculum vitae. excurrent. courier. custōdītum: to watch custodial. direct current. recursive. tricuspid custōs. curver. m: guard. cuticle. excursus. incurvation. cuticularization. incursionist. discursion. custōdiō. incur. decurrence. occurrent. decurrent. curvometer. incurve. cutification. certation. succorance.

duty-free. damnable. devoir. Dardanus dē: down from debate. darnation. indemnify. deficit. debt. undamaged. dēbitum: owe. Dalmatic damnum. duteousness. f: Yugoslavia Dalmatia. damnably. heavy-duty. Dardanī. dejected. condemnatory. endeavor. transit duty. OED does not break down dēbeō. fleur-de-lis (Fr). damaging. OLD say dēbeō is dē + habeō. undue. dueness. indemnification. tea duty. debtless. Danubiī. debit. others don’t) Dalmatia. OLD dissents. m: Danube Danube. damnāre. debilitate. damagingly. debilitation. overdue. duteous. debtor. desert etc. decemflorous. endamage. tarnation (OED). precondemn. damn. condemnable. dēbile: weak (dē + disputed root) debilitant. du jour (Fr) dēbeō. fer-de-lance. decemlocular. damageable. damnō. debitable. derive. damning. demote. unduly. dutiable. damnātum: condemn (from dō) condemn. Dardanian. Dāciae. decimus: tenth (cf. Dacian. undutiful LS. ought debenture. decemjugate. damnous. off-duty. damnation. duly. indemnitee. decemfid. decem: ten. damnatory. endamagement. duty. war damage Danubius. damage. decadent. decemcostate. dutiless. damnability. decemdentate. condemnation. degrade. dutiful. due. damnī. decemfoliate. δέκα) December. dueful. m: Dardanus Dardan. deduct. duteously. dutifulness.D Dācia. damnify. dēbui. dēbilis. endeavorer. indebtedness. dēbilis. Danubian Dardanus. Dardanelles. darn (= damn). depend. dēbēre. debtee. indemnity. damnāvī. debility LS says from habeō. decempedal. dutifully. indebted. dagger (ODEE supports. debilitative. condemner. n: harm. f: Romania Dacia. damnification. Dalmatiae. . Dalmatian. condemningly.

dēlētum: destroy (see also δηλέομαι) dele. decenary. decempunctate. delicacy. decoris. septendecimal decet. decennially. decuple. decorate. dēliciae. demilune Also many obscure combinations such as demi-angel. decōrum: fitting. duodenitis. indecorously. delicate. decile. dicker. indelicacy. delightfully. deliciousness. delectably. decenary. duodenal. decimal. n: disgrace. decima. denero. duodenate. delicious. delightsomely. decillion. indecorous. beloved (dē + laciō) (from laqueus) delectability. decigram. decimator. decinormal. dilettantism. decorator. delightingly.decempennate. decennial. honor. dozen. dedecorate. deletion. dēlēvī. duodenum. delicatessen. decōra. n: grace. delicately. dinar. duodecimary. dexa-. dēdecus. indelicately. duodecennial. decōrus. decimetric. decorously. dēlectāvī. indelibility. dime. decimate. indelibly dēliciō. decussate. duodenectomy. beauty. duodecyl. ultimately from medius . delicateness. indecency. indelicate. duodecuple. undecorated dēclīnō (slope down): see -clīnō decus (beauty): see decet dēfendō (protect): see -fendō dēleō. indelible. decimation. dēctātum: delight. hexadecimal. octodecimal. dēlēre. dēliciārum: plaything. decury. decemvirate. decimally. duodecimal. decimeter. indecently. lusciousness dēlictum (wrongdoing). proper. . decorousness. duodecentennial. decus. dēlectāre. decemstriate. decennary. duodecimo. delible. dēlinquō (commit a wrong): see linquō demi-: half demigod. indecent. deliciously. decuman. duodecade. decemviral. delectableness. deletory. dozener. half-dozen. decoration. decibar. duodenary. delectable. dedecoration. delighter. decorous. denary. delete. sweetheart. delectation. dēlectō. lusciously. decently. decent. decorative. decemplex. redecorate. denarius. dinero. dishonor decency. decuplet. decurionate. dilettante. decorum. delightless. decēre. decibel. duodene. decemvir. decor. dēlicere: entice. delightfulness. decurion. dēdecoris. delightsomeness. it is becoming. decemplicate. decennium. decuit: it is right. quidecennial. delightedly. decimater. decoratively. luscious. decussation. indecorum. delightsome. delightful.

quadridentate. unindented dēnsus. deteriorator deus. f: goddess. divinatory. deifier. destrer. dentary. dextrogyrate. dexterousness. m: tooth bident. condensity. dīvum: divine adieu (Fr). divinify. octodentate. dextromanual. divine. contrail. noncondensing. ad maiorem Dei gloriam. dēnsa. dentelle. palatodental. dextraural. favorable. divinize. dentil. dēnsum: thick. dent. density. uncondensed. postdental. Opus Dei. edentate. dentalite. AMDG. divinityship. tubulidentate. frequent condensability. monodentate. deification. peridental. unidentate. decondensation. dīvīnus. denticulation. indenture. densitometer. polydentate. divineness. mon Dieu (Fr). radio density. dentinal. dentiparous. dentation. dentaria. dextral. bidental. Dexter. denture. deicidal. dentinoid. parvidentate. dextrad. densener. dexterously. dentilabial. dentology. deitistical. dentiscalp. dentiloquent. tridental. ostracodent. dextrally. condensation. deism. deistic. dentate. deteriorate. dentile. dīva. divinity. dea. interdental. deiform. divinization. indentation. dexterity. dextrality. laminodental. dentifrice. water deity dexter. deicide. traffic density. densely. poorer deteriorable. Deus vult. deodand. vox populi vox Dei. trident. deus ex machina. dentistry. ambidexterous. D. dentifactor. skilled ambidexter. indent. deity. densimeter.D. linguodental. tridentate. paucidentate. decemdentate. precondense. dentis. dentification. deterioration. labiodental. denticulate. dīvīnum: divine. Divvers. denticule. dentel. dext(e)ra. divinely. dextro-. dentalize. condensate. denturist. Edentata. densitometry. latidentate. weight density dēstinō (destine): see -stinō dēterior. dentality. dentilingual. dextrocompound. deific. dedention. condensational. denticete. dentalium.. denticle. Deo volente. dext(e)rum: right-handed. dense. dentelate. dental. ambidexterity. deteriorative. deae. dentigerous. dextran. deify. dentiform. edentulous. Dei gratia. dīvīna. gloria in excelsis Deo. deist. incondensable. dextrin. dentition. denseness. dandelion. duplicidentate. m: a god.dēns. dieu (Fr). Deo gratias. quinquedentate. dextranase. condense. deiparous. multidentate. deī. joss. dexterous. diva. . edental. divination. deificatory. condensable. dentist. denticular. dextroglucose. dentine. pluridentate. Denticare. diviner. hyperdeity. dīvus. adiós (Sp). deityship. dentiphone. Agnus Dei. deiformity. dēterior. subdental. crowded. bidentate. condenser. double-density. dēterius: worse.

contradictionist. genitive of Ζεύς. ill-judged. index. dictaphone. contraindicative. abdicator. addictive. impredicable. dicātum: show. dedicand. indicial. preachy. dictator. benedictory. judicature. praedicāvī. dedicative. dictate. diction. conditionalize. praedicāre. interdictor. judiciary. edictal. judicative. judicator. contradictor. f: Diana Diana. addictionologist. dīcere. dictatorialism. injudiciously. preaching. dictatorship. fatidical. indictable. contradictive. judgeship. consecrate. inditer. conditioner. price index. horribile dictu. judication. dedicated-looking. interdict. ill-conditioning. benison. indicatory. ditto. contradict. addiction. dicāre. dedication. dictatorialness. dittohead. injudicial. dictionary. forjudgment. coindicant. predicant. Diane Diāna may derive from Διός. dextrorsal. indexical. dextrorse. condition. judicially. f: terms addict. dextrously. predication. dedicatee. benediction. indictment. adjudge. adjudicative. interdiction. dictation. dextrosinistral. dijudicate. predicable. predicatory. Benedict. conditioning. decondition. contradictively. addicted. inditement. ditty. dextrorotation. abdication. sinistrodextral dī-: = dis-: apart distance etc. ipse dixit. preacher. judgmental. juridically. dictum. dextrose. dextrous. conditionate. contradiction. dedicate. indicatively. benedictive. dedicational. dittology. Diānae. dicō. adjudicator. contradictiously. preach. dedicatorily. coindication. forejudge. indexically. contraindicate. dictatorial. devote. conditionalist. judiciousness. conditionally. contraindication. air-condition. impredicative. dedicatorial. contradictory. intrajudicial. judger. judgmentally. indicative. dicāvī. predicament. contradictedness. judgment. Diāna. judgmatic. . preachable. dictature. contradictious. judiciously. condiciōnis. condiciō. dictatorially. indication. judge. dīxī. contradictorily. indexer. conditionalism. praedicātum: boast abdicate. diktat. dictum: say. indicator. indicter. dictatrix. predicative. conditional. extrajudicial. contradictable. dictatorily. judicatory. conditionality. predicate. unimpeachable. interdictory. dedicatory. extrajudicially. word-index dīcō. indite. Benedictine. judicious. judgmatically. jurisdiction. edict. dittay. judicial. conditioned. unimpeached. dictater. preachment. rededicate. condiction. injudiciousness. praedicō. dedicator. dictioneer. dictatress. dictograph. indicate. injudicious. indict. dictative.dextrorotary. predicator. dictatory. ultimately same root as deus. adjudicate. juridical. indicatrix. adjudication.

dismalness. prediction. unpredictably. photojournalism. digitinervate. quotidian. deign. bon jour (Fr). quadridigitate. terabyte. veridicity. sine die. kilobyte. tridiurnal. polydigital. post diem. post meridiem (p. digitate. meridional. diurnally. parajournalism. dainty. quantum condition. multidigitate. meridian. predict. recondition. pomeridian. digitoxin. dialer. dignify. diary. veridically. misjudgment. dignitarily. quinquedigitate. digitately. maledict. diarize. jurisdictionary. m. verdict. indignantly. sexdigitate. dīgna. Dies Irae. predictably. predictor. diurnation. megabyte. diarist. sound condition. readjourn. digitalize. indignant. secondary conditioning. misjudge. journalize. condignity. f: Dido Dido. journalist. journeycake. pridian. digitalic. undignified . adjournment. prestidigitation. journey. dīgnor. condignly. digitorium. unprejudiced. self-contradiction. nanobyte. byte. valedictorian. unconditioned. dial. digitizer. hodiernal. prejudice. digitiform. semidiurnal. diarial. daintily. cotīdiē: every day. disdain. postdiction. dialplate. imparidigitate. unconditionally. soil conditioner. paridigitate. infra dig(nitatem). disdainfulness. nonaddiction. dignitarial. noncontradiction. maledictive. indignity. digitipartite. transmeridional. circadian. diarian. carpe diem. autodial.m. gigabyte. ultradian digitus. triduum. digitigrade. terdiurnal. antemeridian. journeyman. interdigitate. photojournalist. mediodigital. journalism. dismality. diurnal. dignified. outjourney. m: finger bit. postmeridian. unpredicted. sojourn.). per diem. veridicality. unjudicial. nonaddict. malediction. a. diuturnal. noctidiurnal. dital. digital. meridienne. dignifier. sundial. postdigital. cubitodigital. digitalization. dīgnum: worthy. digitalis. n: two days. valediction. preconditioned. prejudge. dignifiedly. jornada. unconditional. m: day. meridionally. dīgnārī. digit. dignitary. voir dire ( Fr) Dīdō. digitī. didonia diēs. journalistically. disdainful. diēī. maledictory. obiter dictum. mirabile dictu. journalistic. dīgnātus sum: deem worthy (OLD ultimately relates to decet) condign. predictand. hōdiē: today adjourn. daintiness. predictable. valedictory. dismally. journal. digitize. prejudicial. biduum. MIDI. veridical. dismalize. meridionality. predictive. retrodiction. journalese. orthodigital. Dīdōnis. biduī.. indignation. nonjudgmental. tridigital dīgnus. digitally.jurisdictional. otium cum dignitate. digitipinnate. nonpredictor. unpredictable. digitation. du jour (Fr). disdainfully. dismal. disdainer. dignity. sojourner. ante meridiem. unindited. nonaddictive. aggiornamento (It).

: learn. digress. dissent. divisor. date (social.meaning to part. abdo: hide. devisee. dicey. direful. individual. undisciplined dissipō. direly. dīra. divisiveness. dīrum: fearful. dēditum: surrender. dividable. supāre: throw. dēdere. perdidī. individuality. dice-box. disciplinary. divide. redditum: return. dissipāre. perdō. perdere. discō. disparate. disciplinatory. dōnī. discipular. n: gift. discipleship. dīvidere. betrayal. disdain. indivisibly. subdivision. split . second-division. trādō (trans + dō). disciplina: training (cf. dīvīsum: divide (same root as viduus) condivision. additionally. direfully. dedendum. data base. disciplinant. divisible.dīrus. divisibility. dividual. detur. multidisciplinary. dissipatively dīves (dīvitis): rich or dīs (dītis): rich Dives dīvidō17. f: dowry. deodand. individualism. devise. indisipline. tr: betray add. discere. dēdidī. divisively. reddō. interdisciplinary. devisor. disciplinable.apart + Proto-Indo-European root *weydʰ-. datum: give (cf. reddere. dividingly. device. addition. additional. divvy. divider. disindividualize. disciplinarian. dōs. dateless. die 17 dī. dōnum. betray. dare. indivisibility. indivisible. δίδωμι). dōtis. add-on. individuate. *widʰ. divisionism. dēdō. discipliner. divide et impera. transindividual. time). dissipater. condonable. give back. discuss. individualistic. dicer. additive.+ supō. dissipātum: scatter (dis. biodata. condone. additively. division. dividedly. self-discipline. condonative. διδάσκω) condisciple. datary. dividedness. dateline. reddidī. individualized. indivision. dissipation. dividually. scatter) dissipate. addendum. dividend. condoner. data. perditum: destroy. dīvīsī. betrayer. datum. discipline. divisive. dissipāvī. terrible dire. deviceless. dative. dedition. dividendless. dado. antedate. individualist. co-editor. individuation. dedī. distort etc. dissipative. divisibly. divisional. deviser. disciple. datival. caveat venditor. subdivide. dismiss. disiciplinal. individually. carbon dating. undivided dīvus (divine): see deus dō. additory. dedimus. differ. dice. didicī. condonation. direness dis-: apart disappear.

doctorship. editorship. endower. donate. indolent. doceō. feel pain. endow. doctrinize. nontraditional. dolēre. Mandō (q. doluī. docudrama. doctress. documentation. documentary. donatee. Pepper. docuī. sacerdocy. rental. traditionist. render. pardonably. surrender. doleful. extradition. doctrinally. traditionalistic. dolorousness. docile. water doctor doleō. extraditable. superadd. treasonous. traditor. traditionalism.D. paradoctor. school doctor. docēre. traditionalize. doctrīnae. doloriferous. it seems best to regard it as a false derivative. Since only W2 derives trade from trādō. dowerless. treasonable. dolorously. dowry. dolitum: be sad. condolingly. travel document. dolesome. dolorific. vendible. doctrīna. vender.(sg. traitorous. traditional. donorship. condolent. donatively. docility. docious. doctrinairism. donative. unpardonable. dowee.. documentable. radio dating. dolorimetry. op ed. doctrinaire. documentalist.D. vendee.) is manus + dō. docent. documentarily.v. sacerdotalism. sense-datum. docity. traitorism. doctum: teach. donee. doctorand. doctrinism. dolor. m: trick (see δόλος) sedulity. snake doctor. Dolores. renter. condolement. donation. indocile. condoling. editorially. pardonmonger. M. doctorism. indoctrinate. donator.. doctrinization. Dr. dowager. indocility. vendition. rendezvous. vendue. donary. doctorate. δοκέω) D. condolence. doloroso (It). surrenderer. dolī. dol. condoler. vendeuse (Fr). unpardoned. Dr. dotal.D. superaddition. doctoral. editorial. donor. predate. traitress. vend. doctor. f: teaching (cf. donatory. edit. dolefully. neotraditionalist. dolorimeter. Ph. dolorifuge. doctorly. donatary. doctorally. traitor. of dice). treasonously. untraditional. pardonable. dowryless. postdate. condole. dolefulness. indoctrination. indolence. pardon. surrenderee. tradition. vendage. up-to-date. postdoctoral. sedulous. endowment. editorialist. document. perdition. vending machine. doctrinary. extradite. undocumented. documentarian. doc.. doctorial. treason. dolorous. indolently dolus. rent. doctrine. vending. traditionally. traditionalist. double date. traditionary. documentative. dower. . treasonably. editionizing. unpardonably. docible. vendor. edition. editorialize. pardonless. sedulousness dominus (master): see domus (OLD). dolentissimo. rendition. Doctrinarian. sacerdotal. docilely. view data OLD associates dōs and dōtō with dō. editress. pardoner. rentable. doctrinal. give pain condolatory. sedulously. editor. documental.

demesne. dorsolumbar. planidorsal. dormition. duenna. domiciliate. donnishly. dormītum: sleep dorm. madame. domuī. dorsad. duomo. indomitable. pentomino. m: master anno Domini (AD). dominative. princedom. dominance. dormitory. indorse. condominate. obdormition. dorsiferous. domineering. don. domiciliation. domestication. Dominican. dominigene. stepdame. dangerously. dorsī. predominance. ma’am. dominator. dangerous. domesticator. dorsoventral. dormer. predominancy. dominī. domal. dominatrix. domain. dom (title. dorsosternal. dormitorium. condominium. domesticism. dormeuse. Mercedes. granny. undaunted domus. extrados. donna. church). subdorsal. dormant. donee. dormiō. radome. condo. donnishness. dorsum. dorsointestinal. indomitability. tromino. endorsement. dormette. domī/domūs. dormient. deuterodome. intrados. belladonna. dos-à-dos. dormīre. dorsicollar. dorsiventral. tournedos. indomitably. astrodome. domestically. dominie. dorsicumbent. damsel. domino. donnish. dame. domic. pseudodominance. reredos. Dominic. pseudodominant. domination. dungeon. madonna. dominus. dominancy. domesticity. domesticable. mediodorsal. dorsocollar. dorsiflex. dominate. domicile. domineered. domicilium. domina. dorsimeson. domineeringly. Dominus vobiscum. tetromino. dossal. domesticate. indorser. domesticality. n: back dorsabdominal. indorsement. domāre.domō. dominant. domify. f: house. predominantly. predominate. dominical. undangered dōnō (give). dorsispinal. prima donna. domical. madam. mademoiselle. dorsimedian. dominantly. dorsocervical. dangerousness. dormantly. dormitive. domanial. onion dome. dorsibranchiate. domiciliī. superdominant. dormancy. indorsee. dormouse. dorsigerous. predominant. donnism. dorsolateral. dominicide. dome. dormīvī. mesodorsal. dorsifixed. dauntlessly. dorsocaudal. dosser. dauntless. majordomo. dorsal. domestic. co-dominant. dorsigrade. dorsoscapular. danger. domelet. dona. domine. dominee. dorsoumbonal. domineer. δαμάω) daunt. dōnum (gift): see dō. endorser. domiliciary. parados. dominion. marm (dial). dorsopleural. dorsiparous. dossier. endangerment. walldormer dorsum. condomesticate. Notre Dame. endorse. ventrodorsal . subdominant. dorsally. domesticize. n: residence. endanger. grandam. domy. dorsicornu. domiculture. dorsointercostal. donship. dominial. domitum: tame (cf. dorsiduct. endorsee.

coeducation. induce. dubiety. adducible. hesitate (duo + habeō) doubt. conductive. ductwork. nonconductor. dubia. oxidoreduction. nonproductive. educable. indubitably. doubter. ducal. educationist. undoubtedly dūcō. educate. ducis. eco-producing. abductor. adductor. snapdragon dubius. irreducible. dukeship. conductress. conduit. photoinduce. conductivity. induction. educator. introductory. dubiosity. duchesse. educe. introductively. conducing. oviduct. duct. deducibility. obduce. eductive. obduction. abductee. dubitation. introduce. education. dūxī. conduction. educationese. irreducibly. conductility. doubtless. doubtable. ducally. miseducation. dubitative. educible. dubitant. byproduct. archducal. dragon (see δράκων) Draconian. doubtfulness. conductorial. inductionist. sine dubio. deductivism. dux. diseducate. undoubted. conducer. overproduction. ductum: lead. overeducated. conducted. extroduction. educationary. deeducation. conductor. misdoubt. gonoduct. dragon. dubitable. educt. echo-producing. educationalist. eductible. conduciveness. dubitāre. conducting. coeducate. dōtō (pay dowry. m: leader abduce. ducatoon. inducible. conduct. dubious. endow): see dō dracō. conductance. educability. ambiguous. inducement. counterproductive. conductometer. indubitable. miseducate. eductor. induct. abduction. doubtlessly. doubtingly. dux femina facti. indubitation. deductive. end-product. photoconductor. intraduct. photoconduction. intro. m: serpent.dōs (dowry). uncertain. educibly. dubium: doubtful. deeducate. conducive. nonconductive. pendragon. ductilimeter. manuduction. deduction. conduce. coeducational. dukedom. douche. educational. conductory. irreducibility. educatable. dubiousness. dubitatively. deductively. ductule. aqueduct. photoconductive. coproduct. consuctible. . dragon-fly. eduction. doubtfully. ductor. inductile. dux. introducer. dukery. educative. abducent. doge. educand. conducible. deductibly. deductible. conductorship. dubitātum: doubt. archduke. duchess. abductive. educatress. adduct. dukely. abduct. inductional. dogal. dogate. indue. deduce. indubitative. dorsiduct. introductive. adduce. dubitāvī. adductive. inductor. inductance. introducible. conductibility. dragoon. dubitō. condotiere. coed. oleoduct. adduction. educationize. dukeling. introduction. coproduce. ducat. educrat. electroproduction. ductility. conductitious. dracōnis. endue. conductimetric. inconducive. ductless. introductorily. ductile. deducible. doubtful. adducer. germiduct. conductometry. circumduction. duce. overproduce. inductively. ducality. educationally. deduct. duchy. dubiously. misconduct. educatory. coproduction. levoduction. inductive. deducate. dūcere. duke. mucoduct. ductus. obduct.

duodecuple. dualistic. tax deduction. reductor. reintroduce. unproductively. redox.photoinduction. subduct. reproducible. producibly. dualization. produce. duodenum. productively. duodenitis. productional. reproducibility. sexduction. and therefore from the same root as duo . photoreduction. duodecyl. seducer. duologue. production well. transconductance. duo18: two. dulce: sweet billet doux (Fr). seductively. dulcify. double play. reproductively. duo. reproductive. redoubt. reproduction. productionism. subduction. deucedly. unreduced. seducingly. secondary education. photoinductive. redoubtable. duodenal. double. dulcimer. production. reproduce. productive. doublespeak. seductionist. dolce. doublure. semi-conductor. dualize. subdue. productiveness. unreducible. double entendre (Fr). double cross. double-bogey. double entente (Fr). double standard. seductive. transductor. doubledealing. uneducable. conduplicant. reeducate. unseduced. doubloon. unsubdued. productivity. dūmī. reduced. vector product. superabduction. duodene. reductio ad absurdum. reductionism. dulciflorous. reducible. duettino. producent. duodenectomy. duocameral. double date. duodecennial. double-barreled. dozener. double-density. reducibility. traducianism. dulcification. dublet. dulciflous. duetto. dulcitude. double-quick. duodecennial. safe-conduct. deuce. doubler. unproductive. seduction. productor. reduction. producer. duodecentennial. underproduction. superinduction. retroduction. dulce. duodecimal. doublet. dual-purpose. uneducated. producership. postreduction. transducer. dumose duo. transduce. seducibility. superinduce. duae. traducer. dozen. dulcis. producible. superconducting. traducement. reductionist. double-breasted. superconductor. traduce. conduplicate. productress. duant. spermaduct. duet. double team. seductiveness. dulcin. Dulcinea. double meaning. dulcet. doubleness. dulcian. double agent. duodecade. dulcific. superconductivity. transduction. traduction. dually. traducian. sex education. seduce. doubletone. viaduct. duodecimary. edulcorate. redux. reductive. produit net. productionize. reducer. dolcissimo. duodenary. edulcoration. product. vasoconductor. conduplication. 18 bis is from an old form duis. duodenate. double-check. douceur. dual. reeducation. duodrama. unproduced. duoliteral. dualin. dūmum: bramble dumetose. doucet. duettist. ventiduct. dulcitone. dulcite. edulcorator dūmus. duodecimo. seducible. doubly. duocentenary. dualism. double-park. duality. double star. dulcamara. dualist. dulciloquent. vitelloduct dulcis. duoglot. unreproductive. duplex (duplicis): double (see related bis) à deux (Fr). reduce.

duretto. duplicable. superdural. nondurable. pasodoble (Sp). indurate. endure. duplet. perdure. duplicature. obdurateness. dourly. during. duopoly. dural. enduro. duply. dūrus. endurable. duration. duplicidentate. duplication. half-dozen. radurization. duple. Duel is from bellum only NOT duo. endurability. duotype. duplation. extradural. duplexer. duumvir. durable. durative. duplicate. duress. obdurate. obduracy. duopoly. obduration.duomachy. duricrust. duplicitous. duplicand. durability. durationless. unendurable . duplicator. endurably. redupication. endurant. dūrum: hard dour. duraine. perdurable. redouble. dourness. subdural. duplicipennate. duplicating. duopedal. duplicity. thermoduric. duopsony. durably. obdurately. duosecant. dura mater. induration. duplex. perdurability. reduplicativw See also dubitō. endurance. duumvirate. durance. dūra. duotone. durum. duplicability. perdurably. Durex. durant. duplicative. duramen. reduplicate. duumviral.

egoism. indigent egō̆: I. sober-minded. monsieur. esurience. Yorkist. messieurs. egēre. egotistic.E ē-: from. egoity. mon ami (Fr). obese. egotism. n: drunk ebriety. variation of ex. mon Dieu (Fr). letter element. mea culpa. inedible. edacity. ebur. eguī: need. eboris. superego. egocentricity. n: York New York. ma’am. Eborācī. egomaniac. ēdere (ēsse).v. even those compounded of a Greek root such as egocentric. ēbriī. elementalism. Yorkshire ēbrius. inebrious. ecce: behold ecce. sobriety W3 claims that sober is only akin to ebrius. microelement. inebriate. egotize. madonna. esculent. vade mecum AHD and OED derive all ego words from Latin ego and not Greek ἐγώ. ecce homo edō. edible. York. inebriation. ebrious. elemental. inebriety. egotistically. egotist. mē: me (ἐγώ) alter ego. marm (dial). edibleness. elementary. atom. esuriency. egotistical. n: ivory: see (ἔβενος and ἐλέφας) ivory. inebriant. egomaniacal. elementum: element. edibility. New Yorker. mon cher (Fr). egoistic. egocentric. transition element . ēsī. edibly. escarole. egoist. obesity egeō. monsignor. madam. inesculent. elementarily. soberize. elementary school. soberness.) Eborācum. ebriosity. madame. edacious. noli me tangere. egotheism. ego-trip. sobersides. egoite. ivoried Ebur is derived from an Egyptian word through Greek ἔβενος. want indigence. soberly. inebriated. insobriety. indigency. ēsum: eat comestible. soberingly.(q. out of emission etc. egomania. ego. mademoiselle. sober. esurient. inebriacy.

exemptive. sampler. unredeemed. vendemmia. enter etc. ambiance. e. into. perīvī/periī. exemplification. -ēns: see -ent ēnsis. rediī. preempt. which is derived from an Egyptian word. vendimia. ensample. redemptorist. exemption. exemplar. irredeemably. sample bag. peremptoriness. reditum: go back abience. comitium. emptum: buy. on. ambitious. redeemer. eximia. exempli gratia. adimere. tax exempt. pronto. ransomable. example. perīre. vintager See also sumo. unredeemable. exemplary. eximio: outstanding adeem. ambient. circuit. -ency) eō. q. impromptu.) . ambit. premium. redemptively. coemption. caveat emptor. n: assembly. redeō. exempt. ensisternal -ent: -ing docent etc. prompt. redīre. promptness.g. abient. exemplum. adimō. vendange. exemplify. reticence etc. ambitiously. emere. elephās/elephans. itum: go. praetōris. ambience. redemptive. comes. emption. īvī/iī. promptly. peritum: die. preemption. elephantis. ēmī. ēnsis. praetor. adēmī. onto enable. īre. promptbook. ademption.elephantus. ab initio. en-: in. dirempt. m: companion. ademptum: remove. m: praetor. (variation of in-. m: elephant. circuit breaker.v. promptitude. m: elephant elephant Elephantus is derived from Greek ἐλέφας. m: sword ensate. peremptorily. ransom. irredentism. eximious. eximius. preemptory. ransomer. -ent) -entia: quality of -ing regency. vintage. redeemable. irredentist. preemptive. preemptor. co-redeem. unransomed. pereō. unexampled. emō. diriment. (= Eng. peremptory. ēliciō: see laqueus ēmineō: see minae. circuitous. redeem. redemptory. irredeemable. ambition. comitis. sample case. prompter. elephantī. unprompted. (= Eng. ensiform. redemption. preemptively. comitiī. exemplarily. -ence. coredeemer. ransomless.. sample. teleprompter. adit.

overambitious. epulī. uninitiated. concomitancy. postobit. county. entranced. transit visa. itinerantly. county court. transitivize. unissued. perish. introit. imperishability. obituary. transition element. unambitiously. transience. intransitive. Posse Comitatus. obit. issuable. microcircuit. preteritive. intercircuit. reinitialize. concomitant. transitiveness. n: banquet. reissue. coition. count (title). issue. aberrational. exit. transient. concomitance. county seat. transitional. transit instrument. paratransit. microcircuitry. itinerate. perishless. recommence. perishingly. word-initial epistula. intransitively. comitative. constable. transition probability. praetor. equus ergō: therefore cogito ergo sum. urchin errō. m: hedgehog sea urchin. countyocracy. tank circuit. issueless. initial. transit duty. errare humanum . trance. transitron. equitation. equī. imperishably. transitive. epulation equus. transitivity. f: letter (see ἐπιστολή) epistle. epulae. aberrancy. suddenly. disentrance. errāre. viscount. unambitious. countess. ἵππος) equerry. countyism. constability. transition. transit camp. transitory. initialization. errant. ēriciī. transiently. perishable. commence. comitium. exeunt. aberration. praetorium. comitial. aberrometer. issuant. equestrian. preterition. coitus reservatus. postcoital. issuer. intransit. initiative. equitis. constabulary. arrant. shortcircuit. transientness. errantly. equestrienne. seditiously. transitivism. epistoler. itineration. itinerancy. aberrate. commencer. transitorily. equites. errātum: wander aberrance. concomitantly. comitia. praetorial. coital. errāvī. itinerant. sudden. epistolize epulum. issuance. commencement. err. seditious. transiency. precoital. eques. initiatory. equine.circituously. overissue. initiate. ergo ēricius. countship. circumambience. preterit. m: horseman(cf. subito. suddenness. errancy. coitus. ob(it). itineracy. seditionist. comitatus. f pl: feast epulary. trancelike. obiter dictum. initially. transire. obituarist. aberrant. m: horse. initialism. sic transit gloria mundi. imperishable. circuitry. transitoriness. entrancingly. entrancement. propraetor. transit. entrance (vb). itinerary. track circuit. ite missa est. multicircuit. initiation. initiator. transitively. transition temperature. constableship. transit circle. praetorian. initialize. sedition. coitus interruptus. perisher. epistulae. seditionary. transitionary. epulārum. praetorship. circumambient. epistolary.

extravagantly. extravagant. externus. exterior. estrange. exsilium. extraneously.. explōrātōris. Also prefix of many words: ē. vi et armis ex: from. out of ex (former). etc. explorational. post-exilian OLD suggests independent root. inerrable. externality. excellō (be superior): see celsus exiguus (small): see agō. extrēmus. LS: perhaps related to saliō. externalist. extremist. excellēns (outstanding). unerringly -ēscō: begin coalesce etc. externalism. extravagation. explorator. extrinsically. inerrably. extrageneus. extrēmum: last. error. explorative. estrangement. externalize. extravagancy. externa. c: one sent into exile. unexplored exsul. urbi et orbi. et tu Brute. extrā: outside (of). -esce) esse: see sum et: and &. extra. exilic. extro-. exulis. extrinsicity. errorlessly. externum: outside ad extremum. erraticism. externally. exteriorize. exploratory. explore. erratic. et cetera. stranger For complete list consult Reverse Index under exter-. explōrātor.). et alia. extreme. explorer. erratum. extremity.). unerring. . ex. knight-errantry. strange. explōrāvī. extrēma. explōrātum: seek out. extrapolate. erroneous. et alii. extravagate.. m: spy (OLD: explorō may be a compound of plōrō. extravagance. (= Eng. inerrant. extremely. erratically. extremism. erroneously. ne: exile exile. erringly. tracking error. external. et al. errorless. in extremis.) exploration. exsiliī. panem et circenses. extra-. inerrancy. strangely. exteriorly. experior (try): see perītus explōrō. extrinsic.(expel etc. divide et impera. explōrāre. extravaganza. erring. inerrantly. strangeness. exploratively.est.(emit etc. extrinsical. knight-errant. extraneous.

exuviārum. exuere. exuō. exuvial. exuī. exuviate. exūtum: to shed. derived from traho contain the prefix ex-. exuviation . f pl: spoils exuviae. not extra-.Note that extract etc. exuviae.

facilis. beneficent. commodification. beneficently. artificial. beneficial. cause-and-effect. benefice. carbonification. . box office. fabricless. chauffeur. beautifier. f: bean fabaceous. cutify. amplification. petroforge. fabricate. artefact.F faba. chafe. facētum: witty facetiosity. counterfeitly. damnification. beatific. counterfeit. beneficiary. complexify. confetti. fabrication. n: duty abortifacient. certification. craniofacial. caprification. absorbifacient. artificially. confectioner. artificer. facinoris. certified. forgeable. bonification. fārī) faciō. classified. centrify. (perhaps from for. colorific. cretification. chylification. officiī. chafing. facetiousness LS says same root as faciō. OED disagree. chylific. beautify. calefaction. acidify. artifice. facile: easy. affective. co-factor. fabrī. benefiter. clarifier. beneficially. coefficient. countrified. m: workman fabric. amplified. artifact. benefactress. fabricator. do. affected. aerify. artificiality. certify. citify. codifier. affectedly. damnify. factum: make. f: face (italicized words below from faciēs). fēcī. prefab. benefit. affection. coeffect. certifiable. facetiously. faciēī. cornify. clarified. classification. beatification. fabae. facere. confectionary. centrification. facilis. calcific. bifacial. blackface. benefactive. petrofabrics. beatify. comfiture. classifiable. codification. refabricate fābula: see for facētus. Fabianism. forger. conspecific. codify. faciēs. acidification. contrafactum. aerification. crudification. confective. classify. amplify. aurification. coronofacial. confectory. calcification. prefabricated. benefactor. affectation. Fabian. counterfactual. calorific. calefactory. cretify. clarify. affectional. forge. beneficiate. confection. benefactrix. fabricative. affecter. about-face. officium. confect. benefaction. affectively. facetious. n: crime. facinus. prefabrication. airified. boldface. calcify. cofeature. coossify. chymification. calefacient. cutification. certificate. aurify. forgeless. aficionado. co-specific. cornfactor. barefaced. consignificant. affect. carbonify. beneficence. facēta. comfit. clarification. affaire (Fr). Boniface. aftereffect. AIDS. fabiform. affectionately. airify. forgeability. confectionery. classifier. cornification. beautification. forgery. counterfeiter. commodify. OLD. amplifier. favism faber. counterfeitness. affair. coefficiently. affectionate. certifiably.

factitive. effectively. forfeiter. dux femina facti. falsifiability. facility. deificatory.deacidification. defector. fashionable. edifice. diabolification. deficit. facilitative. facial. deficiently. facially. defectless. electrifiable. factionist. efficacy. disunify. deficiency. efficiency. factor. gasifier. factless. diversification. fashionist. facile. facsimile. effectuative. defectively. factualist. dissatsfiedly. disinfection. defeasance. factorship. dolorific. emulsifier. Dutchify. effectuation. defectiveness. diselectrify. exemplification. effectless. facunduty. deacidify. ex post facto. efficacious. disinfect. factitiously. disbenefit. effector. difficult. effectible. defacement. fashionably. delirifacient. feasibility. defeature. factious. factualness. febrifacient. decertification. dissatisfaction. face lift. facies. facedown. exemplify. faciation. face value. dispersonification. faction. fortifier. felicific. dignified. defeatism. effectual. declassify. disinfector. efface. disaffectedly. effecter. -fy. facta non verba. denitrification. farcify. gasification. factionary. dignifiedly. deossify. face. defectivation. factorable. devitrify. fax. featureless. fructification. demystify. difficulty. faceless. dentification. efficacity. forfeiture. factorial. dispersonify. dehumidifier. fetishistic. featurely. facy. -fic. defection. defect. factitiousness. disqualify. disintensify. factlessness. deifier. electrification. disinfectant. factoid. dignify. effaceable. fashionmonger. dentifactor. desertification. façade. duncify. declassification. feasibly. facty. dehumidify. facient. facet. factorization. facilis descensus Averno. devitrification. disqualification. edifyingly. fortification. detoxify. frigorific. de-electrify. discomfit. forfeit. effectually. defeater. falsifier. factionally. facultative. deficient. factuality. efficaciously. dulcify. defeat. edification. fetishist. facing. desilicify. fact. discomfiter. decertify. facilely. feckless. factory. efficiently. forfeitable. dissatisfied. factorially. emulsification. deossification. fashion. facture. dog-faced. difficultly. effective. falsify. falsifiable. dignifier. denitrify. dulcification. feasible. facilitate. face card. effectuality. decalcify. defective. facinorous. disinfecter. . falsification. disaffected. deification. deific. fancification. fetishism. demagnify. diabolify. emulsify. disclassify. disaffection. fashioner. effectiveness. disaffect. deify. factoring. diversify. fortify. fazenda. factorist. fetisher. factitive. effect. factorize. defeatist. efficaciousness. factualism. fait accompli. fancify. fashionability. factionalistic. demystification. fact-finding. dehumidification. defease. feature. featurette. defectibility. edificatory. factionalization. desanctify. dulcific. factionalize. factitious. etherification. factionalist. effacement. edifying. factionalism. facemask. faena. edify. divinify. factually. fashionless. discomfiture. factiousness. fetish. deface. factual. fructify. facilitation. factotum. facilitator. disfeature. electrifier. defectible. effectuate. dissatisfy. ex officio. factional. facultize. factioneer. florification. faciolingual. de facto. fortifiable. -efy. defeasible. gasify. disfashion. face-saving. feat. facultate. factorage. faculty. electrify. defacer. domify. factiously. defaceable. efficient.

organification. insignificancy. infectiousness. mystify. infeasible. lichenification. magnification. . liquefaction. insufficiently. munificence. insufficient. objectify. mystifier. nitrification. olfactometer. officiary. mirifical. karstification. magnificent. nonprofit. monkeyfy. omnific. ineffective. mutafacient. matter-of-fact. malefactor. ineffectual. humanify. officious. justification. machinofacture. nonspecific. imperfectibility. infective. justify. hominify. manufactural. lithify. indemnification. -ify. office. imperfectness. horrifically. magnificently. manufacturable. officiousness. justifiably. officer. metrification. lithification. modifiable. multifaceted. nitrifiable. generification. infelicific. negrification. laissez faire (Fr). malific. intensification. nullifier. ossification. identification. interface. magnify. negrify. modifying. nonfeasance. gravific. imperfect. glorifier. identify. infectiously. officinal. nutrify. intensify. gratifier. nonproficiency. ineffectiveness. inofficiously. optimific. minification. liquefy. organify. officeholder. gratification. liquefacient. modifiability. intensifier. olfactive. olfactorium. nidification. MIDI. officiously. multifactional. manufactory. minify. horrify. oldfashioned. malfeasance. honorific. infect. misidentify. intereffective. mercurification. ineffaceable. justifiability. officiate. laser. humidification. horrifiedly. horrifical. officialdom. officerless. mortification. nitrify. organific. nidificate. modification. mucification. lucific. orofacial. infector. notifier. latensify. officialese. official. magnific. letter-perfect. inefficatious. mollify. officiality. motific. glorify. orofacial. horrified. metrify. manufacture. identifiable. justifier. munificently. imperfective. officership. jellify. horrifying. inefficient. opacify. mystification. -ific. nonfactual. opacification. olfacronics. massify. laserprint. identifiability. notification. justificatory. ipso facto. magnifier. gentrification. nonproficient. gratify. nonidentifiable. insufficiency. intraspecific. indefeasible. mollification. hacienda. identifier. lithifaction. insignificance. magnifico. inefficiently. maleficent.gaudify. officialize. olfaction. officialism. mellific. old-face. humidifier. granitification. olfactometry. interoffice. inofficious. infeasibility. mellifica. olfactorily. ossify. indemnify. officiant. glacification. inartifial. immunodeficient. malefaction. insignificant. infectively. imperfectly. gentrify. mortify. mercurify. humidify. ineffectually. horrific. notify. nitrfier. liquefiable. objectifiable. gratifying. imperfection. justifiable. inefficiency. noneffective. multifaculty. nonsignificant. ineffectively. nonscientific. nonscientifically. infectivity. indefectible. Magnificat. mollifier. nullification. infectious. misidentification. metafacial. horrifyingly. imperfectible. morbific. ignify. modificative. mucific. ossificatory. munificent. misfeasance. idolify. modifier. maleficence. interfacial. hyperinfection. multifactorial. nullify. nonefficient. glorifiable. officially. malfeasant. infection. open-faced. omnificence. objectfication. monkeyface. officinally. gratifyingly. orifice. ossific. heroify. immunodeficiency. modify. olfactory. glorification. manufacturer. ignific. gigantify. magnificence. insignificantly.

signific. subfactor. perfecter. reification. prefectorial. overprolific. self-satisfied. satisfiable. pacificatory. putrify.. Q. qualifier. self-sacrifice. revivification. subfactorial. rectifier. significate. pontificating. perfectism. pacification. photoeffect. speechify. pacifism.F. qualification. stupefacient. scizoaffective.E. parturifacient. sanguification. ozonify. specifiable. perfectible. postoffice. Rh factor. salify. ratify. savoir-faire (Fr). sufficiency. stupefaction. stereospecific. police officer. saponify. perfectionism. satisfactory. perfection. sanctifier. significs. prolific. perfect. staff office. sound effect. profit. pluperfect. pontifical. perfectibilism. qualify. self-sufficient. satisfyingly. perfectness. silicify. saponification. sacrificer. perfect square. simplify. salsification. profitably. stratify. significatory. specification. pontification. refection. sacrificially. speciesspecific. perfect ten. repacify. side-effect. self-sufficiency. signified. petrifier. self-sacrificing. perfecta. premodify. pigfaced. outfit. repurification. stupefy. profiteer. recertify. satisfy. revivifier. satisfiability. satisfier. salification. sufficient. Pacific Ocean. prima facie. ramify. reface. rarefactional. rubify. seaface. rarefaction. quantification. printing office. pacifically. satisfaction. pulpify. stultification. rubefacient. oversimplification. pansified. perfectionist. proficiently. petty officer. overspecify. pacifist. pacific. sanguify. selfsatisfaction. post factum. pacificator. oval office. sudorific. resurface. somnific. refectory. public office. paleface. shamefaced. perfective. perfector. stultify. rubefaction. sonifaction. significancy. soporific. simplification. pontificate. pacifiable. reify. . petrifaction. signify. superefficient. solidification. purify. putrefaction. sex factor. sacrifice. selfdefeating. rectification. profitless. profitability. specifier. perfecto. specific. smooth-faced. pie-faced. petrefact. superficial. qualificator. parfait. pacify. quantifier. rarefy. petrifactive. scientific. purifier. sebific. proficient. stellify. sorbefacient. satisfactorily. sinify. putrefy. stratificational. stress factor. refashion. pinch effect. postinfectious. sanctifiable. qualifying. salsify. personify. ramifactive. significance. palafitte. rigidify. personification. personifier. quantum sufficit. redfaced. reclassify. pontificality. quantum defect. purification. profitableness. stupefier. pacifier. semi-official. pontific. reunification. qualified. sacrificial. specifically. prefecture. pontiff. overface. specificity. quantify. panification. perfectionistic. significant. recertification. specify. pontifex. quantificational. stratification. ramification. signfier. perfectly. patent office. significative. stellification. ratification. quantifiable. police office. putrefactive. oversimplify. rectify. refortify. solidify. profiter. somnifacient. significator. signification. pacifistically. superfecta. significantly. purificator. sanctification.outface. subsurface. petrify. profitable. revivify. scientificity. reinfect. repurify. overqualified. self-sufficing. proficiency. scientifically. prolificacy. pontifically. self-effacement. sanctify. perfectibility. sensify. silicification. reunify. suffice. repacification. postmodification. prefect. sonorific. sufficiently.

torrefaction. testifier. unjustifiable. defecator. vitrifiable. surface. surficial. tumefaction. verificationist. fallibilist. faultfinding. vilification. n: hay fennel faex. vitrify. thermal efficiency. ventifact. vivific. faucet (W3. but not OED). superficially. defaultant. verbification. tepefy. transmogrify. underofficial. unsatisfactorily. falseness. unprofitable. trifacial. uncertified. surfacer. unmollified. two-faced. vilifier. uglification. tumefy. vaporific. volte-face (Fr). unsatisfied. defaulter. wallface. wave surface. unfashionably. verificatory. unification. infallibilist. failing. typify. undignified. uglify. watch-officer. thurify. fallibly. falsify. fallacious. verifiable. undefeated. unofficially. telefacsimile. transpecific. transignification. vinify. unsanctified. versification. testify. unrectified. faultlessly. victualling-office. unqualified. surfaceman. thurification. ultrafashionable. superficies. unspecified. falsehood. unprofitably. vitrification. faux (Fr). work surface. false step. faultily. surfactant. unputrified. unpacified. falsification. terrific. feces. versifier. vivification.perfect. unmodified. failer. superinfect. fallaciousness. false. falsifiability. unfashionable. tubifacient. user-interface. torporific. verification. fefellī. fail-safe. fault. fallibilism. faenum. faultiness. torpefy. falsies. white-faced. unifier. defecation. fallere. syllabify. faecis. terrified. unsatisfactory. vilify. See OED: face. vivify. transfer effect. . faultfully. f: dregs defecate. unifacial. faulter. unfashioned. unratified. vivified. falsifier. undiversified. trifecta. fecal. fallible. wallface. faux pas (Fr). vivificate. falsity. transfax. falsism. versify. unidentified. transpacific. tenebrific. terrifically. unofficial. unsatisfiable. transfer factor. unscientific. failure. tumefacient. technification. fail. falsely. which OED asserts may be derived fom faciō. verifiability. falsum: deceive default. unedifying. infallibilism. vivifier. verify. unfeasible. syllabification. fecaloid. tepify. fallaciously. superinfection. verifier. unverifiable. terrify. unmortified. unsacrificed. faultful. but defy from fidēs. falsifiable. versificator. For office see note under opus. vinification. feculent fallō. torrefy. terrifying. fecality. unpurified. The suffix -fy normally is derived from faciō. falsetto. underofficer. unpacific. crucify from fīgō. word. fallacy.superficiality. terrifyingly. faultage. surfeit. unify. faenī. worm-faced Italicized words are derived from faciēs. verbify. unifiable. unverified. faultless. verificationism. unscientifically. typeface. faultlessness. unaffected. transfection. fallibility. faulty.

fasciate. infallibly. fascia. fasces. fascist. falcis. familial. falcular. power failure. type fallacy. fascinī. unfamilarly fānum. familiarness. fascicular. profaneness. familist. profanity LS lists as same root as for. profanation. falciform. fasciculus. crypto-fascist. farris. far(fc)tum: fill. infarction fascinum (fascinus). fasciae. falcate. falconer. familiarization. subfascial fastus. n (m): evil eye fascinate. farsī. falchion. farcīre. fasciculation. m: household slave. unfamiliar. m: pride 19 ultimately from famulus. fascistic. fascinatingly. falx. fanatically. farse. stem family. famulī. fascia. fastūs. n: shrine. fascistization. familiar. familiāris. overfamiliar. fasciola. falcon. defalk. materfamilias. familism. f: hunger famine. defamiliarize. pass-fail. falcula. farcicality. farcify. family tree. extrafascial. sickle defalcation. paterfamilias. fascination. no fault. f: hook. farraginous. fascism. fasciole. profanatory. farreation farciō. confarreation. familistic. profanely. farina. profane. familiarize. both OLD and OED do not. fārī. m: bundle. familiarity. famis. overfault. familiae. far. defalcate. unfailing. infallible. familiāre: private defamiliarization. family name. nonfamily. falconine. fascinating. farcer. f: headband antifascist. pro-Fascist. farcy. family circle. gerfalcon fāma: see for famēs. n: spelt (grain) confarreate. family. f: family. famish. fascicule. farinose. temple fan (person). pack farce. farcically. famished. fane. defalcator. fānī. fess (stripe). farinaceous. fasciation. . Oxfam. unfailingly falx. familiāris. fanatical. falconry. fascinator fascis. profaner. fanaticism. fasciculate. familiarly. fascis. infarct. falculate.infallibility. fanship. fascicle. subfamily. familiarism. farcical. farreate. fascine. fanatic. Potato Famine familia19. farctate. falconet. famishment. farrago. neofascist.

faucium. faunizone. defatigation. faviform. favorableness. unfading from vapidus. favorer. favī. unfaded. faunule. fatuum: foolish. meiofauna. fatigable. Faunus. facular. fatigue. favored. ill-favoredly. fatiguingly. favoredness. fatigability. favete linguis. microfauna. well-favored Favōnius. Faunī. fastidiousness. fāvī. fatuus. ill-favored. fatīgātum : weary. suffocation. profiteor (profess): see for. unfastidious fastīgium. faucalize. fautorship. piscifauna faucēs. suffocate. fatua. Faunus. fauces. ODEE blends with fatuus. highlight fastigiate fateor (profess). indefatigably fātum (fate): see for. favor. f: fever . fautor.fastidious.. fatīgāvī. fall apart fatiscence. fatīgāre. f: torch facula. faculous fē̆bris. fatīscere: lie open. epifaunal. fē̆bris. fautum: favor co-favorite. fauna. favoritism. indefatigability. fatīscō. m: honeycomb faveolate. suffocatingly. fastidiously. favorable. m: west wind Favonian. infatuate. facis. fading. faun. fatiguesome. tasteless fatuity. favoredly. faucial. suffocative faveō. favoringly. infatuation. favorably. faunal. infauna. unfavored. gape. favose. herpetofauna. unfavorable. favus fax. tire defatigable. indefatigable. n: gable. peak. crack open. infatuator OED derives fade. faience. faigueless. m: woodland god avifauna. Favōniī. summi. fatuously. disfavor. favorite. f pl: throat (plural of faux) faucal. fohn favus. unfavorably. fatuous. favēre. fastīgiī. fatiscent fatīgō.

fecundation. unoffensive. defenseless. defensive. fend. offender. feverless. indefensibly. feminie. war fever. infelicity fēmina. inoffensiveness. femininely. offendant. offendī. effeminately. counteroffensive. felid. fevered. fēlis. feverishness. feminility. n: thigh coxofemoral. offensiveness. defendant. defender. effeminateness. unoffensively. offence. superfecundation fēlēs. female. jailfever. ward off. fencer. febrile. inoffensive. feline. defensor. feminization. febrifuge. offendō. rheumatic fever. felicity. febrifugal. offensively. dēfendō. sex-offender. fēcunda. hit. felicific. fender. felinity fēlīx (fēlīcis): lucky Felicia. disinfest. zone defense . offensus: attack. sex-offense. femineity. postfebrile. feminity. f: cat felicide. infecundity. femina. feverous. felicitous. fē̆bruō. defense. offenseless. infecund. feminicity. fenderless. fence. infelicific. defend. fē̆bruātum: purify February fēcundus. defensively. postfemoral -fendō. feverishly. -fendere. feminal. febricula. fencing. feverously. defensibly. offendere. co-defendant. forfend. felicitously. dēfendere. postfeminist femur. yellow fever fē̆bruum fē̆bruī. feminize. rabbit fever. febriferous. fecundity. fēminae. feminine. defend. unoffended. biodefense. electric-fence. effeminacy. fē̆bruāre. feminist. offense. defensist. outfence. defensible. unoffending. femaleness.antefebrile. dux femina facti. defensibility. undefensible. femininity. subfebrile. offensive. unfenced. Felix. fē̆bruāvī. femicide. feminism. femur. febrility. postfeminism. dēfendī. disfever. dēfensus: repel. -fensus (only in compounds): ward of. thrust. offenceless. febricolous. wound fever. femoris (feminis). defension. undefendable. interfemoral. fecundate. feverish. feminoid. offend. femme fatale (Fr). feminality. fever. defeminize. undefended. infelicitously. fecundly. effemination. febrifacient. n: rite of purification. defensiveness. feminineness. patellofemoral. indefensible. feliform. undulant fever. fēcundum: fertile fecund. feminacy. femalely. defeminization. fenceless. inoffensively. hay fever. f: woman antifeminist. self-defense. defence. felicitation. trench fever. effeminate. felicitate. well-defended. -fendī. infelicitous. femoral.

elative. festival. aluminiferous. cystiferous. circumferentor. fetiferous. festival days. fenestrae. differentiable. conchiferous. cheliferous. cauliferous. elatedness. fairground. argentiferous. differentiant. disrelate. interferon. different. conifer. corymbiferous. fēsta. fenestral. delation. elatedly. chymiferous. correlate. chromiferous. eutectiferous. bacciferous. fenestration. elate. differential. deferential. differentness. merry fair (n). f: window defenestrate. deferentiality. differentialize. conferential. deference. ablātum: carry off (cf. coraliferous. chloriferous. ablative. collate. lātum: carry. aquifer. cf. circulatory. differently. gabfest. diamantiferous. culmiferous. collationer.. counteroffer.fenestra. columbiferous. waferfest feriō. cruciferous. festal. correlational. interferer. fenestrule fēriae. chyliferous. differentiator. dilatory. delate. pesta. conchifera. corniferous. efferent. collatee. difference. crystalliferous. comiferous. feastmaster. ceriferous. ferial. cupriferous. differentiability. embryoferous. confer. noninterference ferō. deferral. balsamiferous. elated. biferous. cobaltiferous. interference. cirriferous. abstulī. costiferous. deafferent. auferō. aliferous. conferee. fiesta. correlative. defer. fēstum: festive. festoon. feracious. collative. festive. auto-correlated. circumferential. festively. ablation. feastday. ferre. carboniferous. fēstus. fēriārum. circulator. deferentially. auferre. fertilize. correlativeness. sportfest. conferrer. dorsiferous. festoonery. delator. feast. circumference. embryoniferous. fertility. ablator. acuminiferous. disciferous. fest. differentiation. amygdaliferous. deferment. fertilizer. crossreference. funfest. f pl: holidays. doloriferous. correlogram. coniferization. efferential. festlogy. correlativity. calcariferous. decollator. feriate. conference. crossfertilize. tulī. conferral. conferencier. capsuliferous. festa. talkfest. colubriferous. deferal. correlatable. fertile. fenestrated. circulation. correlatively. dilatorily. febriferous. dedifferentiation. collatable. auriferous. elation. differentiate. diatomiferous. deferent. dilatoriness. cypriferous. colliferous. coniferous. afferent. corolliferous. cupuliferous. fertilization. elatement. canaliferous. conferment. ciliferous. correlation. crucifer. collation. slugfest. collator. henfest. corpusculiferous. conferrable. fertigation. . interferingly. ferīre: strike interfere. fete. elator. criniferous. circulate. fertilizable. differ. columniferous. fenestella. disrelation. aeriferous. defenestration. fatiferous. songfest. differentially. autocorrelation. ferriferous. festivity. fertilely. conchifer. coniferin. φέρω) ablate. decollate.

indifferentism. papyriferous. inferrentially. legislate. preferability. mamilliferous. spiculiferous. laticiferous. odoriferous. papilliferous. interrelatedness. oblationer. perlative. reference. scyphiferous. oblational. relate. Luciferian. glandiferous. prelature. somniferous. luciferin. imbriferous. placentiferous. resiniferous. relative pronoun. offering. proliferation. preferentially. palpifer. illation. guttiferous. recirculation. intranslatable. oblation. petaliferous. sublate. pistilliferous. HTTP. purpuriferous. manganiferous. indifferently. . mentiferous. strombuliferous. nuciferous. ref. scutiferous. insufferable. relational. sacchariferous. illative. splendiferously. infertility. mammaliferous. saliferous. pelviferous. granuliferous. plumbiferous. seleniferous. palmiferous. stelliferous. relationship. ozoniferous. foliiferous. relative frequency. ossiferous. maculiferous. sufferable. proliferative. reptiliferous. relativist. related. offeree. seminiferous. proboscidiferous. retranslate. oblate. mammiferous. squamiferous. stanniferous. preference. granitiferous. implementiferous. prolate. ligniferous. oblatory. stomatiferous. siliquiferous. fossiliferous. furciferous. furciferine. legislative. palladiferous. inferable. pulmoniferous. iodiferous. stipuliferous. papuliferous. floriferous. Lucifer. refertilize. Fortran. piliferous. fimbrilliferous. globiferous. preferably. proliferate. graniferous. proffer. poriferan. infertile. relativize. medusiferous. quartziferous. legislatorial. graminiferous. melliferous. interrelationship. roriferous. insufferably. rotifer. gemmiferous. spiciferous. securiferous. offer. nubiferous. pediferous. relativism. hederiferous. staminiferous. odiferous. interrelate. insectiferous. legislator. relative humidity. laniferous. omniferous. spiniferous. preferment. longsuffering. pestiferous. glanduliferous. prelacy. sudoriferous. nectariferous. sin-offering. preferential. referent. mortiferous. lactiferous. igniferous. petroliferous. polliniferous. inference. recirculate. maliferous. proliferous. sensiferous. legislation. oxyluciferin. sublation. spumiferous. relativity. lignitiferous. referendum. platiniferous. offertory. prelate. oviferous. lethiferous. margaritiferous. potassiferous. profferer. ocelliferous. legislature. mistranslate. relation. pinniferous. inferential. penniferous. legislatively. ovuliferous. paciferin. self-reference. sporangiferous. sexiferous. flamminiferous. nonproliferation. luctiferous. intransferable. siliciferous. indifference. gelatiniferous. irrelative. palpiferous. public relations. rotifera. referential. fructiferous. retransfer. soniferous. succiniferous. splendiferous. infer. filiferous. prefer. prolative. lative. frondiferous. muciferous. offertorium. relative. preferable. mistranslation. referee. offerer. refer. relatively.fibrilleferous. interrelation. nodiferous. oblationary. referral. self-referral. sanguiferous. peace-offering. limbiferous. indifferent. fluctiferous. gypsoferous. nonreferential. overdifferentiation. poriferous. pomiferous. metalliferous. soporiferous. indigoferous. herbiferous. motiferous. luminiferous. nucleiferous. oculiferous. suffer. sebiferous. spermatiferous. oblateness. overfertility.

vociferously. untranslatable. fervī: boil defervesce. perfervidly. ferromagnetic. ferreous. viniferous. orthoferrite. ferromagnetism. ferbuī: boil. transferable. defervescent. transferential. fermentable. valvifer. effervescible. unrelated. vociferation. fervidly. translatory. festinate. unfermented festīnō. transferase. fera. ventilative. ventilate. fierceness ferveō. unsuffering. rod ferule ferus. translational. suffering. ferine. tralatitious. ferrotherapy. vociferous. untranslated. ferroelectric. thank-offering. fiercely. superlatively. transferer. Ferry is unrelated. thalliferous. ferment. translative. vociferate. uriniferous. ferruginous. thurifer. umbraculiferous. ferrule. viruliferous. tubiferous. ferrocalcite. ferociously. ferulae. conferrumination. translator. transferor. translatese. ferrugo. transfer effect. unsufferably. nonferrous. ferrum. ventilation. vociferant. fer-de-lance. translatable. n: iron conferruminate. umbellifer. vesiculiferous. fervor. unfertilized. ferrotype. teleconference. fermentation. fervid. transference. thyrsiferous. fervō. Fe. festīnāvī. hasten festina lente. tuberiferous. ferrometer. vociferousness.sufferably. ferrous. transfer factor.B. with spelling influenced by ferrum ferula. effervescence. translate. ferroalloy. effervesce. ferrite. fervescent. ferocity. unguiferate. vermiferous. fervency. translatorese. ferrate. transfer function. defervescence. wage differential. veliferous. unsufferable. teliferous. fermentarian. telecon. transfer case. tubifer. ferric. translationese. tentaculiferous. f: stick. translation. festination . effervescive. fierce. unoffered. ferrochromium. umbelliferous. vaccinifer. fierce. turriferous. effervescently. transferee. ventilator. tanniferous. trochiferous. ferocious. effervescent. ferum: wild. vitelliferous. effervescingly. uncirculated. ferriferous. time difference. vociferance. ventilatory. sufferer. sufferance. festīnātum: hurry. fervere. ferritize. farriery. transfer table. fervēre. farrier. videoconference. ferōx (ferōcis): fierce feral. toxiferous. fervently. vitiferous. titaniferous. ferity. umbriferous. vasculiferous. tubuliferous. thought transfer. fermental. toxifer. transferring Ferrule more likely from viriae. transfer line. transferability. ferrī. perfervid. superlative. effervescency. festīnāre. fervorous. time differential. transfer. fermenter. fervent. zinciferous N.

confidence. defyingly. fetally. bona fide. perfidia. diffident. faithfully. diffidence. fibry. fīcī/fīcūs. fetal. f: fig tree ficoid. osteofibrosis. diffidently. Punica fides. perfidiae. perfidy. festūcae. fiberless. confidently. ultrafidian. f: treachery (see related foedus) affianced. fig leaf fidēs. fibrillar. auto da fé (Pg). fētus. fibroblast. high fidelity. manifestly. fētum: pregnant. multifetation. defibrinate. solifidian. fideist. manifesto fēteō. filament (perhaps related to fīlum) defibrillate. -festum (only in compouds): seized. fibrinogen. fibrillose. fiduciarily. teeming. perfidious. fetiparous. unfaithfulness. unfaithful. fibrid. fibroneuroma. self-confident. fiance. fibrillate. f: stalk festucine -festus. manifesta. confider. faithlessness. infidelize. fibrocystic. feticulture. fetation. fibroplastic. infidelity. manifestation. defibrillator. f: faith. diffidation. fibrositis. confide. fiber. fetid. fiduciary. manifest. solifidianism. fetalization. fiducially. defibrillation. overconfident. fibrosis. īnfestum: hostile. faithfulness. fibrate. perifibrous fībula (brooch): see fīgō fīcus. overconfidence. fibril. confidentially. feticide. confidee. m: offspring effete. fibrovascular. defiant. fetus. faithful. fibrin. fealty. fibroma. fibrose. fētūs. faithworthy. infestation. fibrilliform. fawn (n). fibrillation. fīdō. fibrous. manifestus. fetiferous. fibrinolysin. confidential. defiantly. fiducial. self-confidently. semper fidelis. effeteness. self-confidence. mala fide. fibriform. confidant. fig. glassfiber. fētēre: stink asafetida. faith-based. defier. fibre. confiding. fibrinous. fiberglass. nullifidian. fetor fētus. Santa Fe. Fidel. confidingness. fibriliferous. confidentiality. perfidiousness. fiancee. confidingly. infidel. fidepromissor. fidelity. omnifidel. fruitful. fiber. affidavit. Fido. fideī. fīsus sum: trust. manifestative. infestate. fibrillogenic. perfidiously. f: leaf. superfetation fī̆bra. unfaithfully. osseofibrous. hi-fi. fibromuscular. wi-fi . faithless.festūca. īnfesta. fetidness. fideism. fēta. īnfestus. confident. manifestum : clear (perhaps related to -fendō) infest. defy. fibrinoplastic. fiberscope. defiance. fibrinoid. ficus. faith. -festa. microfiber. fīdere. fī̆brae.

fissipede. feint. pin affiche. disfigurer. configurationism. filose. profile. postfixation. filigree. postfix. fixable. fissirostral. counterfissure. antefix. fimbriārum. fils (Fr). configurative. form. f: brooch. disfigure. vent (slit) fingō. fissure. fissile. filiferous. hidalgo. fibula. disaffiliation. soffit. transfission. fission. trifid. fiction. multifidous. infibulation. superfix. multifilament. faintly. fissibility. configurature. infissile. filet mignon. f: shape. quinquifid. configure. pedatifid. fiche. rate-fixing. confix. fixity. f: daughter affiliate. prefixion. attach. decemfid. fixer. fillet. filicology fīlum. filiciform. m: son. filamentary. f: fern filicifolia. effigies. fissicostal. filiation. filament. filoplume. simulfix. fissiparous. confixture. effigurate. profilometer. enfilade. fashion. septemfid. fixation. fidī. fībula. fibular. fingere. fixator. fimbrillate. profilist. nuclear fission. affiliative. superfissure. fixture. confixative. fictionalize. prefix. reaffiliate. rank-and-file. filiopietistic. pentafid. affix. affixture. disfiguration. fictionize. figūrae. finxī. monofilament. fībulae. filar. fissilingual. filicoid. defilade.fīgō. fictional. unfix. f pl: border. configurational. crucifixion. effigiate. fictile. unifilar fimbriae. feign. disfigurement. fissionable. filicide. dorsifixed. transfixation. fissility. fīxī. faintness. fissive. filer. photofission. contrafissure. interfilamentar. fīlī. quasi fission. fringe fimbriate. fixed. affiliation. filiality. findere. microfiche. fissidactyl. suffix. fīlia. fīliae. fimbrilliferous. trifilar. n: thread bifilar. disaffiliate. infix. ultrafiche. defile (n). feignedly. filipendulous. fringe findō. fīgere. tau crucifix. fissum: split bifid. fīliī. fixedness. decafid. fissile. fictionalism. faint. crucifix. unfixed figūra: see fingō fīlius. interfilar. fix. profiler. medifixed. transfix. filial. effigy. fichu. fictility. fixit. quadrifid. unfilial filix. soldiers). transfixion. . figure configuration. palmatifid. prefixation. infixation. reaffiliation. in nomine Patris et Filli et Spirtus Sancti. unaffiliated. disfiguringly. fimbriation. filet. price fixing. undefiled. multifid. quadrifilar. fibulate. effigial. idée fix (Fr). fixate. figūra. filicis. triffid. file (papers. fainthearted. prix fixe (Fr). fixative. sexfid. crucify. fictum: form. fixedly. pufle. hilo. faineant. fīxum: fasten. profilograph.

definable. terra firma. figurehead. hydrofine. definitor. confirmable. fee-farm. finishing. fiat lux. equifinal. figure. infinite. unfeigned. no-fines. infinitival. figurer. infirmly. affirmatively. finitely. finifugal. quarterfinal. fiat voluntas tua The car FIAT is unrelated. fīnis. fīnītum: finish (OLD perhaps related to fīgō) ad finitum. reconfigure. transfiguratively. nonfictional. refinance. finis. fīniō. affirmative. farmwife. definition. refiner. finalist. figuration. strengthen affirm. affirmant. financier. trephine. nonfigurative. infinitism. seafarm. indefinable. figuratively. disconfirmation. farmer. confining. figurative. affirmation. infirm. finance. infinitely. infinity. finely. fiat money. finiteness. finisher. definability. confirmative. infirmarian. user-defined. fine arts. predefine. territory). definite. firmus. financee. scientifiction. figurant. self-affinity. affination. finish. financially. refinement. final. confirmer. transfiguration. confinable. disaffirmance. firmware. infinitesimal. define.fictitious. infinitum. ad infinitum. figureless. furl. prefigure. inifinitesimally. dairy farm. figurine. firmamaental. infinitude. figurable. financial. finitude. figurement. confirmability. undefinable. tank farm. nonfarm. refined. definably. disaffirm. confirmed. transfigurative. finery. fin de siècle (Fr). finalization. farmerhood. indefinability. confirmor. finalize. fictitiously. infirrmity. finalistic. photo-finish. refinery. sheep farm. fine. confine. transfinite. confinity. definitude. confined. preconfigure. disaffirmative. refine. definitive. definitiveness. finito. firmly. firmament. definiteness. firmāvī. fierī. megafirm. farm-labor. finally. firm. reaffirm. baby-farm. paraffin. prefinished. firmō. disconfirm. unrefined. redefine. wordfinal Finicky accepted only by ODEE. farmyard. nonfiction. finale. farm. farmland. confiner. string figure. firmāre. postfinal. confirm. farmstead. finite. confirmation. firmness. affinal. fineness. farmery. welldefined. finial. m: border (pl. confirmatible. definitely. figment. unconfined. undefined. affinity. fīnīvī. reconfirm. infirmary. indefinably. confirmee. factus sum: be made (passive of faciō) fiat. confirmatory. figurate. figurativeness. indefinitely. indefinite. finesse. infinitive. definitory. firma. farmhand. finality. disafirmation. pennyfarm. unfigured fīnis. semifinal. fiō. confines (n). finicky. figurability. firmum: hard. hyperfine. fermata (It). farming. self-financed. definitional. science-fiction. confinement. . tea farming. transfigure. fictive. farmhouse. fingent. figural. finespun. farmlet. confirmand. confirming. definitively. affine. firmātum: support. confineless. fīnīre. affirmance. finitism. superfine. unfinished. affirmable.

n: whip. flambe. flectere. ovoflavin. confiscate. fistulous. multiflagellate. lactoflavin. flāgrāre. inflammable. flagellator. flammable. inflamer. flaccidly flāgitō: see flāgrō flāgrō. conflagrator. deflection. fistulae. nonflammable. conflagrant. treasury confiscable. wind-firm. fiscality. chemoreflex. flagellation. conflagitious. exflagellate. flagitious. flambeau. fiscally. fiscī. uninflamed flagrum. fistula. deflagrate. flamboyance. riboflavin. flamma: see flāgrō flāvus. dinoflagellate. flaccidity. flammeous. circumflex. disinflame. f: flame aflame. flair. pluriflagellate. flammae. flail. inflamatory. flexibly. flector. deflexion. flāgrātum: blaze. confiscation. deflagration. flagellum. flagellum. fistulate. flection. confiscatable. m: basket. flexum: bend anteflexion. contraflexure. waterfarming. flagellant. confiscatory. fiscalism. deflexible. flexed.unconfirmed. flavid. flavescence. flexible. conflagrate. fistulatomy. flamer. n: whip biflagellate. deflagrator. flexī. flamingo. fistulization. be inflamed. f: pipe fester. inflammability. flavescens. deflect. flammiferous. fiscal. flexibility. flameless. flāgrāvī. flavism. circumflect. flagellate. flagellī. flavescent. unfurl. flamma. inflame. flaccus. conflagratory. conflagrative. fistuliform. flamethrower. flagrant. deflectable. waterfarm. subflavous flectō. flaccum: limp flaccid. outflame. flagrī. flamelessly. conflagration. flacca. triflagellate See also flīgō. confiscator. . proflavin. dorsiflex. flamboyantly. flectional. flaming. flamy. oriflamme. flame. deflexed. deflexibility. flavin. fiscal year fistula. flagellatory. flagrantly. inflammation. deflector. wine-farm. multifistular LS says same root as findō. flagrance. flex. flāva. fisc. anti-inflammatory. fistular. dysreflexia. others disagree. flamboyant. deflectometer. flammability. flāvum: yellow flavella. woodfarm fiscus. in flagrante delicto. exflagillation. deflective. flagitiously.

afflīctum: strike down afflict. floccilation. flōreō. floccose. flourisher. m: tuft of wool deflocculant. floristic. self-reflexive. effloresce. inflate. slumpflation. reflex. discifloral. deflowerer.flexile. flexuosity. reflector. floridity. foible flīgō. flēre. irreflective. affliction. off-flavor. flatus. insufflation. geminiflorous.. inflictive. flowerer. floristry. inflict. floriculture. floccī. flexor. flageolet. florilegium. Floridean. floridness. feebleness. superflexion. deflocculate. fleur-de-lis (Fr). reflecting. deflate. flextime. conflictless. deflator. enflower. retroflex. noninflected. inflected. sufflation. disflower. reflexive. florisugent. flabellation. refectively. conflict. perflation. insufflator. fleuron. inflative. florification. m: flower. profligacy. reflexively. flabellum. conflictory. unreflected. floral. floret. reflected. floscule. efflorescence. insufflate. flowerage. reflective. cirriflorous. genuflector. confliction. inflicter. floccule. inflationary. divergentiflorous. florin. inflexible. conflation. irreflection. inflectable. self-reflection. unflavored floccus. floridly. feeble. flocculus flōs. floweret. florescence. flexion. genuflection. honeyflower. flēvī. enfeeblement. disinflation. flocculate. conflictful. plexiglass. flourishingly. florigen. inflection. floribunda. counterfleury. reflectance. souffle. flatulent. flower. florist. inflective. cauliflower. deflower. sufflate. uninflected. . floriscope. unreflecting fleō. flavorless. reflectiveness. flowery. be vigorous biflorous. irreflexive. inflectional. deflorate. afflīgō. floccular. dulciflorous. flowerpot. introflex. feeble-minded. self-inflicted perhaps associated with flagrum flō. flosculous. exsufflation. inflatable. genuflect. inflex. Florida. flāre. flavor. dayflower. deflocculation. profligately. reflection. inflatus. flāvī. efflorescent. florulent. flavoring. floriferous. flour. inflect. flower-girl. profligate. flabelliform. efflation. nonreflecting. cauliflorous. floscular. corollifloral. reflectivity. flōruī: bloom. diversiflorous. Florentine. Florence. flētum: weep enfeeble. conflictual. deflationist. stagflation. flourless. afllīgere. cornflower. floriform. defloration. flexural. inflexibility. flowerless. florescent. reflect. florid. floury. cabbage-flower. flocculent. flōris. nonreflexive. enfleurage. flora. conflictive. inflictable. inflation. inflationism. interreflection. deflationary. afflīxī. feebly. deflation. flourish. decemflorous. flōrēre. fl. conflate. infliction. flīgere: strike. inflexibly. flexure. flātum: blow afflatus. flatulence. inflationist. floruit. reflation. floresce. hyperinflation.

refluence. fluidization. fluoroscope. waspflower. efflux. fossilation. varifocal fodiō. lactifluous. glacifluvial. uniflorous. locofoco. trifocal. fluctuate. fusillade. refocus. hydrofluoric. mellifluous. Flow is not derived from fluō. parfocal. m: river affluence. mellifluent. superfluid. refluent. refuel. nightflower. wild flower. reflorescence. fodere. contrafluxion. influence. conflux. matrifocal. fluorophore. flux. focus. fossae. superflux. water flower. fluate. reflorescent. fluidism. focusable. wallflower. solid fuel. noctiflorous. diffluent. prefloration. profluvium. labiatiflorous. fossilist. soliflual. effluvia. pluriflorous. transfluxor. Mayflower. focalization. fossa. fluorine. fosse. m: hearth. mellifluously. contrafocal. flūctūs. reflux. fluviatile. parfocalize. transfluent. fluvial. defocus. confocal. fluviology. epifocal. multifuel. effluence. semifluid. fluvicoline. fluere. Interflora. influx. flouridate. fodient. multifluvian. flūmen. foyer. outflux. flouridation. fōdī. omnifocal. perfluorinate. peaflower. fluxī. influent. profluent. flume. mellifluence. multiflora. transfluence. effluvient. interfluve. nuclear fuel. windflower. effluvious. magnaflux. fluidity. multiflorous.B. oppositiflorous. defluvium. pallidiflorous. perfluent.inflorescence. outflourish. fuelless. fluxum: flow. flourescent. fossilization. ryeflour. fluid. prefocus. affluent. short focus. effluve. focī. superfluously. cacafuego. fossa. tubiflorous. tenuiflorous. fluency. unfocused. remove. diffluan. fluxion. diffluence. confluently. focoid. hyperfocal. multifocal. focus. laniflorous. writing fluid N. triflorous. superfluidity. fluctuant. fluently. fossiform. fluorination. dulcifluous. nodiflorous. Fosse Way. . radiciflorous. effluxion. flush (card trick). Koblenz. they are cognates. fluorosis. superfluous. fosset. curfew. confluent. securiflorous. patrifocal. influentially. f: ditch defossion. fluctisonant. flūminis: river. millefleur. fluoroscopic. fireplace afocal. trifloride. fluorotype. flu. Teflon. trifloral. bifocal. microflora. fossum: pierce. focal. moon-flower. effluvium. passionflower. flūctus. tubulifloral. transfluvial. influential. fossil. fluoroform. dig over. confluence. fluviometer. fossilism. fluidics. contrafocus. fluctiferous. flourescence. soft focus. pennyflower. fluxional. fluorometer. fluidly. uninfluential. circumfluous. fossilate. passiflora. circumfluent. synfuel. electrofocusing. septemfluous. uninfluenced. effluvial. woodflour fluō. pauciflorous. fluviī. counterinfluence. afflux. fluvius. secundiflorous. fusil. fluent. fluidize. overfluent. fluoride. tubuliflorous. inflowering. ramiflorous. focalize. influenza. m: wave. flucatcher. fluvioterrestrial. fluviomarine. fossiliferous. fluctifragous. sunflower. fluorocarbon. fluctivagous. fluctuation. effluent. thyrsiflorous. profluence. defluxion. focimeter. solifluction. superfluity. fuel. multifloral.

reveal. n: fate. confabulation. adversifoliate. counterfoil. fountainpen. confabulate. tinfoil. confederacy. tree foliage. fabled. foolproof fōns. federalism. decemfoliate. defoliation. multifoil. federationist. perfoliate. confab. trifoliate. fassus sum: admit. fontlet. confederateship. fabulator. paucifoliate. folic. famed. fateor. multifont. confabulatory. federalist. confederate. confessedly. confession. federalization. fool. confederative. septemfoliate. fairyland. quatrefoil. foliate. φύλλον) acutifoliate. perfoliation. difoil. foederis. confessorial. fountain font (receptacle). confated. foliolar. confess. foolish. confessionalist. foliation.fossilize. fooler. foolhardy. foliiparous. fable. fountainhead. folium. fossulet. fairy ring. foliiferous. confessoress. foliicolous. federation. fabler. foliole. fountainless. confitent. league (ultimately related to fidēs) AFL. affable. f: rumor. confessionalize. folliculose. foil (n). fairyology. . plurifoliate. fame. ff: story. airfoil. bifarious. intrafoliaceous. fount. nefās. famous. confederal. antifederalist. confessable. defame. fātī. unifoliate follis. defamer. defamation. fameless. fed (cop). confessionless. parvifolious. foliose. fairyhood. n: leaf (cf. n: right. fossor. fārī. folio. folly. fabulist. sexfoil. graminifolious. nannofossil foedus. confederalist. fās. fabular. fāmae. m: bag (related to flō) follicle. confessionalism. federative. fontal. subfoliar. oppositifolious. fairy tale. federatively. fāma. octofoil. defamatory. foolhardily. foliī. confatal. water fountain for. fossula. fābula. fab (slang). trefoil. Confessionist. exfoliative. hydrofoil. confederation. follis. confessor. foliageous. fontinal. fairy. federate. polyfoil. follicular. fabulate. fabula. fatērī. fairyism. diversifolious. m: spring. foolery. fontis. microfoliation. fountain. fātus sum: speak. fontanelle. federally. defoliate. foolishly. foliage. exfoliate. fabulously. confessionary. confessory. tenuifolious. confessant. federalize. n: treaty. angustifolia. bifoliate. foolishness. n: wrong (cf. fabliau (Fr). hastifoliate. federal. folliculitis. quadrifoliate. effable. portfolio. confessorship. φημί) affability. confabulator. multifoliate. parafoil. fabulous. enfant. fabulation. fabulousness. cinquefoil. FBI. foliiform. infossate. enfant terrible (Fr). fābulae. teretifolious. foliolate. fossorial. filicifolia. fabulosity. fabulism. confederately. confesser. foliaceous. exfoliation. fātum. foolhardiness. latifoliate. confabular. federalistic. quinquefoliate. federator folium. say. defoliant. affably. Confiteor. microfossil. fossulate. folia. confessional.

multifarious. reafforest. thorn forest forma. celliform. fay. columniform. coliform. semipro(fessional). cucumiform. 20 from YUP ‘young urban professional’ . aciniform. bursiform. infamous. conformation. foreign. cuculliform. disafforestation. ineffably. coniform. nefarious. forfeiture. corolliform. deformability. pro-am. cyathiform. conformal. caudiform. unprofessed. fatefully. formae. anguiform. conformability. nefandous. bulliform. ciliform. forum. aeriform. conchiform. conformate. back-formation. forestation. fantabulous. cochleiform. conformer. infantryman. forfeiter. forī. cylindroform. colubriform. cheliform. conformance. capriform. professoriate. fateful. deform. disafforest. professionless.famously. forfeit. forum. cystiform. infanticide. fated. bacilliform. bioform. cycadiform. infancy. fore-. transconfessional. professional. professionalize. forestry. n: open area (OLD disputes connection) circumforaneous. costiform. Cominform. cubiform. canaliform. conformableness. counterreformation. forum. fatidical. fatally. arciform. conformed. cochleariform. foreclosable. infamy. yuppy20 forēs. deforestation. ineffability. capsuliform. deformation. calciform. fatality. chancriform. campodeiform. professor. deformalize. infantry. crystalliform. rain forest. paraprofessional. prof. cultriform. unprofessionally. hors d’œuvres (Fr). professedly. forearm (vb). conformist. cuculiform. forensic. unprofessional. Fates. fatalness. deforest. fess (up). conformational. conformally. forested. cerebriform. botuliform. unprofessionalism. fatedness. conformable. fatal. foreclosure. multifariously. conformationally. professorial. prefatorily. caliciform. forester. fate. conformity. cotyliform. conform. bioinformatics. professionality. profession. infant. femme fatale (Fr). deformable. professorship. coryneform. ill-fated. crescentiform. columelliform. aliform. crateriform. calceiform. anguilliform. calculiform. aquiform. forīs/forās: outside. cumuliform. profess. calcariform. bipenniform. infamously. omnifarious. araneiform. fatiferous. infantilism. ineffable. forest. fatiloquent. reforestation. fatalistically. professionally. foreigner. conformator. infantine. preface. fatalist. world-famous. infantile. conformism. cruciform. fatalism. professiorate. corymbiform. claviform. f: shape aciform. deformational. culiciform. aveniform. far-famed. campaniform. fantocchini. professed. crotaliform. fatalistic. famousness. conformably. bacciform. foreclose. extra-foraneous. coraciform. cupuliform. baculiform. cordiform. f pl: double doors. infamatory. forfeitable. capilliform. forecourt. ASCII. biform. fateless. nefariously. pro. reforest. cuneiform. prefatory. cancriform. amebiform. cribriform. columbiform. disforest. professionalism.

landform. order form. informatory. orthoform. funiform. malleiform. preconform. gasiform. life-form. fusiform. piniform. drepaniform. gruiform. pinniform. former. intransformable. informative. formable. form letter. papilliform. disinform. glanduliform. oculiform. pisciform. formulistic. disconformity. guttiform. inform. formatore. multiformity. deformity. formylation. outperform. deformer. larviform. montiform. falciform. melliform. formulize. incisiform. powerforming. deformeter. mandibuliform. formulism. dendriform. dentiform. disciform. labyrinthiform. poculiform. forcipiform. luciform. herpetiform. performable. mucroniform. informationally. infundibuliform. Formosa. ill-informed. ill-formed. informal. janiform. formless. licheniform. informedness. paliform. platform. misinform. junciform. formalistic. pelviform. deformedly. galliform. mesoform. muscariform. paniform. panniform. podiform. omniformity. nonuniformly. pediform. postforming. pileiform. format. performative. laminiform. formularization. performance. ocelliform. formalist. formalism. plexiform. naviform. piciform. napiform. nodiform. nonconformist. GIF. formally. ensiform. palpiform. gangliform. plumiform. formylate. oviform. mitriform. info. metalliform. monadiform. formate. humaniform. nummiform. lupiform. palmatiform. pluriform. filiciform. fossiform. formulator. formularize. lyriform. diversiform. gobiform. planiform. formatted. formulaic. forniciform. malformation. omniform. formalness. genuform. flabelliform. fructiform. informatorily. nautiliform. fluoroform. glaciform. maliform. ovaliform. penniform. penicilliform. performatory. phalangiform. foliiform. graniform. mamilliform. oliviform. formulist. informatics. lemuriform. galeiform. dytiscidiform. information. etheriform. plataleiform. floriform. nariform. muriform. performability. formyl. meloniform. paleaform. pisiform. nitroform. linguiform. leporiform. deiform. passeriform. informational. formulate. formal. medusiform. fungiform. poriform. fabiform. hederiform.deformed. moniliform. formerly. nuciform. off-form. informality. dysenteriform. informer. graminiform. massiform. hyperform. formulation. mammiform. malformed. formator. faviform. insectiform. nucleiform. marginiform. membranifrom. luniform. formature. formlessly. informant. microform. perform. granitiform. nonformal. misinformation. fibriform. egg-form. patelliform. formant. epileptiform. efform. deiformity. fibrilliform. form. formative. inconformable. fistuliform. panduriform. entocuneiform. formation. feliform. petaliform. multiform. formalize. digitiform. formality. pluvialiform. disconform. formula. hysteriform. informosome. pomiform. disconformable. formulary. inconformity. formulative. iodoform. formatively. performer. formulization. libriform. palmiform. heliciform. gelatiniform. hastiform. Formosan. disinformation. formalization. piliform. ligniform. nonconformity. grandiform. hydroform. irreformable. informatively. lacertiform. frondiform. nonperformance. . glandiform. pedatiform. infomercial. placentiform. muciform. informally. granuliform. immunodeficiency.

reniform. triform. telescopiform. thoraciform. forniciform. spathiform. T formation. synform. vacciniform. underperform. tauriform. villiform. stipiform. vesiculiform. uniform. racemiform. vitriform. quadriform. uniformly. sacciform. vasculiform. sulciform. world-formula formīca. puriform. spiraliform. stratiform. scrotiform. formīdātum . spiniform. forāvī. formication. unconformably. scutelliform. transformist. formaldehyde. spheriform. stellariform. forcipiform fornāx. protoform. formicary. stipitiform. transformation. unformatted. turdiform. forātum: bore. vespiform. unperformed. reptiliform. unconformable. psoriasiform. tandem formation. scyphiform. forāminis. uniformitarian. siliquiform. squamiform. pyriform. scutiform. formīcae. transformer. spiciform. fornicator. formidably formus. pierce. thyrsiform. unconformity. spiriform. unciform. reformed. unformed. radiatiform. transformant. transformerless. vulviform. forāre. formicine. vault fornicate. squaliform. fornix forō. m: arch. reform. tuberculiform. punctiform. tentaculiform. uniformity. urceiform. vaporiform. transformational. f: oven furnace fornix. reformulation. umbraculiform. vermiform. schizophreniform. serriform. pro forma. undiliform. formic. terraciform. forma. tubiform. vasiform. trapeziform. spongiform. tubuliform. retiform. ursiform. uninformed. variform. rimiform. transformative. uniformless. reformulate. thermoform. trasformismo (It). well-formed. fear formidable. reformative. trochiform. formīdāvī. tectiform. ramiform. styliform. transformism. pupiform. reformist. tariff reform. formum: warm forceps. world formation. proteiform. tabuliform. wordformational. setiform. waveform. well-informed. proboscidiform. securiform. fornācis. tuberiform. telematics. turbiniform. fornication. stipuliform. tympaniform. radiciform. transform. forāmen.: dread. f: ant chloroform. viperiform. sterniform. preformation. formicarium. scalpriform. formicivorous formīdō. unreformed. strombuliform. reformat. soliform. stalactiform. serpentiform. umbrelliform. scalariform. scoleciform. reformation. reformer. formica. transformable. squamuliform. formīdāre. uniformist.preform. taeniform. raniform. reformatory. formalin. sagittiform. fornicis. n: hole . stemmatiform.

fortunately. fort. infringer. fractionate. fortifier. fortifiable. fragrantly frangō. fovēre. fortify. reenforce. enforceability. fōrtē: by chance. conchifragous. reinforcement. infractor. perforation. circumforaneous. fōtum: heat. enforceable. effortfully. frag. fragmentary. police force. infractious. comforter. fragment. fractalize. effortful. frailty. fortune. fortuitously. comfortably. fortis. forte. foraminated. fragility. Frankfort. unforced. effortless. counterfracture. fortuneless. fractionize. strong a fortiori. infringement. effortlessness. airforce. misfortune. f: luck. fortune-hunter. fractionation. uncomfortable. workforce fōrs. effraction. perforator. frēgī. forceless. extraforaneous.biforate. fragmental. infringent. discomforter. effortlessly. fractiously. fortissimo. fluctifragous. fōrtūna. striking force. transforation fortis. fortitudinous. foramina. deforciant. diffractive. fortunate. comfy. defortify. frail. perforative. fractal. force majeure (Fr). perforce. fortune-telling. fōrtis. frailly. fractionalize. frāgrāvī. fractious. infraction. infrangible. enforcedly. war effort. deforce. fortunateness. disconfortable. fractional. infract. fragrance. comfortable. forcefully. unenforced. fragmentation. fōrtūnae. fortitude. comfort. . frāgrātum: emit a pleasant smell flair. imperforable. fragrant. forcedly. fortuitousness. unfortunate. fortis. diffract. frangiblility. calculifrage. congelifract. comforted. fōvī. counterfort. frāgrāre. sforzato (It). forcible. foramen. sforzando (It). aqua fortis. fractural. force. diffractometry. forcibly. comfortlessly. anfractuous. nonenforcement. frailness. diffractometer. fortississimo. fritter (waste). unenforceable. chamfer. fortress. caress foment. fractionary. fortification. fōrtassē: perhaps fortuitous. enforcer. fractionization. deforcer. fractum: break anfractuosity. forceful. infringe. counterforce. refortify. uncomfortably. effort. infortune. chance. infractible. f: luck. fractile. reinforce. imperforate. enforce. fortuity. reenforcement. frangible. fortune-teller. fragile. fragmentize. enforcement. forte: brave. fractionally. deforcement. comfortless. Fortran. perforate. multiperforate. discomforted. fracture. fomentation frāgrō. fracturable. unfortunately forum (forum): see forēs fossa (ditch): see fodiō foveō. diffraction. fragilely. discomfort. frangere. fractography. fortlet. pianoforte. fraction. imperforation.

refrigerative. fraternize. radio frequency. defrauder. saxifrage. fricative. friātum: crumble friable fritillus. refractive. frictionize. fricuī. frequently. refrain (cease) frequēns (frequentis): frequent (perhaps from farciō) eigenfrequency. (frictum/fricātum): rub affricate. fratricide. frēnī. septifragal. fritter (fry). refractively. infrequent. refractory. refry friō. frito. frictionally. fraudster. frequenter. infrequently. refrigeration. frequent. refrain (song). fricāre. friar. refrigerant. video frequency. frequentative. frater. saxifragous. relative frequency. low-frequency. frige. perfrication. m: dice box . FM. irrefrangibly. stress fracture. sangfroid (Fr) frīgō. ossifrage. fraternization. confrère (Fr). fraudulent. confraternization. frying. fraternal. frātris. refractometer. refractor. nucifragous. word frequency fricō. dentifrice. frīgoris. n: bridle frenular. defraudation. frittata. frequency. n: cold alfresco. frère (Fr). frīgere. defrication. refrangible. frictionless. fraternally. m: brother confraternal. frīxī. fremere. friāvī. fremitum: roar fremitus frēnum. frat. frigid. confraternity. refrigerator. refraction. oleorefractometer. frīgus. affricative. frits. fraudis. fraud. fryingpan. friāre. osprey. fraudulence. refrigerate. nonfraternization fraus. fry. frictional. frequency distribution. frigorific. frigidity. frāter. infrequency. fraudsman. friary. fricassee. fryable. stiction frīgeō. friction. fraudulently fremō. fricatrice. frigidly. frigidarium. f: fraud defraud. frīgēre: be cold. fratricidal. fray (rub). frīctum: roast french fry. unfrequented. fryer. unfrequent. star fracture. fritillī. refract. unrefracted For irrefragable see refrāgor. frequency modulus. highfrequency.irrefrangible. frigorimeter. fraternity. fremuī.

oculofrontal. frontispiece. frontless. frondiform. m: fruit. fruitless. fruitive. fruity. frondose. fugere. cellifugal. fructiform. prefrontal. conchyfugous. frontline. subfrontal. culicifuge. fugitive. frondescence. n: piece. frivolously frons. fruitfully. postfrontal. shorefront. bifront. waterfront. frondlet. oceanfront. grapefruit juice. fruition. frontally. grapefruit. frontality. first fruit. frīvolum: wanton. effrontery. fructify. fuga. forefront. bit frustrum. febrifugal. infructuous. fructolysis. diabolifuge. frustration frustum.fritillary frīvolus. counterfugue. fugacious. frontis. front-side. . fugitum: flee. frontier. silly. wave front fructus (fruit). leafy branch albifrons. frūmentī. frondescent. tree fruit. confrontment. corticifugal. overfront. fugacity. war front. fruitlessly. frontogenesis. frugal. fruitless. riverfront. fructus sum: enjoy fructus. frugivorous. warm front. frond. confrontational. frondigerous. upfront. frondless. f: foliage. fūgī. fruitage. f: flight (cf. lakefront. frontdoor. frumenty. frīvola. frugivore. fugaciously. overfruitful. frondiferous. frūmentum (grain): see fruor fruor. frondivorous. frondiparous. frustum frūx: see fruor fugiō. centrifugal. febrifuge. frivolous. unfruitful. frondis. fructification. confront. dolorifuge. confrontation. fugae. trifling. transfrontier. fruit juice. fructose. frondage. outfront. fruī. fructivorous. front. nasofrontal. φεύγω) calcifugal. fruiterer. usufructuary frustrā: in vain frustrate. front-page. frumentaceous. wall-front. battlefront. frustī. frūmentum. f: forehead affront. worthless frivol. frontal. nonconfrontational. frontiersman. fructūs. fruticose. transfrontal. interfrontal. cytocentrifuge. frugality. frivolity. frontage. seafront. frontcourt. frugally. frontlet. frondous frōns. usufruct. frons. fructiferous. Popular Front. cold front. n: grain. fruitfulness. fruit. fruminous. confronter. fruticetum. fruitful. infructuose. finifugal. centrifuge.

vermifuge. defuse. confoundingly. fulmen (lightening) effulge. m: smoke fume. refulgent. fūmī. confusional. profusion. confuably. fulgēre. confoundedly. . confusedness. war refuge fulciō. refugee. infusibility. diffusional. foil (vb). yellowishf fulvous. nidifugous. refugeeism. fultum: hold up. fulgor: brightness. refuge. infusionist. interfusion. perifuse. perifusate. fusible. fusibility. fumulus. fulvum: tawny. suffumigate fundō. interfuse. fuller fulvus. profusive. confusable. effusion. fulgarite. taenifuge. gleam. lactifuge. effulgence. fuller defile (vb). insectifuge. fumose. diffusate. perfumer. diffuser. fumigation. futility. subtertfuge. fulmination. vermifugal. effulgent. perfusionist. infundibuliform. fumous. immunodiffusion. futilely. fumerole. defusion. nuclear fusion. confound. refuse. effusive. tempus fugit. perfume. refusal. interdiffuse. effuse. fūdī.fugue. infuser. fumigate. support. infusible. perfumery. infusive. foudroyant. subfulgent fūlīgō. fusionalism. fondue. funnel. effund. fulva. confuse. miasmifuge. infusory. infusionism. rediffusion. diffusive. confusible. perfusion. fulcīre. confusingly. profuseness. perfusive. fulgurant. fumigator. circumfuse. diffusely. infusor. fulcrum fulgeō. defiler. diffusionist. perfumeless. fulsī: shine. foilist. dumbfound. lucifugous. foundry. infusion. fūlīginis. font (type). refund. infuse. fulminate. fusionalist. hydrofuge. profusively. prop up efulcrate. infundibulate. confusedly. perifusion. profusely. humifuse. fulsī. fulgent. ultracentrifuge. infusorial. diffusibility. sfumato (It). found (melt). fusional. diffusedly. fount (type). circumfusion. fulgurous. fusion. defilement. diffusible. effusively. diffuseness. intrafusal. diffusiometer. fulminator. f: soot fuliginous fullō. confusion. fumy. diffusively. diffusiveness. confounder. infundibular. confusability. fūsum: pour out affusion. fuguist. diffusivity. griseofulvin fūmus. futile. fulminant. fondant. diffusion. diffuse. perfuse. infundibulum. fuse (vb). fundere. perfusate. rubrofugal. futilitarian. microdiffusion. diffusionism. fullōnis: cleaner. profuse.

fungivorous. hayfork. fungicidal. utility function. fundī. function. transfusive OED associates refute etc. furcae. transfuse. weight function. m: thief. functionalist. fūris. transfer function. furculum. wave function. profoundness. perfunctory. monofunctional. fungicolous. superfuse. profundity. funiform. underfunding. fungoid. n: dead body. work function. funerary. fungicide. defunctness. functionalize. funicular. profound. functions. profoundly. functionally. fūrtim: secretly. malfunction. de profundis. n: theft ferret. fund. fundament. furca. fūneris. m: bottom. others cite foveō. thermal diffusion. fundable.e. furciferine. ill-founded. fork. dysfunctional. farm. carfax. perfunctoriness. ground co-founder. polyfunctional. fungible. suffusion. Caudine Forks. overfunded. defunctive. founding. functional. fungī. m: rope funambulism. transfusion. defund. fundamental. unfounded. fundamentalism. furciferous. from Germanic. dysfunction. furtive. superfusion. etc. fundamentality. fūrtum. fungology. i. fund-raising. surfuse. thetafunction. multifurcate. fungation. funicle. trifunctional. eigenfunction. funereal. trifurcate . furtively. functionless. bifurcation. fūnis. funambulist. fungate. funipendulous fūnus. humifuse. fundamentally. Definitely from rēfūtō (maybe a separate root -fūtō). defunctionalize. suffuse. fungus fūnis. the past tense of English find fungor. foundling. nonfunctional. with fundō. ferreter. furuncle furca. f: fork bifurcate. multifunctional. foudational foundationless. furcate. pitchfork. unfunded. furcal. foundation. zeta-function fungus. funic. dysfunctionally. fungiform. funereally fūr. fungous. functioning. thermodiffusion. refusal and refuse may be from -fūtō fundus. suffusive. fūnctus sum: perform defunct. fungibility. fūrtī. functionary. furtiveness.stimulus diffusion. foundress. fungī. m: fungus fungal. latifundium. underfunded. postfurca. funeral rites funeral. fungic. newfound. well-founded Newfoundland. perfuntorily. founder. found (originate). fundamentalist. stream function. functionalism.

cōnfūtāvī. fuscous. refutation. refutatory. cōnfūtāre. fusimotor -fūtō. -fūtāvī. infuriate.furfur. fusiform. refutable. -fūtātum (only in compounds): to beat. subfuscous fustis. furor. f: rage. furia. furfurous. confute. furfuraceous. irrefutability. infuscate. furiously. infuriatingly. fuselage. refute futūrus (about to be): see sum . confutation. furioso (It). perhaps from foveō) confutable. obfuscate. fusty fūsus. fury. refūtō. fūsī. furiousness. furiae. fustigate. refūtāvī. confutative. fury Furies. furious. cōnfūtō. furere: rage. furfural. fusca. refutably. m: spindle fuse (n). furyl furō. furiosity. refusal. fustis. confuter. obfuscatingly. fusillage. -fūtāre. obfuscatory. m: club fustian. refuse. infuriation fuscus. confutator. furore. obfuscation. refute (perhaps from fundō. cōnfūtātum: to restrain. furfuris. refūtāre. infuriating. irrefutable. fusilier. repress. m: bran furfur. irrefutably. refūtātum: repress. fuscum: dark fuscin.

joyfully. gemella. enjoyableness. gallinule. gelatinous. m: rooster. gaudium. gaudiness. gel. joylessly. Gemini. joy. jell. Gaul. gelatin. petroleum jelly. galeae. freezing. congealable. galbina. f: France anti-Gallic. gāvīsus sum: rejoice. OED does not. jaybird. n: joy begaud. galliform. f: helmet galea. gimball. plasmagel. ODEE support. gemina. popinjay See OED: jay galbinus. gelate. joyless. Gaulic. gemination. trigeminal . gelidity. jaywalk. icy congeal. enjoyable. joie de vivre (Fr). gelatiniferous. gaudēre. congealer. jellied. jay. enjoyingly. Gallic. ingeminate. jelly. Gaulist gallus. Gaulism. m: Gaius bluejay. garrously. Jello. gaudeamus igitur. congealment. gallogarriō. joyously. gaud. regelate. geminum: twin. enjoy. jellyfish. jiminy. gallinaceous. metagelatin. gelatiniform. enjoyer. congelifract. Gāiī. gelidum: ice cold. jellybelly. gelignite. f: chicken galimatias. joyous. gaudy. rejoice. congelative. enjoyment. frost. galeiform galēna. gaudery. galēnae. gaudily.G Gāius. garrīre. gelid. joy ride. congelation. galline. gelida. gaudify. plastigel. joystick. Gallo-. joyfulness. gemellion. gallium. garrītum: chatter garrulity. jayhawk. geminate. galbinum: greenish-yellow jaundice (AHD. galantine. Galliae. garrīvī. gaudiī. congealability. garrulous. unenjoyed gelū. overjoyed. jellify. gallī. rejoicing. garrulousness gaudeō. gallic. tergeminate. f: lead-ore galena Gallia.) galea. killjoy. galeate. gelidus. gallīna. n: ice. joyful. regelation geminus. jellybean. gemellus. geminiflorous. gelatigenous. enjoyably. enjoyability. gallīnae. gelation. joyousness. gelūs. gemellum: twin congemination. ingemination.

generatively. postgenal gēns: see genus Gentiānus. infragenual. benignant. florigen. supergenual See note under genus. genal. jeans genus. gignere. genuflection. genitival. genitally. degenerescence. geniculated. gemmule. geniculation. congenerous. gens. degerminator. engineer. general. generalization. Genua. genūs. genital. gemstone gena. m: Gentianus (king) gentian genū. gendarme. genre. generality. ingeniī. engenderment. genitospinal. genuflector. congener. generalize. (cf. benignancy. generalist. Genoa. Genuae. beget. gignō. gemmiferous. degeneration. egerminate. f: cheek gena. disingenuous. generosity. gemology. race. engineership. disgeneric. engenderer. generate. n: type. degenerative. congeneration. f: sister. genially. congeniality. genuant. geniality. benignity. . bigeneric. Only ODEE suggests genuine from genu. begemmed. generalate. gemmate. generously. gentis. congenially. congenerate. geniture. engine. generalism. germāna. m: brother. kind. generant. gemmation. generatrix. germānus. degentilize. genteel. genie. gas engine. cogeneric. generable. degeneralize. gem. germinis. gemmae. generational. bioengineer. generalissimo. generousness. gemma. degeneracy. genuform. genitor. gemmiparous. congenialize. generalship. germānī. Gentiānī. engender. gēns. genae. degenerately. f: Genoa bluejeans. gemel. generic. generically. n: talent. generator. gemmary. generification. engineering. congeneric. generous. generation. generical. γένος) (related to nāscor) altrigenderism. gender. disingenuously. genu. generally. generative. congenitally. n: shoot. f: jewel begem. genera. congenial. genialize. benignly. dominigene. genial. enginery. genitum: bear. ingenium. genui. f: clan. generalizer. germānae. sprout. genitalia. engineless. genius. genitive. genitivally. degenerate. disingenuousness. fire engine. genteelism. bioengineering. genderless.gemma. degerm. congenital. germen. generis. genuflect. n: knee genicular. genitourinary. gent. engineman. benign. genitocrural. degerminate.

ingenuity. germicidal. germinally. summum genus. crystalligerous. congestant. contra-suggestible. pathogerm. germiparity. germigene. germinant. regenerator. congestion. malignantly. germinative. from genū (ODEE. subgerminal. germinduct. water engine. jaunty. ungently. primogenital. maligner. gentilic. germcell. digest. gin (machine). urogenital. ultimogeniture. congest. ingenious. primigenal. gentile. progenerate. outgeneral. calcigerous. ovigerm. progenitorial. secundogeniture. germinate. transgender. ingenuousness. overgentle. cotyligerous. claviger. primogeniture. ingeniously. carry. f: gerbil gerbil gerō. belligerency. traffic engineer. germane. malignly. cutigeral. progeny. cystigerous. Germanomania. wage (see possible related augur) armiger. progenitrix. Gen X. gentleness. turbo-generator. germarium. criniger. . regenerative. OLD. malign. ingenerable. postgenital. decongestion. germiculture. I am not confident that I have divided the words from genus and γένος correctly. malignance. progenitor. gerboa. gentilism. gentrification. congeries. Germanism. germiparity. ungentle. ingenuously. vicar general. regeneration. Germania. Germanophile. cornigerous. germplasm. multigeneric. cirrigerous.genteelly.B. Germany. congestible. OED says suffixes -gen. progeniture. ungenteel. regenerate. germcenter. genuinely. gerboae. gentleman. crinigerous. germicide. cobelligerence. nongenteel. decongestant. ungenerous. progenitorship. jauntily. trigeneric. wall engine. malignant. gentlemanly.) N. gentility. ingenuous. germen. co-belligerent. gentrify. deregister. ingenerate. W3). gessī. Jermaine. progenitive. congestiparous. steamengine. contra-suggestion. multigenerational. regeneratively. belligerently. ingeneration. gentlefolk. indigenization. germinator. genuineness. armigerous. unregenerate. gently. overgenial. progenitress. congestive. germless. overgeneralize. germinal. orogenital. sui generis. genuine. indigenous. uncongenial. primogenitive. -generous. For most words I have followed that guideline. ingenue. primogenitor. gentry. piston engine. dentigerous. superregeneration. intergenerational. war generation. multigerm. belligerence. germination. rear-engine. Germanize. gentlewoman. urinogenitary. germ. germproof. carnigerous. Germanic. malignancy. unigeniture. incongenial. Often conflated like pōnō/παύω. primogenitary. germy. overengineer. congested. -gene are all ultimately from γένος. gentle. digestant. urinogenital. water engineering Underlined words from genus (OED. gerere. malignity. gestum: bear. German. ingeniousness. miscegenation. Germanophobe. belligerent. genus.

pre-register. glabella. glaciation. jesting. suggestive. hederigerent. enregistry. suggestible. gladiī. suggest. glacification. postinauguration. unsuggestive. glabellar. enregister. gingivitis. gibbous gigēria. suggestion. veligerous. glaciform. omnigerent. lanigerous. glaciologist. gesture. shift register. monadigerous. monoglacial. setigerous. palpiger. gesticulatory. intergacial. misregister. ingest. ocelligerous. register. tide register. subgingival glaber. egest. gestation. registration. progesterone. digestibly. deglaciation. glabra. digestive. glaciometer. periglacial. indigestion. gingīvae. social register. gestatory. undigested. dorsigerous. glabrous glaciēs. n pl: giblets. glacially. gestagen. pupigerous. glaciēī. vitelligerous gibbus. glabrirostral. veliger. squamigerous. suggestiveness. globigerina. gingivectomy. ovigerous. glacifluvial. digestiveness. gestural. misregistration. m: heap. gestate. gibbī. egesta. jest. predigestion. mentigerous. gest. ramigerous. jester. pennigerous. frondigerous. glacierization. glabrum: bald gabbro. gesticulation. ovuligerous. vesiculigerous. glabrescent. m: sword . f: gums gingival. digestively. ingestion. glacial. ingestive. gesticulate. progestin. infraglacial. verbigeration. polyglacial. f: ice degaciate. gibbosity. glacis. unregistered. gerund. utero-gestation. egestative. proligerous. egestation. glace. glaciology. gesticulator. gerundive. verbigerate. glacier. glaciarium. englacial. hump gibbose. gerundial. glabrate. indigestive. progestational. palpigerous. glaciolacustrine. gestative. pollinigerous. res gestae. glaciate. nonbelligerent. interglaciation. predigest. registrar. suggestionism. suggestibility. suggestingly.digestibility. gesticulative. indigestible. gigēriōrum. postglacial. larvigerous. discigerous. vermigerous. proboscidigerous. progestogen. indigested. glaciological. digestion. spinigerous. periglaciaition. scutiger. glacialist. gerent. ingestible. gestatorial. punctigerous. proglacial. suggester. spicigerous. cooked entrails of poultry gizzard gignō: see genus gingīva. registry. jestingly. intraglacial. unglaciated gladius. piligerous. gerundival. suggestively. placentigerous. scutigerous. gesticular. digestible. neoglacial. pedigerous.

glutinize. conglutinator. glomerate. conglutination. glutton. glorify. globally. glanduliferous.gladiate. gloriette. paraglobulin. glutinous. n: ball-shaped mass. ovoglobulin. oxymyoglobin. gluttony . ingloriously. glutinously. glutinosity. ball (related to glaeba) conglobate. glandiferous. gloriousness. globī. globe. triglandular. glomeris. glomerulus glōria. f: praise ad maiorem Dei gloriam (AMDG). glūtinis. deglutinate. conglobulate. keratoglobus. agglutinate. haptoglobin. gladiole. ingloriousness. gland. vainglory glūten. wax gland globus. glandulation. deglutination. gladiator. stink gland. gluer. conglutinant. conglutin. conglomeration. myoglobin. glorifiable. globaloney. conglomerate. glaebae. globetrotter. glory. globate. gladiatorial. periglandular. globosity. glucohemoglobin. glomerāre. globin. glandulous. globose. f: mass. conglutinate. glanderous. globy. inglorious. glans. conglomerator. glue agglutin. lump. glorifier. globigerina. globoid. morning-glory. m: spherical mass. globalization. global. soil (related to globus) glebe. deglutition. glōriae. agglomeration. vainglorious. glomerō. glāndis. glebose glāns. glandular. englobe. transglobal glomus. globus. oxyhemoglobin. glulam. glomerāvī. gluttītum : swallow (possibly from gula) deglutible. glandless. pan-agglutination. globulin. gluttīre. isoagglutination. gloria in excelsis Deo. globule. gladiolus. nut eglandular. conglomeratic. conglobe. glomerule. globulous. glutin. Gloria. macroglobulin. conglobation. gluttonous. glomeration. deglution. lactoglobulin. glue. globous. glanders. glutition. clod. glandulose. gluey. conglutinative. unglued gluttiō (glūtiō). gloryless. glomerātum: gather (perhaps related to globus) agglomerate. hemoglobin. conglobulation. glandiform. cryoglobulin. lymph gland. glorification. neuroglandular. f: fruit. sic transit gloria mundi. gladiola. globalism. globiferous. globular. gloriole. n: paste. glut. hemagglutinate. globalize. eglandulose. glorious. gluttīvī. glaive glaeba. glanduliform. gloriously. immunoglobulin. glandule. glomerular. gluten.

third-degree. aggression. progressional. gradin. unguiligrade. upgradable. aggress. dorsigrade. progressist. nonaggression. upgrade. digressingly. gradienter. degraded. spinigrade. digressive. centigrade. transgression. gradatory. first-degree. regrade. aggressiveness. gradualism. gracility grāculus. gradiometer. transgressor. grallic. CIO. photodegradable. digress. egressive. digresser. graduality. transgressive. gradocol. aggressus sum: approach aggrade. degree. regressivity. progressionist. citigrade. progressive. milligrade. grāculī. digressional. grade. degradability. laterigrade. ingression. contragredience. undergraduate. progressiveness. degression. transgressively. nonprogressive. transgredient. grad. gradatim. degrative. m: jackdaw grackle gradior. gradometer. ingress. ingredience. progress. grallatorial. grallārum. digressionary. progressivist. retrogression. rectigrade. congression(al)ist. geometric progression. introgress. ingressive. second-grade. Graecia. intergrade. tardigrade. congressional. weapon grade. gradualist. progressism. second-degree. grade school. grallatory. improgressive. grallae. graduand. subgrade. degrade. postgrad. retrograde. gradeability. downgrade. postgraduate. introgressive. congresswoman. progression. ingressively. zero-grade Graecus. multigrade. gradī. digressively. degressive. gressorial. retrogressive. Graeciae. aggredī. gravigrade. aggressor. ingredient. vowel gradation. regressive. high-grade. regression. digression. gressus sum: step. aggressively. cogredient. progradation. grader. stress-grade. degressively.gnārus: see nōscō gnātus: see nāscor gracilis: slender gracile. f pl: stilts. taligrade. degradable. digitigrade. graduation. Graeca. congress. ungraded. progressivism. degradational. pronograde. aggressive. disgrade. m: step. graduate. retrogress. congressman. gradus. aggredior. biodegradable. gradus. transgress. vermigrade. gradate. cirrigrade. contragredient. degradation. gradational. prograde. plantigrade. gradual. degrader. phalangigrade. gracilis. arithmetic progression. retrogradation. gradation. posigrade. gradine. walk. graduately. regressively. gradūs. egression. saltigrade. grad school. f: Greece . egress. degregator. gradient. pinnigrade. regress. graduator. millidegree. gradually. introgressant. degreeless. Graecum: Greek. progressively. introgression.

congratulative. grandiosity. grainy. agreeable. grandpaternal. grand. Greco-. granitiferous. congratulate agree. disagreeableness. greatgrandfather. greatgrandparent. Grecomania. gramercy. granulative. Deo gratias. granite. Dei gratia. supergranulation. grenadierial. engrace. greatgrandchild.Grecian. granulous.. grandpa. garner. granitification. graminiferous. granellae. Greekish. grandomania. hand grenade. granitization. multigranulate. grandisonous. greatgrandmother. graniferous. pomegranate. disagreeably. gracelessness. grāminis. gran. graniform. graminivorous. whole grain grātus. grandiosely. graminology grandis. grandeeship. grandee. disgracer. lymphogranuloma. grandaunt. granolithic. grenadier. grange. degrain. Grecism. granitiform. granuliform. granulometric. grandam. congratulable. grand jury. congratulatory. Greek. grandness. Grand Canyon. millegrain. Rio Grande granum: kernel cum grano salis. gravytrain21. Grecize. grātulor. gracelessly. grandmother. granary. greatgrandson. disagreer. gracious. Greece. grātulārī. grandnephew. granny.g. disgracious. grandfather. graceful. quartergrain. graminivore. garnet. granulose. graciosity. grande: full-grown. grandchild. disagreeability. disgracefulness. ingrain. granola. granuliferous. agreement. congratulant. gravy may not be from Latin at all . granivorous. granular. granddaughter. granddaddy. grandniece. Grecophil. exempli gratia. e. agreeably. grace. degranulator. 21 according to OED. congratulation. Greekling. grātiae. microgranite. grossgrain. graceless. gravy21. gracefulness. grog (see OED). degranulation. gracefully. granulator. grandstand. granule. granitic. Grenada. GOP. coup de grâce (Fr). engrain. grainage. grenadine. grandis. short grained. granduncle. granddad. metagranite. Grand Prix. grainer. filigree. grandiloquently. grandeur. disgraceful. congratulator. grandiform. grandiloquence. disgracefully. grātia. grainless. graminiform. grain. grenade. n: grass graminaceous. degranulate. graminifolious. grainering. grained. grandsire. grāta. granulocyte. granulate. Grand Rapids. degrainer. granulation. grātum: pleasing. granulated. grandparent. f: thanks. verdigris grāmen. granger. grātulātus sum: rejoice. disagreeable. grandmaternal. disgrace. granum. congratulate. disagreement. gramineous. grandiloquent. gracioso (Sp). congrats. granose. aggrandizement. grandma. grandiose. disagree. granophyre. large aggrandize. grandson. garniticoline. grandly.

grief-stricken. ēgregium: distinguished aggregate. grazioso (It). gregarious. gravely. gravity. rotogravure. desegregate. m: flock. persona (non) grata. gratulant. grievousness. aggravatingly. gratifying. congregational. gravidity. egregious. seg. congregationally. disgregate. herd. ungraceful. ingratiatory. gratitude. foie gras (Fr). gratefully. disaggregation. Mardi Gras (Fr) See also crassus grūs. gratuitously. gravimetry. grief. ingratiate. segregated. c: crane (cf. gregarization. engrossingly. griever. ungraciously. gregariously. grossgrain. zero gravity N. grocery. aggregation. ingravescence. grossness. resegregate. ungratified gravis. aggrieve. NAFTA. graveolent. gratifyingly. ungracefully. ingravescent.B. desegregation. grateful. ingratiatingly. ēgregia. thermogravimetry. gravipara. graviton.graciously. gravific. ungrateful. groceteria. gravimeter. gravitational. gravitation. grossly. gross. gratuity. gratify. ingratiation. graveness. ungracious. congregator. gravamen. aggrievement. gravida. gratis. engrossedly. γέρανος) gruiform. engrossing. gravitate. graciousness. aggravating. grievous. uncongratulated. gravimetric. Gros Ventre (Fr). grocer. pedigree . antigravity. gremiī. gravid. congregation. crowd. gravitationally. segregate. segregationist. grossa. ēgregius. gratification. grave: heavy aggravate. grieve. congregant. Congregationalist. gravitas. ingratitude. gravigrade. There are three different words grave. egregiously. primigravida. segregation. grievance. desegregative. segregatively. gratulatory. segregational. engrossment. congregationalism. gregis. segregable. ingrate. gratifier. grieving. congregative. n: lap gremial grex. segregative. gruis. ungratefully. gratefulness. gratuitous. gravitative. segragator grossus. grave (a). gremium. resegregation. aggregative. congregate. gratuitousness. disgregation. grossum: thick. Engrave is not ftom gravis. disaggregated. aggravation. multigravida. grievously. immature engross. aggrieved. secundigravida. gravis.

guttation. f: drop gout. disgustedly. gargle. guttae. degustator. disgorgement. gluttony gargle22. gustāvī. gulamentum. regurgitation gustō. gulae. gurgitis. disgusted. governess. goliard. ragout gutta. governorship. ungovernable. gustative. degustatory. gurgitation. gular. guttulate guttur. gullet. gubernātōris. governor. gutturis. governance. gusto. gutturonasal 22 both from French gargouille. gouty. gutterally. drive. guttiferous. goutish. gull(e)y (trench). gustāre. gubernātor. gutiform. gustātum: taste degustation. m: helmsman. gubernātum: steer. regurgitate. engorge. government. steersman (from Greek κυβερνάω) govern. gustatory. disgust. disgustingly. gulosity gurges. ingurgitate. self-government. guttural. ingurgitation. disgorger. gutter. ungoverned gula. gubernāvī. gustation. engorgement. gorge. gurgle. gargoyle. gargoyle. guttate.gubernō. misgovernment. gutturalize. f: throat. gubernāre. disgusting. possibly from gula . n: throat goiter. disgustful. regurgitant. governmental. m: whirlpool disgorge.

maladive. adherent. they are indicated in the Reverse Index with an underlining. uninhabitable. habile: handy. habiliments. inhibitive. inability. prohibition. decoherence. cohere. Hadrianī. prebendary. disabled. inhibitory. prohibitively. inhabitiveness. Hadrian’s Wall haec: see hic haereō. overinhibited. possibilistic. habitation. rehabilitant. uninhabited. inhabitable. ability. cohabit. exhibition. rehabilitation. adhesion.H habeō. inhabitation. have is cognate with capiō of Germanic origins. If the root is not derived from Latin. Hadrian. habilis. Have is not a derivative of habeō. (-ibility) is used in thousands of words. hesitate. -able. opium habit. exhibitive. cohesive. cohabitant. -ably (-ibly). inhabitability. habitual. -ibly. cohabiter. possibilist. habitō. enablement. Adrianople. disenable. habitude. -ability. Most derived from Latin are omitted here. including many whose root is not derived from Latin. able. decoherer. inhibitionism. inhabitance. able-bodied. hesitancy. exhibitionism. coherence. inhabitant. adhesional. possibly. possibility. habēre. prohibitive. possibilism. habilitate. habitat. haerēre. habitable. -ibility. hesitant. habenula. prohibitionism. prohibit. exhibitory. uninhibited. hesitance. exhibitionistic. topoinhibition. ableism. malady. rehabilitate. hesitater. habitāre. habitability. haesī. inhibited. praebēre. cohabitation. inhabitancy. inhibition. disability. . habituation. habitus. coherency. Hadrianic. disable.B. hesitantly. discohere. nonhabitual. adherence. inhibit. microhabitat. provender. possible. habitee. adherend. the word is omitted. praebitum:furnish -ability. exhibitor. avoirdupois. disabler. uninhibitedly N. habitum: have. cohesively. habilitation. -ably. coherently. -ible. inhabit. redhibition. overability. coherer. habitāvī. habit. exhibit. adhibit. dishabile. habituate. praebuī. cohesion. habitue. disinhibit. The suffix -able (-ible). inhibitor. enabler. habilitative. cohesible. binnacle. praebeō. haesum: cling adhere. cohabitee. coherent. prohibitionist. disinhibition. disablement. adhesive. inhibitedly. prohibitor. hesitatingly. prohibitory. habena. habuī. decohere. habitative. decohesion. unable. habitualness. enable. rehab. habitate. habitually. doable. habitātum : live. habilis. Hadriānus. m: Hadrian Adrian. Adrianne. homo habilis. exhibitionist. habilis. habitancy. ably. habile. hesitation. habitant. inhibitingly. habeas corpus.

herbal. herbous. herbiferous. hereditable. coinheritor. hastae. hederose Helvētia. hērēs. f: Switzerland Helvetia. inexhaustibly. herby. disinheritance. exhalatory. heirloom. heredability. halitosis. coheiress. inhalant. hausīvī. unhesitating. unexhausted hebeō. hebēre: be dull hebetate. incoherently. herb. unhesitatingly hālō. hālāvī. disinheritable. incoherence. pot-herb Schaeffer associates arbor and herba. c: heir coheir. hebetude hedera. hederigerent. coheritor. herbaceous. halituous. halitus. hastifoliate. exhaustive. herbivore. herbalist. haustum: drink completely exhaust. hebetation. exhaustibility. soil exhaustion. hāmī. inhale. hamulus. exhaustless. inherent. herditation. haurīre. exhalative. hereditarian. inhaler Halo from Greek ἅλως hāmus. exhale. hederae. hamular. inherence. inhalator. f: grass anguis in herba. haustral. herbarium. arbour. heir. heirless. herbicide. hederiferous. Helvētiae. heir apparent. inhesion. inexhaustibility.hesitataive. f: ivy hederic. hederine. inhere. hastiform hauriō. inexhaustive. exhalation. inhalation. . herbivory. inherency. nonadherent. exhaustion. incoherent. inexhaustible. f: spear hastate. herbicolous. hālāre. no other source does so (likely untrue). exhaustively. herbae. heiress. herbary. haustorium. hālātum: breathe exhalant. herbicarnivorous. nonadherence. inhaust. hamite. herbivorous. m: hook hamate. Helvetian herba. incoherency. hederiform. exhaustible. inherently. herbless. hērēdis. disinherit. herbage. rostrohamus harēna: see arēna harundō: see arundō hasta. hereditary.

hibernation. hiemal hilarus. dehiscence. hīberna. spaniel. histriōnis. hirta. heroical. hībernōrum. nonhereditary hernia. Spanish. f: rupture (not in OLD. exhilaration. indehiscent hircus. hilare: cheerful (see ἱλαρός) exhilarate. heritor. inheritable. hilaris. inheritably. heroism hic. herniation. hiant. unrehearsed hirtus. hiātum: gape dehisce. post hoc propter hoc hīc: here hic iacet hiems. Spain. hernial. heroic. Hispaniola. LS says perhaps from ἔρνος: sprout. f: winter. heritable. m: goat hircine. hiāvī. Hīberniae. cited in OED) hernia. in hoc signo vinces. hilarious. rehearsal. herniopuncture hērōs. water spaniel histriō. hirsuteness. Hispāniae.heredity. heritage. herniated. inherit. Spanish-American. Spaniard. inheritor. hiāre. hērōis: hero: see ἥρως hero. hilarity hiō. hearse. heritably. f: Spain cockerspaniel. haec. n pl: winter quarters. hiemis. hirundinis. Spanglish. m: actor . f: Ireland hibernacle. hircocervus hirpex. hibernate. hirpicis. inheritance. hiatal. heritability. hibernatory. inheritance tax. hibernal. inheritability. Hispanic. Hībernia. Hibernian. heroine. rehearse. hirsutism. hispid hirundō. hilaris. hircī. hirsute. Hibernia. hilara. hoc: this ad hoc. dehiscent. herniae. haecceity. hiatus. m: large rake (not in OLD) (perhaps of Oscan origin) enhearse. heroics. hirtum: hairy hirsutal. hilarum: cheerful. f: swallow hirundine Hispānia.

subhuman. horrifical. unhonored hōra. preterhuman. horror. horrifiedly. homo (human). hominization. honest. humanist. horometer. ombre. honorer. inhumanly. horridly. horrible. horrifyingly. honestly. honesty. horrified. human. dehumanization. honorial. abhorrently. inhumanely. histrionism hoc: see hic holus: see olus homō. dishonest. hour. horary. honorific. m: human being. dishonorer. horrific. hominivorous. humanitarian. horrēre. horrid. honoris causa. superhuman. horology. horopter. horrendously. horologium. horruī: shudder abhor. humanism. horal. abhorrence. hourage. transhuman. hortārī. horologist. homuncular. m: Horace Horace. horoscopic. theohuman. horoscope. prehominid.histrionic. hōrae . horrifying. humane. honor. humanistic. dishonesty. Horatian. errare humanum est. honestus. histrionically. m: honesty. horrify. inhumanity. dishonestly. honorary. horripilation. hominify. Horatio hordeum. hominis. nonhuman. hordeī. horologe. humanize. honōris. Horātius. protohuman. horrendous. ecce homo. humanly. bonhomie. homo sapiens. pre-human. horrifically. hortātus sum: urge . novus homo. timehonored. hourly. hominine. histrionics. n: barley hordeolum horreō. hūmāna. honorably. horrisonant. humanity. humanely. honestum: honorable cursus honorum. transhumanist honor (honos). inhuman. hourless.f: hour: (see ὥρα) Horae. homicidal. honorarily. dishonorable. horologer. homme (Fr). honorarium. horologic. dehumanize. transhumanism. homage. dishonor. hr. humanitarianism. homo habilis. hominoid. humaniora. honorless. honesta. humanoid. hūmānum: human ad hominem. horribly. hombre (Sp). honorand. horribility. inhumane. homo erectus. humankind. horribile dictu. homunculus. inhumanness. hūmānus. honorable. homicide. horometry. dishonorably. abhorrent. humanify. honor. Horātiī. horoscopy. hominal. ordure hortor. bonhomous. humaniform. hominid.

humorlessly. humiliatory. hostilely. hortī. hosting. orchard. humidity. humidor. the h was added erroneously. ostler. relative humidity. hybridae. humorism. hostess. exhumation. hospitium. hostel. perhaps from Iber Iberian. inhumate. dehumidifier. humilis. f: victim host (communion) hostis. exhortation. humic. ortolan hospes. exhort. upper arm humeral. humifuse. the more correct form is ūmeō. hospitis. unhumbled Posthumous is not derived from humus. humous. believing it was post + humus hybrida25. dehumidify. vitreous humor (h)umerus24. humidifier. humoral. hospitably. hospitalist. horticulturalist. humorous. It’s from postumus from post. m: guest. motel. good-humoredly. horticulture. hostiae. hotel. c: enemy host (throng). inhospitably. hotelier. exhume. transhumance. hostler. hospice. inhospitality. humid. humiliation. hostility hūmānus: see homō (h)ūmeō23. humility. dehort. hotelless. humerus. exhorter. humor. hospitable. m: garden (cf. f: ground. hostelry. humifuse. humilis. humorless. hortulan. exhortative. humble. humiliator. cohors) horticultural. youth hostel hostia. superhumeral humus. humbly. humistratus. hospitalize. inhumorous. ill-humored. the more correct form is umerus. humorously. hortative. without the h 25 From older Latin ibrida. (h)umerī. f: half-breed In classical Latin. hostile. humidification. umectation. host elderhostel. humī. without the h In classical Latin. humiture. inhumation. humorist. hospital. inhospitable. humile: lowly disinhume. humoresque.cohortative. omertà (It). host (one who entertains). humiliate. dehortation. inhume. humidify. hospitalization. hospitality. osteria. posthumeral. hortatory hortus. humidistat. humbleness. the spelling hybrida is by an incorrect association to Greek ὕβρις 23 24 . hostis. exhortatory. humectant. m: shoulder. (h)ūmēre: be moist dehumidification. maitre d’. hospitalism. humus.

hybridism.dihybrid. hybridity. trihybrid . hybridize. monohybrid. hybridizer. hybrid. hybridization.

projicient.I. sex object. n: javelin abject. objectglass. conjectural. objectee. objectivization. objector. iacēre. objection.J iaceō. adjacent. jetty. disject. ejaculation. dejectant. f: door janiform. OED from ansa. janitorial. subjectively. subjective. objicient. interjacency. jettison. unobjectionable. objectize. electrojet. objectively. iacuī. alea iacta est. traject. jess. object. ejector. adjective. object language.. test-object. subject matter. coadjacent. superjacent ODEE and AHD derive disease. and easy from iaceō. jaculator. objectness. eject. countersubject. trajet. nonobjective. propjet. conjecturer. adjacency. transubjective. conjectory. introjection. objectiveness. retrojective. objet. gisting. iaculum. subjectless. objectant. Iānī. subjection. objectivistic. retrojection. jactation. ejaculate. deject. iacitum: lie near adagio (It). iactum: throw. subjectivism. projectively. prejacent. Janus. jut. coadjacence. iēcī. agist. conjacency.. objectify. dejectile. projectionist. dejectedness. parget. circumjacent. jutting. tregetour. subjectivistic. inject. ejectivity. subjacent. ejectment. Iānus. projector. jetport. injection. jutty. dejectory. interjection. iaciō. housing project. objectifiable. oleojector. jactitation. conjecturally. conchy. unsubjected. dejection. c. objectivity. likely not from either and not from Latin at all. intersubjective. objectable. Rio de Janeiro . gister. disjection. interjacent. trijet. ejection. ejaculator. jetsam. objectionable. objectification. water injection OLD associates iaceō/iaciō as pendeō/pendō. ejecta. objectivize. interjectory. January. retroject. projectional. objective. ejaculative. objectivist. injector. iānuae. rejection. See jet in OED. microinject. jet.o. TurboJet. dejecter. trajectory. dejectedly. circumadjacent. dejecture. introject. reject. counterobjection. projectile. janitor. adjectival. outjet. gist. subjectivize. adj. interjectional. outjut. conjecturable. subjectable. ease. conjecturist. m: Janus. projiciency. objectivism. conjecturably. abjection. projective. injective. subjectivist. iānua. project. janitress. ufology. joist. hic iacet. iaculī. ejective. adjectivally. objectional. subjectivity. objectless. ejectamenta. interjector. ejectively. trajection. dejected. ejaculatory. juttingly. iacere. postjacent. interject. conjecture. projection. abjectly. jactance. subject. overjet.

īlicis. Iberia. ignimbrite. groins (less common singular īle. n: fast dine. ignipuncture. sacroiliac. (= Eng. jejunal. diner. ignific. jadite. jaded. jade. dining-room. ignipotent. le. igniferous. elles. īlis or īlium. illeism. omelet. ileal. ictūs. iliopubic. iliosacral. ignify. ignition. -ient) igitur: therefore gaudeamus igitur ignis. il. īlium. ignis. illud: that à la (Fr). ignescent. idoneous Īdūs. ignicolist. ileitis. à la mode (Fr). idōneus. ībicis. disjune. apostil. illa. du jour.Ibēria. El Dorado. fi: holm-oak ilex īlia. elle. jejunely. m: wild goat. n pl: flanks. la. jejunity -iēns. lariat. dinner. à la carte (Fr). unjaded ille. Elroy. m: fire igneous. reignite. reignition ignōrantia (ignorance). f pl: Ides Ides iēiūnium. ignite. jejunectomy. ils. m: blow. ictus. iliocaudal. dinette. alligator. el. īdem: see is ictus. postilion . El Salvador. Ibēriae. strike (perhaps from iaciō) icteric. La Paz. idōnea. iliac. lacrosse. ilium. f: Iberia Celtiberian. jejune. -ient: -ing transient etc. Iberian ībex. chamois ibex ibīdem. ileum. ignivomous. Īduum. dinner-time. igniter. jejuneness. illeism. postil. ignitron. ignōrō (not know): see nōscō īlex. iēiūniī. īliī) ileac. idōneum: suitable idoneity. ileostomy. Leroy.

imaginal. imaginative. immoral. inimitable. imbecility The spelling of embezzle is influenced by imbēcillus. imitor) afterimage. imitatress. imbrication. image. imbuere. self-image. unimaginably. unimaginable. ināne: empty (from in. MRI. unimaginatively. subimago. imagism. Emmy. inherent. imitate. imply. on. imitātus sum: imitate (OED: same root as imāgō) imitability. imageable. imbēcillum: weak. innocent (and many others) in: in. imitative. inimtably. indecent. f: mask (cf. imagery. illegal. unimaginative. imaginer. imbriferous. thermal imaging. archimage.not) inane. in-: prefix meaning not incest. indite. Illyrian imāgō. imbūtum: drench. imitator. imagination. imitatively. imāginis. split-image. imbēcille: weak (possibly in. imbecilitate. inimitability. imaginational. imaginarily. onto (used as English prefix) imbue. insist. inānis. irritate. imitationist. imageless. imaginable. unimitated See also aemulus. f: Illyria Illyria. inanity incendō: see candeō inclīnō: see -clīnō . imitational. Illyriae. imbris. imbēcilla. imitatrix. imaginably. imaginary.) Illyria.not and baculum) imbecile. imagic. imago. storm imbricate. imitatable. which may be related. inanely.(All the articles from Romance languages. intend (and many others) inānis. imitārī. imagist. imitation. unimagined imbēcillus. imber. imagine. imbuī. imaginability. inanition. although it is not a derivative. imbēcillus. obimbricate imbuō. imaginatively. m: rain. illustrate. imbecilic. permeate (from in) imbue imitor. imbricative. imbēcillis. disimagine. incur. imaginativeness. into. imager.

industriae: diligence CIO. n: groin exinguinal. infra dig(nitatem).g. infernalize. incohāre. indult. overindulgent. indultum: take pleasure. reindustrialize. īnfimus (īmus). industrialization. īnfestus (hostile): see -festus inguen. infracostal) N. self-indulgent induō. deindustrialize. are compounds of in + frangō. n: likeness (LS suggests from stō) instar īnstaurō (begin): see -staurō īnstīgō. unindustrious īnfrā: below. industrious. indulgent. indulgence. inguinally. indūtum: put on indusiate. industrialism. infernality. incudate.. incohāvī. favor indulge. infernally. f: anvil (in + cūdō strike. induere. stimulus and stilus) (Greek στίζω and στίγμα) instigate. īnstīgāvī. hit) incudal. infrabranchial. reindustrialization. induviae. overindulge. industrialist. infernal. industrial. induviate industria.(e. inferolateral. Infract. incohātum: begin inchoate. induī. incūdis. incus index: see dicō indulgeō. īnstīgātum: stir up (in + -stīgō) (cf. īnfimum: lowest. indusium. indulgently. overindulgence. industrialized. indulgēre. self-indulgence. instigator . instigation. bottom inferior. industriously. indulsī. infracephalic. industry. inguinal. suprainguinal initium (beginning): see eō innuō (nod): see nuō inopia (lack): see ops īnstar. infrangible etc. infrared And many others with prefix infra. infra. infraglottal. inferomedian. inferno. inferiorly. inchoative (from a false aspirate inchoō) incūs. inferiority. īnstīgāre.B. inguinis. īnfima. instigative.incohō.

enter. interpretor. insularism. īnsulae. intus: within. internee. intron. intestinal. isolationism. internship. peninsularity. sound-insulated. intestine. interpretative. insulize. f: island insular. perhaps Sanscrit root (LS) or pretium (OLD)) intrō: see inter.B. interior. vie. interpres. internally. entree. reinterpretation (inter + disputed root. subintrant. intimate. reenter. intrā: within. c: go-between interprant. isolate. intervene. isolator. intern. insulator. entranceway. intimately. interiorly. intra-. invītātum: invite invitable. and introduce use these prefixes. dorsointestinal. reinterpret. title entry. denizenship. internet. misinterpretation. invītāvī. invitant. entrance. -ion) 26 ultimately from vītō (whence also ēvītō) avoid . isolationist. interpretive. enterer. vying. insulative. reentrant. reentry. invitational. interim. neoisolationist. invitation. peninsula. invite. introscope. entryway. entryism. intrāvī. insularity. entrant.use this prefix. insularly. intragenic. intrō.as the root. invītāre. insulate. entry. internalize. isolationistic. interpret. islet. The above list contains inter. insulin. (= Eng. interpretation. unentered. intimation. but the spelling (with the s) influenced by it integer (fresh): see tangō inter: between. interpretis. which combine this prefix with a Greek root. intrāre. or intro. invitingly. internment. vesicointestinal. denizen. isolative. penunsulate. I also include some words. Island is not a derivative of īnsula.īnsula. entrails. Many words such as intramural. intimacy. VoIP See penetrō. transinsular. misinterpret. intimism. vyingly -iō: act of action etc. Most words beginning with inter-. Inter (v) from terra. inviter. vier. invītō26. interpreter. N. entre. peninsulation. uninsulated N. isle. uninviting. uninvited. inter-. invitee. peninsular. uninvitingly. intra-. intrātum: go in denization.B. enterable. isolability. isolette. isolation. intro-. internal. insulation.

iocus. ipse. Italianate. solipsist.B. itemization. m: joke bejewel. joke. abirritate. Italy item: also (perhaps from is) item. irritancy. jugglery. irascibility. -ious) Iovis: see Iūppiter ipse (self): see is īra. identify. f: Italy Italian. īrāscī. irate. solipsistic. id: this. jeopardize. ea. irascibly. irritator is. that. irefully N. jocular. identically. unidentified Īsidōrus. jeopardous. ipsa. irritability. īrātus sum: grow angry. īrātus. Īsidōrī. jeopardy. itemizer iter (journey): see eō iterum: again . īrāta. jokingly. irritable. Italianize. jewel. inirritate. inirritant. irritative. idem: the same ibid. irritably. m: Isidore Isidore. ufology. īre (to go): see eō irrītō. jewelry. iocī. jocosely. Irritate is not derived from ira. īrātum: angry Dies Irae. īrāscor. irritation. ipsum: self. isidorian Ītalia. identifiable. ire. nonidentifiable. ipsilateral. irrītātum: rub abirritant.e. inirritability. i. italics. jongleur. misidentification.. jocularity. watch jeweler -iōsus: tending to superstitious etc. ireful. iracund. iracundity. (= Eng. idempotent. identikit. id. irrītāvī. counterirritant. irascible. identification. īdem. misidentify. irritant. ipsographic. jeweler. identity. solipsism. juggle. joker. jocosity. irritate. italic. irrītāre. quis custodiet ipsos custodes. jocularly. eadem. identical. identifiability. irately. id est. Ītaliae. ipseity. enjewel. ipse dixit. f: anger. juggler. identifier. italicize. ipso facto. īrae. ibidem. jocose.. itemize.

misjudgment. coniūnx. iteratation. junciform. iūdicāre. conjunctival. iūbilātum: rejoice jubilant. conjugality. iūdiciī. m: reed jonquil. conjuncture. adjudicator. prejudicial. iuncī. judiciousness. conjoiner. judicious. judgmentally. disjounture. Julian. iūxtā: next to. judicial. judgmatically. iterative. judicatory. forjudgment. July iuncus. unpreudiced iugum (yoke): see iungō Iūlius. coniugis. conjugative. junco. iubēre. judgment. conjointment. adjoin. disjointedly. disjoint. conjugational. Juliet. injudiciousness. forejudge. judicator. Juilio-Claudian. injudicious. conjugally. adjunctive. iterant. adjuster. prejudice. misjudge. adjustable. reiterative -itūdō: quality of magnitude etc. iubae. iterate. iūdicium. dijudicate. junketeer. f: mane. decemjugate. conjunctively. conjunctiva. judge. unjudicial. conjoined. judger. but it’s probably not related. conjunctivitis. julienne. judiciary. iugum. adjust. conjugator. conjoin. conjugation. judgeship. jubilarian. adjudicate. conjunctionally. iugī. conjoining. judiciously. injudicial. adjudication. iūdicis. reiteration. iūnctum: join. c: judge. disjointed. iūdicātum: to judge (iūs law + dīcō) adjudge. near. conjunction. judication. n: judgment. adjustment. crest jubate iubeō. judicially. conjointness. adjunct. Iūliī. iūdicāvī. judgmatic. disjunct. jubilation N. Jubilee’s connection is disputed. extrajudicial. intrajudicial. conjugial. iūnxī. jubilate. judicative. extrajudicially. adjoining. judgmental. iussī. conjunctional. iūdex. iussum: order jussive iūbilō. Julio. jubilantly. -itude) iuba. biconjugate. adjudicative. iungere. nonjudgmental.iterance. conjoint. prejudge. Julius. . iūbilāre. conjunctive.B. conjunct. n: yoke abjoint. n: Iulius Julia. conjoinedly. disjoin. adjoint. injudiciously. (=Eng. adjunction. conjugal. judicature. iūbilāvī. junket. ill-judged. conjunctly. junketer iungō. conjugate. conjugacy. f: spouse. reiterate. conjunctiveness. disjointly. iūdicō. conjointly.

iūrāre. multijugate. junctional. readjust. join. Jovian. junction. Iovis. subjugular. judgeship. iurgō. trijugous. tomato juice. disjuncture. judgmatic. subjugation. verjuice iūs. knuckle-joint. knee-joint. judicious. enjoin. justify. injudiciousness. justness. jurat. rejoinder. T junction. conjurator. jugate. iūris. subjunct. judgmentally. adjudicator. justice. right. injustice. juration. iniūriae. conjure. juiciness. well-adjusted Yoke is a cognate. iūrō. JPEG. juicy. jugulation. judgmental. conjury. hyperconjugation. jovial. forejudgment. juiceless. adjudication. justly. juxtapositive. junto.+ pater) Jove. gin (drink). jurisprudence. iurgāre. de jure. junta. justificatory. judiciously. maladjust. jural. injuriousness. judication. injunctively. adjuration. judicatory. not a derivative. iniūria. jostle. injure. judiciousness. judicially. jurisconsult. just. justification. injuriously. orange juice. injunct. enjoinder. judicial. judicative. Iūnōnis: goddess of marriage June. jurist. jointly. iustitia omnibus. justifiable. judicature. judger. injuncture. conjurer. misjudge. . m: Jupiter (Iov. juridical. unijunction. judgment. Justin. m: juniper tree geneva. n: law. justifier. cojuror. injurious. injudicial. injunctive. justifiably. justiciable. trijunction. jovially. iūsta. jurisdictional. jurisdictionary. swing-jointed. justifiability. joiner. juxtapose. injunction. iūrāvī. dijudicate. juniper Iūnō. Junonian Iūppiter. jugular. n: juice fruit juice. juridically. junctive. jurisprudent. jug (discipline in Jesuit school). illjudged. iurgāvī. jurisprudential. juxtaposition. self-adjusting. jurimetrician. extrajudicially. jugulocephalic. subjugate. judiciary. subjunctive. Junoesque. iūniperī. subjoinder. conjuration. disjunctively. juice.disjunction. trijugate. joviality. conjuress. judgmatically. jurisdiction. joint. juncture. disjunctive. jostlement. joinery. iūrātum: swear an oath. joust. jugulate. iūniperus. jurant. transconjugant. readjustment. injudicious. judge. grand jury. quadratojugal. maladjustment. jointure. sejunction. jugal. jointless. juryman. f: insult. adjudicative. judicator. iūris. just deserts. rejoin. juror. subjugal. injurer. injudiciously. justiciar. iūstum: just. quadrijugal. iūstus. subjoin. Juno. torpedo juice. injury. jurimetrics. quadriga. intrajugular. jury. juicily. adjudicate. Jupiter iūs. conjuror. grapefruit juice. adjure. extrajudicial. abjure. juratory. adjudge. subjugator. intrajudicial. forjudge. juicer. jointer. slip joint. unconjugated. iurgātum: quarrel abjuration.

unjust. iūtum: help. unjudicial. iūcunda. youthful. kaliograph. juvenilia. uninjured. iuventae. Kalends kalium. iūcundum: pleasant adjutancy. juvenility. jocund. calends. perjurer. Juvenalian. aide-memoire (Fr). juniority. juvenile. rejuvenescence. intercalate.misjudgement. aide-de-camp. perjuredly. juvie. rejuvenator. juvenescence. aide. summum jus. rejuvenation. jocundity. n: potassium (not in OLD. first-aid. rejuvenate. objurgate. unjustifiably. perjury. jocundly. juniorate. kaliī. prejudice. visual aid K Kalendae. καλέω) calate. objuration. objurgative. stricti juris. nonjudgmental. adjutant. f pl: first day of month (related to calō) (cf. prejudicial. juvenilize. kalicine. rejuvenescent iuvō. junior. f: youth Jaycee. iuventa. from Arabic) K (chemical symbol for potassium). juvenescent. objurgation. objurgatory. late scientific. perjure. unaided. unjustifiable. perjurious. unjustly. iūcundus (iōcundus). calendar. coadjutrix. navaid. unprejudiced iuvenis (iuvenis): youth. Kalendārum. iūvī. Juvenal. prejudge. medicaid. young. perjuriously. coadjutor. aid. intercalary. kaliophile . nonjuror. iuvāre.

labrum. Via Lactea lacer. lapsus memoriae. infralabial. elaborately. elaborative. elaborate. bilabial. labōrō. child labor. lapse. lactogen. lactonic. bilabiate. labiovelar. m: work. laborsaving. lactovegetarian. lactation. prolactin. hydrolab. collaborative. elaboratory. lacertī. lab. lactifluous. lacerta. laboratory. labially. labiī. lava. collaborator. time lapse lava may be a derivative. lactobacillus. lactic. lacrimator. lapsus linguae. labiomancy. collaborationism. collaborate. collapse. prolapse. belabor. lactational. lactosuria. laboriously. lactifuge. sarcolactic. farm-labor. preterlabent. laceration lacertus. labōrāvī. lactoflavin. labialism. lacertilian. prelapsarian. lactone. laboriousness. lachrymate. dilaceration. labōris. but perhaps from lavō instead avalanche may be from lavō or may be a corruption of the phrase ad vallem towards the valley labor. labilize. lactyl. labored. lactis. lactose. prolapsus. unlabored lac. collapsibility. labial. shellac. labrī. n: milk ablactate. labiose. lactoglobulin. lacerum: mutilated dilacerate. Laborite. n: lip. lachrymose. Labor Day. prolabial. labio-. lactiferous. prolabor. collaboration. lactometer. delacrimative. labiate. lactoprotein. dentilabial. f: lizard alligator. superlactation. lactivorous. elaboration. labiolingual. lacertiform. inelaborate. labia. laborer. lacerate. lā̆crimae. lacrimal. outlabor. laborless. antilabor. labor. lacera. labiality. lapsarian. lacertian. lactamase. lizard lā̆crima. lāpsus sum: slip avalanche. labor omnia vincit. delabialize. laborious. lacertae. spacelab. labiatiflorous. lachrymogenic. labialize. elapse. lacrimose . labōrāre. m: lizard. labiodental. lactescent. prelacteal. labile. labōrātum: to work AFL. lettuce. prolabium. labellum. delactation. thermolabile. labionasal. collaborationist. elaborator. n: lip antelabrum. delabialization. lābī. lactoscope. unilabiate lābor. relapse. photolabile. Laborism. labrum. lachrymal. lactase. dilactic. sublapsarian. f: tears delacrimation. labor union. elaborateness. lacertine. lactochrome. collabent. labium. collapsible. labral. lactate.L labium. lacteal. infralapsarian. ablactation. daylaborer.

lamentably. laevo-. laniferous. interlaminate. laker laedō. lallation lambō. lamina. lacuna. laminitis. laminectomy. laminiplantar. laminagraph. (lambī). Great Lakes. lallāvī. lamin. lamprey. laminodental. levogyrate. lambent. collider. lakefront. Lancelot. omelet. lambere. lāmentor. lamentable. lamentation. lance. lanate. levorotation. lacūs. laniflorous. lallāre. lacunose. levotorsion. (lambitum): lick (perhaps related to labium) lambency. collide. limpet (OED unsure of last two. laminator. elide. lāmentātus sum: to wail lament. f: long spear (of Iberian origin) fer-de-lance. lacunar. lanigerous. lancet. trilaminate lāna. laminate. collisional. glulam. injure allision. lamella. dilamination. f: small plate of metall bilamellar. laminiform. delaminate. lamented. lāmella. lacunal. laeta. levan. launch. collisionless. laetātus sum: be happy Laetare. lambently. ODEE supports. lacustrine. lanugo lancea. laeva. f: wool delaine. lagoon. lanuginous. laminopalatal. lancelet. lāmentī. lamellar. laguna. lamellirostral. laesī. levorotatory. laesum: harm. levo-. lallātum: sing lullaby lall. lanceae. lacunary. collision. thin sheet. prodelision laetus. unlamented lāmina. free-lance. W3 hedges) lāmentum. launcher langueō. lāmellae. laevum: left laetrile. n: wailing. lèse-majesté (Fr). levulose lallō. elision. elidible. lancer. laetor. lesion. levoglucose. laminar. lānae. levoduction. laetum: happy. delamination. lanolin. Letitia. m: lake glaciolacustrine. laedere. Letty laevus. lāminae. laminarize. lāmetārī. lake. lanceolate. lamentoso. lamination. languēre: be sluggish (perhaps related to laxus) . f: plate. layer.lacus. laetārī. lamenter. lanivorous.

languishing. postlarval . dilapidation. lapicide. lapilli. well-balanced. largely. ēlicere. m: butcher laniary lanx. dish balance. large. zero balance lapis. f: plate. enlarge. lacework. larga. plentiful allargando (It). laqueus. largess. overdelicate. latchet. lardy larix. lapidate. laceless. lasso. larviform. enlarger. languor. lapidation. shoelace. f: larch larch larva. n: bacon. fat lard. larvigerous. lapidis. mask larva. ODEE says from lapis. wind-balance. lapis lazuli Lozenge: W3: no. lapidarian. disbalance. OED hints perhaps from lapis. lacing. imbalance. lancis. point lace. lacery. laniī. elicitation. ghostl. lapideous. larvule. lapidicolous. lapidarist. lace. strait-laced. outbalance. languishment. latch Larēs. lapidary. m: noose. dilapidator. largum: lavish. languorous. enlargisse. Larum (Larium). necklace.languescent. larvicide. enlace. lāridī. largeness. m pl: household gods (rarely singular: Lar) lares largus. enlargement. laricis. laqueī. lacy. larder. balancer. microbalance. interlace. waterbalance. spirit. larvivorous. languid. f: demon. snare. languorously lanius. tight-lacing. large-scale. unlace. languidly. larvarium. ēliciō. overbalance. unlaced See OED entries for lacquer. wheel balance. unbalance. languish. largo. n: stone dilapidate. elicitor. noninterlaced. ēlicuī (ēlexī): to entice elicit. largitional. larvicolous. larvae. enlacement. embalance. larval. tightlaced. counterbalance. lacemaking. overlarge lāridum. larviparous. largish. rebalance. dilapidated.

lateral. omnilateral. lateris. collaterally. lātum: wide colatitude. larceny latus. dilatometer. dilator. Latinist. Ladino. dilatibility. unilateralization. latē̆bra. n: Latium (region of Italy). dilitatory. Ladin. latirostral. homolateral. patrilateral. trilateration. latently. lateritic latex. m: liquid latex Latium. latipennate. larcenous. neo-Latin. latescent later. bilateralist. latent. matrilateral. Latinity. time dilation. lascīva. larcenously. lateralization. lā̆trōciniī: robbery larcenist. bilateralism. dilitative. laticis. midlatitude. lateropulsion. lascīvum: wanton. n: side ambilateral. Latina. quadrilateral.lascīvus. latitudinarian. Latium. unilaterally. latensify. lateris. lustful. Latinistic. Latīna. f: hiding place delitescence. Latīnus. latē̆brae. inferolateral. Latīnum: Latin delatinize. dilate. dorsolateral. latitude. dilation. dilative. Latinize. laterally. lateen. latifoliate. dilitate. dilitation. dilater. dilitatory. unilateralist. octolateral. latēre. dilitator. delitescency. equilateral. lā̆trōcinium. lassitude lateo. Latinate. lassum: weary alas. vasodilator lātus (participle of ferō): see ferō . pig-Latin lā̆trō. m: brick (perhaps related to latus) laterite. delitescent. latitudinous. contralateral. mischievous lascivious. latus rectum. multilateralist. Latin. latitudinal. bilateral. dilitator. trilateral. lasciviously. unilateralism. dilatible. laticostate. lāta. bilaterally. multilateralism. lasciviousness lassus. lā̆trōnis: robber. unilateral. latidentate. laterality. Latinless. latency. latiofoliate. laterigrade. dilatant. sesquilateral. latifundium. horselatitude. lassa. Latinization. playful. multilateral. Latiī. dilatancy. collateral. ventrolateral lātus. Latino. Latinism. latuī: hide. ipselateral. horse latitudes.

Laurentīnum, Laurentīnī, n: Laurentinum Larry, Laura, Lawrence, Loretta Laurentinum may derive from laurus. laurus, laurī, f: laurel-tree baccalaureate, laureate, laureateship, laureation, laurel, postbaccalaureate laus, laudis, f: praise; laudō, laudāre, laudāvī, laudātum : praise; allow, allowable, allowance, belaud, cum laude, disallow, disallowance, disallower, disallowment, illaudable, laud, laudable, laudably, laudation, laudative, laudatory, magna cum laude, maxima cum laude, summa cum laude, travel allowance Italicized words: W3: from locus; ODEE and OED: from both laus and locus. lavō, lavāre, lāvī, lautum (lavātum/lōtum): wash; luō, luere, luī: wash; lutum: mud; polluō, polluere, polluī, pollūtum: pollute (prō/per + luō) (cf. λούω) abluent, ablution, ablutionary, alluvial, alluviation, alluvium, antediluvial, antediluvian, colluvies, deluge, deluginous, depollute, depollution, diluent, dilute, dilutedly, dilutee, diluteness, diluter, dilution, dilutionist, dilutum, diluvial, diluvialist, diluvian, diluvianism, diluvium, eluate, eluent, elute, elution, elutriate, elutriation, elutriator, eluvial, eluviate, eluviation, eluvies, eluvium, illutation, illuvial, illuviated, illuviation, latrine, launder, launderer, laundromat, laundress, laundry, laundryman, lav, lava, lavabo, lavage, laval, lavation, lavatorial, lavatory, lave, lavish, lavishly, lavishness, lotic, lotion, lutaceous, nonpolluting, overlavish, pediluvium, pollutant, pollute, polluter, pollution, pollutional, pollutive, postdiluvian, prediluvian, thermal pollution, undiluted, unlaundered, unpolluted avalanche may be obscurely related but most likely from lābor avalanche may also be a corruption of the phrase ad vallem towards the valley lava may be from lābor instead laxus, laxa, laxum: wide, loose, slack; laxō, laxāre, laxāvī, laxātum: loosen disrelish, lax, laxative, laxity, laxly, laxness, lease, leasehold, leaseholder, leash, lessee, lessor, relax, relaxation, relaxative, relay, release, releaser, relish, stress relaxer, sublease, time-release, unleased, unleashed, unrelaxed, unrelaxing, work release lectus, lectī, m: bed, couch coverlet, litter, litterbug, litterer

lēgō (appoint): see lēx legō, legere, lēgī, lēctum: read, choose; dīligēns (dīligentis): careful; ēlegāns (ēlegantis): fine; intellegō, intellegere, intellēxī, intellēctum: understand; neglegō, neglegere, neglēxī, neglēctum: disregard; legiō, legiōnis, f: legion; (cf. λέγω) CIA, coil, coiler, coiling, collect, collectanea, collectedly, collectible, collection, collective, collectively, collectivism, collectivist, collectivistic, collectivity, collectivization, collectivize, collector, counterintelligence, counterlecture, cull, culler, culling, deselect, diligence, diligent, diligently, elect, electability, electable, electee, election, electioneer, electionerer, electioneering, elective, electively, electivity, elector, electoral, electoral college, electorally, electorate, electorial, electorship, elegance, elegancy, elegant, elegantly, eligibility, eligible, eligibleness, eligibly, elite, elitism, elitist, encoil, florilegium, illegibility, illegible, illegibly, inelegance, inelegant, inelegantly, ineligibility, ineligible, intel, intellect, intellection, intellective, intellectual, intellectualism, intelectualist, intellectualize, intellectually, intelligence, intelligencer, intelligent, intelligential, intelligently, intelligentsia, intelligibility, intelligible, intelligibly, IQ, lectern, lection, lectionary, lector, lecture, lecturer, lectureship, legend, legendary, legibility, legible, legibly, legion, legionnaire, legionary, lesson, multicoil, neglect, neglectable, neglecter, neglectful, neglectfully, negligee, negligence, negligent, negligently, neglegibility, negligible, negligibly, nonelective, nonintelligence, nonintelligent, nonselective, omnilegent, overdiligent, permselective, postelection, postselection, predilection, prelect, prelection, prelector, preselect, preselection, preselective, preselector, president-elect, rag collector, recollect, recollection, recollective, reelect, reelection, sacrilege, sacrilegious, sacrilegiously, select, selectable, selectedly, selectee, selection, selectional, selectionism, selectionist, selective, selectively, selectivist, selectivity, selectman, selector, sociolect, sortilege, stereoselective, supercoil, superintelligent, tax collector, ticketcollector, uncoil, uncollectible, unelected, unintelligent, unintelligently, unintelligible, unintelligibly, uniselector, unselected, unselecting legūmen, legūminis, n: bean (perhaps ultimately from legō) legume, leguminous lemurēs, lemurum, m pl: ghosts, spirits of the dead lemur, lemuriform, lemurine, lemuroid lēnis, lēnis, lēne: soft lenate, lenience, leniency, lenient, leniently, lenis, lenition, lenitive, lenity

lēns, lentis, f: lentil seed lens, lenticel, lenticular, lenticulation, lenticule, lentiginose, lentigo, lentil, lentoid, retrolental, sublenticular -lentus, -lentia, etc.: full of violent, turbulence, etc. (= Eng. -lent, -lence, etc.) lentus: flexible, tough, slow festina lente, letamente, rallentando (It), relent, relentless, relentlessly, unrelenting leō, leōnis, m: lion (cf. λέων) chameleon, dandelion, Leo, Leon, Leonard, Leonid, leonine, leopard, liger, lion, lioness, lionize, mountain lion, tigon OED suggests that leō, not λέων, may be the primary influence on all English derivatives. lepus, leporis, m: hare leporid, leporide, leporiform, leporine, Lepus, leveret lētum, lētī, n: death lethal, lethality, lethally, lethiferous, nonlethal lēvir, lēviris: brother-in-law levirate levis, levis, leve: light; levō, levāre, levāvī, levātum: raise alleviant, alleviate, alleviation, bas-relief, carnival, counterlever, elevate, elevated, elevatedly, elevatedness, elevation, elevational, elevator, elevatory, elevon, irrelevance, irrelevancy, irrelevant, irrelevantly, irrelievable, leaven, leavening, legerdemain, legerity, Levant, levator, levee, lever, leverage, levitate, levitation, levitron, levity, levy, microrelief, outrelief, photorelief, pontlevis, relevance, relevancy, relevant, relevantly, relief, reliefer, relieve, sit tibi terra levis, tax relief, unleavened, unrelieved, unrelievedly, warning lever See OED cantilever. lēvis, lēvis, lēve: smooth levigate, levigation, levigator lēx, lēgis, f: law; lēgātiō, lēgātiōnis, f: embassy; lēgātus, lēgātī, m: envoy; collēga, college, m: colleague allegation, allege, allegeable, allegiance, allegiant, colleague, college, colleger, collegial, collegiality, collegially, collegeian, collegiate, collegiately, collegium, delegacy, delegant, delegate, delegatee, delegateship, delegation, delegator, delegatory, disloyal, disloyally,

disloyalty, disprivilege, electoral college, extralegal, illegal, illegality, illegalize, illegally, illegitimacy, illegitimate, illegitimately, illoyal, illoyalty, intercollegiate, legacy, legal, legalese, legalism, legalist, legalistic, legality, legalization, legalize, legally, legal tender, legat, legate, legatee, legatine, legation, legative, legator, legislate, legislation, legislative, legislatively, legislator, legislatorial, legislature, legist, legit, legitimacy, legitimate, legitimately, legitimation, legitimatization, legitimatize, legitimism, legitimist, legitimaztion, legitimize, loyal, loyalism, loyalist, loyalize, loyally, loyalty, medicolegal, metalegal, noncollegiate, nonlegal, overprivileged, paralegal, precollegiate, privilege, privileged, relegate, relegation, underprivileged, unprivileged, war college Both OED and W3 state that allege is derived from lēx; ODEE: allege from līs. All assign allegiance to lēx. līber, lībera, līberum: free; lībertās, lībertātis, f: freedom; līberō, līberāre, līberāvī, līberātum: set free COD, deliberalize, deliver, deliverable, deliverance, deliverer, deliveror, delivery, illiberal, illiberality, illiberally, libber, liberal, liberalism, liberalist, liberalistic, liberality, liberalization, liberalize, liberally, liberate, liberated, liberation, liberationist, liberator, Liberia, Liberian, libertarian, libertarianism, liberté (Fr), libertine, liberty, livery, liveryman, neoliberal, redeliver, ultraliberal, undelivered, unliberated, vers libre (Fr), women’s lib liber, librī, m: book, bark of a tree ex libris, interlibrary, libel, libeler, libelous, libelously, liber, librarian, librarianship, library, librettist, libretto, libriform, public library libet (lubet), libēre, libuit: it pleases; libīdō (lubīdō), libīdinis: lust; libenter: willingly ad lib., ad libitum, libidinal, libidinous, libidinously, libido, quod libet lībō, lībāre, lībāvī, lībātum: pour, taste libate, libation lībra, lībrae, f: scales deliberate, deliberately, deliberateness, deliberation, deliberative, deliberatively, deliberativeness, deliberator, disequilibrium, dislevel, dislevelment, enlevelment, equilibrated, equilibrator, equilibrist, equilibrium, eye-level, indeliberate, lb., level, leveler, levelly, levelness, Libra, librate, libration, lira (It), livre (Fr), multilevel, quantum level, sea-level, top level, trilevel, unlevel, upper-level, water level, zone level N.B. The British pound symbol, £, is derived from lībra.

licet, licēre, licuit, licitum est: it is permitted illicit, illicitly, laissez faire (Fr), leisurable, leisure, leisurely, licence, license, licensee, licenser, licentiate, licentious, licentiously, licentiousness, licit, licitation, licitly, no-license, radio license, relicense, scilicet, unlicensed, videlicet, viz. līcium, līcium: thread of a warp trellis, trellis-work Either from trilīx (trilīcis): triple-twined (ultimately trēs + līcium) or from trichila, trichilae, f: bower, arbor lictor, lictōris, m: attendant lictor LS, OED: from ligo; OLD: no connection lignum, lignī, n: wood ligneous, lignescent, lignicolous, ligniferous, ligniform, lignin, lignite, lignitiferous, lignivorous, pyroligneous ligō, ligāre, ligāvī, ligātum: tie alliance, allied, alloy, ally, antireligion, antireligious, bicolligate, bushleague, colligability, colligable, colligate, colligation, counteralliance, deligation, dereligionize, disobligation, disoblige, disobligement, ferroalloy, furl, interleague, irreligion, irreligious, irreligiously, irreligiousness, league, leaguer, legato, liability, liable, liaise, liaison, lictor, lien, lienholder, ligament, ligand, ligate, ligation, ligature, major league, mesalliance, minor league, noblesse oblige (Fr), nonreligious, obligant, obligate, obligated, obligately, obligation, obligationary, obligative, obligator, obligatory, oblige, obliged, obligee, obligement, obliger, obliging, obligingly, obligingness, obligor, obligulate, permalloy, politico-religious, rally, rallycross, rallyist, reliability, reliable, reliably, reliance, reliant, religion, religionist, religiosity, religioso, religious, religiously, rely, self-reliance, self-reliant, supraligamen, unalloyed, unfurl, unobliged, unreliable, unreliably, unreligious, unreligiously, vasoligation See allay in ODEE. limbus, limbī, m: border, hem, edge, fringe, (circle, rope, belt) limb (edge), limbal, limbate, limbation, limbic, limbiferous, Limbo, limbus līmen, liminis, n: threshold; sublīmis, sublīmis, sublīme: lofty, high elininability, eliminable, eliminant, eliminate, elimination, eliminator, limen, liminal, liminality, liminally, postliminary, postliminous, postliminy, prelim, preliminary, sublimate, sublimation, sublimatory, sublime, sublimely, subliminal, subliminally, sublimity, supraliminal

līmes, līmitis, m: boundary delimit, delimitation, delimitative, delimiter, illimitability, illimitable, illimitableness, illimitably, illimited, limes, limicolous, limit, limitation, limited, limiter, limitless, limitrophe, lintel, Ltd., no-limit, off-limit, rate-limiting, sex limited, speedlimit, term limits, time limit, unlimited limpidus, limpida, limpidum: clear, transparent limpid līmus, līmī, m: mud (related to linō) limose, limosella lingua, linguae, f: tongue, language bilingual, bilingualism, brevilingual, buccolingual, dentilingual, ethnolinguist, exolinguistic, faciolingual, favete linguis, fissilingual, HTML, Interlingua, intralingual, labiolingual, language, languageless, langue, lapsus linguae, lingo, lingual, lingually, linguiform, linguini, linguipotence, linguist, linguistic, linguistically, linguodental, longilingual, metalanguage, metalinguistics, microlinguistics, monolingual, multilingual, multilingually, neolinguist, neurolinguist, object language, omnilingual, orolingual, paralanguage, paralinguistic, perlingual, plurilingual, prelanguage, prelinguistic, proto-language, protolinguistic, pseudolanguage, pseudolinguistic, psycholinguistic, quadrilingual, sign language, sociolinguistics, source language, sublanguage, sublingual, target language, text linguistics, trilingual, trilingualism, tubilingual, unilingual, world-language linō, linere, lēvī (līvī), litum: smear (see also līmus) illinition, liniment linquō, linquere, līquī, līctum: abandon, leave corpus delicti, delict, delictal, delinquency, delinquent, delinquently, derelict, dereliction, in flagrante delicto, relic, relict, relinquish, reliquary, reliquiae, reliquian līnum, līnī, n: thread, flax; līnea, līneae, f: string airline, align, aligned, alignment, assemblyline, backline, balkline, baseline, battleline, bed-linen, beeline, belt line, bilinear, blue line, borderline, bottomline, bowline, bread line, by-line, coastline, colinear, collimate, collimation, collimator, collinear, collineate, collineation, counterline, crane-line, crinolette, crinoline, crossline, cruise line, curvilinear, dateline, deadline, delineable, delineate, delineation, delineative, delineator, delineatory, fishline, frontline, goal line, guideline, hairline, handline, hardline, headline, hemline, interline,

sunline. matrilineage. roof line. līrae. liquation. deliriousness. literacy. misalignment. trilineate. priceline. linearity. biliteral. dead letter. sealine. lineal. liquefacient. illiterature. delirious. littera. wall-lining. For allege and allegation see note under lēx. liquidity. multilineal. deliration. matriliny. patriliny. redline. working outline. slipline. matriline. pipeliner. illiterately. linear. trilinear. white-line. eliquate. washline. duoliteral. līquī/licuī: be liquid. spaceline. illiterateness. form letter. Quaker linen. skyline. open line. alliteratively. linograph. unlined. be clear colliquative. microline. plumbline. tablelinen. track line. lifeline. chain letter. lineality. online. pipeline. f: ridge. glitterati. ramline. litigate. top line. liquidate. worldline. n: delirium delirant. linen. straight line. liquefy. timeline. liquescent. furrow. shoreline. lettered. wave line.interlineal. deliquesce. patriline. nonaligned. lineament. pendente lite W2 adds allegation. tackline. letter-perfect. second line. DT līs. lineage. streamliner. illiquidity. lint. linage. . liquidly. patrilineage. water line. plotline. litigation. prolix. strawline. lineman. litigator. liqueō. liquidize. belles lettres (Fr). lītis. linebacker. transfer line. tieline. strayline. litterae. linoxyn. illiteracy. lining. nonlinear. quarterline. stag line. belletrist. transmission line. lineation. multiline. underlineation. neckline. liquēre. powerline. storyline. lineate. rectilinear. throwline. linnet. sublinear. linotypist. multicollinearity. belletrism. f: letter alliterate. zero-line. litigiousness. yellow line. letterpress. unilineal. supplyline. one-liner. black-letter. punchline. spiderline. letterless. lettrism. linearly. nightline. streamline. mainline. patrilineal. lingerie. towline. tape line. ridgeline. deliriously. literal. lineally. delirium. deliquescence. poverty line. delirium tremens. line. dēlīrium. bellestristic. mixtilinear. liner. prolixity līra. multilinear. alliteration. waistline. allegeable. normolineal. linesman. liquidizer. beletter. liquor. overline. lettering. delirifacient. lineolate. patrilinear. deliquescent. tableline. realignment. tideline. liquefaction. lineup. letter. offline. litigant. oldline. liquorous. litigiously. unaligned. liqueur (Fr). eliquation. matrilineal. monoline. nonalignment. linseed. outlining. metroliner. alliterative. litigious. long-line. liquidator. illiquid. ratline. liquidation. linenize. stemline. interlinear. rectilinearly. underline. realign. linotype. liquefiable. liquid. linoleum. Z-line For italicized words see OED: collimate. dēlīriī. touchline. letterhead. timberline. linearize. illiterate. lox. sideline. outline. matrilinear. soundingline. f: lawsuit allege. wheel alignment. linsey-woolsey.

prolong. literature. locomotive. oblong. litoral. locomobile. livor mortis locus. allocation. proto-literate. collocability. lieutenant. dislocatee. longum: long Alba Longa. dislocation. līvidum: slate-colored. loci. n: London London longus. lientenancy. travel allowance. prolongeer. disallowment. literalization. metaliterary. purloiner. collocal. couchles. longueur. elongate. locus. matrilocal. collocative. localization. oblongation. longevity. lido. prolongation. reallocation. collocate. lounge (only W2). pluriliteral. sublittoral līveo. disallower. localist. literalize. storage location. literator. unilocular. lobster lobster. multiliteral.). lieu. world literature lītus. newsletter. longitude. elongation. lunge. longimanous. trilocular. interlocate. longirostrate. literati. lividity. dislocator. literation. collocable. purloin. delocalize. locomotion. longipennate. lividly. longisection. bilocular. lītoris. f: locust. loco citato (loc. obliterative. locust Londīnium.literalism. locoweed. literalistic. illocal. couche. cit. local. translocation. obliterable. illocality. locofoco. longa. triliteral. dislocatory. radiolocation. n: shore circumlittoral. longipede. allowable. uniliteral. locomotor. neolocal. antelocation. couchy. locī. locate. locomote. locale. virilocal The italicized words are derived from either laudō or locus (W3). longirostrine. nonliterate. purlieus. litterateur. literary. infralittoral.. unilocularly. locational. lō̆custa. monolocular. relocation. lieut. patrilocal. nonlocal. couch. multilocate. dislocate. literally. obliterator. m: place allocate. oblongatial. allocator. Londīniī. collocation. longilingual. locator. couchant. obliteration. transliteration. disallowance. transliterate. elocular. postliteral. reallocate. location. localize. localitis. littoral. loco. unlettered. longiloquence. allocative. bilocate. literate. milieu. uxorilocal. literalist. locative. intralocular. preliterate. locally. echolocation. sealed letter. disallow. literatim. localizer. quadriliteral. eulittoral. locant. obliterate. līvidus. literality. longitarsal. livor. in loco parentis. translocate. allow. couchette. līvida. longanimity. coucher. relocate. allowance. nonliterary. locality. transliterator. livid livid. multilocation. bilocation. decemlocular. longitudinal. longitudinally. biloculine. sun lounge (W2) . prolongate. couch potato. lō̆custae. līvēre: be livid. URL. localism. couchee. longicaudal.

elocutionary. colloquium. ineludable. lubrication. ludic. reluctance. elocution. loquacity. optical illusion. somniloquy. loquaciously. ineluctable. reluctant. disillusionment. luis. lorate. delusionist. pectoriloquy. lucratively. lūsum: to play allude. colloquial. loral. prolusory luēs. colloquality. ventriloquism. n: strap illoricated. m: game. grandiloquently. soliloquy. ludicrousness. colloqualist. collude. lūbricum: slippery lubricant. elocutionist. lūbrica. ludo. soliloquist. elusory. delude. dulciloquence. illusively. lubricator. eloquent. interlude. lubricity. ventriloquize. colloquially. loquacious. delusional. loquor. magniloquent. collusively. collusion. ludicrously. somniloquist. lucre luctor. delusiveness. lū̆crī. lubricious. illusive. allusive.B. allusion. lubritorium. ludicrous. luctārī. locūtus sum: speak. illusorily. ineloquent. illusionary. locution. gastriloquist. collusive. deluder. disillusion. lubriciously. ventriloquistic. pre-lubricated lūceō (be bright): see lūx lū̆crum. grandiloquent. colloquist. oil-lubricated. Lūcullī. elusion. lūdere. f: plague (perhaps related to lavō and luō) . ventriloquy lōrum. colloquium. obloquy. allusively. n: meeting allocution. delusive. breviloquent. elusively. loricate. eludible. lūdō. inelude. illusion. not a derivative. n: profit lucrative. grandiloquence. colloquy. luctātus sum: wrestle colluctation. stultiloquence. gastriloquent. colloquialism. prolusion. eluder. collocutor. omniloquent. multiloquence. prelude. delusively. illocutionary. elude. reluctancy. postlude. circumlocution. multiloquent. Long is cognate of longus. delusory. interlocutor. delusion. colloquize. supraloral lūbricus. elusive. eloquence. circumlocute. magniloquence. lubricate. m: Lucullus Lucullan lūdus. lōrī. prolocutor. colloquiī. ilusionism. illusionist. illocution. illusory. perlocution. deludedly. deludable. reluctantly Lūcullus. elocutionize. illusional. longiloqence. soliloquize. ventriloquist. interlocutory. interludial. eloquently. fatiloquent.N. dentiloquent. eludent. ventriloquial. lūdī. loquī. disillusionize. lūsī. elocute.

lūctum: mourn lugubrosity. sirloin. lustration. lunar myth. semilunar. lumbago. f: Portugal Lusitania. unillustrated. loin cloth. lūridum: sickly yellow. illustrate. lupiform. elumbated. lustrous. loony. lupine. sublunar. lunatic. lumbar. interlunation. loupe. sollunar. lunik. Lugdūnī. lupī. superlunary. luster. loin. illustratory. interlunar. lupinosis. novilunar. lusterless. lustrī. lustrō. lumbī. lūnae. λύκος) lobo. solilunar. lupus lūridus27. intralumbar. lunisolar. Lutetiae. f: Paris lutetium 27 from a noun lūror. illustris. plenilune. lusterware. lunarian. lackluster. perlustrate. loup.lues. lunate. supralunary. lustrāre. lunar. lustrātum: purify. lunula. illustrable. lunarite. illustrious. illustration. n: Lyon Lyons lūgeō. lustrousness. lūxī. lunacy. demilune. m: wolf (cf. illustrativeness. lunule. illustratively. illustris. review. perilune. smear. lune. luridly. luscum: one-eyed louche Lūsītānia. supralumbar. illustrative. lustrate. perlustration. illustrator. lūgēre. lunulate. lunation. luetic Lugdūnum. ghastly lurid. shine. tenderloin lūna. m: sallowness. n: purification. illustrational. lūrōris. lugubriously lumbus. lugubrious. lustrāvī. lustrously. illustriousness. Lūsītāniae. Lusitanian lustrum. sublunary. unillustrine Lutetia. paleness . lupanar. m: loins dorsolumbar. lunabase. f: moon (ultimately from lūx) cislunar. luna. lunular. illustriously. translunary luō (wash. lusca. lūrida. luniform. lunette. lunarscape. translunar. luridness luscus. lustral. lupuline. illustre: famous disluster. atone for): see lavō lupus.

transillumination. illume. lucidly. noctiluca. reluxation.luteus (muddy). subluxation . f: light. luminary. lucernal. bioluminescent. luxuriously. photoluminescent. chemiluminescent. omnilucent. f: immoderate growth. fiat lux. pellucid. electroluminescent. lucubrator. elucidator. illuminator. pellucidly. lūcis. lucidity. lūminis. lucimeter. luminaire. luminophore. relucent. elucidative. deluxe. lūtī. lūteī. lux. luminoscope. thermoluminescence. luminousness. translucent. elucidate. translucid. illuminometer. lūteum. noctilucent. illuminist. luminescent. Telestrator. luminarism. Lucinda. luxate. dislimn. luminize. phillumenist. illuminer. lutum: (mud): see lavō lūtum. ville lumière (Fr) lūxuria. elucidatory. lūteus. transilluminator. luciform. lucent. luxuriance. luminosity. illumination. semiluxation. Illuminati. luminously. oxyluciferin. Lucifer. n: egg yolk luteal. translucency. f: excess. lucubration. lūteum: yellow. illuminant. lucida. translucidity. lūxuriēī. luxuriantly. pellucidness. luteous. noctilucid. lucite. illuminable. Lucy. lūmen. luxa. lumen. unilluminated. noctilucence. lutein. triluminous. illuminatism. elucidation. illuminative. translucence. luminant. noctilucous. luculently. luciferous. luminism. illumine. photoluminescence. lūxuriae. luculent. illuminate. Lucius. luxurious. illuminism. luxmeter. lūxuriēs. isolux. lucifugous. interlucent. Lucia. luxury luxus. elucubration. luxuriousness. luminiferous. radioluminescent. pellucidity. luciferin. radiolucency. elucubrate. translucently. illuminize. circumlunar. excess. limn. luminologist. luminescence. lucubrate. luminous. electroluminescence. Luciferian. thermoluminescent. lucid. illuminance. lūtea. luxum: dislocated eluxate. n: light (see related lūna) bioluminscence. lucigen. radiolucent. luxuriate. luminance. transilluminate. triboluminescence. luxation. lucific. luteovirescent lūx. n: yellow-weed. luxuriant. luminator.

Mallorcan. maceration. f: machine (from Greek μῆχος) antimachine.M macer. maximum: largest. macerator. major. majordomo. machinate. maestro. Cloaca Maxima. māior. magnifico. machination. Magnavox. maculacy. magnaflux. majoritarian. magnanimously. macilency. magnanimity. maquette (Fr). magnisonant. machinability. maestoso. macle. drillmaster. magnate. maculose. machinize. master. magister. maculately. majuscule. magnitudinous. machinery. headmaster. magnitude. macrum: skinny emaciate. magisterium. magistrate. māchinae. meagerness māchina. magistracy. headmistress. majorette. lèse-majesté (Fr). stain. machinist. feastmaster. magistral. maitre d’. untrammeled maestus. magnum. majuscular. magnification. immaculately. macerate. machinator. brewmaster. immaculateness. f: spot. magnify. force majeure (Fr). maesta. machine. magniloquence. entrammel. Majorca. majesty. magnifier. maculation. macule. matāvī. immaculacy. emcee. machinofacture. macular. mactātum: slaughter for sacrifice mactation. mesh. matador. magistrī. magnificent. maquis (Fr). magis: more. Canis Major. maxima. māior. magnanimous. magistrature. emaciation. net bimaculate. magna cum laude. guild-master. maximus. māiusm: larger. maestum: sad mesto magis: see magnus magnus. horsemaster. emaciated. mactāre. craftsmaster. macra. . majority. Magnificat. magna. Charlemagne. maculiferous. magnific. micromachine. immaculate. majestically. magnicaudate. magniloquent. meagerly. machinable. majestic. meager. masterable. majolica. demagnify. maceral. countermaster. maculae. Mas (dial). magnum opus. maculature. magisterially. magnum bonum. macula. multimaculate. maculate. m: teacher ad maiorem Dei gloriam (AMDG). mail (armor). trammel. Magna Charta. majestical. fagmaster. magnificently. harbormaster. magisterial. magnirostrate. submachine mactō. matadora macula. magnificence. major league. mackle. magnum: large.

maladroit. mother of Hermes) Maia. spinmaster. maximization. mister. maxima. scoutmaster. mala fide. mayorship. malariologist. malformed. max. outmaster. malformation.masterate. submaxillary malleus. m: wizard. malleative. maximalism. malleiform. Mr. master-builder. malleus. shipmaster. pēior. May. magicus. maxima cum laude. maleficent. mal-. mistral. maximize. quartermaster. f: jaw inframaxillary. f: Maia (titanide. mayor. immalleable. malfeasance. magic. malapropism. maul. school mistress. magica. mallet. mayoralty. malevolence. maldescent. miss (n). magī. mastership. f: witch. pall-mall mālum. maladroitly. mayoral. malipede. impair. minimax. dismally. maladive. maga. Mayflower.. wagonmaster. magae. malapert. wizardry. masterfully. malaria. pessima. toastmaster. Miss. malcontent. pēior. malarial. malice. maliform malus. magical. mala. wastemaster. .. malicious. mālī. malediction. masterful. f: cheek. maladminister. weighmaster. malum: bad. maladaptation. malleī. mālae. yardmaster magus. malarious. malaise. mal de mer (Fr). pessimum: worst ad malam crucem. maximin. spymaster. māxilla. pēius: worse. Syrtis Major. stationmaster. malcontentedly. impairment. impairer. Māiae. witchcraft. stakemaster. malfunction. maximalist. maximum. maldistribution. magiae. supermajority. malevolent. maladjustment. mall. dismalness. ringmaster. malleolus. Mayday. malevolently. masterdom. taskmaster. malar. n: apple malic. mastery. missy. webmaster. postmaster. dismality. postmistress. magicum: magical mage. Ms. malefactor.. Mrs. masterless. missus. dismal. maximality. dismalize. magia. maladjust. maleficence. malleation. maxilla. malefic. maledictive. maledict. maladministration. malefaction. mistress. missis. maloplasty. m: hammer (perhaps related to mola) extramalleolar. paymaster. max out. trainmaster. maxim. māxillae. pessimus. malariology. maximal. tea master. malfeasant. malady. varimax. masterly. overmaster. malleolar. unmastered. maldescended. Ursa Major. magician māior: see magnus Māia. maypole māla. maxillary. maledictory. malleable. masterpiece. stress maximum. mastermind. schoolmaster. malexecution. malleability. f: magic.

maligner.maliciously. mandātum: entrust. malvae. malignance. matinee. f: mallow-plant malva. commandeer. mandibuliform. commandant. mammography. mammal. countermandable. malignly. ne cede malis. promammal. wage-demand mandō. commend. pessimism. pejority. commendāre. pejorist. malnutrition. mammogenic. matins. mātūrus. pessimist. discommendable. mamilla. recommendation. commando. mandate. mandāvī. intramammary. premammary. ma. mamillary. malignantly. commendation. demand. pessimum. mammogram. maliferous. mammilla. malinger. countermand. malignancy. commendatory. mandāre. pejorism. manger. pessimistical. mandō. malposition. demurely. mātūtīna. malignity. malingerer. immaturely. mandatory. undemanding. mandative. commandable. maturant. discommend. mammalia. demandingness. immature. submandibular māne: in the morning. mammoth is not related. telecommand. discommendation. remand. mange. mandamus. mauve mamma. pejorative. promammalian. commander. mansum: chew emandibulate. mātūrum: ripe. unimpaired malva. malpractice. mandere. pejoratively. manducatory. maduro. momma. papier mâché (Fr). demandingly.B. commendable. malodorous. mammary. command. mammillary. malism. demander. recommendatory. uncommanded. commendō. mātūra. immatureness. mammae. commandment. demureness. mammiform. commendātum : entrust (manus + dō) comandancia (Sp). mammaliferous. malversate. malist. mammiferous. immaturity. malodor. commander-in-chief. commendator. commandingly. mamilliform. malpraxis. . mandator. malign. mandatum. mātūtīnum: of early morning demure. commodore. mandible. malnourished. inframammary. multimammate. commandry. mammalogy. it comes from Russian. recommend. demandable. malignant. pessimistically. countermander. pejorate. mammula. mandibular. malison. sweet mamma N. marshmallow. pejoration. malnourishment. pessimistic. mamma. petit mal (Fr). mandibulate. self-command. maltreater. mātūtīnus. f: breast grandma. mammalian. maliciousness. mammy. malocclusion. mama. mangy. mandī. malversation. malvaceous. mummy. malreatment. mom. commender. mallow. maltreat. mammectomy. commendably. commendāvī. mamilliferous. mommy. malific.

manipulatory. maniple. emanatory. menage. emancipatory. immanency. manorhouse. mansion. ill-mannered. menial. mano (Sp). mansī. wordmonger. remain. maintenance. menagerie. man(o)euver. emancipator. maintain. emanationism. bimanous. maintainable. workmonger manifestus (evident): see manus and -festus mānō. mansion-house. manta (Sp). gossipmonger. fashionmonger. mangōnis. manorial. managerial. maturative. manipulable. hatemonger. emanationist. matutine. manicurist. mantissae. prem. manageability. manacle. manipulate. prematurity maneō. permanent press. emancipate. m: dealer in slaves balladmonger. mansionary. emancipative. manifesto. countermaneuver. manifestation. immantation. manipulative. premature. manageable. emanatistic. permanence. mānātum: flow de-emanate. manner. mantelpiece. emancipation. immanently. permaculture. maintainer. fellmonger. mantilla. legerdemain. matutinal. manipulation. fishmonger. mantle. costermonger. mansum: remain cremains. management. impermanent. prematurely. f: makeweight mantissa manus. Emanatist. manipulability. mantellī. mannerless. manageress. maturely. newsmonger. immanentism. emanometer mantellum. fleshmonger. impermanency. manifestative. mānāvī. . permanent wave. f: hand (see also mandō) amanuensis. scandalmonger. emancipationist. manicure. warmonger. cheesemonger. moneymonger. emanate. emanatively. ironmonger. immanental. remnant. emanation. permanent. emancipist. permanently. emanational. emanative. manūs. immantle. mantlepiece. manoir (Fr). monger. permanency. pardonmonger. versemonger. remanet. portmanteau mantissa. preemie. manipular. murdermonger. mannerly. postmature. impermanence. maneuverable. manageably. longimanous. permafrost. remainder. n: cloak dismantle. rumormonger. mature. Emanatism. prematuration. dextromanual. manicotti. manager. mannered. immanence. mannerist. manifestly. mantel. maturity. manse. mannerism. semipermanent mangō. emancipatist. manage. manifest. peacemonger. manipulator. fearmonger. mānāre. impermanently. manor. emanant. immanent.maturation. perm. permansive. watermonger. manēre.

marginal. star map. emargination. remapping. stage manager. marginate. pedimnous. cismarine. mansuetude. Marcus. f: pearl (from Greek μάργαρον) margarita. manufactory. marguerite. apron-string. aquamarine. cormorant. manuduction. mapper. be weak or faint marcescence. mariner. manurial. mal de mer (Fr). marga. transmarine. rosemary. manumotor. manumit. mop. photomap. demarcate etc. napery. unmanaged. marinate. intramarginal. manually. nanosub. manufactural. micromanipulator. unmanageable. marina. march. manuscription. video map. technomanager. ultramarine Mermaid is not a derivative. outmaneuver. manualist. MS. marginiform. marginalization. napkin. sub (boat). f: napkin apron. maricolous. marcēre: whither. marl margarita.manso (Sp). martellato mare. immarginate. maritime. marginirostral. margin. mappae. remap. maremma (It). manumitter. mapping. margination. mare (sea on moon). marcescent marcus. unmannerly. wallmap. mareogram. marcī. marginalism. manufacturer. submarginal. manubrium. marinade. Mare Nostrum. n: sea antisubmarine. m: hammer countermarch. well-managed. unmanageably. demarche. machete. margarītae. marigraph. quadrumana. marginalize. manuscript. marigenous. submarine. marginis. moppet. map. marcher. mariculture. manufacturable. f: clay soil lithomarge. m/f: edge emarginate. marginalia. table manners. manus. sex manual. quadromanous. submarginate. marginally. shrivel. . weather map marceō. manufacture. oleomargarine margō. manual. manuscriptal. fluviomarine. manure. margae. marginality. inframarginal. manumission. it instead comes from a Germanic cognate of mare. mismangement. well-mannered mappa. ormer. maris. manumotive. quadrumanous. mastiff. micromanage. marine. micromanager. transmarginal mark. mismanage. are cognates to margō. mace. micromanagement. marineland.

marmoreal. marmoris. materially. f: mother. martialist. nonmaterial. matriculator. n: marble (see μάρμαρος) emmarble. dura mater. immaterialist. matrilinear. materialistic. marriageable. matripotestal. maris. m: husband (ultimately from mās) antimarriage. remarry. maternal. matronize. marital. matricidal. māteriae. maternalize. machista. marriage. macho. matron. masculation. matrimonial. material. maleness. matter-of-fact. matrilineal. emasulator. matriarchy. matrimonially. materialist. mātrīcis. emasculation. marble. maternity. madrigal. material. masculine. m: Mars (god of war) Campus Martius. matriculant. Martis. war marriage marmor. matriliny. emasulatory. trial marriage. masculinity. premarital. extramarital. masculineness. immateriality. matter. matriarchate. dematerialize. martial. matriculation. mallet mace. Martian. matrimony. matricide. immaterial. man emasculate. matriarch. mater. marmoraceous. matric. m: male. marmorate. f: matter. martial law. marītī. intermarriage. madre. marriage-bed. materfamilias. male-bonding. unmarried. maternalness. remarriage. male. materiel. maritally. masculinize mateola. marry. mātris. matronymic. grandmaternal. materialize. maternalness. pia mater. materialization. dot matrix. matronly. matrix. marbly. matterless. matriline. materialism. Mardi Gras (Fr). masculinist. matronhood. masculinely. matrilocal. f: mace. matronship. masculinization.marītus. mātrīx. marmoration. immaterialize. f: breeding mammal. Marty. matroclinous. emasculative. machismo. marmorean Mars. alma mater. unmarry. matronal. wood active-matrix. matrifocal. martially. court-martial. Matricula. subject matter māxilla: see māla maximus: see magnus . māteria. immaterialism. antimater. matrilateral. maternally. machete māter. matrilineage. Martin. Madeira. matriarchal. masculinism. matricular. married. March. intermarry. stabat mater. unmartial mās. Mars. mateolae. matriculate. materiality. matriculatory. matroclinal.

mediumly. medicative. immediatism. remediate. medullispinal. medical. immedicable. premedical. medicament. mediative. millinery meditor. mediocritization. medic. bimedian. A. dimidiate. mediational.medeor. word-medial medulla. intermediate. medērī: heal. m: doctor AMA. maltitude. pomeridian. medially. mediumism. meridionality. immediacy. Medit. mezzotinto. medicī. meanwhile. mellis. irremediable. metayer. mezzanine. meditrunk. mezzograph.M. pre-med. premeditate. medicable. medically. multimedial. μέλι) . remedial. mediately. medullae. meridionally. medicerebral. mediatize. intermediary. meditatively. unmedicated. medium.. mediatory. immediate.D. medico. Mediterranean. mitten. media. somatomedin. mediatorial. aurea mediocritas. medicinal. mediocris. medius. mezzotint. mediety. medevac. medical examination. mediant. demigod. median. mezzo-soprano. extramedullary. mediopalatal. demilune. paramedic. ventromedial. mediocre: average admedial. intermezzo. immediatist. mediate. medium-sized. M. remediation. submedial. Mediōlānī. meridienne. transmedian. medication. media. mediocre. intermedia. medicate. mediodorsal. mezzo. medieval. bioremediation. medifixed. medical board. mien. medievalize. immediatorial. n: Milan Milan. irremediably. immediateness. meditārī. premedicate. postmedial. arithmetic mean. milliner. medicaid. medioventral. intermediacy. moiety. Milanese.. mizzenmast. irremedicable. transmeridional. demean (lower). medievalist. remediless. unpremeditated medius. mediatrix. sports medicine. meantime. medial. metayage. inferomedian. dorsimedian.. n: honey (cf. geometric mean. medicus. meditātus sum: think meditate. mediocrity. premeditation. socialized medicine. medicine. medicinally.m. demimonde. mediodigital. meridional. medium: middle of. unremedied. immediately. mediumship. mediumize. medievalism. mediumistic. mediocris. telemedicine. mediator. biomedical. meridian.). nonmedical. mean (middle). self-medicate. war medicine Mediōlānum. milieu. medico-legal. post meridiem (p. meditation. medullary. meditator. medicare. meditative. multimedia. ante meridiem. medicator. mediation. f: marrow (perhaps from medius) medulla. medicatory. in medias res. antemeridian. dimidiation. premeditative. remedy. dimidiately. medulloblastoma mel. postmeridian. meditullium.

memoria. emender. memo. memorization. dismemberment. error amend. Melitae. CD-ROM. memorialist. mender. memorandum. mendaciously. (= Eng. unamended. f: Malta Malta. memorable. Memorial Day. membranula. lying. commemorate. membrane. mellific. mendable. -ment) mendāx (mendācis): false. f: memory aide-memoire (Fr). membranous. molasses mēlēs. mellifluously. memoriae. transmembrane. which may be related to mēns) mendacious. mēlis. memoirist. blemish.mellaginous. amended. Maltese membrum. mendacity mendīcus. war memorial -men: result of certamen. emend. mellifluence. lapsus memoriae. mellivorous. membraniform. membraneous. mellifluous. amendable. membrī. memoir. commemoration. mellifica. mellisonant. mellifluent. in memoriam. membership. emendable. mendicity mendum: fault. biomemory. memberless. m: beggar (perhaps from mendum) mendicancy. mellite. emendatory. immemorial. nonmember. memory. memorabilia. memorably. commemorative. melliform. mendīcī. dismember. amendment. emendator. virile member meminī: see mēns memor (memoris): mindful. memorial. immemorable. emendation. mendicant. commemorator. amendatory. memorability. amends. memorialization. -men. memomotion. melliferous. memorialize. n: limb co-member. f: martin meline melior (better): see bonus Melita. intramembraneous. fundament etc. member. liar (perhaps from mendum) (perhaps from mentior. membranogenic. demembration. mend. memorize. trimembral. dismemberer. unmendable . melleous.

permselective. meminī. semestrial. permeative. menstruation. amentia. mentiōnis. impermeator. permeator. mēnsae. mensal. postmenstrual. f: mention. permeate. reminiscingly. commentation. mentalization.mēns. unremembered mēnsa. comment. remembrancer. mens sana in corpore sano. transmental. menticide. mentioner. immeability. mensa. reminiscent. permease. bimestrial. permeation. meāre. mesa. mentation. impermeability. meatoscope. dēmēns (dēmentis): mad aforementioned. compos mentis. trimester menta (mentha). mentally. dementia. mention. mint (the plant). m: Mercury (association with merx is a false etymology) . meātum: pass. mentis. commensalism. menticultural. mentum. impermeable. transmentation. menses. travel. postmenstruum. n: chin hypomental. menstruate. commentarial. mentality. supramental meō. no comment. mentalist. mephitis Mercurius. semester. remember. meminisse: remember. f: mint (the plant) menthol. commeātūs. mentalize. permeant. passage hyperpermeable. peppermint mentum. Mesa Verde. bimester. permeabilize. submental. commeātus. f: month bimensal. m: supplies. memento mori. perminvar. mentionable. mēnsis. f: noxious odor mephitic. unmentionable. mentiō. remembrance. permeable. mentigo. mentae (menthae). permeameter. meāvī. commentate. āmēns (āmentis): mad. reminisce. meatotome. mental. permalloy. f: mind. memento vivere. demented. commentary. f: table (probably from metior) commensal. mentalism. mentism. commenter. nonmental. semipermeable mephītis. commentator. mentalistic. reminiscently. disremember. memento. menticulture. meatometer. mentiferous. Mercuriī. mephītis. unmentioned. permeability. commensality. per mensem. dement. menstrual. reminiscence. irremeable. mentī. premenstrual. mentigerous. mentonniere. permeance. meseta mēnsis.

mercantilism. mersum: plunge commerge. commerce. unmercifully. submersibility. immergence. marketeer. mercantilistic. f: payment. merchandiser. merdivorous mereō. unmerciful. merdae. commercial. upmarket mēta. meritless. unmerited mergō. noncommercial. mercer. mercis. supermarket. metalloid. commerciality. mercurochrome. metallī. demeritorious. mineral (see μέταλλον) bimetallic. Mercury merda. mercilessness. bimetallism. emerge. demersal. mercerize. metallurgical. mercator. mergee. amercement. meruī. commercially. mercurialization. demerge. marketable. unmarketable. marketer. Mercurian. meritoriously. mētae. commercialist. emergency. mart. Mercedes. f: dung merde. merchantry. mercēs. market. mercantilist. merchantable. mercatorial. submerse. mercurially. submersion merīdiēs (noon): see medius. emersal. mercurify. mercurial. mercy. merely. stockmarket. f: turning point (perhaps related to mētior) mete (limit) metallum.mercurate. merchantman. mercurialism. emerse. immersionist. emergent. merchant. merum: pure mere. diēs merus. blackmarket. metal. quantum meruit. meritocracy. mercifulness. f: goods. emersion. mercuriality. submerge. commerceless. infomercial. emergently. immersionism. metallic. mercurous. mercenarily. mettle . preemergent. sale. mergence. marketplace. medal. submersible. telemarketer. immersion. meritoriousness. mercenary. meritable. mercurialize. commercialese. mersī. mera. merited. medallion. e commerce. commercialize. merchantability. meritorious. insubmergible. immergent. merge. mergere. n: mine. merit. merganser. mercantile. mercurialist. commercialization. mercuric. merger. meretriciously. meritocratic. telemarketing. merēre. submergence. merciful. emeritus. demerger. mercifully. merchandise. mercilessly. mercantility. marketably. immerse. merino merx. merci. commercialism. mercēdis. ragmerchant. meritum: earn demerit. meretricious. Mercurius: Mercury amerce. immerge. emergence. mercurification. merciless. market-town.

messum: reap messor metus. transmigrant. tape measure. militantly. demilitarize. emigration. mīlitis. transmigrationism. mensuralist. immeasurably. metūs. measure. militarist. metuī. micelle mī̆grō. countermeasure. immigration. militancy. mensurate. outmigrate. three-dimensional. immensely. mensurability. military. measurer. thirddimension. one-dimensional. tridimensional. commilitant. transmigrate. measuredly. emigrate. measurable. yardmeasure metō. commensuration. unidimensional. mismeasure. mensurable. metuō. immeasurableness. immensity. mensuration. inmigrant. mī̆grāvī. migrant. immenseness. emigratory. measurability. two-dimensional. militarization. admeasurement. miliī. unmeasured. remilitarize milium. demilitarization. mēnsus sum: measure admeasure. remigrate. meticulous. commensurable. commensurate. incommensurate.. measureless. militarism. n: millet (related to mola) miliary. commeasurable. paramilitary. watermeasure. emigrationist. migrate. unmeasurable. measurably. immeasurable. measurement. dimension. intermigration. migrator. messuī. mētīrī. migratory. dry measure. emigre. polydimensional. multidimensional. emigrant. metuere. militiaman. mensural. militarize. overmeasure. millet . militia. m: fear. outmeasure. immensurable. transmigratory mīles. nondimensional. commensurably. dimensional. nonmilitary. militarily. milit. mīcae. dimensionally. immense. transmigration. mī̆grātum: move electromigration. metūtum: be afraid of meticulosity. mī̆grāre. militate. dimensionalize. dimensionable. metere. micaceous. dimensionless. incommensurately. incommensurable. outmigrant. militant. m: soldier comilitant. transmigrative. inmigration. transmigrator. immigrant. migration. remigrant. transmigrationist. f: particle mica. commensurability. militaristic. migrational. meticulously. unmeasurably. work measurement.mētior. meticulousness mīca. immigrate. castrametation. immeasurability.

imminence. miniseries. demean (conduct). microminiaturization. comminutor. millennial. actor (from μῖμος) mime. millemole. mictum: urinate emiction. mil. imminent. micturition. minicamera. prominence. minicourse. per mill. mingere. minify. permillage. . milliary. mileage. comminution. millenialism. minification. miniaturize. millenary. minātus sum: threaten. milionfold. menace. imminēre: hang over amenable. diminished. promontory. miniaturization. minidress. mimetic. millenialist. nautical mile. milliliter. millampere. mimeograph. eminency. eminently. minārum. millimetric. micturate. pantomime minae. millidegree. millefleur. milliwatt. millivolt. minūtum: diminish (related to minor) comminute. diminution. OED: mini. mi.. minibike. millenarianism. preeminent. millenarian. minibus. diminuendo. millimole. commination. millesimal. immineō. million(n)aire. milepost. minuere. not minor (parvus). preeminently. (OED) minium. Minervae. termillenary mīmus. minaceous. millicalorie. promenade. imminency. millimeter. miniworld minor (smaller): see parvus minuō. minor. minatory. minuī. millegrain. diminishingly. millenarist. demeanor. imminently. half-mile. misdemeanor. millisecond. multimillion(n)aire. minxī. quarter-mile. mīlia. comminate. prominently. n: thousands bimillenary. millionairess. eminence. diminish. milliammeter. supereminence. f pl: threats. mīlium. millenarism. f: Minerva Minerva mingō. premillenial. mīmī. milligram. mile. pilimiction. millenially. misdemeanant. millionth. miler. millage. mill (value). mille. millicurie. prom. diminishment. minārī. minitrack. millennium. minium. millimicron. millibar. n: red pigment miniature. postmillenial. m: mime. millenian. emictory. preeminence. mimosa. microminiature. comminator. promenader. miniī. miniaturist. comminatory. eminent. minium. minicamp. menacingly. mimicry.mille: one thousand. miniskirt. mimic. milligrade. minibar. supereminent. prominent. million. miction. milestone. retromingent mini-: small This prefix is derived from minium. diminishing. millipede. supereminently Minerva. mini-bug.

expromission. mitigating. minute. commissive. promiscuously. intermix. minutia. emissile. fidepromissor. mixer. miscible. dismission. promiscuous. commissional. miscellaneously. miraculously. immiseration. commix. immiserization. miscella. mince. mīrābile: wonderous admirable. dismiss. mustang (mix of two Spanish words. misereor. meddler. mīte: soft immitigable. mix. emissary. admire. commissariat. intermittently. inadmissible. photomixer. miraculous. miseritus sum: have pity. compromiser. mīsī. commish. marvelously. dismissible. dismissiveness. demise. meddlesome. admittedly. intermit. miscuī. commit. minutemen. mirabilia. admixture. admittable. intermeddle. miscēre. mirror misceō. meddle. minuend. mirador. remix. mirage. commissary. premix. miracle. commission. committer. miserabilism. committor. mirabile dictu. insubmissive. demit. miscellanea. mīrum: wonderful. misericordia. minutely. dismissory. mixtum: mix admix. mitigate. mixtilinear.diminutival. decommission. emitter. mitigative. mīrātus sum: wonder at. diminutiveness. mincemeat. mixture. expromissor. admiration. . unmitigable. commixtion. demissory. one from misceo). unmixed miser. emmarvel. commissarial. misericord. mirabile visu. last-minute. mīror. mitigator. commiserative. commixture. dismissive. commissure. miscegenation. melange. admirably. black Mass. intermittent. dismissively. Miranda. immiserate. committal. miniver. missum: send admissible. marvelousness. misericordia. overmix. mīrābilis. immixture. committee. intermittence. intermixture. mīrārī. miserum: unfortunate. mīrābilis. metis. demission. commissar. fistmele. immiscibility. medley. f: pity commiserate. commissioner. mītis. immiscible. diminutively. miserērī. dimissory. admirer. misera. commissural. immittance. minuet. miscellany. pell-mell. admission. miserliness. unmitigated mittō. mittere. impermissible. misericordiae. committable. miserably. miration. tri-mix. emissivity. mirifical. diminutive. demiss. miserable. mīra. miser. undiminished mīrus. admit. marvel. menu. mitigation. compromise. committeewoman. dismissal. marvelous. mestiza. demissorial. mestizo. commitment. minuteness. mitigatory. misery mītis. admissive. promiscuity. metif. commissionership. admittance. miscellaneous. dimissorial. melee. demisable. marvelingly. emissive. admiringly. miserly. commiseration. intermission. committeeman. emission. mixup. emit. cement mixer. emissory.

noncom. radio emission. accommodate. modesty. modifier. discommode. intromission. modifiability. permitivity. remitter. transmit. messmate. ite missa est. modeller. permittedly. readmittance. missal. transmission. modernist. mod. unsubmissive. modularly. nunc dimittis. readmission. intromitter. promissingly. mood (gr). moderation. modern-day. modulation. moulage. commode. submitter. immoderate. uncompromisable. mould (pattern). permissibility.intromissible. recommitment. modeling. commodiously. promise. mess-up. modernistic. overmodulation. modalism. permissivism. demodulation. remit. permission. modify. modicum. missive. nonadmission. surmiser. submission. noncommital. overmodest. moderately. phase . modernism. molder. transmitter. laserprint. modally. manumission. multimodal. frequency modulus. mittimus. modello. remittent. moderne. immodest. submittal. messenger. outmoded. model. transmissible. modem. modifying. commodation. premise. commodification. commodum: suitable accomodable. m. commodity.o. discommodious. missionary. remissible. modularize. unremitting. accomodating. readmit. permissive. missioner. incommode. molding. immoderation. modularity. moderator. messer. modern. remittitur. molded. disaccommodation. work permit modus. accommodation. modulo. immodesty. modulate. micromodule. uncommitted. transmissometer. uncompromising. transmissively. recommission. modal. omitter. remittance. commode. modernization. mess. recommit. transmissory. radio transmitter. irremissibly. immodestly. transmission line. unpromised.o. immoderateness. unremitted. permissively. modernizer. incommodious. modular. preadmission. laser. manumit. message. commodus.. messageless. missile. remissness. radio transmission. modum: manner. permissibly. demodulate. moderatorial. omission. modifiable. AM. modernize. modus operandi (m. modus vivendi. permissivist. irremissible. manumitter. module. transmittal. surmisable. remittal. remise. remission. modulus. trade mission. intromit. modelly. modulator. modification. modernity. permitter. permit. omissible. submit. submissiveness. modality. modestly. transmissivity. modish. omissibility. modalist. subcommittee. immoderately. commodious. omissive. transmittable. modiste. muss. omit. remiss. disaccommodate. messy. intermodal. submissive. noncommissioned. photoemission. transmissibility. promissory. modest. uncommissioned. surmise. moda.). mode. submissively. mold. intromittent. neurotransmitter. à la mode (Fr). transmittance. modalize. remitment. hypermodern. outpromise. commodate. transmissive. nonmodal. modeless. remissive. moderate. permissible. mission. commodify. bimodal. unpromising. permission slip. discommodity. watch committee. Mass. modificative. modalistic. nocturnal emission. FM.

molester. premolar. millpond. molle: soft. treadmill. mūnītum: build. supermodel. mollis. molecularity. mullein. emollitive. gristmill. demonetization. postmodernistic. molest. moenium. macromolecule. monstrātum: show. molecule. molluscoidal. immolate. mollifier. demonstration. monstrī. pulpmill. emollience. mūnīvī. molecular. molarity. stone mill. watermill. postmodifier. molary. moneylender. trimodal. mūniō. premunition mola. postmodernism. mint (mint was kept at temple of Juno Moneta “The Warner”) admonish. monstrāvī. demonstrative. molestation. demo. shell model. molality. postmodern. osmolar. intramolecular. mollipilose. molinary. monomolecular. demonstrator. f: mass. hush money. munition. mold. admonitory. demonstrability. molō. millhouse. mill. molesta. monster. sawmill. monetarist. washingmill. unaccomodating. inframolecular. termolecular. intermolecular. fiat money. mollification. monēta. millround. demonstratively. munitioneer. millemole. biomolecular. emolument. unmodified. millwheel. moil. mill. papermill. remodel. polymolecular. spice-mill. ormolu. molestum: bothersome bimolecular. monstrāre. orthomolecular. molescent. n: monument. demolishable. mollusk. monuī. monēre. emollient. millrace. munitionment. immolator. quomodo. polymodal. millman. f: millstone. demolitionist. mollify. immolation. monitum: warn. mollescence. . admonitorial. miller. monetize. mūnīre. millwright. n pl: walls. molar. money. demonstrably. postmodernity. molluscoid. munitionless. monumentum. molāre. demolish. molae. potato mill. molarization. demonstrant. unmolested mollis. coinage. demolition. molar (chem). monetaristic. admonition. millhorse. molāvī. unmollifed moneō. demonstrationist. molluscan. emolliate. ultramodern. monetary. admonisher. monetization. lump. premodern. millstone. monetarily. monētae. plantation-mill. molestus. monetarism. milling. weather modification moenia. muniment. molluscicide. millable. emollition. intromolecular. premodify. nonmolecular. monumentī. n: portent. molātum: grind (related to milium) cornmill. unimodal. millpost. mint (coinage). monstrum. weight). ammunition. f: coin. mōlis. unimolecular. demolisher. demonstrable. blood money. mole (dike. fortify ammo. osmolal. unimodular. windmill mōlēs. emolumentary. molecularly. millboard. postmodernist. monstrō.modulation. moneyless. demonstrate. nanomole. moneychanger. pliant emollescence. moneymaker. moneybag.

mountebank. intermontane. m: mountain amount. montis. Montreal. monumentalism. remonstrate. montero. photomontage. montagnard. mountebanery. Vermont. morsel. mounty. summonable. montage. mount. monīlis. ultramontane. remorselessly mors. monstrosity. ringmoney. unsurmountable. mountain. demurral. m: bite mordacious. monumental. remorse. monitress. countermount. mont-. mountaineer. morbidly. Mountain States. remora morbus. montuno (Sp). monticle. mountainside. monitory. mountain lion. mordacity.D. unmounted. marmot. money’s worth. surmountable. spending-money summon. mounting. mons. morbid. summons. dismount. intramontane. transmontane. remonstrator. remonstrant. water monitor monīle. inframontane. monture. ready money. commorant. remonetization. morbidity. mordēre. cismontane. morsus. Montana. mortua. monumentum (monument): see moneō mora. paper money. premonitory.moneyman. monument. mortuus. mordancy. monstrously. Montevideo. demurs (n). remorseful. morior. moniliform mōns. mortuum: dead . morae. morsum: bite. verumontanum monstrum (portent). mora. remontant. remonetize. catamount. prize money. morbility. morsūs.E. ragmoney. ultramontanist. morī. surmount. premonition. monitorship. momordī. pocket money. demur. mordent.. Rocky Mountains. n: necklace monilia. tablemountain. mountaintop. nonmonetary. mountainous. morbific. ultramontanism. monitorial. monty. seamountain. Q. monition. tramontane. monstrance. dismountable. moratorium. f: delay commorancy. surmounter. mtn. insurmountable. purchase-money. montiform. mounted. premorbid mordeō. morbī. muster. piedmont. mordant. remorsefully. Piedmontese. paramount. morbose. monumentally. remount. m: disease (perhaps from morior) comorbidity. mordantly. promontory. moneymonger. remonstrance. monster. summoner. monstricide. mortuus sum: die. submontane. monitor. f: death. undemonstrated. remorseless. soft-money. mortis. demount. pinmoney... montmartre (Fr). demurrage. unmonitored. Mt. monstrous. demountable. monte. montane. smart-money. tantamount.

morosely. electromotive. mobocracy. moral. cardiomotor. mobolatry. mortar mortar. mōrī. motorbus. motivational. moment. moralism. manumotor. mulberry mōs. immovable. mobilization. morituri te salutamus. immovability. immoralist. mortalize. emotionless. mobocratic. automobility. ideo-motor. irremovably. motordrome. mortgage. immovableness. mōrum. movement. immobility. immorally. magnetomotive. mobilize. moped. rigormortis. demoralize. motorize. mortāriī. mobiliary. motorcade. mortally. murrain. motograph. mobilizer. amorally. emotionlessness. mobbed. locomotion. emotion. morula. motel. motorcar. immoral. emotionality. leitmotif. morel. bookmobile. postmortem. . motorbike. immortality. automobilism. irremovable. demobilize. immoralism. automotive. movēre. magnetomotor. commove. immotile. morosity. motorway. mōtum: move amotivational. premortem. emote. countermovement. amortize. immortalizer. momentarily. mob. demoralizingly. lowmobility. motorcycle. motorist. mobilized. emotively. memento mori. immortelle. moralize. electromotion. immobilize. mortgagee. motorman. automobilist. momentum. locomobile. motitation. immorality. motorium. morality. mores. O tempora O mores! moveō. motor. immortal. movable. movie. motility. moralistic. big mo. mortician. motiveless. motivate. movant. mōris. motorboat. emotionalist. mortify. demoralization. locomotive. cinemobile. motivator. motorism. f: mulberry tree. locomotor. m: custom amoral. moralistically. deemotionalize. commotion. momentous. graphomotor. motometer. micromotion. mortalizer. immobilism. motional. motorail. emotionalism. emotive. mobility. transmortal. mover. memomotion. motif. motiferous. momentary. morals. mortmain. commorient. immobileness. demotivate. morally. mortification. emotivity. Motown. immortification. motorless. demote. countermotion. motion. mobile. motor rail. mortiferous. unmortified mortārium. immovably. mobster. locomote. mōvī. move. n: bowl. morose. demotion. antemortem. morale. motile. n: mulberry moraceous. mōrī. immortally. moralizer. livor mortis. mortuary. mortal.amortization. automobile. demoralizer. immobile. electromotor. motion picture. motivation. momental. ideo-motion. low mo. demobilization. dirigo-motor. emotionable. motive. immortalize. emotional. mo. fusimotor. immobilization. moribund. immortalization. motionless. moralist. mortarboard mōrus. motific. manumotive. movie actor. mortality. emotionally. countermove. high mo. nonmoral. moraine. momently. momentously.

perceptomotor. pulmotor. f: woman muliebral. premotion. protomotive. remoteness. multae. unemotional. neuromotor. remove. musty. mulsī. Popemobile. mucivore. self-motivated. muliebrity mullus. pedomotive. slowmoving. mūcuī: be moldy. pedomotor. promoter. mulieris. soothe demulcent mulgeō. moving picture. optomotor. moistened. emulsification. moviegoing. muciferous. vaccimulgence mulier. mulcēre. unmoved. ovomucoid Moist etc. mucous. self-moved. removal. emolsive. mucinous. emulsoid. unremoved. removable. muciparous. vibromotor. movingness. emulgent. movingly. mūcēre. mulsī. mutinously. promotional. mucolytic. mucilaginous. phonomotor. sword. mucinogen. mulsum/mulctum: milk emulge. slow-motion. moist. moisturizer. mucocele. mullī. unmotivated. mucroniform mūgiō. m: nasal fluid emunctory. psychomotor. unmovable. pushmobile. mulgēre. mūgīre. mucoduct. thermomotive. moisturize. perpetual motion. m: mullet mullet multa (mulcta). vasomotor. servomotor. mūcī. remote. dagger mucronate. mulsum (mulctum): caress. overemotional. promo. wave motion. primum mobile. mucific. promote. telemotor. f: fine. emulsion. emulsionize. mutinous. promotability.movie actress. mucin. pseudomotor. mucification. penalty mulct . muciform. mucilage. thermomotor. mucrōnis. mucigenous. mucedin. trimotor. promotable. remotely. mucid. emulsify. muculent. mūgīvī. moisture. mucedine. wave motor mūceō. promotive. orosomucoid. mucidinous. mutineer. through adjective mūcidus. emulsifier. but influenced by mustum mucrō. mucus. movimento (It). promovent. from mūceō. ovomucin. mucoid. mūgītum: bellow mugient mulceō. perpetuum mobile. unmoving. mucic. promotor. promotion. mucigen. unemotionally. mucosa. mutiny. mūcus. visuomotor. m: sharp point. remover.

multiple. pluperfect. multiversity. multistable. multifluvian. plūris. pluralist. multiplier. multiline. plurinuclear. multifocal. multipole. multiflora. multiplication. multicore. multiprogram. multilateralism. multivalence. pluriflorous. multipotential. multiparous. multiplicand. multijugate. multimillion(n)aire. multigrade. multidisciplinary. multitudinous. multistyle. multifurcate. photomultiplier. multigraph. multinuclear. multilinear. multiparity. multinodal. multilineal. multivious. multilayer. multispectral. multiflorous. multipara. multiped. multicyclic. multicolored. multicuspid. multiply. plurisporous. multistory. multipath. plurifoliate. multivariant. multitūdinis. più (It). multifid. pluripartite. multigenerational. multifetation. multa. plurative. pluripotential. multimedial. multiformity. multipresent. multiplet. multidimensional. pluralize. multilevel. pluriseriate. multicostate. multidigitate. pluriparous. multinominal.multus. multitubular. multum: much. multichannel. n: more e pluribus unum. multiband. multicycle. multicircuit. nonplural. multivariate. multiculturalist. multihull. plurinucleate. multiphase. multitūdō. multifaceted. multiloquent. multilateralist. multimaculate. multisided. multitask. plurivalent. multiscience. multiradiate. multifarious. pluripotency. pluralizer. multiprocess. multilobate. multipennate. multisegmented. multiliteral. multipolar. multiloquence. multigerm. multitude. multimodal. multicharge. plurisegmental. pluralistic. multivalve. multipinnate. multispinous. multiplicative. multivoltine. pluriform. multiplane. multifoliate. multipolarity. multispermous. multifidous. multipersonal. multiplicable. plurality. plurisyllabic. multiplex. plurally. many. multivallate. multigravida. multipacket. multipurpose. multicultural. multilocation. multidirectional. multimedia. multiform. multistart. multinational. plurispiral. multum in parvo. multifont. pluripresence. plurivalued. multinominal. multimer. multifuel. multiplicity. multifaculty. plural. multifilament. multitudinism. multidialectical. multinervose. multiculturalism. multicentered. plūs. multigeneric. nonplus. . multifunctional. multivibrator. plurinominal. multiracialism. multispecialist. pluridentate. multiovular. multimammate. multipartite. multiparty. multivocal. multiflash. multilateral. multilingual. multigranulate. molto (It). pluriliteral. multidentate. multicellular. multifariously. plurilingual. multifactional. multicollinearity. multinative. multistage. multi-. multilingually. pluriserial. multispicular. multiplanar. multilocular. multiplexity. multiculturalistic. multifactorial. multipresence. multiflagellate. pluripotent. multungulate. multiwall. multi-position. f: crowd. multipotent. multiocular. pluralism.multiracial. multivalent. plurisign. multifloral. multi-user. multifoil. multiserially. multi-use. overplus. multocular. multifistular. multiperforate. multipoint. multicoil. multiphyletic. multisensual. multitalented. pluricellular.

n: free town AIDS. crypto-communist. postcommunion. miscommunicate.. gift. Chicom. communization. unremunerative . municipalism. immunizer. intercommunication. communist. mule. discommune. sic transit gloria mundi. intercom. immune. uncommonly. surplusage. intercommunion. commune.c. m: world anima mundi. immunodiffusion. municipality. mundanely. mundī.d. pro-communist. miscomminication. communicable. remuneration. immunotherapy. commonly. communal. immunologist. premundane. plus twos.. surplus. Comintern. simplex munditiis. metacommunication. community. communality. communication. plus fours. immunopathology. communitary. muni. excommunication. common sense. communion. plus. communicator. common law. uncommunicative. mūlī. commonality. plurivorous. ultramundane mūniō (build): see moenia mūnus. municipalist. communicative. immunodeficiency. commonalty. immunist. municipal. plus sign. mūnicipiī. remunerate. radioimmunology. communicably. mundanity. immunoassay. communitarian. communalistic. mulish mundus. autoimmune. incommunicative. communard. communique. commie. incommunicado. anti-communism. commonization. excommunicate. immunosuppression. commoner.plurivalved. C. communicability. commonize. communalism. municipally. commons. communalize. m: mule mulatto. munificence. telecommunication. immunization. immunize. mūneris. simplex munditiis. extramundane. incommunicable. n: duty. Common Era. noncommunication. communicant. mound. immunological. communize. commonage. communer. communism. communicatively. monde (Fr). immunogen. muleta. anti-communist. munificently. mondaine (Fr). supermundane. immunochemistry. hyperimmune. trade surplus mūlus. immunology. commonweal. telematics. transmundane. demimonde. immunodeficient. common. uncommon. communistic. immunity. intramundane.E. mundane. discommon. immunobiology. communally. commonplace. municipalize. communionist. communalist. l. immunoglobulin. immunocyte. immunogenesis. commonwealth. postmundane. communicate. communicatory. munificent. muleteer. communicative. mondial. remunerative. Holy Communion. communalization. Cominform. mūnicipium. telecom. immunogenic.

intermuscularly. muscariform. murmurous. f: brine muriatic murmur. mousetail. inframuscular. extramural. murexan. muscle. neuromuscular. immurement. dormouse. tail muscle. muscī. n: murmur (cf.mūrēna (mūraena). murmurish. mousetrap. photomural. pomerium. μορμύρω) murmur. mūricis. mouse. mosaicist. mūrēnae. mussel-shell. museum. mustī. immusical. muscicide. n: grape juice must (new wine). musician. μῦς) coalmouse. nonmusical. musk. deermouse. murmuring. musculature. muricated muria. intramuscularly. nutmeg musk and muskrat are derived from the Geek μόσχος which may or may not be related to muscus mustum. murein. intramuscular. intramural(s). mouse-ear. muscular. woodmouse Mūsa. intermuscular. dermomuscular. countermure. mosaic. mustard . disimmure. mousehole. transmural mūs. musketry muscus. idiomuscular. muriform. f: fly mosquito. muscoid. muscleman. musket. murmuration. musicography. murmuris. murmurer. musicophile. musicogenic. murmurously mūrus. murine. unmusical musca muscae. m: purple fish. m: moss muscicolous. purple dye murex. musicologist. muralist. musketeer. seamouse. muscid. musette. f: moray moray mūrex. museology. mural. mosaicism. murenger. musical. muriae. m: wall circummure. radiomuscular. musicology. immure. fibromuscular. muscivore. musically. mūrī. mūris. f: Muse (see Μοῦσα) ethnomusicology. mousy. muscularity. music. marmot. mounser. murarium. Mūsae. mussel. murexide. mousery. musicale. c: mouse (cf. musicological. muskrat. Muse.

mutuel. mutability. mūtum: silent deafmute. commuter. telecommute. mutilātum: maim mutilate. immutably. transmutability. mūtātum: change biomutation. mutism . muton. mute. transmutable. mutarotation. remuda. mutagenetic. commutate. mutationist. intransmutable. dismutation. tinctumutant. permutate. mutafacient. muted. immutable. permutable. incommutability. mumble. motto. muttītum: mutter. muteness. mutilāre. mussō. mutilator mūtō. mutila. mussāre. muttīvī. permutite. moult. incommutable. mutograph. mutilō. molt. permutant. commutability. mutualist. mutate. perm. mutagenicity. mussāvī. commutative. transmute muttiō (mūtiō). mutably. commutable. mutualize. mussātum: mutter bon mot (Fr). mutase. mutually. mūtāvī. tempora mutantur. micromutation. mutational. parimutuel. mutter. mutual. mutation. commute. mutagen. permutatory. mot (Fr). transmutationist. mutagenesis. mutant. mussitation. transmutational. commutativity. obmutescence. permutation.mutilus. immutability. muttīre. intromutative. mutatis mutandis. transmutative. permutability. mutualistic. mutualism. mutely. commutatively. mutilum: maimed. transmutant. mutuality. mūtāre. mutterings mūtus mūta. transmutation. mutilāvī. mutilation. commutation. mutoscope. permute. mutative. mutable. commutator.

connate. ill-natured. denaturant. nationalistically. naturalism. naturalness. Interpol. naturalistic. renaissance. naturalist. innate.N naevus. naturist. denaturate. supernaturalism. supernatural. narrātum: tell (perhaps from gnārus and ultimately therefore from nōscō) narratage. puny. contranatural. native-born. natal. connaturally. naif (Fr). narrative. supernaturalistic. prenatal. denaturation. nevus nāpus. pregnancy. innascible. paranatal. postnatal. innascibility. nation-building. narrāvī. antenate. natural history. denazification. antenatal. naissant. ultranationalist. denationalist. internationalism. nāscī. naturalization. internationalist. nationality. nada (Sp). United Nations. naturopathy. binational. supranationalist. nature-lover. nātum: be born. neonatology. nascence. nationalization. naevī. unnatural. connature. m: blemish. supernature. intranatal. narratress nāscor (gnāscor). naturism. connaturalness. Nazi. neonatologist. denaturalize. enatic. nature-worship. connaturalize. preternaturally. nativity. nationalist. nativism. naïvely. nativize. unnaturally. m: turnip napiform. nation. nee. preggers. nativist. au naturel. denature. supranatural. internationality. naïveté. nascently. turnip narrō. supranational. naturelle. mole. nativistic. good-natured. innatism. pro re nata. narration. supernaturalness. pronatalist. nonnative. renature. multinative. connaturality. naturalize. Renata. innately. multinational. narrāre. hypernatural. pseudopregnancy. annate. nascency. denaturize. nonnatural. denationalization. nationwide. noel. innateness. supernaturalist. Comintern. transnatural. perinatal. denatality. pregnant. narrator. transnational. nāpī. international. enate. natality. cognate. naturally. nature. nātūra. connative. denaturalization. antinatural. nationhood. connatural. unnaturalness . unnaturalize. supernaturalize. nationalistic. narrate. nationally. nationalize. naïve. natural. ultranationalism. NASA. nātūrae. cognation. nationalizer. denazify. nascent. connation. postnational. national. denationalism. wart nevoid. nationalism. denationalize. connaturally. neonate. denaturate. renascent. native. neonatal. denaturalizer. enation. internationalize. denaturation. ultranationalistic. infranatural. f: nature (related to gignō) agnate. pregnance. preternatural. renascence. supernaturality. puniness. internationally.

navigate. connexionism. connectibility. connect. supranasal. Argonaut. interweave. obnebulate necesse (necessary) = nē + cessus: see cēdō necō (kill): see nex nectō. astronavigation. nāvigāre. astronaut. mesonasal. nasopharynx. nacelle. navigable. narial. astronavigator. connector. naviculoid. nāvis. naval. nā̆triī. noise nauta: see nāvis nāvigō: see nāvis. navicella. nexuī/nexī. annexe. connectedness. nauseae. f: cloud (perhaps related to nūbēs) nebula. circumnavigator. nasion. nautae. connectivity. nebulous. nectere. annexation. postnasal. . innavigable. nāvigātum: sail. tubinarial natō: see nō nā̆trium. nares. navaid. bind annex. connexion. connex. n: sodium (not in OLD. connecter. nāris. unnavigated nē: not ne cede malis. nasofrontal. navy. annexationist. nauta. nasalize. nāsī. nebulously. Nē is related to nōn. nāris. oronasal. navicert. nasute. nave. pince-nez. nasally. nebulae. nebula.nāsus. late scientific) Na (chemical symbol for sodium) nausea. navigability. nasturtium. intranasal. nasogastric. nebulose. oculonasal. navvy. naricorn. connexity. necessary etc. f: sailor (see also ναῦς) (related to nausea through Greek) aeronaut. connectible. nāvigāvī. navicular. agō nāvis. circumnavigate. nariform. circumnavigation. nonnavigable. navally. nāvigō. nebular. naviform. labionasal. nautilus. Nez Perce. nebulization. nasology. nebulosity. f: nausea (related to nāvis through Greek ναῦς) nausea. navigator. connectively. connectival. nauseous. geonavigation. connection. orinasal. nasality. subnasal. f: ship. f: nostril gutturonasal. nasal. nexum: weave. m: nose. nauseate. connectant. prenasal. connexional. nautical. connectedly. connective. nasalization. navigation.

connivant. grandniece. undeniable. Rh negative. self-denial. negāvī. Neronian. pernicēī: ruin internecine. nervī. negāre. necō. deniability. perniciēs. negatory. negatival. m: nephew grandnephew. conniver. nepotic. connive. nictate. self-denying. negentropy. renege. nervous. necāre. f: killing. nervously. nerval. interconnection. cōnīveo (connīveō). nictāre. electronegative. nephew. innerve. Neptūnī. denier. denial. m: Neptune Neptune. niece Neptūnus. negation. undeniability. pernicious. reannex. connivery. enervator. negative. nepotist. Nerōnis. unconnected negō. interconnected. deniably. neptunian. negator. nerveless. nictāvī. negativism. innervation. nervule. multinervose. negatively. nervine. abnegation. disconnect. nepotism. negationist. Neronic. m: Nero Nero. negate. nemoris. nerve. nepotal. close eyes to connivance. disconnection. renegado.disannex. penninerved. negativist. necāvī. denyingly. n: grove nemoral nepōs. telenegative. nictitate. enervation. nerviness. nervy. cōnīvī/cōnīxī: blink at. innervate. unnerve nex. necis. necātum: kill. nepōtis. reneger. disconnective. disconnecter. internecion. deny. renegade. deniable. Nîmes nēmō: see homō nemus. nictation. nervousness. negatron. Neronize nervus. Nemausī. Neptunist. photonegative. negativity. enervate. neptunium Nerō. nexus. nervose. negaton. nervulose. nervosity. nictitation . negātum: deny (LS: nē + āiō) abnegate. denegation. disannexation. nictitant. m: sinew denervate. m: Nîmes (city in France) denim. negativistic. digitinervate. negater. teleconnection. cōnīvēre. perniciously. perniciousness nictō. diverginervious. nervure. nictātum: blink. nervate. undeniably Nemausus.

nidificate. nitid. annihilationism. nimb. bête noire (Fr). nocuī. nilpotent. negrescent. nihilistic. nihilianism. natō. nigrum: black anti-negro. nidification. nivosity. natant. negritize. negrophile. nimbī. pied noir (Fr) nihil (nīl): nothing annihilate. negrophilism. nihil obstat. natation. annihilationist. nidicolous. noxia. nīdōris. nitidus. negrophilia. nimius. nisi prius niteō. nitidum: neat neat. natāvī. f: snow Nevada. m: smell. nitidity nix. net (monetary). nil nisi bonum. nimbostratus. noxius. neaten. negress. nitida. nil sine numine nimbus. natatorium. negrolatry. nil. negrophobia. noxium: harmful. negrello. negrify. negroness. transnivean nō. denigration. m: cloud cumulonimbus. supernatant nōbilis (noble. nigrescence. negrocide. nidology. nivis. denigratory. natator. natātum: swim contranatant. nidulation. denigrate. net worth. niche. nihility. nidation. nimiumn: excessive nimiety. nimia. innocēns (innocentis): harmless . nidifugous. nidus niger. well-known): see nōscō noceō. nāre. denatant. nidorous nīdus. negritic. nigritude. nide. negro. annihilator. negrophobe. disniche. negrification. nimbus nimis: too much. nigescent. negritude. nivation. annihilation. nihilist. negrotic. negromaniac. neatly. natatorial. negrito. nimious nisi: unless (nī/nē not + sī if) nil nisi bonum. m: nest denidation. nival. negroland. nimbed. nihilism. nigra. (nituī): shine. nīdī. vapor nidor. natatory. neatness. negroism.nīdor. nāvī: swim. noir (Fr). nocēre. naiant. neve. niveous. neatnik. nitēre. nocitum: hurt. negroid. denigrator. niello. natāre.

innoxiously. OLD does not.d. nonliving. f: disgrace agnomen. nuisance. nodosity. cognomination. nominatival. nonrandom. tac-node. denominalism. nonlogical. nom (Fr). nomenclatorial. renown. nonphysical. polynomial. noxiousness. nondriver. dénouement. nonatomic. undenominational. internode. ninnyish. innocuous. m: knot antinodal. multinomial. nonpolitical. nodus. denominational. denominal. nonmagnetic. innoxiousness. pronominalization. nonbasic. nodicorn. cognominally. nodulose. spinode. nonrenewable. innocuousness. nominatum. innoxious. renowned. nongrammatical. nonparishioner. surnominal. renomination. nodulize. cognominate. innocent. node. nodulization. non-iron. cognomen. spinodal. obnoxiously. nomination. nomenclature. nominalist. misnomer. nodule. nominalize. ignominy. monomial. ignōminiae. innominate. nonparametric. nonintoxicating. binomial. noose. nonflying. uninominal LS says same root as nōscō. nocive. non-European. denominative. nodical. non-Aryan. non-Catholic. nodal. l. nonracial. obnoxity nōdus. nonorganic. nuncupative.c. innocency. nōn: not non. internodal. nominally. denominate. dianodal. trinodal nōlō (wish not): nōn + volō wish (see volō wish) nōmen. nodularity. nocuous.innocence. nonpoetic. pronoun. multinominal. . interdenominational. nonperiodic. nominalism. obnoxiousness. trinomial. nomen. nōminis. n: name. cognōminis. tetranomial. nonhero. nonionic. innocently. relative pronoun. nodiform. nominee. denominable. non-. nodulate. cognōmen. ignominious. denomination. cognominal. obnoxious. nodose. nongrowing. in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. noun. nominator. nonathlete. enode. nocent. ninny. nomenclative. innocuity. nomenclator. nondrinker. antinode. nomenclatural. ignominiously. nonChristian. nominalistic. renominate. nonallergic. nominate. infranodal. equinominial. nonreturnable.. noncyclic. ignōminia. nociceptive. cognominity. nocuously. nodum. nonautomatic. pronominal. quadrinomial. equinominal. noncentral. nonhistorical. nonattached. innominable. nominalization. co-nominee. nonplus. nom de plume (Fr). nuncupation. multinodal. nodular. nodiferous. nongenetic. noxiously. nōdī. nodiflorous. nondemonitational. nodality. cognominous. nomenclate. praenomen. denominator. prenoun. denominatively. nonreader. innocuously. nociceptor. nodous. prenominal. nodulation. noncritical. nonplural. noxious. non-Euclidean. nominative. plurinominal. nominal. n: tribe name.

nonstick. nonwoven. keynoter. connoisseur. normalization. nonthematic. nontoxic. cognoscente. cognizer. f: nun (LL) nun. supranormal. nōvī. normochromic. annotate. normothermal. endonormative. normative. nonwhite. cognizance. decinormal. enormity. normality. exonormative. ignōrō. nōta. normalize. nous (Fr). nunnish. nonzero. nonsmoker. connoissership. co-normal. footnote. us. connotatively. nonsense etc. ignobly. umpirage. enobler. nonsyllabic. banknote. ignōtum: pardon. supernormality. nonteaching. transnormal. worknorm. ignorance. ignōrāvī. annotator. cognizee. cognize. 28 acronym for “situation normal all f***ed up” . connote. ignoramus. nobiliary. ignōscō. ignōrāre. nonswimmer. nobleman. conizor. nobility. acquaintanceship. abnormal. denotation. Umpire is nōn + par. ignore. ennoble. nunnery. normoblast. Norma. nota. ignāra. normalcy. cognizable. zero norm nōs: we. cognoscible. nonnae. orthonormal. renormalize. normed. nonwriter. normless. ignoration. nonnī. nōtus. cognizant. nonstop. Notre Dame. derecognize. renormalization. norm. nunship nōnus: see novem norma. acquainted. cognitive. noster. supernormal. nonnus. abnormality. incognita. nostrum. cognitively. enormous. incognizant. normothermia. f: straightedge. noster. denotatively. normalism. nōtum: known. nostra. ignorant. snafu28. cognition. Mare Nostrum. ignōvī. normal. nunlike. endnote. normolineal. Pater Noster nōscō. annotation. nonnormal. m: monk.compounded with non-Latin roots. cognosce. incognito. denotement.) are listed in the Reverse Index. connotative. quasinormal. ignobility. nōbilis. nosotros (Sp). noble. subnormality. derecognition. nonsmoking. enoblement. cognoscitive. umpire These are mostly examples of nōn. enormousness. acquaintance. ignorable. notae. Many more examples with Latin root (nonentity. ignārum: ignorant of. abnormally. connotation. normotensive. normocyte. nonna. ignārus. denotative. denote. nonslip. nostrum: our Cosa Nostra. nōtum: know. enormously. normalizer. normae. paranormal. subnormal.nonskid. nōbilis. nonstarter. nobleness. ump. nōscere. denotive. ignōrātum: unknown acquaint. nōbile: noble. f: mark. nontechnical. ignōscere. ignoble. normally. denotable. pattern abend. keynote. ignorantly. connotational.

notitia. novelist. unnoticed. novelette. noctilionine. notarial. notation. novillero. novercae. noted. noctiflorous. reaquaint. noteworthy. nonagesimal. quaintly. pernoctation. nobly. nonet. noontide. word recognition nota (mark). vernal equinox . unnoticeable. notability. noticeably. innovative. novitiate. unnoted. nueva (Sp). nouvelle (Fr). whole note. notionally. unrecognizable. notional. recognize. notoriously. supernova. novelettist. noctua. f: night. novelize. unnotable. noctis. notative. note. notepaper. notationist. noctambulism. notoriety. nōnus. equinoctial. recognizably. top note. novel. nonagon. noctidiurnal. treasury note. notice. f: stepmother (LS: from novus) novercal novus. noctilucous. notate. novenary. noctilucid. notorious. innovatively. nota bene. noctivagous. reconnoiter. recognizable. noctograph. nocte: at night. novelistic. November. novelty. notarization. notedly. nōnum: ninth afternoon. unrecognizably. quaint. nocturne. Villanovan W3 associates new and news with nouvelle. nox. noctū: by night. nōna. noctilucence. forenoon. unrenovated. novelization. novachord. recognizance. noctovision. nocturia. terra incognita. pernoctate. noonday. nonuple. notational. Villanova. nova. noctambulous. novice. recon. noblewomam. nonuplet. nocturnal emission. terra cognita. unrecognized. notify. nocturnality. notary public. prothonotary. midafternoon. reconnaissance. novus ordo saeclorum. quaintness. nonillion. noctambulist. but most likely cognates rather than derivatives from novus. innovator. novum: new innovate. noon. notarize. novelese. nundine noverca. nocturnal. precognitive. nonagenarian. noticeable. recognition. nocturnally. notification. notebook. noctiluca. nova. nōtus (known): see nōscō novem: nine. unacquainted. notaphily. renovator. trinoctial. renovate. noticeability. noctule. notary. well-acquainted. novena. noctīliōnis. renovation. noctīliō. noceur (Fr). voice-recognition. novilunar. notepad. sidenote. noter. nonary. nouveau riche (Fr). noctuid. nooner. vincible ignorance. noctivagant. unannotated. noctilucent. nocturn. notturno (It). m: bat (cf. noctambulistic. notionalist. νύξ) autumnal equinox. novus homo. precognition. notable. nonyl. innovatory. noteless. noontime. prenova. equinox. nongenary. notion.noblesse oblige (Fr). novella. nonic. notably. notability. piano nobile. Nova Scotia. Nones. innovation. notelet. notifier.

denude. number square. enumerably. nūgārum. enumerator. nūdātum: strip denudant. numerical. number. number-crunch. nubilate. denumerably. prenuptial(s) nūdus. dinumeration. numerō. nūbere. nudity nūgae. a diminutive of ūnus nūmen (divine will. nūdum: naked. nudeness. nudibranch. numerically. numerable. nūpsī. obnubilation. numismatologist. renumber. supernumerary. nubecula. connubial. nuptually. nudibranchiate. nubiferous. cōnūbium (connūbium). numero. nudist. plate number. numberer. obnubilator nūbō. numerosity. numero uno. nummiform. unnumberable. unenumerated. nugacity. quantum number. Numidiae. denudative. divinity): see -nuō numerus. numeration. preconnubial. prime number. numerologic. numerātum: count alphanumeric. numerological. numerāre. nūdāre. nuptuality. numerously. f: Numidia Numidia. nugatory nūllus (not one): see ūllus. m: coin numismatics. obnubilate. numerate. connubiality. unnumbered. numerāvī. Roman numeral. nuptial. nudie. numerary. enumerability. nubility. m: number. outnumber. nummulite nunc: now . numismatology.nūbēs. denumerability. nūda. numismatist. postconnubial. enumerable. nummī. numberable. oppo. enumeration. postnuptial. nūdāvī. numerist. numerology. cōnubiī. denudation. nūptum: marry. f: cloud (perhaps related to nebula) enubilate. nūbis. Numidian nummus (nūmus). n: marriage antenuptial. denumerant. numerous. numerative. numerator. numeric. nummular. innumerable. numeracy. nudely. numeral. nuptials. nūdō. connubially. innumeracy.. enumerative. nummulary. nude. no. f pl: triffles nugacious. nummary. wave number Numidia. nudism. equinumerous. enumerate. numerousness. innumerability. numerī. denudate. denumerable. numeraire. nubile. nudicaulis. numberless. nubilous.

denounce. renouncement. mononucleosis. nutrimental. n: divine will. nucleant. kinetonucleus. enucleate. denouncer. nurtural. nuncio. nourisher. renunciation. pronounced. denucleate. micronucleus. enunciation. denuncia. nunciature. announcement. mispronunciation. nucivorous. supernutrition. nucin. dry nourse. denunciable. nourishment. meganucleus. circumnutation. nuclear. nutant. enunciate. denuclearization. unpronounceably. mononuclear. nursling. enouncement. -nuī. nuciferous. circumnuclear. nūntiō. nūntiātum: announce announce. nuciform. pronunciation. innutrition. co-nutrition. malnutrition. undernourished. nucellar. numen. denunciant. numinosity. nucifragous. enunciative. internuclear. pronunciamento. multinuclear. nurturist. nutritious. denunciate. enunciatively. nūminis. unannounced. unnurtured. nurseryman. nūntiāre. annunciate. nuntius. denuclearize. pronouncer. numinous. nutritive. radio announcer. nūtrītum: suckle co-nourish. announcer. soil nutrient. enunciable. nuclear fuel. nuance. pronouncement. micronutrient. nutraceutical. circumnutate. nuclear fusion. pronouncedly. undernourishment. nourish. nutritiously. nuclear fission. nutrient. nūntiī. nursing. denunciatively. newel. nutritorium. nutational nūptiae (wedding): see nūbō nūtriō. heteronuclear. nucellus. homonuclear. unpronounceable. nūtrīvī. nucleal. renunciant. n: kernel binuclear. nursemaid. innutrive. innutrious. innuendo. macronutrient. nutation. nurturer. intranuclear. isonuclear. annunciation. denunciatory. nūmen. nūtūs. numinousness. malnourished. quidnunc nūntius. annunciator. nutriment. nutrition. nurture. nutritionally.nunc dimittis. nutrisweet. mispronounce. nougatine. renunciatory. enucleation. denunciator. nucleus. pronounceably. nurturance. wet nurse nux. nūntiāvī. f: nut. pronounceable. -nūtum (only in compounds) : nod. unpronounced -nuō. messenger. . denunciation. subnutrition. nutate. nutritionist. denunciative. m: nod annuit coeptis. nonnuclear. nurturant. enounce. nutria. nutritional. DNA. nil sine numine. binucleate. m: message. malnourishment. nutrify. denutrition. nucleī. nunciate. nūtrīre. nucis. denouncement. pronounce. nuclear energy. nursery. nuclearist. enunciator. nūtus. nurser. renounce. divinity. -nuere. nurse.

subnuclear. nucleophile. photonuclear. postnuclear. nucleophilic. nuclide. nuclear winter. trophonucleus.nuclearize. nucoline. nuclear power. nucleolus. nuclear reactor. nucleoprotein. nucleate. nucleus. nucleoside. octonuclear. nucleotide. nutarian. nucleator. nucleolar. nuclein. polynucleate. polynuclear. nuculanium. thymonucleic. nucleiferous. nucleoplast. nuclease. nucleoplasm. nuplex. thermonuclear. nucule. nucleic. nucloid. uninuclear . nucleolate. nucleiform. nucleoid. nuke. nucleon. nucleation. nucleosynthesis. nucleonic. plurinucleate. trinucleate. nuclear physics. prenuclear. nuclearly. oligoneucleotide.

obscuringly. obsidional obstinō: see -stinō obtūrō. oubliette obscēnus. offer. obscūra. obliquity oblīvīscor. omit. obstacle. ō̆creae. obliquely. O tempora O mores! ob: on account of (against. object. obscēnum: filthy. ocreate 29 30 ob + Proto-Indo-European root *skuH-. obsidiānum: made of obsidian obsidian. obscurish. obsidiāna. f: greave ocrea. obscurity.O ō: oh (exclamation of surprise) oh. lēvis or linō) oblivescence. obliqueness. obscurely. chiaroscuro. obscuration. ominous (perhaps ob + caenum filth) obscene. oblivious. obliquitous. hidden (related to scūtum) chiaroscurist. obscūrum: dark. obscurant. obliviousness. oblivionize. obscurantist. oblīquus. toward as English prefix) obdurate. obtūrāvī. obscurantism. oblīquum: slanting (ob + another root) oblique. opposition. obtūrātumo: stop up obturate. obtūrāre. obscēna. obscenely. obsceneness. oblivion. oblītus sum: forget (ob + disputed root. obscenity obscūrus29. obturation. obverse etc. oblīvīscī. obliviously. oblīqua. obscure. obscurative. obturator occupō: see capiō ō̆crea. obtuse. obscurantic. *skewH meaning to cover False reading of obsiānus from the name Obsius . opposite. unobscured obsidiānus30.

oloroso (Sp). olfactorily. mediocrity octo: eight. olive. octogenetic. Octavia. n: hatred annoy. lanolin. odorimeter. inoculant. oilstone. octillion. odium. ocellus. oleograph. octic. octet. oleaginous. ocular. oleoptene. olfactory. oilcake. ocelliform. ocelligerous. oily. oculus. oleoresin. oleothorax. olīvum. inoculator. oculometer. graveolent. inoculative. oleometer. oliva. octangular. inoculate. oluī: to smell of (perhaps altar is related) acrylic. deodorizer. inoculation. postocular. odious. multocular. m: smell (perhaps related to oleō) deodorant. ocellar. oleī. redolent. oilcloth. olfaction. multiocular. oculist. olīvī. octodentate. inoculable. oilburner. oleosaccharum. ocellicyst. annoyance. senoculate. odiferous. oleorefractometer. n: oil. crystoleum. octoroon. olfactorium. olivary. octofoil. odor. oleaster. olfactometer. oilnut. ōsum: hate. octonuclear. ocularly. annoyingly. oleum. odi et amo. oilless. monoculous. ōdisse. redolence. senocular. odiī. octane. octogenary. olfactometry. oleophobic. malodor. octogenarian. oliviform. octocentenary. oilmill. odiousness. oleiculture. petroil. superoctave oculus: eye binocular. oleoresinous. octavalent. ennui. octavic. olid. oleomargarine. octuple. odorously oleō. olivine. monocular. oilskin.ocris. oculonasal. cryptolin. annoying. octavo. odorless. oleography. oleo. octoradial. octāvum: eighth (ὀκτώ) octal. olein. odorant. sinistrocular. ocris. inoculum. octāvus. mediocritization. oleiferous. octant. oleone. uniocular ōdī. octāva. octolateral. October. octodecimal. odorous. petrol. periocular. octose. oleophilic. malodorous. octoped. octile. oculiform. trinocular. transocular. olfactronics. inveigle. inocular. mediocre. sanguinolent oleum. oiliness. oleate. deodorize. Octavius. plasmodium odor. oculofrontal. ottava. oleic. olivesheen. trompe l'œil (Fr). inodorous. olivaceous. inoculability. cryptolite. noisomeness. circumocular. octave. odiously. ocelliferous. oleojector. linoleum. odium. oculiferous. eyelet. oiler. oildom. octonary. noisome. octuplicate. ottavino. . oleyl. nucoline. monocle. olēre. ocellated. odoriferous. m: rugged mountain aurea mediocritas. oleopneumatic. oleoduct. oilring. inveigler. oculogyric. n: olive (see έλαία) aioli. oil. odōris. octennial. odorivector. octoreme. oilometer. ocularist. odoriphore. intraocular. ullage. octuplex. oilman. octopartite. olfactive.

petroleum. olla podrida (h)olus31. iustitia omnibus. petrolic. omnicausality. petroleur. omnifocal. n: portent abominable. omnivorous. omnivore. olla (Sp). OED does not trace olīvum to oleum olla. omnivolent. oneris. omnitolerant. opaquer. omniscribent. omnivolant. radiopaque operiō. opertum: shut. omnidirectional. omnīnō: altogether airbus. omniloquent. omnigenous. omnilingual. omnisentient. omni. omnis. olericulture. opācum: shady opacate. omnivorously. ominpotent. omnibus. omniphibious. omnifidel. cover (see aperiō) 31 In classical Latin. ominous. opacification. operīre. omnipatient.petrolatum. onerāriī. omnibenevolent. onerous. pyrrole. omnia vincit amor. opaquely. omnipotence. omniparous. operuī. n: vegetable oleraceous. transbus. f: pot olio (Sp). OLD has independent root. omnificence. opacimeter. omnipercipient. omentopexy. omnipresent. omnipurpose. opaqueness. opacity. petrolene. ōmentum. ominousness LS suggests from audiō. petrolize. embus. n: burden. abomination. illomened. omnisciently. ominously. ōmentī. petroliferous. motorbus. omnipercipience. omnilateral. bus. omnipresence. onerārius. omentum omnis. omnivagant. omne: all. n: fatty fold omentocele. omnispective. omenology. omnilegent. omniscience. waterbus onus.B. petrolin. m: burden-bearing exonerate. microbus. opaque. abominate. ollae. opāca. inominous. ollapod. debus. the more correct form is holus. omnipotently. omnicompetence. abominator. onus opācus. omnivision. omniferous. omnific. olitory ōmen. omnigerent. omnicredulity. tetrazolium N. omnilucent. omniformity. omniform. (h)oleris. exoneration. ōminis. omen. with the h . omnifarious. omniprevalent. onerously. minibus. exonerative. omnicompetent. petrolization. opacify. labor omnia vincit. omniscient. onerousness. omnitemporant. omnium. abominably.

opt-out. cover-up. officious. opiner. coopt. optionality. readoption. discoverability. dustcovered. soil cover. uncover. opinion. cooperation. copiously. curfew. manurial. operable. discoverable. official. inurement. optionally. noncooperation. f: supply. opera. f: lack carbon copy. operameter. interoperable. optation. copygraph. typecopy. oppidī. deoperculate. rediscover. coverall. handkerchief. cōpiae. hardcover. handoperated. maneuver. copyrightable. opt. n: town oppidan opportūnus (favorable): see portus ops. officeholder. opercule. OLD does not. hors d'œuvres. operculum. adoptability. officiary. cornucopia. inure. indiscoverable. interoffice. copyism. coverture. covering. œuvre (Fr). discover. officinally. undiscovered LS and OED derive from pariō. optātumo: wish adopt. coverlet. adoptable. photocopy. officinal. . covertly. opīniōnis. rediscovery. copyist.). opinionator. opinionative.o. manure. operae. opīnātus sum: think. officiality. n: work. cooperator. coverer. officialese. opulent. phenocopy. optable. cit. optional. telecopier. adoptee.cover. opulently. cooperatively. uncovered. opīnārī. opercular. coverless. cooption. cooptative. opinionnaire oppidum.. officiously. officialdom. modus operandi (m. coverlid. office. inoperative. copy. coverage. option. officer. readopt. cooperancy. opulence. photocopier. cooperate. co-op. covertness. working copy. cornucopian. softcover. officership. copycat. optant. cooptive. f: belief opine. noncooperative. opinionation. officialism. opīniō. maneuverable. cooptation. optative. copyreader. cooptee. discovery. officially. cooperative. op. copyhold. copier. operis. cōpia. op. undercover. zero-option opus. adoptive. operculate. officiant. adoption. inoperable. copyright. officiousness. operability. opinionated. opera. inopia. opulency. faircopy. enure. covert. optive. copyholder. officiate. opera-glass. opis. opercle. opinionless. xerocopy optimus (best): see bonus optō. opīnor. hard copy. unadopted. optāre. kerchief. operand. cooperant. copybook. recopy. optionalize. adopter. optāvī. microcopy. f: resource. officialize. discoverer. snow-covered. inopiae. f: service chef d’œuvre. copious. magnum opus. officerless.

quantum orbit. orbicularis. operate. exorbitancy. postorbital. petty officer. orbitolite. insubordinate. preoperation. opus. orderless. radio-operator. exordium. orderly. operon. operator. ordinable. coordination. operose. disorderliness. m: the underworld ogre ordō. operatically. opry. postoffice. orb. extraordinary. pseudo-operation. disorderer. f: whale orc. operculum. orblet. f: rank biordinal. ordainment. -or: state of labor etc. operational. underofficer. orbit. deordinate. oval office. OLD. incoordination. order form. ordinariness. preoperative. orderer. orbicule. soap opera. opuscular. victualling-office. ordinarily. inordinate. W3. operationism. inordinateness. orbicular. ordinand. coordain. staff office. incoordinate. orbiter. uncooperative. operatic. operationalist. insubordinately. uncooperatively. public office. coordinating. inorb. exorbitance. operation. LS. foreordain. coordinator. unofficial. ordainer. inordinately. coorder.operant. obicularly. coordinate. extraordinarily. orcae. semiofficial. coordinately. disorb. operetta. ordinal. cit). ordinance. opercular. opere citato (op. f: shore. unofficially. Holy Orders. border orle. sham operation. operationalism. supraorbital. coordinator. Orcī. orbital. deordination. Opus Dei. suborbital. operoseness. power-operated. planorbis. orbitale. orderliness. operculate. urbi et orbi orca. orbiculate. operativeness. orbis. counterorder. underofficial. . psyop. ordinaire. ordain. ordinis. infraorbital. opercule. operationally. ordinary. orbicularity. orbivirus. insubordination. police officer. opercle. order. f: circle de-orbit. orbless. inordination. disorderly. printing office. orbitelous. (= Eng. order-book. outmaneuver. ops. opuscule. extraordinaire. operatively. operatee. and ODEE use opus as prefix. police office. transorbital. operative. ops. ordainee. orbic. ordinate. orca Orcus. orlo orbis. patent office. -or) ōra. orby. disorder. polar orbit. exorbitant. watch-officer Italicized: OED assigns prefix ob-. coordinal. intraorbital. postoperative. peroperative. exorbitantly. mail-order. ōrae. novus ordo s(a)eclorum.

inosculate. os. orīgō. ordo. oral. ornamentalist. misorient. uncoordinated. orientalist. inosculation. suborder. oralist. disorientation. well-ordered. orientational. aborigines. oropharynx. orally. orientable. orienteering. orator. oriental. ornamental. subornation. orientalize. n: mouth. oscule. unoriginal. unorderly. adoration. oracularly. abortifacient. ostomy. oscitancy. ordinator. ostium. disorientating. suborner. orientally. oscillographic. ordnanceman. short order. reorder. (= Eng. abort. aboriginal. unoriginally. vin ordinaire (Fr). oscillogram. oratorically. inoriginate. orarion. ostiary. word order. oscillatory. ordinee. inornate. abortively. oracle. oscilloscope. adorably. oscillograph. subordinately. vomitorium etc. subordinating. teleordering. oratory. oro-anal. adornment. orocentral. oscillant. Ostia. orientate. abortive. origin. ornate. original. aboriginally. origination. polar coordinates. aborticide. ornamentally. oracy. working order. perorate. reorient. ōsculum. peroral. ornateness. orolingual. f: beginning ab origo. n: mouth. subordinationism. perorally. originative. inexorable. subordination. inexorably. n: doorway. oscillation. oronasal. adoringly. disorient. oratorio. ordinative. oratorical.ordination. . oration. ornery. misorientation. primordial. pecking order. subordinationist. ōsculī. unordered. superordination. preordain. osculum. subordinal. primordium. circumoral. orientation. oracularity. reorientation. ōrō. orientalization. beg adorable. originate. adorned. oratoryship. osculant. orneriness. -orium. orientability. ornamentalism. ōrātum: pray. disorientate. ōrnāvī. primordially. oriency. ōris. originality. orofacial. oscillate. oracular. orient. oropharyngeal. orientalism. ostiole. suborn. ōrnāre. oscillator. pseudo-order. interosculate. osculate. ordnance. originant. ortus sum: rise. ostial. oscitant. osculatory. ornamentist. orinasal. anti-abortion. ōrnātum: decorate (OLD suggests related to ordō) adorn. unordained. oscillative. kiss. ornately. orality. ostium. orarium. pro-abortion. oralism. originally. ornamentation. oscillography. orogenital. oscillance. orison. orotund. world order orior. ostiī. ornament. unadorned ōrō: see ōs ōs. originator. oscitation. user-oriented -ōrium: place for laboratory. osculation. abortionist. oscular. subordinate. abortion. ōrāre. postabortal. -ory) ōrnō. orifice. orīginis. abortuary. orate. subornee. superordinate. orīrī. adore. ōrāvī. subordinator.

ovomucoid. ovaliform. usherette. ovoglobulin. negotiant. ovāre. ovovitellin. interosseous. usher. ossuary Oscus. ovuliferous. oval office. oviduct. ovarian. anovulent. perorative. preoral. oviraptor. ovum. ovomucin. ovicyst. otium cum dignitate. -ose. ovation. f: sheep ovibos. ovigenous. ovocyte. ovuline. monovular. ovology. deossification. otiose. ovoidal. ovisac. ὠόν) ab ovo. ossiculectomy. obovate. oval. ossein. n: business negociant. ovulent. intraoval. renegotiate ovis. ovary. negotiability. ovarialgia. ovicide. otiosity. ossicle. ossific. ovogenesis. multiovular. ovivorous. obovoid. deossify. ovalbumin. ova. osite. n: egg (cf. Oscum: Oscan Oscan. negotiable. triovulate. ushership os. oviposit. ovaritis. ovuligerous. ovigerous. postovulative. ovicular. in ovo. ovigerm. otiose etc. oviparous. ossify. ossuarium. uniovular . dermo-osseus.peroration. negōtium. ovariole. ossivorous. ovarium. ovulite. ossean. ovigenic. ovariotomy. ovular. ovotestis. ossiferous. os. negōtiī. ōvī. ossificatory. ovoplasm. oviparity. osseofibrous. -ous) ōtium. ovate. ovoviviparous. (= Eng. psudovary. ovolo. ossification. ossiculum. ovator ōvum. osprey. ōtiī. suovetaurilia ovō. n: bone (cf. ovoid. superovulation. ovis. oviposition. ovally. nonnegotiable. ovicell. ovularian. ovoflavin. ovulator. ossifrage. ovulist. ovalness. ovulum. Osco-Umbrian -ōsus: full of magnanimous. negotiator. ovibovine. ostioseness. ovulatory. otiosely. ovariectomy. n: leisure. negotiation. ovine. ovulate. oviferous. ovulation. osselet. usherless. ossis. osseous. deutovum. ovicide. ovule. negotiate. usherer. ovāvī. Osca. ovality. ὀστέον) coossify. ovātum: rejoice ovate. ovist. ovism. oviform. ovipositor.

postpalatal. pageantry. radiopager. peasantry pāla (shovel): see pangō palātium. repent. palātiī. pāgī. pageant. pager. pāginae. penultima. peninsula. paganize. penitent. palatalize. f: little page (perhaps from pangō) back page. front page. impalace. palazzo. pagandom. paenitentia. unpalatable LS suggests possibly related to pāscō. paginal. laminopalatal. OLD disagrees. palatial. repentant pāgina. paisano (Sp). penumbral. penumbra. palatoglossal. radiopage. antepenultimate. mediopalatal. penitentiary. m: rural district ( depaganize. peninsular. palace. penannular. impenitent. pāgellae. . repentance. transpalatine palātum. paladin. paganistic. paenitentiae. m: Po River cispadane. penunsularity. n: palace. penult. paganish. n: palate depalatization. palatinate. penitence. paginate. f: page. Padī. peneplain. pagan. palatogram. palatially. palatable. penultimate. transpadane paene: almost antepenult. peasant. peninvariant. palatodental. palātī. peasantism. page. palatitis. palateless. hill of Rome ginpalace. palatal. palatine. penumbrous paenitet. pāgella. paganism. penecontemporaneous. pagination. peninsulation. repent. palatoplasty. paenititum : be sorry. penacute. palatography. yellow pages pāgus. pageanteer. f: sorrow (perhaps from poena) impenitence. penance. peneplanation.P pābulor (forage): see pāscō pacīscor (make an agreement): see pāx Padus. paenitēre. titlepage. paenituit. palate. peninsulate.

travelable. puelvan. f: palm (παλάμη) bipalmate. tarp. palmer. palmoscopy. palpation.palea. impalement. travail. multipole. poleward(s). palmcross. palliator. polevault. travois. palpigerous. palm-oil. napalm. quadripole. palpitātum: throb. palpicorn. f: eyebrow epalpate. quadrupole. palpiger. impalpable. palmatiform. flag pole. pole-ax. palpāre. palmar. palletization. appalling. pallidity. palpiform. palely. palp. travelogue. palmaceous. palmivorous. untraveled . palish. palisade. pālī. palleō. palpate. palpebra. palleting. palpātum: stroke. travel bag. epalpebrate. impalpably. paling. impale. palmful. palpocil. palmyra. palmiped. paleface. impalpability. palmation. paleness. palpitō. pallae. totipalmate. m: stake (ultimately from pangō) disimpale. palmicolous. Palm Sunday. palm. pale (adj). pallbearer. maypole. palmetto. paleaceous. palumbis. travel document. pallidiventrate. palliatory. palmless. palmistry. paleiform. traveler. palpitate. palmist. palpitāvī. palmleaf. palpability. travel allowance. pallescent. palpiferous. caress. palafitte. palpebral. impaler. palliate. poler. pallial. ridgepole. f: chaff paillette. overtravel. totem pole. palmiet. palpāvī. pale (n). palmette. palmate. palmlet. palmary. palpal. f: long cloak neopallium. OLD does not. palpitation. polology. pole (stake). pall (n). palmiferous. palpitant. pall (vb). palla. poleman. palpacle. palpē̆bra. pallium. pallidiflorous. palpably. palpless. palus. palliopedal. travel agency. palea. palpon. palpus. m/f: pigeon palomino pālus. palmiform. travel agent. palpable. palmitic. palisado. unipolar. pallor pallium (covering): see palla palma. palmatifid. palio. transpalmar palpō. pallid. palmitin. tarpaulin LS says akin to pellis. transpolar. Palm Beach. palpē̆brae. palluī: grow pale appall. palliative. traveled. palmula. palmae. palletize palla. paliform. time travel. appalled. pallēre. palmery. pallet. palmtree. datepalm. paleate. pedipalp palumbes. palmy. palpitāre. travel. fellow traveler. palliation. paleae. palpifer.

past. passer. impasse. compaginate. company. self-paced. propagandize. spawner. passby. passportless. pas (Fr). m: step. pālae. passout. impingement. compagination. impactite. Passover. passingly. Spandex. m: piece of cloth . impanate. passback. propagator pānis. trespass. palus. passenger-pigeon. expansionistic. underpass. pace. pāctum: fasten. pacemaker. pandere. pastless. pāla. pastille. m: bread accompaniment. panem et circenses. passūs. passum: spread out. companionship. pari passu.com. passenger. appanage. expansively. expandable. pole (sky) and polar are derived from πέλω. passbook. compass. prōpāgātum: spread. pannier. passably. surpass. compassable. companion. faux pas (Fr). pangere. expansible. expander. palette. paludament. impanation. surpasser. pastness. compassless. pantry. prōpāgāre. propagandistic. spawn. CD.N. impassability. compactly. impinge. pantryman. propagandism. trespasser. paseo (Sp). impactive. companionage. pandī. paludal. propagation. paludism. compactness. co-expand. paludicolous. passimeter. unaccompanied pannus. companionable. expansibility. passkey. passim: freely antiexpansionism. pass-through. passus. passingbell. palustrine pandō. pastime. passage. propagative. impactor. propagate. passgang. accompanist. impassable. passport. impanator. pandiculation. incompact. expansionist. outpace. marzipan. Pulley is derived from πέλω palūs. f: shovel (see pālus) Agit-Prop. pannierman. paludine. settle. overpass. expand. impact. accompany. dispansive. palūdis. expandability. expansionism. pace-setter. compactor. prōpāgāvī. panification. companionless. pacer. impaction. compact (adj). paludicole. panada. expanse. passade. repass. impinger. companionway. passerby. passless. Pole (stake) is derived from pālus. pastism. pass. passable. apace. expansile. propagandist. palette-knife. password. pass-fail. f: swamp impaludism.B. surpassingly. passageway. pasodoble (Sp). passe. pannī. gyrocompass. companionate. passman. panary. pepigī (pēgī/panxī). passim. compages. propaganda. companionably. encompass. passingness. expansive. expansion. dot. CD-ROM. pānis. unsurpassed pangō. expansionary. bypass. prōpāgō. passus.

comparability. ceteris paribus. parfocalize. parfocal. f: Palermo (from Greek Πάνορμος) Palermo pantex. disparager. comparingly. au pair. papȳrus. papillitis. paperwork. papaverous. paneless. imparidigitate. solar panel. nonpareil. m: belly paunch. papyrus (from Greek πάπυρος) carbon paper. papilionaceous. papillous. imparisyllabic. disparageable. paunchy pānus. papilionine. panticis. imparity. panel. papery. papyrologist. papula. paunchiness. papermill. paperless. comparative. papilledema. notepaper. comparison. paperclip. pāpiliōnis.empanel. papulation. papyrus. f: nipple pap. pair-bonding. disparagingly. papillule. papyriferous. papaveraceous. papyrin. paperer. papyrography. papilla. pannose. papilliform. papuliferous. comparatively. pimple OED says connection between pimple and papula unlikely. comparer. disparage. papilliferous. paneling. empanelling. papāveris. paperback. par. papilla. disparaging. n: poppy seed opium poppy. impanel. pane. papulated. panniform. papular. newspaper. papercutter. compeer. papule. papyrotype. papercup. incomparably. compare. . papulose. m: paper. parimutuel. disparate. imparipinnate. pairwise. disparity. papier mâché (Fr). m: butterfly papilio. f: pimple. m: swelling (OED) panicle. papyrine. papillate. papaverine. pannus. poppyseed pāpiliō. pair. papillon. incomparable. papulae. papillectomy. poppy. paperweight. papillote. comparably. sandpaper. kiloparsec. papyrograph. germiparity. disparateness. pair-royal. empanelment. panelwork. papilloma. windowpane Panormus. papillar. comparator. wallpaper pār (paris): equal apparel. papillary. incomparability. paired. papyraceous. papȳrī. paridigitate. pari passu. pānī. comparatist. papulous. Panormī. disparagement. comparable. paperboy. paper. paripinnate. disparately. comparativist. pavilion papula. papyrology. papillae. paniculate papāver. flypaper.

parturient. planned parenthood. viviparous. fetiparous. intraparietal. appāritum: appear apparent. f: shield Parma. umpirage. viper. parentelic. subparietal pariō. appear. peerless. coparent. viperid. subpar. parietal. viperling. greatgrandparent. parere. nonappearance. Parmesan. parturifacient. deiparous. parātum: prepare . viperish. ovoviviparous. peerdom. Parmesan cheese parō. parentalism. pāritum: appear. Parīsiōrum. umpire. parsec.parisyllabic. species pair. apparitor. c: parent antepartum. appāruī. criniparous. parēns. paries. postpartum. parcere. muciparous. polyparous. parāre. purpuriparous. m: wall biparietal. parentela. viperously. pāruī. sudoriparous. biparental. reappear. uriniparous. peerlessly. disappear. repertoire. puerperal. parsum: spare parsimonious. parenthood. grandparent. parentality. godparent. compearance. para. peperī. peer review. appearance. uniparental. peeress. sebiparous. appāreō. viviparously. appārēre. fissiparous. congestiparous. parentally. viperine. parous. pluriparous. parmae. Parisienne parma. parturition. transparent. reappearance. parietis. parental. transparency. apparition. quadriparous. dentiparous. tripair. foliiparous. vivipary. paroli. parentcraft. primipara. peership. primiparous. Parīsiī. pepercī (parsī). disappearer. repertory. parenting. uniparous. peer. partum: give birth. step-parent. water viper See also aperiō. compearant. parure. ramiparous. gravipara. parentless. amphiparous. oviparous. operiō. heir apparent. parlay. parsimony pāreō. compear. inapparent. parentis. transparently pariēs. dorsiparous. Parisian. omniparous. viperous. unipara. parity. parent. pārēre. parenticide. nullipara. ump. parentship. parturiency. viperiform. frondiparous. secundipara. parsimoniously. tubiparous. multiparous. parterre (Fr). primus inter pares. nonapparent. larviparous. peerage. disappearance. unparented. sexuparous. in loco parentis. viviparity. apparently. multipara. nulliparous. oviparity. biparous. word pair parcō. parentage. seed parent. m pl: Parisii (tribe of Gauls) Paris. nymphiparous. multiparity. gemmiparous. parāvī.

non-partisan. inseparate. equipartition. separatist. disseveration. partibility. participative. inseparable. separateness. impartation. separability. severance. nonparty. reparative. parti-colored. apparat. apartment. reparably. coparceny. severable. parcel. dispart. impartite. intraparty. jeopardous. particularism. parapet. several. disseverance. pard (person). comprador. copartitive. apartness. depart. imperialize. disseverment. semper paratus. nanoparticle. empire. impartibility. unseparated. overpartial. inseverably. imperially. forepart. participial. impartial. disrepair. participate. jeopardize. imperiousness. parer. imperatively. parison. preprepared. apparatus. inseparation. copartnery. coparcener. compart. imperativism. portiō. prep. apart. overpart. GOP. repairman. f: part. disproportionally. copartnership. compartmental. emperor. multiparty. is not from parō. partake. mpret. compartmentalization. inseparability. participatory. impartible. departed. impartee. partaker. octopartite. participating. participle. impart. pare. serveralty. imperator. apportionment. partible. microparticle. unsevered N. preppy. Bonaparte. jeopardy. parcel post. preparator. disproportionality.of parachute etc. pardner. digitipartite. disproportionation. separate. empress. impartialist. counterpart. imperativeness. partiality. ex parte. co-part. inseparable. participator. separable. participational. divide et impera. separatism. partītus sum: divide. partially. beta particle. reparation. participant. paradeless. department. parser. irreparable. counterparty. apportion. impartment. separatrix. disproportional. unrepaired. multipartite. imperial. bipartite. unpreparedness. inseparably. departmentally. partīrī. interparty. imparter. repairer. impartiality. parapetless.aparejo (Sp). partialism. inseverable. inseparableness. separation. departure. preparer. separatory. portiōnis. bipartisan. imperatival. decapartite. particular. parament. separationist. partis. parader. paring. preparedness. prepare. partial. imperatorially. parti (Fr). impartially. parade. imperatorial. separatistic. overprepare. compartment. part. partior. f: a part alpha particle. emperorship. impartibly. separationism. preparative. coparcenary. rampart. repair (fix). departmental. separative. apartheid. imperialistic. scuba. imperiously. partialize. disimperialism. pars. compartmentalize. participation. imperium. parry. imperativally. apparatchik. disproportionate. preparatory. copartner. separately. parse. separator. reparable. particle. preparate. imperious. departmentalization. sever. parados. photorepair. departmentalize. . inseparative. unpreparedly. unprepared. imperative. nonparticipating. beer party. partialness. severally. dissever. antiparticle.B. imperialist. parrier. irreparably. imperialism. dipartite. shoe repair. OED indicates that para. neoimperialist. houseparty. partialist. inseparately. disproportion. disproportionately. preparation. departer.

quadripartite. mischiefmaker. minimalistic. party. Ursa Minor. pābulātus sum: forage co-pastor. pābulī. parum: too little. pastourelle. pastorale. wedding party. sex party. proportionality. partygoer. proportionalism. administrator. ministrī. minimax. pastorate. minimizer. minstrelsy. repast . ministerial. minimalism. pastorality. parvipotent. pastorally. quasiparticle. minimality. partitioner. unipartite. pastōris. portion. m: shepherd. minor. particularly. pesterer. minimize. minuscule. ministrant. partitive. partigeneric. reproportion. miscreant. parvifolious. parting. n: grazing. parva. particularize. minor league. NASA. particularization. administration. depasturage. minimally. wave-particle. partitively. ministration. min-. partitionment. third party. ministry. part-owner. administratrix. minimum. pester. self-administered. pastural. administrāre. pastoral. parviscient. mischief. administrate. pluripartite. tripartisan. particularity. m: servant. pāstum: feed. pastoralism. minimist. pastor. tripartism. pesteringly. administrāvī. minimus. minus: less. War Department. repartee. miscreance. particulate. pasture. shore party. maladminister. pascual. pastorship. For mini and compounds see minium. pābulum. proportioned. minister. paraffin. minstrel. postminimus. pasturage. misnomer. ministerially. partness. pasturable. proportion. multum in parvo. maximin. minimism. m: titmouse parine parvus. State Department. proportionable. tantipartite. virile part.particularistic. partition. administrative. partner. pavovirus. war minister Paul and other names are related. pāscere. depasture. pābulārī. parvum: small. reapportionment. pārī. Treasury Department. minorate. part-time. minister. miscreancy. minim. minimization. pastureland. pastorage. mis-. metier. minestrone. partypooper. parvitude. tripartization. principal parts. parvirostrate. mischievous. mischievously. minus. portioner. VA. administrō. pastorie. pastor. pannage. partile. pastorly. pabulum. parton. parvule. ministrative. pastoralize. partnership. pābulor. prime minister. water party. parvoline. pastorless. quinquepartite. partisanship. minuscular. passel. pastoralization. repartition. pastille. proportionally. proportionately. wine party. proportionment. partyman. parvidentate. partly. parvanimity. pastern. proportional. pestersome. portionless. minimal. workparty pārus. searchparty. tripartite. minimalist. partisan. partygirl. attendant. partnerless. maladministration. partite. pāvī. pāscō. administrātum: manage administer. minor. pastoralist. proportionate. reapportion. sexpartite. minus sign. minority. portionist. Canis Minor. partway. minor.

paten. patronage. pattern. repair (move). patrician. patin. patriline. pater. impassioned. perpetrate. paternalist. patrimony. patronization. impassively. patentably. patronless. père (Fr). patina. patella. patternization. impassiveness. patinae. Tricia. f: endurance compassion. n: Padua Padua. patriation. patently. compassive. m: father. paternity. compatibility. expatriation. Pat. patronne (Fr). patripotestal. impassionedly. expatriate. histocompatible. impaternate. patella. pro patria. Pataviī. in nomine Patris et Filli et Spiritus Sancti. patroon. perp. nonrepatriable. passeris. patronly. (cf. impassionate. patī. Patrick. pailful. compassionately. patine. patent. patulin. patricide. grandpaternal. patriate. patronizingly. parricide. compassionable. pail. patuī: lie open (perhaps related to pandō) bipatent. impassible. paternity suit. patio. patentability. See pester in AHD and OED. Patricia. perpetrator. padrone (It). passer. patellectomy. patterer. f: native land compadre. impassibleness.Pāscō may be related to pānis. . patricentric. Pater Noster. bypatent. paterfamilias. patellofemoral. unpatronized patior. patrimonial. patricidal. patellar. Jupiter. patulous. paternalized. passus sum: suffer. compassivity. paternality. patternation. patter. paternalism. perpetration. patternize. compaternity. patron. patrilineal. patulously. patulent. paternal. patria. impetrate. patentor. paternity test. dispassionately. semipatulous patina. impassionately. repatriation. patrix. patronal. disimpassioned. patavinity pateō. patroness. counterpassion. patener. patinate. patellae. πατήρ). patrifocal. repatriate. patrilocal. paternality. parricidal. compassionate. patentable. patriae. unpatentable. patripassian. platen pater. patria. patēre. compere. patent office. Patavinian. patrist. m: sparrow passeres. patrilinear. patency. patriliny. compatibly. patentiae. patris. Paduan. dispassive. impassibly. patronizer. compatible. patternless. impassibility. patronizing. patientia. dispassion. patronize. paternalistic. patrilateral. patrilineage. Patty. patriciate. passerine passim (here and there): see pandō Patavium. patellate. patentee. impassive. patriclan. patelliform. f: dish. dispassionate. patronship. f: small dish (perhaps related to pateō) paella (Sp). passeriform. padre.

pācātum: pacify appeaseable. patiently. dead pay. paytoilet. pauperize. water-poor paveō. pacīscī. pacificator.impassivity. poverty-stricken. m: peacock pavonazzo (It). payout. impatiently. postpaid. overpay. copayment. outpatient. pay phone. pacifist. payload. impoverisher. pact. passively. payroll. pacifistically. passiflora. repayable. pācis. passivator. poorly. f: poverty depauperate. poor. dispeace. passionately. pauciflorous. passivism. passivize. impoverished. satispassion. omnipatient. paychannel. incompatible. pseudopatient. payee. pacifier. species-poor. peacekeeper. repacify. payer. peacenik. impoverishment. pacification. pauperdom. paucity. payback. repay. paucifoliate. rate-payer. poverty. prepay. strike down pave. stone pavement. pay. paymaster. peace prize. pauca: few paucal. copay. payday. impoverish. passivist. poverty line. peacock (OED. peacemaker. repacification. paucidentate. but W3 rejects). patienthood. patience. poor man. pavīre. pavītum: pound. pauciradiate. dispauper. La Paz. passionless. peacefulness. passionary. pauper. settle. paso (Sp). paupertās. payability. pacificatory. up-patient paucī. passionist. pāvōnis. pācō. pococurante pauper (pauperis): poor. pacīscor. pavor paviō. nonpaying. peaceably. peace-offering. paydirt. dispauperize. pacifism. pauperism. patient. passion. peace. appease. . Pacific Ocean. passiveness. pavīvī. peafowl. passionate. povertarian. paycheck. passive. payscale. nonpayment. prepayment. patientless. passivity. payoff. passionateness. pācāvī. pauperization. poorness. peahen pāx. peacefully. passible. passive resistance. payfreeze. payola. peaceful. pācāre. peacemonger. pavonian. paywindow. impatience. peacetime. passival. paciferin. paucipinnate. paucae. appeasement. payment. Peace Corps. pacify. pāvī: fear pavid. passionflower. peace economy. passivation. pavēre. taxpayer. pavement. paving. pacation. f: peace. passivate. repayment. payable. paupertātis. passivization. unpaved pāvō. inpatient. pacific. inappeasable. pacifiable. poorbox. pactus sum: agree. poorhouse. passional. incompatibility. poor mouth. peaceable. overpayment. peaceless. pax. pacifically. compact (n). passibility. patripassian. peace-breaker. paver. Passion Sunday. depauperation. pavonine. Passion Week. passivizable. payables. pay-TV. impatient. pace (L). paz. requiescat in pace.

peccadillo. OLD does not. peccāvī. peculiarly. appealing. pecus. peculiarity. peccātum: make a mistake impeccability. compellability. pecuniary. pectoriloquy. pectinated. in petto (It). pepulī. n: open sea (see πέλαγος) archipelago pellis. peculiarize. pecus. unpeaceful. pecoris. parapet. peculation. appellate. m: comb pecten. peccancy. appellātum: name appeal. pēditum: fart petard pēior (worse) see malus pelagus. pecudiculture.time payment. impecuniosity. peccavi pecten. f: money. peccability. impeccant. pecudis. expectorative. pectineal. parapetless. pectoris. petronel. unpaid. in pectore. pecūs. peccatophobic. postpectus pecū. pelagī. appulse. pectoral. peccant. compellable. appellant. f: hide peel (n). louse): see pes pēdō. impecunious. transpacific. pellicle. pelisse. peltry. n: private property impecuniary. peculiar. appellāre. pecūnia. unpacified. pellis. appellō. pecs. pecūlium. f: a single head of cattle. petto (It). surplice LS says akin to palla. pellicular. impeccably. unpeacefully. expectorant. n: chest angina pectoris. unpacific. pilch. impeccable. impeccableness. peculator. pectination. appellāvī. peculate. peccable. appealingly. pecunious. pectinis. expectorate. expectorator. pillion. pellō. unappeasable. well-paid peccō. pecūniae. appellative. peeling(s). peignoir (Fr) pectus. OED disputes derivation of pelt from pellis and suggests pelt may be derived from pellet and pila ball. pēdere. n: herd. pecūliī. appealable. pectunculate. appellation. peccāre. . compel. poitrinaire (Fr). pellere. pulsum: push. impeccancy. underpay. expectoration. picayune pedīculus (little foot. strike. n: cattle (collectively). pellagra. impecuniously. underpaid. AHD derives pelt from pellis. pepēdī. pectus. pellagrous. peculative. pelt.

sex appeal. pushup. hydropropulsion. impulsion. repulsion. pushcart. pendulous. pushover. pondus. independency. pushful. repellant. counterappellant. appendectomy. dispensability. pelviscopy. f: shallow bowl intrapelvic. impeller. pelviferous. pulse. pushy. compensable. pulsebeat. interpellation. pendulosity. interpulse. pendicle. compulsitor. independent. dispellent. peal. pulsar. dependingly. lateropulsion. pendulant. interpellate. pent (= penthouse). impulse. impendency. expellee. propulsive. impulsiveness. pelvis. dependence. impendent. compulsive. pendere. appendicular. codependence. compensatory. push-pull. pependī: hang (related to pendō) append. dispel. dependently. dependant. n: weight (related to pendeō) avoirdupois. repulsive. counterpoise. compulsorily. pendentive. depender. propellable. pendent. pendente lite. propjet. expellable. expulsion. pulsatile. pulseless. pendō. pependī. repeal. m: Pelorus pelorus pelvis. turbo-prop. compelling. compendiary. compulsion. uppush. pendant. Pelōrī. irrepealable. rappel. water repellent Pelōrus. pendular. interdependence. expel. dependable. compensational. pusher. impel. compellingly. retropulsion. appendix. depend. pushoff. appendicitis. repellent.compellent. compensation. propel. compulsiveness. compendiously. funipendulous. expulsatory. repel. propensity. penthouse. pelvimeter. pushbutton. pendulum. pelviform. compulsivity. pending. penchant. penduline. pulsimeter. compendious. prop(ellor). compensative. pend. compensate. . monopropellant. pendule. propeller. dispensable. pelvirectal. interdependent. undependable. impendence. counterappeal. decompensation. pelvis. pendulousness. compulsively. expulsively. ponderis. micropulsation. compeller. compulsionist. pulsatory. pelvic. pushiness. pendulate. dependent. propellant. interdependently. impellent. pendulously. reappeal. independence. impending. pelvisternal pendeō. pulsation. codependent. expulsory. dependency. pennant. pensum: weigh. repulsiveness. pulsate. impend. monopulse. appendage. repulse. propulsion. pendulize. contrapropeller. impulsive. repulsively. compulsory. sex impulse. pulser. filipendulous. pendeloque (Fr). push. compendium. pendency. impulsively. pendulograph. expulsive. appendant. dependably. propulsor. independently. shelf appeal. dependability. pendēre. impulsivity. pushmobile. expeller. counterponderant. pulsator.

impenetrate. pensionnaire. penetrālis. ponderal. expense. ponder. pensile. preponderance. poiser. spender. pensioneer. per annum. suspension-bridge. suspensive. peso (Sp). suspensively. ponderous. dispense. pensionable. war pension penes (under the control of). pensive. inexpensively. ponderable. penicilliform. spend. equiponderate. penetrating. vilipensive. expender. time-pencil penna (feather): see pinna pēnūria. penetrālis. penicil. pension. pensionless. penetrator. ponderosity. suspense. penetration. penciler. perpendicular. pensiero (It). dispensatorily. perform. penetrāre. peseta (Sp). perpend. expenditure. dispensatively. dispensative. parboil. penetramater. pound (wt). perpension. perceive. indispensably. overcompensate. perpendicularity. penis. expensively. pensée (Fr). ponderousness. inexpensive. Note rare alternative spelling par-. pēnis. dispensatory. ponderously. dispenser. parvenu. penis pencil. pensioner. equipoise. suspension. etc. pansy. expensive. suspensor. suspensorium. outpension. recompense. pensionnat. penile. spendable. m: tail. ponderance. prepense. unpenetrated pēnis. preponderant. impenetration.g. penetrāle: innermost impenetrability. indispensable. pensiones. penseroso. suspensory. penetrō. preponderate. . penetratively. penury per: through ampersand. penuriousness. per-. penetrāvī. impenetrableness. e. overexpenditure. expendable. impenetrably. per diem. war expenditure. penetrometer. penetrative. parvenue. spending-money. pensione (It).dispensary. dispensation. penuriously. permit. recompensable. pansified. perpendicularly. pounder. penetrability. expend. pēnūriae. spendthrift.. penitus (within): see penetrō perhaps Penātēs is related to penes. imponderable. overcompensation. penetrably. preponderantly. penetrable. inexpensiveness. penetrate. interpenetrate. poundage. pensum. vilipend. pensively. penetralia. penetrant. suspender. suspend. expendability. f: scarcity (perhaps from paene) penurious. pensionary. pensiveness. suspenseful. misspend. penetrance. poise. penicillin. suspensorial. enter (maybe penes in possession of + intrō enter). penicillate. penetrātum: pierce into. per. impenetrable.

peril. Pearl Harbor. personology. peronality type. perle. perilously. experienced. persiennes (Fr) persōna. f: mask. pearl shell. perīculī. persicary. personalization. pearlite. Peach State. parsonage. personation. Persian. experior. expertise. Persārum. personifier. peronality clash. nonperson. pearl. parlous. peachblossom. perīta. peachpie. pearlescent. character antipersonnel. pearlstone. experīrī. perīculum. depersonalize. personate. split-personality. c: partridge (from Greek πέρδιξ) partridge. peachy. dramatis personae. experimentalism. pearl-diver. -perīrī (only in compounds): try. perilous. personologist. perlite. personalismo (Sp). experimentalize. personalize. personalism. imperilment. persico. personality. personation. impersonate. pearly. m pl: Persians (cf. personality cult. dispersonate. personnel. pearlescence. businessperson. pearly gates. personalistic. personally. parsonic. inexpert. expert. f: ham impearl. work experience perna. experience. impersonality. overexperienced. impersonator. perdicine perforō (pierce): see forō -perior. personal. pearlware. layperson. n: danger. interpersonal. personable. chairperson. peach cobbler. experimentalist. dispersonalize. perilousness. personalist. peachworm.perdīx. experimenter. expertness. impersonally. craftsperson. persicaria. perdīcis. expertly. . JPEG. dispersonify. experiential. impersonal. unexperienced. inexperience. multipersonal. personification. personator. Persic. persona (non) grata. pearl oyster. personalia. personalty. co-personal. impersonation. impersonative. peachbloom. pernae. experimentation. pearlessence. perītus. Persia. personality trait. pearliness. pearling. experiment. peritus. experience (cf. parson. experimentally. skilled. imperil. perlaceous. inexperienced. impersonalism. dispersonification. experimental. personage. personify. inexpertly. persōnae. salesperson. impersonalness. seedpearl perpes (continuous): see petō Persae. Persianization. personhood. πεῖρα) experience. persona. depersonalization. experienceless. Πέρσης) peach. person. peachstone. impersonalize. perītum: experienced. sexpert. peachtree. peligro (Sp). parsonical. experientially. personless. impersonalist. expertus sum: try. monopersonal.

pesticidal. impedance. pedestal. taliped. townsperson. impedītum: hinder. pedalist. suprapersonal. pestilence. peon. duopedal. unimpeached. maliped. peonage. expedīvī. pestis. bipedal. peditis. equipedal. sesquipedalian. impeachability. impeachment. octoped. impedient. unimpeachable. pedes. quadrupedal. pediculate. monoped. pedatifid. impedīvī. pentapedal.spoilsperson. soft-pedal. pesticide. pedigree. quinquepedal. impediment. impedimenta. pedal power. expedītum: set free. petiolate. pedestrianism. pediculosis. petiolule. workperson N. soliped. pestology. multiped. pedatiform. pied-à-terre (Fr). expeditionary. pede. peonism. centipede. peduncle. pied noir (Fr). inexpedience. expedīre. m: footsoldier. pedal. pediment. pediplane. petiole. velocipede pessimus (worst): see malus pestis. Piedmontese. expedient. pedate. palliopedal. f: plague biopesticide. impeditive. impedible. uniped. inexpedient. pesky. pawn (chess). f: pole. pediferous. pest control. peduncular. cheliped. pinniped. pes. impedīmentī. plumiped. expediency. pioneering. pest. tarsiped. quadruped. pedigerous. pedestrianize. piedmont. pawn chain. overpedal. moped. impeach. pestilent. longipede. pedis. millipede. pediplanation. inexpediency. impediō. vamp (shoe). transpersonal. pediculine. staff perch (pole) pēs. pedicular. pedomotor. cirriped. pedimanous. tripersonal. pedimentation. n: hindrance (cf. pestilently. unipersonal. breviped. pedestrianate. expeditiously. pediluvium. pedunculate. pedimental. palmiped. pestiferous. polyped. talipes. impeachable. impedīmentum. expediential. expedience. ποῦς) aliped. scutiped. bipedality. expedite. pedipalp. biped. pioneer. pedunculation. trivet. decempedal. ped. impedīre. fissipede. impeacher. scopulipede. pediplain. perticae. pesty . pedestrian. expediō. persōna is not per + sonō. orthopedics. expediently. pediform. pedicab. unimpeded. pedalo. impede. expedition. expeditious. pedomotive. expeditiousness. pediculous. orthopedist. pedestrial. tenuipede. pediculation. pedaler. spokesperson. impeder. pest-house. impedimental. petiolar. pedalpusher. VIP. pedicure. pedoscope. persuādeō (persuade): see suādeō pertica. pedometer. pedicel (pedicle). backpedal. tripedal. sexipede. pestilential. revamp. equipede.B. expediter. m: foot.

piliform. m: hair. in perpetuum. petere. OLD lists separately. f: magpie magpie. picine. peelable. repeater. repetitiously. pilae. impetus. competence. corticipetal. piliferous. pileation. incompetency. peeling. m: cap (perhaps related to pila) caterpillar. pīla. perpetuator. perpetuance. pileous. impetuousness. epilation. pileus. m: attack. repetend. pileum. peeler. stockpile. perpetuate. repetiteur. epilate. perpetualism. f: pillar (see also pīlum and compīlō) pilaster. pie (magpie). competitive. petīvī. appetizer. pignoration. petulancy. m: woodpecker picarian. inappetence. depilatory. picoid. perpetuative. pillarless. repeat. perpes (perpetis): continuous anticompetitive. competent. pignus. oppilative. pelletize. competition. pileī. unappetizing pīca. repetitively. pelota (Sp). petitonable. poison pill See note for pelt under pellis. competitively. petionee. pīcus. pile (coat). pīcae. perpetualist. pillory. pignorative pila. petitioner. perpetuity. horripilation. petitive. omnicompetence. perpetuation. omnicompetent. pillbox. depilitant. pica. repetitive. Picus LS suggests from pingo. depilate. perpetual motion. impetuosity. petulance. oppilate. pelage. competency. pilule. repetitious. appetency. perpetual. noncompetitive.petō. pile (quantity). pill. depilator. perpetuant. piculet. pied LS suggests from pingo. piciform. impetuous. pellet. OLD lists separately. piebald. depilious. competitor. woodpile pīlum. pīlī. peeler. compete. pīcī. impetūs. repeated. appetizing. repetition. pignoris/pigneris: pledge pignorate. pillar. petulant. pilī. pillage. f: ball (perhaps related to pilus) peel (v). impetus. pelletization. competitory. pillager pilus. incompetently. pillarist. appetible. pelada. incompetence. peel (vb). depilation. appetite. centripetal. petitio principii. pileiform. . pīlae. repeatedly. semicompetent. impetigo. perpetually. piling. petition. pep-pill. incompetent. competently. petulantly. petionary. petītum: seek. picodeous. n: javelin (perhaps related pīla and compīlō) pile (weapon). mollipilose. platoon. peloton. impetuously. perpetuum mobile.

pengun. pennant. pennigerous. moving picture. pinholder. paucipinnate. pictorial. f: feather (also penna) bipennate. pingere. ninepins. pise. picturesquely. pistil. panache. duplicipennate. paint-in. petrissage. squamipennate. overpaint. pin. picturable. pineknot. pestle. impaint. wax painting. decempennate. pinguis. oppositipinnate. pennon. pistillate. pilus. linchpin. underpinning pinsō. pistillary. pīnī. pinhead. pinion. pinfold. picture book. kingpin. pinball. pinnule. penfeather. bipinnate. pinsum/pistum: pound petrie. pilose. pīpāre: chirp. pictograph. pen (writing). pictorialize. pinealoma. pilosity. pinniform.B. planipennate. pinniferous. piney. pinfeather. pinwheel. penholder. wave picture. pinealectomy. piste. piny. depiction. pinsere. word picture N. plushy pingō. penlight. picture. penmaker. impicture. depictive. penniform. pilous. picturization. pistilliferous. pinxit. pistiloid. penpal. pinxī. depicter. m: pine tree (cf. pinpoint. penninerved. pistonphone. pinto. pinecone. pinnigrade. pilimiction. picturability. pinnate. plush. pinna. depigmented. depigmentation. piston. pigmentocracy. piston engine. pinnace. odd-pinnate. word paint. pinafore. Pict. picturize.piligerous. piniform. bipenniform. pineapple. pineal. pinnacle. motion picture. latipennate. clothespin. paint. spray-paint. pesto (It). piney wood. unpainted. pincushion. hairpin. picorialization. wallpaint. pinhole. multipennate. paintless. pistonpump pīnus. sand painting. pingue: fatty pinguid pinna. repaint. pinprick. impennate. digitipinnate. pineland. pinstripes. painter. pigment. pictural. penman. paripinnate. paintbrush. pistillody. depicture. pinup. pīpiāre/pīpīre: chirp . Picaresque is not derived from pingō. picturesque. pistillode. longipennate. pinnae. tenpin. pīpiō. penknife. penmanship. pictorially. brevipennate. penniveined. penwork. pictum: paint depict. picturedrome. painting. penniferous. pint. pinguis. penwoman. picture gallery. tripinnate. pictorialism. plushly. orpiment. pine (n). pinniped. pixel. pigmentation. canepin. electropaint. pinsī/pinsuī. quadripennate. picturesqueness. picturegraph. pitchpine pīpō. war picture. pictogram. paintable. pigmentary. fountainpen. πίτυς) pinaceous. pict-. penwiper. pennate. pimento. empennage. wax pigment. imparipinnate.

pitifulness. pitchfork. pium: dutiful dispiteous. grampus. peep. pietism. piscivorous. pītuītae. complacently. pleasurist. pitch-dark. pipette. piscifauna. pipeline. pial. pia mater. pituicyte. pleasuredrome. complaisant. pisciform. pietistic. pleasantry. pitifully. plea. please. pietas. placidity. pipe. panpipe. pleadable. complacent. impious. pitiably. Pieta. pyriform. organpipe. filiopietistic. expiable. f: pitch pay (v. piscicolous. pityingly. peartree. inexpiably. pyruline. inexpiable. pitch (wax). pleasantly. piacular. impitiably. pituitary gland pius. placēre. quailpipe. piscatory. pitiless. cornpipe. windpipe pīrāta. f: phlegm pip (disease of birds). stoolpigeon. n: pear (cf. plead. pipeman. piteousness. pious. pease pītuīta. hornpipe. nautical). piping. pigeon-hawk. piroplasm. piscary. tailpipe. piceous. pleaser. pitch-black. expiation. piously. unpitied pix. pigeon-breast. Pian. pigeon. placuī. self-pity. displeasure. sandpiper. placid. pleasureful. blowpipe. pipestone. pipework. pleasantness. pleasant. pleader. m: fish expiscate. pia. pleasure-seeker. expiate. impiety. warning pipe. impiously. pisciculturist. impiteous. pipeliner. pirate. placidly. pitiful. pleasing. pleasure. expiscation. one-pipe. displeasedly. piratical pirum. piscicide. pipe dream. piety. placebo. placidness. porpoise pīsum. carrier-pigeon. piscina. Pisces. pitier. pleasurably. pia. stovepipe. pigeon's milk. pyrus piscis. placet. from πεῖρα) piracy. . pirī. pity. impiousness. pipestem. pleasingly. pleasurable. pipe down. waterpipe. pitiable. pipe cutter. expiatory. piteously. pigeon-toed. counterplea. warpipe. dispiteously. pigeon drop. pleasance. pitchpine. pīrātae: pirate (πειρατής. pituitary. pittance. piper. pigeoneer. pīsī. pisciculture. piteous. picis. pietist. pigeonhole. complaisance. ἄπιον) pear. complacency. pitchy placeō. pleadingly. pleasureless. pleading. pipeless. piscatorial. peanut. displease. seapigeon. passenger-pigeon. piosity.bagpipe. piscine. piscicultural. pipe bomb. waste pipe. n: pea pea. piscī. pleasure-house. placitum: please complacence. expiator.

planeness. pediplanation. plan. xenotransplant plānus. KuKluxKlan. explant. uncomplaining planta. seaplant. laminiplantar. planeload. plantigrade. placableness. plantocracy. plane table. planaria. appease (OLD relates to placeō) implacability. plague. plane. placatingly. gyroplane. preimplantation. planxī. planeful. plāga. overplant. opium plant. plantar. planicipital. plangently. plagiarist. plangorous. peneplanation. explain. complainee. plantation-mill. complanation. complaintive. unplanted. plainly. multiplanar. megaplane.self-complacency. plaintile. llano. plangent. special-pleading. power plant. transplantable. m: kidnapper plagiarism. explanatory. explainer. implantable. planimetrically. peneplain. plant-louse. replant. aquaplane. flood plain. plantain. biplanar. plagiaristic. special-pleader. plainness. displant. deplane. planemaker. planer. hydroplane. complanate. Great Plains. planigale. geoplanarian. planidorsal. cornplanter. plangency. . complaint. plaguy. f: blow complain. plācātum: reconcile. planimetry. f: plant. plantlike. plagiāriī. pepperplant. plaintiff. plantlife. paleoplain. clan. plantbug. homotransplant. seedplant. plantmilk. plāgae. unpleased. plantad. plainspoken. wax plant. placability. plagae. plācāvī. unpleasing plācō. panplain. plane tree. conplane. plainsman. planipennate. planform. plantlet. plainsong. diplanar. piano. monoplane. sole (of foot) cabbage-plant. plantula. plagiary plangō. planiform. supplantation. heterotransplant. patriclan. placate. altiplanation. plācāre. placatory plaga. unpleasantly. complainant. plantivorous. supplant. esplanade. plant. unpleasantness. plain dealing. transplantation. altiplano. panplanation. plantable. planation. plaintively. plantation. clannish. inexplainable. airplane. transplanter. planter. plangere. plane geometry. complainer. plaintful. interplant. underplant. multiplane. convertiplane. clansman. planctum: strike. llanero. f: net. supplanter. placably. pediplain. plantsman. preimplant. implacable. planigraph. plaintive. plane sailing. implanter. plantless. beat. planimetric. unpleasant. plagiarize. KKK. self-complacent. implant. plaint. pediplane. biplane. placation. eggplant. planicaudate. plānum: level aeroplane. implantation. placable. plain sailing. planteater. plain. mourn. emplane. planar. plagiārius. implacably. explainable. plantae. plantling. transplant. planimeter. plāna. explanation.

plansifer. deduplication. plosion. planospore. duplexer. planish. planographic. complexity. unexplainable. slip plane. explosive. planlessly. explicate. unexplained. implosion. plaudit. planisher. complexify. employer. exploder. conduplicant. employable. uniplanar. conduplication. explosiveness. suppliant accomplice. plausum: clap. plebe. twine. duplicable. explosible. plausūs. complexly. torpex Plautus. plausī. implode. planoconvex. plicō. decemplicate. unplanned. complected. plexum: plait. planispiral. self-explanatory. plauditory. duplicature. complice. plano. plebeian. appliquer. explode. complication. plausus. duplicator. empleomania. plicāre. implausibility. m: Plautus Plautine. planirostral. applique. planogamete. plosive. zeroplane platalea. explication. plēbis. duplicitous. complicitous. duplicipennate. plexī/plexuī. displayer. complicit. plausible. Plautī. plectere. deployment. planula. plicuī: fold. plebiscite. duplicating. tailplane. complex. f: common people pleb. plebiscitary. plannee. implicāvī. explosively. planned obsolecence. employability. diplex. planodia. plausibility. explicatory. plataleae. exploitee. exploit. employ. taxiplane. complicity. Plautus plēbs. explicable. duplicand. application. duplication. . duplicity. planned parenthood. explosion. planless. explosibility. water plane. complect. implicāre. planography. duplex. implausibly. explicitness. employment. warplane. employee. deploy. applied. applicant. duplicability. displayment. appliable. display. contraplex. m: applause applaud. planirostrate. duplicative. complicated. apply. explodent. plaustral. implosive. planometer. planned economy.planipetalous. appliance. planorbis. planoconcave. complicitive. exploitation. blaxploitation. duplicate. complicatedly. f: spoonbill plataleiform plaudō. implicō. exploitability. complicacy. duplicidentate. implicātum: enfold. planoblast. exploitative. seaplane. planner. explicitly. exploitable. conduplicate. applicable. applaudable. complicate. applied. explicably. plebs plectō. implausible. planlessness. working plan. complier. complexion. dekaploid. planisphere. decuple. volplane. planont. supplex (supplicis): begging. ship plane. decemplex. complexus. planster. duply. applause. planosol. explicit. plaudere. plausibly. quadruplane. explicative. decomplex. well-planned.

perplexedness. splay. multiplicand. complimentable. triplicity. supplicant. triplex. completeness. implicitness. pleatless. Oedipus complex. accomplished. overexploit. implicit. plaitless. simplify. complēre. plenipotentiary. displenish. nuplex. reapply. implemental. completely. complementary. noncompliance. compliance. maniple. . tripla. simpleton. complementarily. plexiform. multiplier. quadruplication. implementation. octuplex. implementiferous. complementarity. compliant. quintuplet. reapplication. plait. implement. inexplicable. reduplicative. supplicate. depletant. nonuple. complēvī. incompletion. pliers. complete. suppleness. plenary. sexploitation. micromanipulator. implicate. expletive. depletory. simpliste (Fr). pliableness. manipulability. simplification. oversimplify. triple-header. plaiter. simple. sextuplicate. -plētum (only in compounds) : fill. replication. compliment. plenitude. incomplex. unemployment. nulliplex. googolplex. plenipotent. plenarium. quadrupler. simplex. replica. manipulable. accomplishment. trebly. perplexingly. compliable. triply. octuplicate. plyglass. plenteous. quadruplex. pliant. complemental. triplet. implied. depletion. implication. quintuplet. triple. redeploy. micromanipulate. incompletely. multiplexity. completer. multiply. oversimplification. plication. multiplicity. complementation. supple. semplice (It). misapplied. reply. pleach. pliancy. quintuple. redeployment. manipulation. suppliant. plicate. plexus. pleat. triplicative. quadruple. tripled. simple-hearted. sextuplex. compline. replicate. compliancy. inapplicability. impletion. plēna. depletive. plicatile. noncompliant. plēnus. triple-decker. manipulate. nonuplet. multiplicative. oversupply. quantuplicity. perplexity. complimentarily. septuplet. photomultiplier. unperplexed. triplum. completive. compliantly. manipulative. pliably. simplistically. manipulatory. imply. simplex munditiis. quadruply. deplenish. triplicate. multiplication. multiplet. complimentary. simple-minded. supplication. quadruplicate. plexiglass. manipulator. plywood. completion. implicational. duple. multiple. octuple. simplicity. ploy. inapplicable. pliability. self-employed. perplexedly. -plēvī. fourplex. complement. inexplicably. plēnum: full. simplism. explement. completory. supplicatory. unemployable. fait accompli (Fr). implicitly. plentiful. treble clef. quadruplicity. micromanipulation. unpliable.exploiter. deplete. complimental. plenist. plenilune. simpleness. complētum: fill accomplish. noncomplex. incomplete. duplet. decomplementary. manipular. sextuplet. perplex. complyingly. simply. centuple. triploid. plenteously. compleō. simplistic. simplicial. sextuple. uncomplicated. -plēre. solar plexus. multiplicable. reduplicate. replicator. complimenter. triplication. teensploitation. septuple. plight (situation). plymetal. overemployment. plica. simplist. en plein. pliable. ply. reduplication. implicative. incompletable. unemployed. treble. comply. plyboard. pliantly. impliedly. misapply. underemployment. multiplex. unpliant -pleō.

plōrātum: wail (see also explōrō) deplorability. n: cup poculiform. plumbous. plumber. Plīniī. plumbery. supply side. pluvia. plutonic. plumiform. intrapluvial. plumage. plumbiferous. impluvium. plumeless. plumbic. plumassier (Fr). OLD keeps separate. supplier. implorer LS associates plōrō with pluit. plombage. f: feather deplumate. plentifulness. plumbeous. supplementally. transplutonian pōculum. Pb. uncomplimentary. pluvialine. plumbing. filoplume. m: poet (from Greek ποιέω) depoeticize. supplementary. m: Pliny Plinian.plentifully. mythopoem. Plūtōnis. pluvioscope. poētae. plutonium. plenum. deplumation. plōrāvī. plōrāre. plumose. plumless. poetics. poetry. terreplein. replenishment. depoetize. Pluvius plūma. supplement. poem. plunge. plumbī. unpoetically . deplorably. supplementer. pluvial. deplorer. n: poem. pōculī. poeticize. poetic. implume. plumy plumbum. poetaster. plumbline. plumb. n: lead aplomb. plumbago. suppletory. supply. poculum. suppletive. poēmatis. poetize. plumbate. nosopoetic. supplyline. poēta. plumicorn. repletion. poetess. unpoetic. plumate. poetical. replete. plombe. interpluvial. plūmae. supplementaion. pluviometer. plumule. f: rain compluvium. pluvosity. pluit/plūvit: it rains. plummet. pluvialiform. deplorable. nom de plume (Fr). plume. plumelet. pluere. plumbbob. plenty. plumiped. resupply. supplemental. pluit. plumbism. emplume. deplorableness. suppletion. equipluve. pluvious. poetolatry. displume. poetism. plunger plūs (more): see multus Plūtō. poet. deplore. imploration. Pliny plōrō. pokal (G) poēma. pluviograph. unsupplied Plīnius. replenish. deplume. poetomachia. pluviae. plover. implore. m: Pluto (god of the underworld) Pluto. poetically.

interpolation. polisher. pompous. homopolar. monopole. politely. pūnīre. extrapolate. psychopomp. punish. polarity. polarimetric. polliniferous. pulley. painstakingly. pomposity. cross-pollination. pain. nonpolar. polarimeter. polarizer. pūniō. pollinator. pomade. pompae. m: pole. Pompeiian pōmum. pome. pollinigerous. polarly. polarize. m: thumb pollex. heliopolar. penalize. bipolarity. extrapolation. pomiferous. painful. pompon. pomatum. pollicis. heteropolar. extrapolation. polarizable. impoliteness. pōmī. counterpole. polītum: polish apple-polisher. pūnītum: punish (from ποινή) impunity. depolarize. pommel (pummel). impolitely. Polaris. impolite. polish. polestar. f: procession hypnopompic. pomological. pollinium. Polaroid. pollen. unpolished pollen. peanlt. dipole. painless. from πἐλω) apolar. unpunished poliō. pollination. penal. pollicate polluō (defile): see lavō polus. polīre. interpolate. pollinis. pollical. pomiculture. multipolar. painfully. polaron. pomology pondus (weight): see pendō . transpolar pompa.poena. polariscopic. pomposo (It). polariscope. polite. interpolate. pompously. polarization. pomiform. multipolarity. monopolar. dipolarize. polariton. pollinate. interpolation. painstaking. pollinivorous pollex. nail polish. polarograph. depolish. f: punishment. circumpolar. homeopolar. polīvī. extrapolate. pole (sky). polissoir (Fr). polī. pomp. repine. bipolar. pomegranate. pollen count. poloidal. n: apple pomaceous. stone-polisher. poloid. polar. pūnīvī. n: powder (related to pulvis) cross-pollinate. axis (from Greek πόλος. poenae. politeness. unpompous Pompēiī: Pompeii Pompeii. punishable. dipolar. depolarization. punishment.

dispositor. compote. diapositive. posturing. deposit. pose. componental. pseudoproposition. impose. counterproposal. oppositional. oviposition. entrepot. componential. postilion. depositional. postmaster. contraposition. disposedness. mail). extraposition. exponent. opponent. postpone. propositional. imposition. place (Italicized words from Greek παύω stop) apostil. positive. depot. posted. decomposer. exponentiation. expositvely. composter. purposeless. compoundable. postil. preposition. impost. compositeness. dispositional. inapposite. expositorial.pōnō. prepositional. disposer. proposition. positivist. provo. dispositive. deposal. expository. deponent. depositation. postponer. multi-position. postalize. opositionless. oppositeness. interposition. compositively. expositive. compost. deposable. decomposability. disposingly. expounder. depositee. compone. overexpose. compo. reimposition. imposter. purposeful. postiche. oppositifolious. post boy. contrapositive. disposition. propose. exponentially. malposition. posturist. decompose. postage stamp. prepositor. posture. proposal. deposer. indisposition. decomposition. postally. post-town. photocomposition. imposingly. contraposit. nanocomponent. positivistic. composer. expound. expositionary. contraposto. compositor. positron. compounder. decomposite. oviposit. postmistress. oppositiflorous. compotier. discomposure. depositor. positional. depositive. compose. photocompose. postoffice. recomposition. opposite. postmark. opposition. oppose. prepositive. expoundable. compositionally. postalization. postage. pōnere. repository. positum: put. recompose. apropos. purposefully. depositary. counterposition. juxtapositive. composure. composedly. compound. predisposition. postpose. exponible. position. postpaid. apposite. Expo. oppositely. depose. counteropposite. compositor. presupposition. poser. postable. postponement. posigrade. contrapone. purpose. exposition. impostor. infrapose. expositor. deposition. postposition. proponent. oppositipinnate. overcompounded. opposer. apposition. decomposable. repose. postrepedic. pennypost. positiveness. imposture. post (changing station. electropositive. disposability. compositorial. disposal. exposedness. indispose. juxtaposition. postpositive. disposable. exposer. compositive. composition. oppositive. depository. expose. appositive. redeposit. op ed. postholder. composable. contrapose. oppo. imposer. discompose. purposive. depone. positum. positively. exponential. provost. postcode. opposable. posturer. omnipurpose. parcel post. presuppose. propound. postfree. ovipositor. noncompound. interpose. exposure. overexposure. postural. compositely. post card. dispone. Rh positive. posit. opponency. predispose. dextrocompound. . composite. purposely. compositional. postal. reposition. poststation. crosspurpose. posuī. dispose. posting. composant. oppositionist. opponens. componentry. postman. imponent. component. positivism. outpost. electrodeposit. decompound. positioner.

telepositive. But there must have been reciprocal influences. pontifex. quasi-public. unpublished. porker. overpopulate. pontal. depopularization. pons. public. depopulative. republican. supposable. overpopulation. populously. publican. pontifically. publisher. porcine. transpontine pōpulus. populares (pl. unpopular. repopulate. pōpulī. ponticello (It). unpopularity. suppositional. both in meaning and in their Latin prefixes. popularly. townspeople. porkpie. public officer. pontification. repopulation. popularistic. peoplehood. voxpop. spoilspeople. popularism. transposable. unimposing. pontificating. people. suppositum. popularization. superposition. porcelain. suppose. top people. transpositive. unpopulated. overpeople. depopularize.). porkchop. población (Sp). pontoon. supposer. senatus populusque Romanus (SPQR). punt (boat). porcelainize. publicly. publishability.are from παύω.but not posit. porcupine. pontific. publication. pontlevis. superimpose. notary public. public relations. time deposit. populistic. pop (adj. publicist. yellow poplar populus. populist. pontificality. popularize. supposedly. popularity. vox populi vox Dei. transposer. publishable. suppositious. publicity. porpoise . pontonier. unpeople. public school. depopulator. poblador (Sp). populousness. those in posit. depopulate. populous. suppository. vox populi. tradespeople. superpose. supposital. superimposable. supposition. subpopulation. undisposed. nonpublic. popular. republic. public interest. pontine. populate. overpublicize. populism. transposition. pōns. streetpeople. m: pig bellypork. popularizer. porcī. public library. m: bridge cispontine. peopler. publicus: public CPA. popularist. pro bono publico. repeople. republicanism. craftspeople. pontificate. dispeople. and thus many derivatives from παύω are heavily influenced by pōnō. transpose. f: poplar tree poplar. pork. workpeople porcus. suppostitious. peopleless. deponticate. porcinely. pons asinorum. republish. populator. porkbarrel. pub. suppostitiously. publicized. m: people. pueblo. pontic. pontis. population. republication. public-spirited. populī. populace.semideponent. unopposed All words in pos. pocho (Sp). laypeople. newspeople. spokespeople. pontiff.are from pōnō.). Popular Front. suppositive. unpeopled. pontifical. depopulation. publish.

unsupportable. sportswriter. postulāvī. unreported. import. opportuneness. reimportation. underreport. teleport. teleportation. Portugal. transportation. deport. sporty. importation. porticūs. supportive. importunity. importee. heliport. portative. deprortable. sportsmanship. viewport pos-: variation of potis as in possideō or possum poscō. portage. importune. sportsdesk. porterhouse. opportūnum: favorable airport. sports medicine. porto (Pg). supportless. sportster. postulāre. report. comporter.porta. disport. opportunistic. transportee. passportless. selfimportance. jetport. portūs. importer. postulātum: demand . unsupported. comportment. port. rapport. sportively. self-supporting. colport. sportiveness. supportability. portableness. poposcī: demand. inopportunity. portiere. VIP. insupportable. transportage. spaceport. exportation. nonsupport. sportsman. seaport. transport. asportation. colportage. inopportunist. sportive. self-important. opportūnus. portāvī. porticus. opportunistically. disportment. m: harbor. opportunity. portcullis. sportless. unexported. opportune. purportedly. importance. reportedly. sportswoman. unimportant. important. price support. insupportably. importunacy. porter (gate-keeper). sportswear. portability. porter. exportable. winter sport portus. importunately. carport. sunporch portiō: see pars portō. sportingly. portership. sportsmanlike. portly. inopportuneness. porch. f: porch cryptoportico. transportable. opportunism. colporteur. sporting. portamento. reporter. inopportunism. supportable. supportively. support. portee. f: gate. importability. transportability. portal. inopportune. unsportsmanlike. puerto (Sp). importable. portate. sportif (Fr). unimportance. portmanteau. reportage. deportee. deportation. Portuguese. photoreport. poscere. reportable. outport. export. opportūna. portāre. spoilsport. opportunist. sportful. importunate. sport. supporter. SUV. passport. portliness. opportunely. portable. reimport. war reporter. inopportunely. deportment. portātum: carry all-important. portae. rapportage. porterage. port (v). portico. sportfest. portfolio. purportless. purport. porteur (Fr). rapporteur. comport. sporter. transporter. exporter. postulō. porticus. nonimportation. importantly.

signpost. impotence. powerdrive. powerless. potentize. potentiostat. outpost. possessive. impossible. potior. postulatory. postulational. doorpost. manpower. millpost. postday. . potentite. petropower. pluripotential. plenipotent. bellipotent. multipotential. expostulation. dispossess. postwar. ignipotent. postgame. kingpost. omnipotently. goalpost. dispossession. possessor. postumus. posthumous. multipotent. poster. impossibility. pluripotency. counterpotency. postumum: last anteroposterior. posse. compossible. pedal power. bipotent. expostulator. possessiveness. potentate. expostulative. impotency. patripotestal. postis. potently. postulant. potential. the h was added erroneously. posthaste. postpaid. overpower. possessory. gatepost. posse. posting. postumously. puny This prefix is used in many other words. powerfulness. geopotential. potentiometer. possessionless. omnipotent. preposterously. potency. postuma. potītus sum: gain possession. queenpost. sternpost. nuclear power. postulō (demand): see poscō potis (potis): powerful. possibilism. panpot. f: power. nilpotent. high-powered. preposterous. milepost. power base. powerfully. post bellum. equipotent. potēns (potentis): powerful. potestās. postera.expostulant. empowerment. potestative. parvipotent. incompossibility. potent. puniness. potestas. tie-post. wallpost. power. hydropower. possibly. possible. m: doorpost bedpost. idempotent. posterity. expostulate. impotent. plenipotentiary. potīrī. linguipotence. powerhouse. postulancy. potence. posthumously. postulation. possess. posteriorly. guidepost. postmortem. a posteriori. Posse Comitatus. Posthumous is not derived from humus. posthole. power drill. It’s from postumus. posterior. compos mentis. postilion. post-. posteriority. postumous. possibilist. power-hungry. possibility. postulatum post: after. whipping post LS says postis related to pōnō. postflight. OLD says perhaps related to stō. impossibly. omnipotence. lamppost. expostulatory. trading post. posterus. post (pillar). soundpost. postdate. warpost. podestà (It). pluripotent. believing it was post + humus postis. dispossessor. depotentiate. power failure. candlepower. powerful. postulate. potuī: be able all-powerful. impotently. postern. possibilistic. equipotential. potentialize. possum. potentiality. possessively. possession. posterum: following. overpotential. horsepower. matripotestal. powerline. power cable. potentiate. empower. potestātis. powerforming. potentially. power mower. hyperpower. postulator.

prioristic. prius: before. primal. potable. solar power. nisi prius. pōtāre. poison pill. comprimario (It). prepossession. primarily. superpower. primitiveness. primary. waterpower. compotatory. praecōnis. prime minister. compotation. steampowered. primitive. primeness. principiant. poison ivy. preterhuman. Princeton. n: reward. primordially. postprimary. primero. primogeniture. pōtāvī. poisonously. repossess. primordium. primigravida. prepossess. prioritization. totipotent. prīma. priorship. primogenital. The general sense of this prefix is before (E. prepossessing. totipotency. principality. primitively. power politics. PowerPoint. primrose path. primitivize. principally. prissy.G. potatory. prioress. seapower. primordial. praemium. prior. praemiī. primuline. primaveral. repristinate. prime. apriorism. principate.. self-possession. potion. primatic. poisonable. compotant. primula. primacy. prelude etc. poisontree. primness. primo. prima facie. prīmus. counterpoison. pristinum: pristine a priori. pōtum/pōtātum: drink (cf. primus inter pares. primine. premiership. prince regent. primigenal. deprioritize. primatial. poison. compotator. primogenitary. primeur (Fr). princeps. see OED for exhaustive list. preterition. primatology. principium. per primam. prioritize. priorate. empoisonment. principle. primrose. pristina. primum mobile. priority. primetime. primary school. primp. now ubiquitous. m: herald preconize . primitivism. primely. primipara. empoison. preteritive. potation. poisonwood. prime number. prince consort. primer. poisonous. principal parts. power steering. purchasing power. priorly. prince charming. imprimis. potability. petitio principii. prior. unipotent. primate. primly. primality. princelet. zeta potential pōtō. unprincipled This is used as the English prefix. pristinely. priscan. princely. impotable. selfpossessed. priming. wave power.power-operated. pristinus. preterite. ventripotent. repossession. prior. prima. primitivist. womanpower. pseudopotential. princess. prim. principal. preternatural) praecō. πίνω) blood poisoning. primitivistic. prince. repo. princelike. unpotable prae: before. prima donna. crown prince. precede. apriority. princedom. primogenitor. primally. premiere. primogenitive. priory. powerplant. poisoner. nonpoisonous. primiparous. self-powered. praeter: beyond. zero-power. premier. prīmum: first. thermopower. primeval. primatologist. pre-. pristine.

praeda. comprehensivize. f: loot. reprehend. prize. imprison. surprisal. overprize. incomprehensive. surprise. pressī. preprandial LS says this is a compound of diēs. predatory. apprehensively. surprisingly. depravedly. impreg. prehensive. comprehensibility. disimprison. entrepreneur. praesta. predation. surprising. private enterprise. comprehensive. comprehendingly. depredator. booby prize. deprave. praedō. n: lunch anteprandial. impregnatory. prisoner. prāvum: wicked depravable. apprehension. comprehensively. praedōnis. misapprehend. depravation. incomprehensibility. prehension. comprise. praestus. reprehension. impregnability. comprehensible. impregnation. incomprehensible. depravedness. presto prandium. comps. prize fight. comprisable. reprehensible. surprisingness. imprisonment. comprehendible. prehendī. comprehension. Prater prāvus. prandial. disprison. prairie chicken. premere. comprehender. prairie hen. enterpriser. depraved. prehensibility. predacious. unenterprising. prehensility. impregnate. Prairie du Chien. surpriser. partum. apprenticeship. comprehend. prehensile. depredatory. postprandial. depravity prehendō. comprehesiveness. pressum: press . reprise. prize-winning. prāva. POW. impregnably. unimpregnated. predator. praedae. impregnable. prize money. W3: from edō. n: meadow prairie. prairie soil. peace prize. predate. impregnant. pregnable. enterprise. prehendere. misprison. prey praegnāns (pregnant): see nāscor praestō: at hand. prātī. depraver. prandiī. praestum: ready culprit. unsurprising. comprehensibly. prehensum: grab (prae + -hendō) apprehend. prizeless. m: robber (maybe from prehendō) depredate. impregnator. enterprising. unsurprised. unsurprisingly premō. entrepeneurial. inapprehensible. reprieval. inapprehension. reprieve. misapprehension. prisonize. apprehensible. imprisoned. apprise. OLD says perhaps from edō. enterprisingly. prairillon. apprentice. apprehensive. prairie dog. inapprehensive. reprisal. irreprehensible. prison. prize fighter. prairie schooner. depredation.

impressario. depressurize. pressman. recompression. expressness. appreciatively. inappreciable. wax print. precompress. suppressible. espresso. expressivity. expressional. depreciation. depressingness. Grand Prix. high-priced. repressor. impressment. expressly. microprint. pretiī. unoppressive. oppressor. appreciator. telex. pressroom. decompress. impressive. inexpressive. compress. praise. derepress. offprint. depress. teleprinter. imprimatur. postimpressionist. dispraise. inexpressibly. impressional. printably. depressingly. compressible. low-pressure. depressively. expressionist. impressionistic. impression. expresser. wheel press. photoprint. vasopressin. neoexpressionist. printable. appreciable. expressionism. print. compressingly. oppression. appreciation. unimpressively. incompressible. compressor. presswork. depreciatively. compressibility. overpressure. soleprint. expression. expressive. express. expressionless. impressionist. suppressor. misprint. suppress. repressively. vasopressor. wallprint. wind pressure. voiceprint. decompressor. irrepressible. appreciate. blood pressure. misappraisal. inexpressible. compression. expressman. oppressively. appraise. appreciably. depreciator. fingerprint. reprimand. dispraiser. static pressure. pressurize. unprintable. expressway. neoimpressionism. appreciative. unprintably. printing press. compressively. compresser. nonprint. permanent press. unexpressed. depressant. impressively. depressive. expressionable. insuppressible. postimpressionism. irrepressibly. compressive. press agent. printwork. n: price appraisal. repressive. printer. depressor. compressedly. pressure point. pony express. oppressiveness. yellow press pretium. compressionist. letterpress. expressless. unprinted. depressible. thermocompression. printery. unsupressed. pressure. expressiveness. oppress. blueprint. impressibility. depreciatingly. compressional. compressure. depreciatory. woolpress.acupressure. unimpressive. derepression. overprint. imprinter. pressurization. suppresser. unexpressive. overprice. depreciant. unimpressionable. warp print. expressively. appraiser. unoppressed. lithoprint. depression. inexpressively. winepress. counterpressure. depreciative. self-expression. compressed. impressionable. suppression. immunosuppression. footprint. decompression. expressionistic. turbo-compressor. high-pressure. water pressure. pre-print. expressible. impress. repress. compressionism. monoprint. recompress. unpressed. depreciate. impressible. impressiveness. printout. printergram. depressing. pression. newsprint. oppressive. impresario. suppressant. suppressive. press. printless. printing house. depressed. press agency. printshop. . antidepressant. underprint. impresa. repression. pressure cooker. printing. decompressive. imprint. disappreciate. unimpressed. reprint. depressedly. manic-depressive. printing office. presser. compressorium. laserprint. impressionism.

prīvātum: divide. privatization. deprivate. unappreciative. precative. precatory prior (before) primus (first): see prae prīvus. and shares prior and prīmus as it’s superlatives) improvability. privy council. prix fixe (Fr). short price. pursue. privative. private bath. unprivileged. privatively. probrī. privity. privily. prodesse. deprecator. privy seal. privileged. priceline. deprive deprivable. proud. improba. privy. privacy. separate. probō. approval. disapprovingly. price list. approve. improve. price slash. private enterprise.praiseful. privatism. precariously. prīvāvī. disapprovable. prayerful. imprecation. privation. proneness (pro + suffix). praying mantis. improvable. deprive. prīvō. deprecative. precātus sum: pray comprecation. pronely. disgrace opprobrious. praiseworthy. pronation. probātum: approve. underprivileged. disprovable. unpriced. deprecatory. imprecatory. prix (Fr). precis. price control. water privilege prō: for (related to prae. improbus. disprivilege. approvingly. pray. pro-life. proposition etc. to be profitable)) pro (opp of con). probāvī. deprecate. dampproof. approbation. privatize. privately. privateer. prīvum: one’s own. improving. disapprove. prone. price index. approbatory. probāre. probum: good. n: insult. counterproof. praiseless. pride. prayable. private. wage-price control prex. approbative. precarious. purchase price. disprover.. disapproval. improver. price-current. prayer bead. depriver.is a variation of prō-. proba. prīva. privateering. imprecate. purloin. f: prayer. reappraisal. overprivileged. praiseworthily. preciousness. disproof. deprivative. preciously. deprecatively. deprecation. semiprecious. prayerfully. price. disapprobative. praiseworthiness. pronograde. deprivation. prīvāre. praise-giver. purvey N. priceless. starting price. precariousness.B. promise. price cut. praiser. prayerfulness. . improbum: wicked airproof. deprival. prayer card. privateness. prayer. pricey. counterprove. prayer hour. price fixing. pronator. privative. price support. approbator. probrum. prideful (all from pro and sum (prosum. imprecator. improvement. prayerbook. pronate. underprice. disapprobatory. disprove. opprobrium probus. deprecatingly. unappreciated. disapprobation. precārī. wage-price. prayerless. pro-. not per-. privilege. pur. preciosity. disimprove. well-made. precor. approbate. precious. pfc. opprobriously. praisingly.

approximately. probate court. proximately. probability. propitious. proofspirit. improbability. disappropriate. probably. probity. propitiation. unreproved. provenly. proximum: nearest approach. appropriately. probabiliorism. probative. prover. prōmulgāvī. oligoprobic. probabilify. approximate. counterapproach. prōmulgātum: publish. co-proprietor. proby. ovenproof. reproval. foolproof. n: portent (maybe from prō and agō or āiō) prodigious. overproof. unpropitiously prō̆prius. prō̆prium: one’s own. prōdigiī. trial proof. probe. proximal. unimprovable. prove. rabbitproof. probationary. fireproof. unpropitious. reproachable. unproved. shellproof. f: storm procellarian prōdigium. prōmulgāre. appropriation. transition probability. propitia. procacity procella. reproachful. improbable. proximity. inapproachable. spyproof. unprobed. prō̆pria. probableness. improbation. appropriate. propitiously. . proven. rainproof. holeproof. reprovingly. special amour-propre (Fr). co-proprietorship. provable. approachable. propitiatory. soundproof. proofmark. recessionproof. proxima. unapproachable propitious. rapprochement. rustproof. reprobation. microprobe. waterproof. reproachfully. proofless.equiprobable. make known promulgate. proof. reprobative. proxemics. proofread. reproach. reprove. probation. unapproved. approximation. improbative. probablism. probationer. prodigy prōles (offspring): see alō prōmulgō. promulgation. probit. prodigiously. propinquity. unapproachability. theftproof. proximus. appropriator. propitium: favorable (OLD: from petō) propitiate. proband. stormproof. probate. probable. propinquum: nearby. proofsheet. probablist. targetproof. reprobate. windproof procāx (procācis): bold procacious. reproof. propinquus. propinqua. promulgator prōnus (inclined): see prō prope: near. procellae. improbatory. germproof. proximate. prodigiousness. irreproachable. improbity. unprovable. improbably. unimproved. self-repoach. weatherproof. irreproachably.

puerilely. provincial. proper. expropriate. extraprovincial. pūbes/pūber (pūberis): adult. provincially. proprietor. infrapubian. puerility. postpubescent. pugnī. puerilism. repudiator puer. pugnāvī. impudent. prōrae. pubis. propertied. prospera. OLD rejects. pubes. pubescent. proprietorship. pugnāre. provinciality. puellae. property tax. prurigo. pubarche. unprosperous LS derives from spērō.disappropriation. pubescent epipubic. prunus. proprioceptive. Provencal. prunello. divorce impudence. pruritic. repudiī. pruritus pūbes. expropriator. improper. ship (from πρώρα) prow prosper(us). impudently. repudiation. prūrīvī: itch prurience. impudicity. improperly. proprietress. pudibund. prosperum: favorable prosper. f: command. inappropriately. pugnō. puerile. pubic. retropubic. prepuberty. proprietary. m: fist. propriety. proprioceptor. pruriginous. Provence. province. unpropertied prōra. m: boy. provincialism. puduit. pudic. f: plum-tree (see προύνον) plum. property. repudiate. prosperous. province comprovincial. prosperously. puella. repudium. prōvincia. prunella. prosperity. interprovincial. puberal. np: rejection. prūriō. impropriety. suprapubic pudet. f: young child. malapropism. pudor. pudenda. sugarplum Plum more likely a cognate than a derivative. iliopubic. youth. pruriency. propertyless. puerī. transprovincial Note that prōvincia is not prō + vincō. puberty. pruriently. m: shame. puerperal pugnus. props. prune. prepubertal. pudicity. puditum est: it shames. f: girl puericulture. pūbis. prūrīre. prurient. provincialize. prūnī. interpubic. properly. proximus (nearest): see prope prūdēns (careful): see videō (also note under sum) prūnus. pudēre. pubescence. prōvinciae. f: prow. prepubescent. repudiable. pudōris. provincialization. proprietorial. expropriation. pugnātum : fight . inappropriate. provincialist.

m: chicken. poussin (Fr). pony. repugnance. pulverize. m: lungs cardiopulmonary. pulpectomy. pullulate. m: pillow. n: wooden platform pulpit. poultry farm. pulvinule. f: mash. impugnable. pulpmill. intrapulmonic. pullī. pulverulent pūmex. unexpugnable pulcher. pulpitis. wood pulp pulpitum. pulomonologist. pulmonology. repugnant. ponytail. pulchritudinous pūlex. pugilant. pulverescent. powderpuff. pūlicis. powderless. powdery. pulmonary. pulpal.expugnable. pillowcase. poltroon. pullulity pulmō. pulmonate. pugnaciously. pultis. poulterer. poltroonery. pulse (seed). powderize. poniard. subpulmonary. m: dust (related to pollen) baking powder. pulverescence. pultaceous pulsō (beat): see pellō pulvīnus. pulpae. pulper. young animal polecat. pulchrum: beautiful pulchritude. impugn. pulpousness. powder snow. pulvinus pulvis. impugnation. pugilism. pulchra. inexpugnable. pumicite . pugilistic. repugnatorial. cushion pillow. transpulmonary pulpa. pony express. pulpwood. pumice-stone. pulpitry puls. pulmoniferous. pulpy. impugnment. pulpiteer. pulpitī. pullet. pullulation. pulmotor. poultry feeder. repugnancy. m: pumice pumice. pulp. pouse. powder. poult. pullulate. m: flea puce pullus. pūmicis. pulpous. impugner. gunpowder. pulmonate. f: porridge poultice. pugnacious. pulpotomy. pulmōnis. extrapulmonary. poultry. pug (= pugilist). pulveris. pugilist. pulvin. repugnantly. pulvīnī. pulpify. pulp paper. pulverization. fleshy substance of animal or fruit depulper. pulverous. pugnacity. pulmonic.

pointillist. point group. puntillero (Sp). poignancy. vanishing point. world-point. tuckpoint. ten-point. punch-drunk. electropuncture. pointille. pupilage. dewpoint. pointy. string puppet puppis. pointyhead. decempunctate. purvey etc. copunctal. saturation point. puppy. way point. expunge. punctually. PowerPoint. three-point. pupiform. pyropuncture. pointedness. pupil. pointful. watch point. pupilary. pointed. pressure point. puppetry. pointillistic. pointer. punctulation. f: stern poop. contrapuntal. pontil. poignantly. compunction. punctule. reappointment. pointman. exclamation point. puppet. disappointer. pointblank. appoint. pupa. pointsman. victory point. poignance. disappointing. pūpae. trapunto. punctilio. punctiliar. impunctual. pupilarity. punctilious. pupivorous. nailpunch. puppetplay. punctograph. punctate. punctiliousness. work point. point count. punto. puppis. gunpoint. unappointed. multipoint. pointwise. punctiform. well-point. appointor. pointlessly. endpoint. appointive. pointless. unpunctual. interpunctuate. compunctious. f: doll muppet. trap-point. unpunctuated. mark (perhaps related to pugnus) acupuncture. puncture. outpunch. Point Four. . keypunch. standpoint. counterpane. pupugī. punchline. reappoint. overpunch. turning point. punch. punctiliously. unpointed. disappointment. pupilometer. renipuncture. checkpoint. pupate. tripunctal. counterpunch. puncheon. compunctiously. punctual. appointer. contrapuntally. pungere. punchless. viewpoint. ignipuncture. keypuncher. pointedly. poignant. null point. punctuate. spearpoint. punchup. pinpoint. poop deck pur-: see prō pursue. sharp-pointed. contrapuntist. needlepoint. pungency. pouncer. crosspoint. expunction. West Point. impunctate. tapepunch. venepuncture. pupigerous. disappointingly. puncher. self-appointed. punctum: pierce. startingpoint. outpoint. ballpoint. counterpoint. disappoint. pup. pupation. compunctionary. pointe. midpoint. dispunge. punctus. pupal. puncturation. puntilla (Sp). puncture point. propupa. point angle. punctuality. zero-point pūniō (punish): see poena pūpa (puppa). point lace. puppetshow. punctuation. repunch. pungent. pungently. pointillism. punchy. punctum. pupilography. appointment. puppeteer. herniopuncture. puppyish.pungō. pounce. point. working point. pupivore. punctigerous. appointee.

compute. m: well. putrid. discountable. computernik. purity. epuration. suppuration. countable. sawpit. expurgatory. putātum: reckon. puritanical. putrify. disputatious. pustular. disputative. depurative. disreputable. seropurulent. think. countably. pureness. purulently. disreputability. putāvī. purgation. computerize. disputableness. putāre. deputation. compurgatory. pūris. pus. sanguinopurulent. accounting. purine. deputator. pit. purely. disputation. pure. computant. discount. deputatively. computational. countless. very small (from pūsus boy. purifier. test-pit putō. incomputable. n: rotten matter from a sore. purulence. disputatively. pusillanimous. disputable. puteī. ollapod. pustulation. incomputability. counted. disputant. purge. putrefy. puree. CPA. puritanically. pusillum: tiny. unpurified pūs. computerate. computus. purger. pitfall. purebred. putre: rotten imputrescibility. expurgation. putrefaction. unputrified. unexpurgated. impurely. puro (Sp). deputative. puritanism. indisputability. imputation. . purification. depuratory. depurator. amputator. pusillanimously puteus. capsize (only ODEE suggests). putridity. pustulant. countdown. pustulate. pitman. indisputably. computing. accountancy. pustulous. impute. pit-hole. disputability. purism. deputyship. pus. puriform. pūrum: clean compurgation. catscan. amputee. pure blood. puruloid. amputate. impurity. pusilla. accountability.purgō (cleanse): see pūrus + agō pūrus. Comptometer. counter. puritan. olla podrida. puter. purificator. deputable. computistical. compurgatorial. putrefactive. computability. purgatory. sanguinopurulence. disreputableness. related to putus) (perhaps from puer) pusillanimity. disputably. computative. suppurate. purist. amputation. disputatiousness. disreputation. expurgator. indisputable. purulency. depute. repurify. imputable. impure. putid. computeracy. pitmatic. computable. megacomputer. pustule. impureness. computerize. epure. disputer. repurification. computerist. purgator. depurate. putrilage. trim account. disrepute. accountant. purgative. putrescent. disputatiously. accountable. pūra. computation. computist. comptoir. purify. pit armpit. potpourri. unpurged. depuration. putris. counting. expurgate. compurgator. computerese. computer. dispute. purgatorial. deputize. countinghouse. imputative. puteal. vesicopustular pusillus. suppurative. disreputably. count (v). discounter. deputy. puritanize. deputer. putrilaginous. purulent.

raconteuse. repute. m: boy (related to puer) (related to pūsus. Point Count. putatively. wordcount putus. putamen. star count. recompute. uncounted. undisputable. undercount. supercomputer. reputedly. telecomputer. putative. reputed. nose count. reputation. rediscount. overcount. undisputed. transputer. miscount. unaccountably. recount. rep.microcomputer. reputably. unaccounted. pollen count. raconteur. the ultimate root of pusillus) putto (It) . putī. unaccountable. reputable. reputational. uncountable. reputation. supercomputing. misaccounting. T account.

unquestionable. quette (Fr). quantimeter. conquest. quantitive. acquisitive. disquisite. acquisitory. unqualified quamquam: although cancan quandō: when cue (see W3 entry). enquiry. requisition. quaesītum: ask. qualitative. quaesītum: seek. quantum condition. acquisition. enquire. quaesīvī. quaestūs. quantivalence. quantitation. exquisiteness. questionless. inquisition. m: gain acquire. quanta. questionnaire. qualify. inquest. qualifier. inquisitorial. requisite. quantophrenia.Q quaerō. unquestioned. questionable. querent. quaestor. quantizable. qualificator. reconquest. quantitatively. world-conquering quālis. inquisitive. quantum increase. request. m: quaestor. quantum: how much aliquant. require. disquantity. quality control. quantization. querier. perquisition. quantize. conquer. perk. inquistional. questioning. exquisite. disquisitional. qualified. conqueror. quaestorial. quantic. quāle: of what sort disqualification. quantal. counterquestion. quaesere. quantifier. querencia (Sp). inquiringly. quaesīvī. quantification. disquisitely. quaere. inquisitionist. unconquered. conqueress. quantizer. inquiry. inquisitiveness. questor. quality. quantificational. questman. unquestioning. questionmark. disquisition. quandary quantus.. qualifying. reacquisition. quaestus. requirement. enquirer. AIDS. conquistador. quaestor. inquisitively. quantasome. questioner. quantify. questioningly. reconquer. quantifiable. quantity. quantum defect. reaquire. query. requisitorial. inquire. quaestorship. disqualify. disquisitionist. quaestuary. qualification. exquisitism. prerequisite. quantitative. querist. unquestionably. inquirer. . quaestōris. querida (Sp). conqueringly. conquerable. quantile. unquestioningly. overqualified. questionee. quantum jump. qualisign. unconquerable. qy. inquisitory. inquisitor. quantitativist. question. quantum. perquisite. unrequired. quālis. qualitatively. questura (It). quest. high-quality. perquisitor. acquirement. quantitate. disquisitor. quaesō. exquisitely. unrequested. questionary. quester. uninquisitive. derequisition.

perfect square. discussion. quadromanous. quadragesima. concussī. quadraphony. quart. quadriplegic. quarterbarrel. quadriform. quadragenary. quasi fission. repercuss. quadraphonic. quartus. discutient. quantum meruit. quadrivial. quadrennium. quadriplegia. quadrantic. quadrivium. quadrable. quarantine. quadrat. quadrivalent. quarantinable. quadruplicate. quadrilateral. quadriradiate. quartum: fourth biquadrate. quadrate. quadrennial. discussant. cadre. biquadratic. rescuer. quarter. quantum state. quadripole. quarryman.quantum leap. quasi-public. quadrivalve. succussion. percussive. quassum: shake. percussion. quadro. quadrifid. quadrature. quattuor: four. percussant. number square. quadruplicative. quadratics. quadriparous. concussive. concutere. quadriceps. quadrucorn. quasi particle. quadrifoliate. quad. quasi-classical. quadratus. percussor. concutiō. quarta. quartan. quarry (rock). carfax. quadrigamist. quadrivalence. quadripartite. quadrantal. quadrivoltine. quadragesimal. quarrier. quadratojugal. quadrumana. quadruplane. quadrifilar. repercussion. . quadriliteral. quartal. quasi-normal. quantum sufficit. quantum level. discusser. quadripennate. succuss. quantum mechanics. quantum theory. quassation. discissible. rescue. carillon. discussive. quadrille. ––. concussum: strike. quadrillion. quadricorn. quadric. quadruplet. forequarter. quadruplication. concussion. quadrilingual. quadruplicity. quadrupedal. quantum orbit. hindquarter. quadrisect. squash (game). quartation. quarterer. quadriga. percuss. quantuplicity quartus (fourth): see quattuor quasi: as if (quam + sī) quasar. quadratrix. quarterback. quadruplicator. quasistellar quatiō. Quasimodo. quatere. quadrantid. quadrigamy. quash. headquarter. discussional. quadrumanous. quadrasonic. quadricycle. quadrisyllabic. quartercentary. quadrupole. quasi. quadragenarian. cassation. seaquake. quadrijugal. quadrumvirate. quadrivalency. quartercentury. undiscussed OED rejects cascara. quadridentate. interquartile. squash (vb). quadrant. percussively. quadricostate. discuss. quadrangle. quarterdeck. escadrille. quatergallery. quadrireme. one-quarter. quarterday. quadridigitate. quadroon. quadrinomial. quadratic. quadrangular. quasi-contract. chi-square. quantum number. foursquare. quadruply. sucussatory. quadruplex. repercussive. discussionist. quadruple. quadrupler. quadruped. shake cashier (vb). quarterfinal.

querimony. rest. quidnunc. which. square shooter. quieter. quiescently. quiescency. quinquagenary. quo vadis. T square. disquietist. cinquefoil. trisquare. quincentennial. quartile. quarreler. quire. . quietude. quiet. quiescent. quittance.v. qupper. quincunx. quiētus. quorum. sine qua non. quinquagesima. quatorzain. squarable. quartersection. acquit. Square Deal. quatrefoil.). quitrent. Quietism. quid pro quo. q. quarterstaff. f: quiet. Quietist. quitter. square dance. quid. quarterline. quartergunner. quartermaster. disquieter. quinquepedal. squad-leader. quis custodiet ipsos custodes. suum cuique quiēs. acquittal. what?. quod: who. quīntum: fifth (cf. per quod. requital. quidditative. quatrain. quarrelsome. quietspoken. squarer.quartergrain. quinquepartite. unquietly. quittingtime. quīnta. quiētis. quietus. querēla. quinquedigital. coyly. acquittance. quattrocento. status quo. quits. quinquagesimal. querulousness quī. hidalgo. quis. quartet. squary. square. disquietness. winter quarters. quarto. aliquid: someone (alius + quis) conquian. requiēvī. quinquangular. quod vide (q. quiescence. querulous. three quarter. unquietness. querimonious. quartern. disquietude. inquiet. unrequited quīnque: five. requiescat in pace.. aliquis.D.. square toed. quatercentenary. quinquedentate. quarternary. quatorze. quis. quaternion. quid: who?. acquiescence. quod. keno. quercitron queror. quaternate. qui vive (Fr). qua. square off. quaternary. requiētum: rest acquiesce. inquietude. aliquis. quinquennially. requiēscō. querēlae. quarterhorse. disquiet. quién sabe (Sp). third-quarter. quae. quinquereme. quinary.F. quartic.E. quittor. quinarian. quinquennial. quip. cinque. quite.v. cui bono. quinquncial. disquietingly. quipster. square sail. quartersessions. requiēscere. quatro. squad. disquietly. word square quercus. querulously. coyish. quingenary. coy. quitclaim. quarterwave. quarterlight. πέντε) biquintile. requiem. quiētum: at rest. quartine. f: complaint quarrel. acquiescent. quiddity. questus sum: complain. quodlibet. quibbler. querulential. disquieting. squarely. squadron. Q. quit. quietness. requite. quatermoon. quibble. quaternize. querī. quatercentennial. quarterly. quomodo. cinquain. quaquaversal. quietly. coyness. squareness. quinquagenarian. quercūs. quinhydrone. quiēta.E. inquorate. unquiet. requiescence. quatern. quindecennial. quaternity. Q. quartermile. quibblingly. taxi squad. quīntus. quindecagon. quinquennium. quinquefoliate. f: oak tree quercine..

irradiate. quotient. radiance. eradiate. radio galaxy. diradiation. radiatiform. madness enrage. quoter. enragement. rabidness. radio antenna. rabiēs. m: ray beta ray. radiative. radio diagnosis. quintessence. radian. radiogram. quinquevalence. irradiancy. radiation. racemic. radiofrequency. quotative. quinquevalency. radio blackout. multiradiate. radiographer. radially. radiate. radiocamera. radiational. quinquivalent. radarbeam. cryptoquote. radioactive. endoradiosonde. rageless possibly rail (v). rabid. racemiform. radiata. quinquevalent. radio amateur. radiograph. radio aerial. raisiny radius. irradiance. quintet. quotidian. rabiēī: ferocity. radio broadcast. microray. quintuplet. radio emission. radiography. radiographic. nonradioactive. radiancy. raillery (W3. radioastronomy. quotation. radiesthesia. radial tire.quinquesect. radiocarbon. racemose. radioimmunology. rageful. quinternion. irradiative. quintillion. quintile. quintus quondam: formerly quondam quot: how many. laser. radioactivity. radio dial. IQ. unquotable. rabies. radiantly. radarscope. quotiēns/quotiēs: how many times aliquot. eradiation. quote. radio ham. Q rating. radiant. quintessentially. quinton. microradiography. gamma ray. CB radio. raisin. radioactivation. quotum. radio density. quintuple. radiator. radiobiology. racēmī. irradiator. be mad. radiochemistry. m: a cluster of grapes raceme. quoteworthy. perhaps from ragere: to babble) racēmus. radiocast. radio ecology. perradius. rabere: to rave. rage. irradiant. quint. quota. irradiation. quadriradiate. radiately. radiation sickness. interradial. hexiradiate. radial. octoradial. quotity. misquotation. . radiogenetics. radio announcer. radio dating. biradial. radar dish. radar. unquoted R rabiō. perradiate. laserprint. biradiate. quinquifid. quintic. quinquevir. radiation burn. quotable. quintessential. rabidity. misquote. radio. radiogenic. rabidly. radioisotope. radiī. quintal. pauciradiate. OED uncertain. radiochemical. perradial.

xeroradiography. radome. postradical. rāiae. erasable. ramification. radio silence. ramentum. radiculitis. radiosterilization. radiosonde. abrasively. rasure. ramulus. ramifactive. radiosensitive.B. rayon. radicle. radiotoxicity. radio license. eradicate. radio-operator. radio transmitter. rāmī. inerasable. sexradiate.B. rasorial. radicivorous. rasorite. radiotelephone. rādīx. radiolucency. radiciform. abrasive. radwaste. radiolarian. radio surgery. radium. radicate.radio-label. abrasion. triradiate. radiotelegraph. f: root co-radicate. rash (skin). corrasion. m: branch biramous. radiothon. rāsum: scrape abradant. razorback. razorbill. radical. ramous. ramoneur (Fr). rad. ramulose. radiophonic. ramisectomy. razorfish. radiostation. radiologic. radiometric. abrader. radiophony. rapscallion. radiomuscular. race (people) derives from Sp. radiolucuent. ramiparous. radio resistant. rāsī. rascally. ramiflorous. tabula rasa rāia. raze. eradication. eraser. ramuscle. radiotherapeutic. rasion. radicule. radiophoto. ramiform. deracinate. eradicable. ramellose. radiciflorous. radication. radioreceptor. radiotelephony. radula. radiotelegram. ramicorn. radioscopy. radioshack. rascal. radiole. ramuscule. radiopage. rādō. radiometer. subramose rāna. radiology. rānae. horseradish. erasion. radicel. ramus. f: ray (fish) ray (fish). ineradicable. radicalize. ray. radio wave. radius. radioless. radiculectomy. radio signal. radiothermy. radionic. radio transmission. triradial. superradiance. rādere. ramify. radiovision. radiologist. razza. ramigerous. radio message. rascality. ramage. radix N. radurization. radiophare. radically. radiolocation. erase. rādīcis. razorshell. radiological. triradius. rasant. radiospectrum. ramose. radiopaque. free radical. Array and disarray are not derived from radius. x-ray N. radicular. f: frog . corrade. radio sounder. radicalism. radiometal. radio telescope. radiolysis. sun ray. radioman. radiolarite. radicidation. eradicatory. radioluminescent. radon. radio receiver. radicand. with no Latin root. abrade. radiotoxic. radiolite. erasure. razor. radiophotography. superradiant. radio protector. ramisection. radish. radicicolous. stingray rāmus. radiopager. radiophone. radiotherapy. eradicator. radiometry. raza and It. radicellar. dermabrasion.

ravishment. rapacity. rarefy. rāpī. raucous. rare. ravager. remit etc. refrāgātus sum: oppose. relent. rancidus. rareness. reject. ravioli rārus. usurpatory. rehearse. ravinement. raptly. usurper. rapacious. red-: back. raucum: hoarse raucity. regress. raptorial. rapidum: fast correption. raptus. rapida. rapturize. rancorous. Grand Rapids. raptum: seize.) recency. recēns (recentis): recent. rapturously. ravening. ravage. rapist. ravishingly. spaced apart. oviraptor. usurping.ranalian. ravenously. ravine. irrefragable. infrequent rara avis. rapids. usurp. subreption. rancidum: spoiled. rapt. rebate. rancorously rāpa: see rāpum rapiō. reciprocation. statutory rape. rancōris. rapidly. usurpative. irrefragably . stench rancid. subreptitious. rapaciously. again redaction. unravished. ravishing. recently recī̆procus. rancor. rapuī. rapine. refer. rāvis. ranid. enrapturer. ravenous. rancor. rariora. rapier. rārum: porous. ranine. raptatorial. f: hoarseness. reciprocatory. reciprocally. fresh (LS derives from candeō. enrapture. reciprocity. rapidus. ranula. raptor. rāra. rauca. rancidity. rapaciousness. recī̆procum: moving back and forth (perhaps re. OLD lists separate root. resist irrefragability. rapere. ranarium. refrāgārī. surreption. rancidly. reciprocate. surreptitious. ravish. raniform. velociraptor rāpum. usurpation. enrapt. rapidfire. record. rapturous. m: grudge.+ prō-) reciprocal. unreciprocated refrāgor. recent. -rancēre: to stink. rarely. rape (assault). rapido (It). raucus. rapidity. raper. unravaged. reduce. rarity rāvis. rapid. n: turnip rape (plant). surreptitiously. new. reciprocality. rarefaction. ranunculus -ranceō. raucously re-. recī̆proca. ravisher. ranivorous. usurpress. rapture. rancida. rarefactional.

superrational. irreption. renipuncture. pro rata. obreptitous. Berate is not derived from reor. renal. ratiocination. unireme rēnēs. ratify. quinquereme. rēmī. prorate. ratiomorphic. m pl: kidneys adrenal. third-rate. reniform. correality. arraignment. ratiōnis. self-rating. death rate. rations. obreption. ratiocinator. rate-fixing. rationalist. ratification. concern ante rem. ratiocinate. correal. rate-payer. second-rate. rationalize. reptilivorous. sex ratio. ratiometer. nonrational. reptiliform. rational. rate-cutting. unreasonably. rationalization. rationalistic. f: plan arational. rationale. rating. ratiocinative. birational. overrational. arraign. irrationalistic. derealize. reptilian. octoreme. unreasonableness. rērī. contrarational. time-rate. reasonless. rasnneur (Fr). derationalization. electrorate. interrenal. prerational. affair. reasonable. first rate. adrenalin(e). rate. suprarenal reor. Q rating. ration. real. disrate. prorenal. m: oar bireme. photorealism. real estate. f: thing. rateable. reasoner. birth rate. reptile. flat rate. work rate. irrationality. irrationalist. downrate. derationalize. wave rate. zero-rating OLD doubts connection with res. rationality. ratus sum: think. rationally. unreason. rēnum. way rate. pro re nata. nonrealistic. reī. infrarenal. unreasonable. reify. up rate. hydrorenal. raison d'être (Fr). quadrireme. working rate. irrational. hepatorenal. subreptary rēs. adrenergic. post rem. reasonably. . pseudorational. in medias res. watch rate. cut-rate. deration. irrationalize. overrate. intrarenal. rationalism. unreasoning. transrational. proration. reasoning. renin. circumrenal. rēpere. believe. matter. rate-limiting. reperiō (discover): see pariō rēpō. outreason. reification. reptiliferous. ratiō. prerenal. trireme. reasonableness. re.regō: see rēx religiō (religious obligation): see ligō relinquō: see linquō rēmus. unratified. ratio. derate. underrate. irrationalism. rēptum: crawl ereption. reason. unreasoned. rēpsī. dereism. in re. rater. irrationally.

rēgnāre. rēctum: rule. republican. rēgnum. reticular. arrearage. resin. correctible. direct. retinal. directorial. rosinbag. alertly. surrealism. resiniferous. deregulation. adroit. rēgnō. rēgnī. ancien régime (Fr). correctness. co-redeem. reticle. directivity. f: region. realism. correctable. corrigibility. deregulatory. regere. regiōnis. intraretinal. rea. reī. corrigendum. alert. co-regnant. n: kingdom. retiform. surreal. unreality rēsīna. reus. corrigible. counteraddress. correct. co-regency. reticulum. rēsīnae. retrofit. colorectal. f: resin oleoresin. corrective. director. directionally. altar rail. court-dess. reticulation. co-regent. derailment. rēxī. rēgīnae. rētis. realize. corrigibly. realty. assurgent. unreal. directorate. regiō. socialist realism. surrealistic. counterinsurgency. adroitly. correctional. surrealist. addressee. addressable. realistic. co-redeemer. retro-. really. rete. reticulocyte. reticule. reus. corrigent. color-corrected. directly. res gestae. rēgnāvī. co-reign. adroitness. directive. rear (back). realpolitik. f: queen. correctitude. DC. co-ruler. correctant. . retina. rosin. rosinweed respondeō (answer): see spondeō restaurō: see -staurō rēte. directional. correction. anorectal. realistically. derail. rēgīna. rēgis. battledress. transreal. self-realization. co-director. unrealistic. co-directional. republic.realia. addresser.again) arear. correctorship. directively. surgō. reticulated. republicanism. uprear retrospect etc. retinitis. reum: guilty. realist. social realism. unrealized. retiary. surrēctum: rise address. direct current. unrealistically. deregulate. crossdress. directness. realtor. reality. bidirectional. m: defendant (perhaps from reor or rēs) mens rea rēx. directionality. realizable. rearview. aqua regia. real-life. rear-engine. correctively. subretinal retrō: backwards (probably from re. alertness. rēgnātum: rule. surrealistically. contraregularity. corrector. surgere. crossdresser. rear-admiral. arrears. regō. retiarius. oleoresionous. n: net electroretinograph. correctress. rebus. realization. m: king. correctly. surrēxī. derailleur. rearguard. resinous. corregidor.

resourcefully. regulative. indirection. home rule. regulate. resurrection. INRI. sortie. royalize. intrarectal. regularly. work rule. subregion. undressing. railing. escort. interregal. stopping rule. undirected. dressing. rulership. royalist. yellow alert . overcorrect. surge. incorrigibly. radar. rector. viceregency. dirigo-motor. rectus. omnidirectional. dirgeful. regularize. wellregulated. ruler. sourceless. unregulated. regimentation. reign. nondirectional. incorrectly. incorrectness. misdirection. monorail. rail. Regina. unrectified. hairdresser. multidirectional. Elroy. insurrectional. T. rectangle. railman. rectorial. tierail. ruling. royalism. rectum. ressourcement. unruled. dirigibility. red alert. outsource. regnancy. railroading. time-direction. rey (Sp). well-dressed. dirigisme. vice-rector. T rail. rectification.c. insurrection. directrix. regalia. subregional. royale. regula. Roy. rectipetality. overrule. rex. dressage. dirge. one-directional. dressmaker. regulator. viceroy. warp dresser. regimen. source program. resurrect. rectangular. surgeless. pennyroyal. third rail. surgent. maladroit. regality. unaddressed. regionalism. rectirostral. metarule. exsurgent. source rock. headdress. readdress. top-dress. regular. resurgence. unruliness. photoregulator. recto. stereoregular. pelvirectal. rectal. outdress. regime. misrule. regicide. royalty. resourcefulness. rectory. subrectal. politically correct. regularity. droitural. unregal. directory. resurge. regiminal. self-regulation. overcorrection. radardish. railbed. overdress. regional. dresser. regent. erection. roil. rectify. scenic railway. region. thermoregulatory. incorrect. rectally. incorrigible. incorrigibility. railway. railroad. insurgence. misaddress. (Tyrranosaurus) rex. regulation. p. prorector. maladroitly. undress. directress. surroyal. royal purple. source language. rectilinear. dressmaking. royalties. viceroyalty. prince regent. nightdress. misdirect. dress. enregiment. Leroy. irredressible. URL. rection. guardrail. regionally. world-ruler. resurgency. indirectly. insource. underdressed. rectorship. unit rule. erector. resurgent. resurrectionist. dressing-gown. erectness. regimental. erectly. source code. regnant. risorgimento (It). insurrectionary. regulatively. vice-regal. ruction. Regulus. rectilinearly. erigible. redirect. railwayman.directorship. radarbeam. regisseur. motorail. railroader. rule. irregularly. regie. insurrectionist. rectigrade. Regensburg. resource. homo erectus. dressy. unidirectional. radarscope. rectitude. radome. mesorectal. interrex. rectifier. rectitudinous. resourceful. regulatory. erectus. full-dress. insurrectionism. pair-royal. royal. regal. minidress. insurgent. three-address. royal oak. selfaddressed. erective.. latus rectum. royally. regiment. irregular. unruly. droit. source criticism. hypercorrect. viceregent. vesicorectal. wound-dressing. insurgency. storm surge. regency. pergola. realm. Reg. railhead. uncorrected. dirigible. vine-dresser. erect. self-regulate. intraregional. interregnum. dressing room. redress. irregularity. indirect. source.

risibility. Rio Grande. f: cleft. Riviera. irrigation. riant. rigātum: to water. rivalrous. corroborate. rigidify. Rio de Janeiro. rigorism. m: laugh deridable. derision. irrision. rigorist. rigidity. nonrigid. rīdēre. robustious. crack. robustiously. rival. derivativeness. riverine. roburite. derivationism. rigor. derivedly. rīsūs. rimosely. f: bank of a river arrival. rhetorical. derivant. ritualism. ritualize. rigor. show the teeth. transrhenane rhētor. rhētōris. ritual. roborant. derisory. deriver. Rhēnī. derive. irrigative. rictus sum: snarl. n: oak tree. rivery. rigorously. riverside. rigidus. unrivaled. rīmae. derivatist. rivalry. fissure (perhaps from ringor) rimate. irrigable. m: stiffness de rigueur (Fr). derivometer. rigidum: stiff. corroboratory.Rhēnus. m: religious observances. rambunctious. rimiform. derisive. derivationist. rigāvī. zero-derivation rōbur. m: teacher or practioner of oratory (from Greek ἔρω) rhetoric. rōboris. derivation. subrident rigeō. derisible. corroboree. derisiveness. irrigator. derivately. río (Sp). ridiculosity. rivulose. time-derivative. rhenium. m: river co-rival. rivulet. ridiculous. irrigatorial rīma. strength corroborant. ringī. derisively. ringent rīpa. arriviste. robustly. m: Rhine Rhenish. corroboration. derivational. robustness . ritually rīvus. rīsī. rīpae. rimulose ringor. ritualist. derivative. corroborative. rivalless. rigidly. riparian. rigāre. retorician rīdeō. ridiculously. rītūs. m: jaw rictus. rīsum: laugh. rambunctiously. rigueur rigō. irrigate. rigōris. riverfront. transriverine rītus. rigid. rigor mortis. ritualistic. riverbank. ritualistically. corroborator. rigida. deride. mositen fertigation. robust. derivationally. derivate. arrive. bedew. rīte: rightly rite. rictūs. Rhine. rictus. river. corroboratively. ritualization. rīvī. rigorous. rimose. ridicule. risible. rīsus. rigēre: be stiff.

m: dew roriferous. arrogance. spark erosion. erodent. birth control. controller. rosaceous. f: Rome nonroman. latirostral. rosae. rosewater. Rōmae. soil erosion. Rosa. Rom. rosy. SPQR. derogation. . tenuiroster. derogatory. wind erosion rogō. rōdere. rōsī. f: rose primrose. rose-colored. serratirostral. prerogative. Romulus. controllable. birostrate. rogatory. stress corrosion. corroder. lamellirostral. tea rose. vin rose (Fr). erodibility. rogātum: ask abrogate. flood control. cultirostral. interrogation. romancer. Romans(c)h. Panroman. rogāre. erosional. romance. unromantic rōs. rostrular. Roman numeral. controlling. equirotal. roseola. arrogant. rotundus. nonromantic. romanticize. rostrate. rose. rodenticide. derogate. brevirustrate. rosary. Romanist. rosy-fingered. romanticism. erode. arrogantly. Romanism. Romanesque. enrollment. contrarotating.rōdō. subrogation. control tower. arrogate. circumrotation. Romish. rosewood. Rome. rōrsum: gnaw. court roll. erosive. wax rose. Rumanian. Romanizer. incontrollable. marginirostral. rose pink. rostrohamus. corrosibility. longirostrate. controllably. AWACS. rōris. supererrogation. Roman. rosebud. rodent. parvirostrate. glabrirostral. rosetta. sub rosa. corrodable. abrogation. postrostral. romantically. roseleaf. Roma. controlless. rogation. rōstrum. Romanize. controllability. surrogacy. supererogatory. primrose path. fissirostral. birotration. decontrol. corrodibility. rōstrī. erosively. counterround. magnirostrate. interrogate. wild rose rota. romanize. longirostrine. rostral. abrogator. barouche. erostrate. senatus populusque Romanus. planirostral. contrarotation. sex surrogate. interrogator. enrollee. erose. biocontrol. roseate. rotunda. rotae. contraround. rotundum: round around. counterroll. corrosiveness. derogative. Romeo. Romanism. Rumania. erodible. surrogate Rōma. comptroller. interrogatively. prorogue. bankroll. noncorrosive. dextrorotary. dextrorotation. Romania. prorogate. rosella. derogator. interrogatory. derogatorily. rostrum. brevirostral. control. rosebush. corvee. enroll. Roman Catholic. f: wheel. Roman collar. nro: beak anti-corrosive. corrosive. romaine. rogāvī. interrogative. planirostrate. rectirostral. corrosion. supererogate. corrosively. subrogate. prorogation. Romanic. erosion. corrodible. romanticist. rosette. derogatively. corrosible. enroller. romantic. terra rosa. corrode. rosemary rosa.

moan . rota. russet. steamroller. roue. rotulet. rotameter. rubicund. tilrotor. russa. unrefined. rotorcraft. rotundity. rudiment. ruby. rugosity rugiō. pest control. roll off. roulade. merrygo-round. ērudīre. rotogravure. corrugate. ructātum: belch eructate. rotifera. corrugative. Rufus rūga. rubrum: red. roux. rubicelle. rugose. roll. well-rounded. role. roundlet. roundly. rugae. rubellite. Route is derived from rumpō. decorrugative. corrugation. round. rollaway. rubric. roll-top. rūgae. Rolodex. ruby-tail. traffic control. rodeo. overcontrol. erubescent. rudeness. roundsters. rubrofugal. title role. rūfa. inrolled. rondel. rotavirus. rotative. uncontrolled. bilirubin. rotatable. levorotation. wage-price control. runaround. rotunda. rudimentary rūfus. process control. levorotatory. uncontrollable. second-round. roundworm. unroll. uncontrollably. obrotund. f: wrinkle corrugant. roundness. rounder. Rubicōnis: Rubicon Rubicon ructō. roundish. tea roller. rotational. quality control. roundelay. Rote is not derived from rota. rugitūs: roar. corrugator. victory roll. Rotarian. ērudīvī. rollable. rotationally. rotary. round table. roleo. eructation. year-round N. rubasse. round-arm. rotund. rubescent. rubricate. payroll. rotifer. russus. rubrical. rotisserie. roundhouse. rotate. rutile Russia is unrelated. roundabout. self-control. rollability. eruditely. rugīre: bellow. rūfum: red-headed (probably related to rubeō) rufescent. rotorblade. rutilant. turnaround. russum: red Baton Rouge. ruction rudis. irrotational. rigmarole (see OED). rollerskate. rounded. roundel. rouleau. rotatory. tondo. wage-control. ērudiō. rotor. orotund.incontrollably. roundtrip. Roladex. roundup. photocontrol. ructāvī. rotator. rubify. rolling. ruber. rissole. perrotary. rollback. round off. rondeau. roulette. Rubicōn. rugitus. rowel. rondo. ruby-red. rotation. rubeō. roller. rudis. rubra. roar. roll on. ērudītum: teach erudite. rouge. ructāre. rubella. rollercoaster. rubefaction. erudition. rubēre: be red. millround. rudely.B. rubeola. mutarotation. uproll. rude: unfinished. corrugated. rubidium. rude. price control. roll-call. round robin. rubicundity. rubefacient.

interruption. eruptive. ruminant. irrupt. roister. routinize. disrupture. routineer. trade route. rural. interruptive. corruption. ruralist. f: cliff (perhaps from rumpō) rupestral. ruīna. corruptionist. rout. incorrupt. corruptibly. interrupt. interrupter. collapse. rumination. routinely. ruralism. ruinously rūpēs. irruptive. ruminor. coitus interruptus. ruī. rupestrian. paper route. rut (routine). reroute. erupt. rutum: rush. incorruptly. ruptum: break abrupt. erumpent. rūmōris. rupicoline. fall. rumormonger rumpō. rusticity russus (red): see rubeō . disruptiveness. eruption. roture. disrupter. rupture. abruption. corruptful. corruptibleness. subroutine. negative report rumor. rūris. corruptless. incorruptibly.rut (sexual). ruminate. inruption. rupiculture rūrsus: again ruse (ODEE) rūs. f: ruin ruin. corrupter. routine. gullet. disruptionist. rūpis. ruination. disrupt. ruere. ruminator rūmor. corruptibility. corruptness. rūminātus sum: chew rumen. corruptly. en route. roturier. bankrupt. irruption. rupicolous. incorruptible. corruptible. ruminative. rusticate. corruptive. roisterous. n: country deruralize. n: cud. rumpere. incorruption. disruption. rūminārī. corruptively. overeruption. ruinous. rupicapra. uncorrupted. ruralization. rurigenous. rūpī. incorruptibility. ruttish rūmen. ruralize. proruption. rustication. corrupt. m: common talk. abruptly. disruptively. disruptive. rustic. ruīnae. bankruptcy. rurality. irruptible. route. uninterrupted ruō. rustically. rūminis. router.

secularization. sacculation. sexton. obsecration. sackcloth. m: bag (σάκκος) cul-de-sac. self-sacrificing. Sacred Heart. sacrificer. sacrilegious. saccule. sacrament. saepīre. n: age. septulum. Sabine sabulum. saevum: savage savage. Sabīnī. Praesepe. desacralization. sachet. sacciform. sextonship. postsacral. obsecrāvī. sacra. septifragal. septarium. sabulose. siècle (Fr) saepēs. disseptimental. sacculus. sacroiliac. sacredness. savageness. sacrosanct. f: hedge. sacerdocy. secularize. obsecrātum: beg. sacrist. saepiō. self-sacrifice. desacralize. execrable. sacrilegiously. m: Sabine Sabina. sextonness. unsacrificed saeculum. obsecrō. consecratory. secular. septum. sacramentalism. sacrospinal. saeva. sacredly. sacerdōtis. undesecrated. septarian. sacristy. sabulosity saccus. sacralize. to which saevus may or may not be related (OLD does not accept connection to silva) . sacrosanctity. ovisac. sacerdotalism. sacerdōs. sack. sacred. transept saevus.S Sabīnus. sac. interseptal. saccī. packsack. sacralgia. deconsecrate. sacred cow. desecration. generation fin de siècle (Fr). knapsack. tersacred. septate. consecration. savagery These derivatives are probably from silva instead. n: sand (see also ψάμμος) sabuline. iliosacral. septal. sacrilege. saeculī. obsecrate. saepsī. sacrum: holy. satchell. sporosac sacer. sacerdotal. desecrative. obsecrāre. consecrator. sacristan. unconsecrated. sacrificial. reconsecrate. secularist. execrate. priestess consecrate. secularistic. sacrarium. sacramental. c: priest. secularism. sacramentalist. execrably. sacral. sacrifice. sacramentally. sacralization. sabulī. sept. sacrum. savagely. novus ordo s(a)eclorum. saeptum: enclose dissepiment. saepis. saccate. execration. sacrificially. desecrate. secularity. secularly. desecrator. sacramentarian. sackless.

salify. saltatory. unsalaried. salvum: safe. dissilient. salacious. salaried. salacity. cum grano salis. consilient. persultation. saltum: jump. per saltum. salicis. labor-saving. sauceless. resilience. assailant. salience. f: arrow Sagitta. sausage. desultor. salsus. exsultāre. saltatorial. insulter. desalinate. salaciously. m: salmon salmon. assailer. sagāx (sagācis): perceiving quickly presage. f: safety. saliently. exultant. salinization. dissave. salad. m: salt. salient. somersault. saliferous. saucepan. sagittate. saucily. biosafety. saline. salūtāre. salivator salix. salveō. sally. saltigrade. exult.sāgiō. salivate. result.B. insult. exultingly. semisagittate sāl. salicetum. saucerless. desultorious. salable. salūs: see salvus salvus. sāgīre: to perceive quickly. ressault. salsum: salty. Sagittarius. sagacious. salinometer. exultet. salsify. sauce. saucer. transilience. countersalient. exsultāvī. f: willow acetosalicylic. insalubrity. desalination. saucisson (Fr). desultorily. insalubrious. saltation. transilient. salsa. lifesaver. exultation. salivary. saliva. exsultate. saliō. sagittiform. salicylic salmō. saltate. witty applesauce. resilient. salmōnis. salivation. sal. salis. sagittocyst. sagittae. sauciness. salūtis. starting salary. word salad N. assault. insalutary. assaultable. salinity. insalivation. face saving. reassault. desultoriness. sagacity sagitta. salmonella (eponym from last name Salmon) Some speculate that salmō is derived from saliō (but likely a folk etymology). fail-safe. resultant. resiliency. salary. saucy. saladero. saltant. sagittary. El Salvador. summer sausage. exsultātum: leap up assail. salsification. salicylate. sault. salūtātum: greet biosafe. saucebox. salification. consilience. sussultatory. f: spit insalivate. salami. salūs. irresilient. lifesaving. desultory. potato salad. sagittal. salūtāvī. assaultive. saltire. assailable. sagaciously. saute. exultantly. resultative. resiliently. unassailable salīva. exsultō. Salt is a cognate. salicaceous. insulting. saut. salva. salīvae. salvēre: be healthy. salūtō. insultingly. salientian. salsa. . not a derivative. resile. saluī. salīre. saltpeter.

homo sapiens. safeness. sānctum: holy desanctify. sanctuary. savvy. safecracker. sanctum. salutarium. consanguineous. sapor. sanatorium. safety. sanctorale. exsanguinate. unsafely. sāpōnis. safecracking. unsanctified. insanitary. sapid. insipidly. sagebrush. savor. safe. savings. Santa. Salvatorian. sangfroid (Fr). desipiency. sancīre. salutation. saponite N. consanguineal. sanction. insanity. sanctimony. sanguification. healthy. São Paulo. sanicle. sanctification. unsalvaged. sanatron. . salubriously. San Jose. sanguinivorous. saponin. saint. phytosanitary. resipiscence. sapience. sanguinopurulence. sapidity. unsalubrious. Salvation Army. salvageable. savings bank. sānxī. safely. sanctimonious. consanguinity. save. sanitarian. Santa Fe. unsavory. sagaciously. m: preparation for cleaning.). in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. insipient. Santa Claus. sane insane. savory. salvation.B.. technosapiens. sanitize. sagacious. sanctus bell. sapiently. sanguicolous. adj. saver. serosanguineous. sanctimoniously. safety lamp. salvia. time-saving. devote. San (Sp). sanatory. sanitary. Ter-sanctus. sanctifier. sanguinopurulent. insipiently. sanguivorous. sanctitude. sage (plant). consanguineous. sacrosanct. salutatorian. Neither OED nor AHD says soap is a derivative of sāpō. saintship. sanguinis. sagacity. sanctum sanctorum. saponify. sageness. sapient. unsaintly. sānctum: decree. São (Pg). unsaved. savorous. salutatory. sanguinolent. savant. Toussaint. sānctus. sanctionist. sane. soap saponification. sanctus. safety first. insipid. species-sanitation. salvador. sainthood. safety pin. spacesaving. savior. salvage. f: blood consanguine. ensanguine. sanitarium. sanctifiable. insanitation. unsafe. verbum sap sat sāpō. quién sabe (Sp). sanguineous. sapīvī/sapuī: be wise desipience. sanguine. sanitation. saintlike. unsanguine sānus. unsanctioned sanguis. St. sipid. unsaving. salutary. mens sana in corpore sano. savoir-faire (Fr). insanely. sāncta. sapere. unsanitary sapiō. insipidness. sacrosanctity. saintly.morituri te salutamus. safe-conduct. sanguiferous. insipidity. sanative. San Francisco. salver. vouchsafe sanciō. safekeeping. sanguify. sage (man. sangria. salubrious. sanctity. safeguard. savingly. sanguinary. sapiens. sagely. desipient. sāna. sanely. unsaluted. salute. sānum: sound. safety valve. savoir-vivre (Fr). salubrity. sanity. sapiential. salvo. sanctify. incipience. screensaver. idiot savant.

saturated. scaenae. satellism. scalprum scamnum. satirize. scabiēs. satiric. satisfy. saxicolous. n: stool. saturnism OED associates with serō (sow). verbum sap sat The italicized words derive from meanings of satura perhaps unrelated to satis. saturation. scene. scena. but neither LS nor OLD support this derivation (possibly a folk etymology. desaturate. unsatisfied. supersaturation. saxum. sate. unsatisfiable. m: Saturn (titan. scenery. satirically. insatiability. satisfyingly. satellitosis. saxicole. saturate. sarsī. satisfiable. satirical. saturator. supersaturate. scalpsī. dissatisfaction. scamnī. scenical. insatiableness. saxifragous. saturae. satirist. scenic. sartorius satelles. satire. saturnine. self-satisfaction.sarciō. satisfiability. scabere. satispassion. sartorial. saturnid. satellitis. satelloid. saxigenous scabō. satisfier. scabrate. scrape. insaturable. unsatisfactorily. (OLD) Sāturnus. insatiably. oversturated. saxicoline. sartorially. dissatisfactory. scaena. saxifrage. satellize. sarcīre. scenarist. saturation point. Saturnalia. stage shambles . insatiate. not a derivative. insatiable. sartus: patch Sartor. saturable. unsatisfactory. subsatellite. dissatisfy. scenography scalpō. f: satire asset. satisfaction. father of Jupiter) Saturday. scenario. scabrous Scab is a cognate. satiable. desaturation. saxicavous. dissatisfiedly. f: stage (see σκηνή) proscenium. satisfactorily. Sāturnī. saxī. dissaturate. satura. f: roughness scabies. satirization. Saturn. weather satellite satis: enough. satis. satisfactory. scalpel. scalptum: carve dentiscalp. satiate. more likely of Etruscan origin). undersaturated. unsated. scalpere. scābī: scratch. self-satisfied. scabiophobia. satur. Saturnian. unsaturated. scalpriform. saturum: full. dissatisfied. satiety. n: rock saxatile. c: attendant biosatellite. unsaturate. scabiēī. unsaturation. satura (satira). satiation. satellite.

schoolday. escalator. maldescent. condescendent. scindere. schoolgirl. scandulae. descender. OLD does not. ascendancy. scholar. schoolmaster. scholasticism. transcendentally. maldescended. schooldom. transcendence. prescind.scandō. scholarship. ascender. transcendentalist. scapula. deescalation. spinscan. transcendentalize. schoolman. weighscale scandula. schooler. f pl: shoulder blades cervicoscapular. escalation. upscale. ascent. scissure . scholarliness. f: sheet of paper (from Greek σχίδη. unscholarly. microscan. abscission. école. schoolfellow. scissile. rescind. scandī. schoolhouse. scholastically. escalatory. transcendently. preschool. scidī. transcendent. scandere. macroscale. large-scale. scapulārum. scansorial. descendant. escalade. scholium. descendible. unschooled scindō. power: see σκῆπτρον disscepter. scēptrī. transcendency. scāla. schoolboy. tear apart (cf. scaler. echelon. infrascapular. climb. scholarly. descendingly. scapulae. scintiscanner. costoscapular. f: ladders ascend. right ascension. descensive. schedae. time scale. payscale. scholarlike. scala. scalable. OED does not derive shingle from scandula. σχίζω) abscind. from σχίζω) schedule schola. condescending. ascension. small-scale. scepter scheda. scapulimancy. scanner. descensional. scale. transcend. school. schoolmistress. rescindable. suprascapular scēptrum. ascendant. downscale. descale. scholastic. scholae. counterscale. scalar. facilis descensus Averno. exscind. descendent. scapuloclavicular. shingles LS derives scandula from scandō. scansion. f: wooden slat shingle. rescission. mesoscale. schoolmate. unscanned. scissum: split. preschooler. de-escalate. abscissa. scalariform. schoolboyish. wage scale. scholiast. scan. scission. condescension. f: leisure. escolar. rescissory. scandent. condescendence. scale drawing. circumscissile. descent. transcendentalism. ascensive. scālae. descend. photo-scan. schoolteacher. reascend. transcendental. microscale. school (from Greek σχολή) deschooling. schoolroom. dorsoscapular. scapular. scansum: jump. condescend. m: royal staff. condescendingly. descension. rescissible.

manuscriptal. scopate. scientist. psudoscience. scintillosocpe. misdescribe. scilicet. conscriptive. circumscription. scintilla. stencilization. scintilla. political science. scōpārum. stenciller. nicety. conscientiously. scintillant. unconsciously. Scotland scrībō. prescient. conscience-stricken. describer. scintillometer. scopula. semi-conscious. scientifically. class-conscious. nonscientist. scintillogram. metascience.. parviscient. nonsubscriber. scrīpsī. inconscient. scintillatingly. circumscriptive. f pl: broom scopa. presciently. scientific. conscript. not scindō. unconscionably. unconscionable. filmscript. ascribe. scrīptum: write adscription. scientifiction. scientistic. scītum: know adscititous. descriptivist. preconscious.o. inscribable. protoscientific. circumscriptively. describe. conscience. proscribable. describable. unscientifically. f: spark scintigram. scopulipede Scōtī. nescience. multiscience. social science. postscript. conscienceless. microscientist. sc. inscriber. desribability. inscribe. Scōtōrum. self-consciousness. indescribable. conscriptional. inscript. descriptor. consciously. descriptivism. scōpa. nicely. descriptively. nonscientific. post scriptum. descriptionist.ODEE. stream of consciousness. parascience. conscientiousness. conscientious. omniscient. unscientific. subconsciously. sciolist. inscriptive. prescribe. self-conscious. unconsciousness. nonsientifically. prescription. scintillae. postscribe. escritoire. plebiscite. . scrībere. nonprescription. contra-scriptural. oversubscribe. superconscious. science-fiction. nonscripted. omniscribent. bioscience. scōpae. scientificity. omnisciently. science. conscription. neuroscientist. indescribably. stencil. scintillator. scientology. MS. scientism. neuroscience. f: twig. circumscriptly. m: Scots Scot. descript. weight-conscious. scīvī. description. escribe. descriptive. sciential.. sciolism. unconscious. manuscription. OED. tinsel sciō. inscription. describent. conscious. ethnoscience. imprescience. sciolistic. nondescript. unselfconscious. c. desribee. prescriptively. nicy. prescience. race conscious. nescient. scīre. omniscience. manuscript. descry. conscionable. color-conscious. prescriptive. unselfconsciously. consciousness. circumscribe. subconscious. W3 all agree scissors ultimately from caedō. scintillation. plebiscitary. scintiscanner. inscriptional. ascription. nice. ascriptive. conchy. scōpae. conscribe. scintillate. scopious. imprescient. ascribable. conscriptionist. Scotch.

scrobiculate.proscribe. proscript. scrutineer. scurrilousness scutra. n pl: discarded goods. scrofulosis. scutellum. scripturally. scrofuloderma. m: rough stone. scrobicule scrōfa. tapescript. exscutellate. scutate. transcriptase. superscription. scriptorium. P. scrupulant. unscrupulous. scriber. . sculpsī. scrutiny sculpō. inscrutably. transcriber. unscrupulously. sculpture. scripturist. scripturality. scriptorial. scrupulously. proscriptive. m: ditch scrobe. sculpsit. transcript. scutiferous. scrupulist. retranscribe. scrūtor. unscriptured scrīnium. écu (Fr).. scripturalist. m: city-idler scurrility. subscript. typescript. scutal. superscript. scrupulous. écuelle (Fr). n: receptacle for holding papers enshrine. anxiety overscrupulous. scrūtārī. scripture. examine thoroughly inscrutability. superscribe. shrive. scripturalism. proscription. scrōfae. scripturient. enshrinement. scutelliform. inscrutableness. scribbler. tray scullery. OLD does not. scurrilous. f: female pig. rescript. scruper. scūtī. transcriptive. scrofulous scrūpus. scriptwriter. skillet scūtum. unscriptural. scribism. scrūpī. scriptless. scrivener. sculptural. scrūtōrum. scutcheon. scrūtātus sum: search for goods. scutellation. esquire. scrobis. subscribe. sculpere. perscrutate. sculpturesque scurra. transcribe. sculpturally. sculptum: fashion. scutage. transcription. f: dish. scrobis. scullion. sculptress. scribblative. scurrae. sriptureless. scripophily. scutcher. undescribed. trash. scripturism. scrutable. subscriber. subscription. scutella. perscrutation. sculpt. scutrae. scrupulousness. scrobicular. undescribable. scrutinization.S. sow scrofula. undescribably. inscrutable. scrupulosity. scriptural. shrine LS derives from scrībō. escudo (Sp). unscrupulousness scrūta. escutcheon. scribble. scrīniī. proscriptively. n: shield biscutate. scutiform. scruple. scrip. scripter. sculptor. scrutoire. script. scripsit. scrutator. scurrilously. scutate. scribe. scrutinize. engrave insculpture.

insecticolous. possessum: have. sectionize. scutulate. sectionalist. assizor. squireship. quadrisect. assessment. segmentable. sessum: sit. securicornate. secūris. subsectional. Scutum. bisection. desegmented. sector. exsect. segmentative. aside secede. secūris. intrasegmental. sebotrophic. squirish sē: see suī sē(d): away. insectivorous. hostage. assessee. longisection. secere. suprasegmental. squireaechy. macrosegment. insidious. assessory. sedition. trisection. sedeō. sebiferous. intersect. sectum: cut. sebific. possess arcosolium. sebum. squire. securiform. cross-section. insectivore. seduce. intersessiorial. seborrhea. solution set. apart. dispossession. squiredom. quinquesect. sēbum. vivsectional. multisegmented. medium-sized. assiduous. sectorial. scutulum. sebiparous. insectology. null set. sectionally. segmental. . prosector. besieger. ramisectomy. subset. dispossessor. intersection. possideō. insectifuge. insectiform. excise (tax: W3). secodont. sectionist. disinsectize. sectionary. dissective. secuī. secant. n: tallow sebaceous. assizer. besiege. dissection. segmentary. squiress. insidiously. unsegmented. assiduously. suet secō. venesection. insectarium. sectionalize. sickle. cosecant. intersegmental. cutisector. sectionalism. coset. sēbī. bisectional. assession. microdissect. wax insect AHD derives sickle from secō via an unattested Latin word. insidiousness. separate. co-residence. scutigerous. intersectional. etc. ex-president. coresidual. venesector. possēdī. assessor. vivisect. sectile. insectival. Sect is from sequor. ternatisect. midsection. trisect. downsize. sebolith. good-sized. insectiferous. scutule. sēdī. plurisegmental. subsection. vivisector. dissidence. transect. dispossess. assize. dissect. f: hostage. insecticidal. insectan. squireless. exsection. insecticide. assess. segmentation. section. segmentalize. f: axe bisect. obsidis. sickle-cell. trisector. segmenter. assessable. nonsectarian. sectorization. quartersection. squirehood. securiferous. segmentalization. insessorial. squirearch. insect. securiflorous. assiduity. insectile. ramisection. segmentate.scutiger. sectional. dissector. scutiped. sedēre. obsess. vivisection. segmentally. sectoral. set (math). exsectile. segment. possidēre. microsegment. transection. sectionalization. duosecant. bisector. dissident.

senhorita (Pg). senātor. sedative. sedimentation. unpossessed. senile. obsessiveness. subsident. prepossession. presenescence. subsidiary. signor(e) (It). señorita (Sp). residence. m: senator. seance. sedimentator. sella. sedimentable. nonresidence. semicircle. subsidize. obsess. senium. semi-vowel. senatorial. singulī sēmen: see serō (sow) sēmi-: half semi. presenile. seigneur (Fr). subsidy. obsession. surliness. f: chair sella semel (once): see simplex. possess. sizable. senicide. senility. nonresident. sedately. senilize. subsidiarily. resedimentation. senātōris. senate. sir. sedation. senatory. senatorian. sellae. prepossess. sizeless. senatus populusque Romanus (SPQR). semper: always semper fidelis. sedentarization. obsessively. subsidiarity. supersessionism. president-elect. undersized. supersessive.metasediment. obsessionist. possessor. presidentially. senesce. senex. sediment. repo. sedateness. monsieur (Fr). possession. semper paratus. presider. residuary. señor (Sp). sessional. vicepresident The word excise (tax) is assigned to sedeō by W3. siege. unsenatorial . repossess. sire. semi-deponent. obsessional. senatorship. prex. possessory. surly. president. resident. vicepresidency. possessively. sempiternally. senhora (Pg). sireless. presidency. seniority. subsidence. seniorship. senator. residuum. sempiternal. quartersessions. possessiveness. signorina (It). size. senescent. sempre (It). messieurs (Fr). sedentary. sedate. etc. supersession. obsessionally. signora (It). sic semper tyrannis senex (senis): old. possessionless. preside. sedimentology. veep. presidential. residentiary. residential. See Reverse Index. obsessive. senātus. self-possessed. senatorially. senior. uti possidetis. repossession. senate house. residency. possessive. to censeō by ODEE and OED. senescence. reassessment. sedimentary. session. reside. semi-. m: senate consenescence. subside. prexy. sessile. señora (Sp). reassess. sempervirent. monsignor. grandsire. sederunt. sessionally. synsedimentary. prepossessing. residual. sedevacantist. senātūs. unsubsidized. surcease. self-possession. senatus consultum. supersede. outsized. prez. residue.

ensepulcher. sensorial. sensibilize. sensiferous. consentaneity. consenting. sentinel. sensationalize. sentience. sententiousness. sententious. insensitively. omnisentient. resentment. . sentimentalize. trisensory. sentimentalism. sēnsus. presentiment. unsepulchered septem: seven. sentence. sensation. consentaneous. sensitizer. commonsense. supersensitive. sensitive. dissentaneous. sepelīre. septemfoliate. sepultum: bury. supersensual. sensuality. sensum. sēnsūs. insensibly. scentless. sens unique (Fr). photosensitizer. unsentimental. insensitive. desensitize. clairsentenience. sensibility. septemvir. dissentment. dissentient. unsensual. sensationism. consentiently. sepulcher. multisensual. sensationist. ideosensational. sensationless. dissentingly. oversensitive. insentient. sensibly. senseless. biosensor. assentor. resent. radio sensitive. sensualize. hypersensitive. unsentenced. sentiment. unsensed. resentfully. nonsense. supersensible. sentimentality. f: opinion assent. ἑπτά) septagon. unsensational. septemfid. sensationalist. sensile. consentience. sensationalistic. sensational. insensately. consentable. sensitiveness. consent. septimum: seventh (cf. countersense. presentient. sensual. sentīre. sepulchral. introsensible. sentiency. septangular. sense. unconsenting. dissension. consentaneousness. nonconsensual. intersensory. sententiae. dissent. insensitiveness. consensual. suprasensible. sensitize. sensilium. nanosensor. septcentenary. sensuousness. sensually. sensimeter. sensuous. sentient. senselessly. sensualist. septima. consentingly. photosensitization. unsentient. consensually. sensitization. desensitization. nonsensical. septemfluous. supersensory. sensationalization. sensualistic. sense perception. septimus. sensationalism. consentaneously. insentience. sensitometric. supersensuous. insensitivity. introsentient. insensible. sweetscented. sentimentalist. sensify. consentingness. m: feeling. sēnsī. sense field. sententia. sepelīvī. September. sensationally. extrasensory. unsensuous. scent. resentful. sentimentally. sensor. consentient. senselessness. consentant. sensory. sentimental. supersensitivity. dissentience. insensateness. dissentious. dissenter. hypersensitivity. sensitometer. thermosensitive. unresented. nonsensitive. sententia. sensualization. sentimentalistic. photosensitive. assenter. sentential.sentiō. sepulture. sensuously. sensate. ESP. photosensitize. insensate. septemtrional. co-sentient. consentful. sepulchrum. sensitivity. sensive. sēnsum: feel. sensorium. photosensory. n: tomb dissepulchered. insensibility. sententiously. septemvirate. sense-datum. consensus. sensualism. sensitively. sensible. visuosensory sepeliō. sepulchrī.

suable. septennary. suiting. consequence. septet. non sequitur. secūtus sum: follow. millisecond. Septuagesima. executioner. septuple. sequestrate. sequency. persecutory. sequacious. consectary. secund. septillion. second co-executor. consequentiality. second-rate. second-division. secundiflorous. exectutively. pursuivant. sectary. sequacity. ensuant. nonexecution. septennate. obsequy. offset. prosecute. secondness. pursuantly. secunda. desequestration. seconder. secondclass. sequentially. sequestration. execution. nonsequence. second-degree. sequel. consequently. parsec.septenarian. sequent. extrinsical. microsecond. nolle prosequi. f: railing. prequel. unsuitability. secundus. extrinsically. electrocute. splitsecond. secundipara. consequential. resequent. co-executrix. obsequial. unexecuted. sectator. executor. extrinsicality. pursuance. secondee. kiloparsec. obsequious. second sight. phase sequence. unsuited sera. electrucution. septenary. intrinsically. obsequiousness. second best. secundus. executive. persecutor. sequestrator. consecutiveness. secondary. bolt seraglio. consequentially. unsuitably. consequent. sectarian. second base. unpursuing. inconsequent. picosecond. inexecutable. septenarius. Septentrionales. ensuer. extrinsic. sequī. suitcase. prosecuting. subsequent. inconsequently. sectarial. suitably. sequestrum sequor. septennial. secundum: following. septendecimal. septicentennial. exequy. executory. prosecution. per consequens. intrinsic. septuagenarian. serried . obsequity. sequela. sequence. inconsequence. obsequiosity. septuplet sequester. executer. suit. terasecond. second line. malexecution. segue. secundum. paternity suit. second-year. second-hand. subsequential. consecutive. secundogeniture. seconds. unseconded. persecution. suitor. inconsequentially. septenate. exequies. ensuingly. secondly. executable. unsuitable. ensue. executrix. obsequent. secondary conditioning. serae. insequent. consecution. pursuit. inconsequential. suite. executorial. sequential. second grade. sectarianize. pursuant. lawsuit. executionary. m: intermediate desequestrate. secondarily. intrinsical. septentrional. secundine. septuagenary. pursue. unpursued. persecute. second-round. prosecutor. obsequies. subsequence. second. pursuer. sectarianism. osequiously. second car. sectism. suitable. sequester. second thought. inconsequentiality. Septuagint. countersuit. prosecutorial. second-guess. consecutively. secondo (It). secundigravida. secondary education. sect. sue. consequentialism. sequestris. subsequently. outset. sequestered. suing. septimal. suitability. pursuable. execute. second thought. nanosecond. suability. postsecondary.

Serendipity is not related. desertness. dissemination. World Series serō. deserter. insertion. sēricum. semen. sericterium. unseasoned. desertification. serpiginous. serenity N. seminiferous. assertor. serialize. exertion.LS says from serō (join). seasoner. serialism. exsertile. serialist. seriousness. serēnus. sermonette. triserial. serere. Sērum. sēmen. seminator. exsert. sēminis. wellseasoned serpō. multiserially. sere. seminarist. reassert. desertless. disseminator. series. sericitization. serpentis. n: silk serge. serpēns. miniseries. sertum: join together. grave serio-comic. postseason. insertable. unserious sermō. dēserō. serialization. fishing season. preseason. seminivorous. season ticket. inseminate. seminary. exertive. insertional. serpentiform. dissertator. pluriserial. serpentaria. time series. serious-minded. unseasonableness. sērium: weighty.B. seminarian. serigraphy sērius. assertory. desert. season. serigraph. n: seed contra-seasonal. serpigo. seriatim. serpere. exert. desertion. OLD says perhaps. seminate. serpentivorous. serpentize. dissertative. seminar. hunting season. seminally. serere. disseminate. m pl: the Chinese. assertive. disseminule. semination. seasonally. sermonize serō. uniserial. Sēres. inserter. dēseruī. asserter. serenade. sēria. m: speech sermon. serēna. uniseriate. desertization. dēserere. serpentary. dēsertum: depart assert. seriously. serpsī: crawl. f: snake sea serpent. illseasoned. seriosity. nonassertive. seasonal. serpent. insert. seasoned. sermonic. seminal. sericulture. unseasonable. serpula . seriate. dissert. dissertate. seriation. sericeous. serpentlike. serene. unseasonably. seasoning. serial. seasonality. serēnum: calm serena. exsertion. vox clamantis in deserto. satum: sow. insititous. serenely. sēricī. serpenticide. overexert. insemination. assertively. sermōnis. seasonable. serious. sēvī. seruī. biserial. pluriseriate. dead season. serpentstone. dissertation. inseminator. plagiosere. serenata. serpentry. offseason. seasonably. insertive. serpentine. serpentile. desertedness. assertable. It’s a made up word from an 18th century novel. seral. Serpens. serially. assertion.

deserver. serum sērus. observation. conservatory. unobserved. serosanguineous. serologist. serotinal. unpreserved. undeservingly. deserving. serrature. deserve. n: whey antiserum. sierra serta. dereserve. conserver. wreath (LS: from serō join) sertularia. dessert. f: saw biserrate. serology. serranoid. reserve. disserve. servomotor. womanservant. n pl: garland. reservist. soiree servō. conservationist. serotinous. preserver. conserve. serrae. underserved. subserviency. servīre. process server. sertōrum. unobservable. serratirostral. observance. reservation. neoconservative. deservingly. sērum: late bon soir (Fr). youth service . observability. life preserver. servilely. serriform. observancy. observingly. deservedly. subservient. subserve. observable. seroconversion. serotonin. serrulate. paleoconservative. servility. observational. serviō. conservancy. serration. serfism. sēra. unreserved. preservation. servingmaid. service. observably. sertulum serum. wire service. undeservedly. serratus. observe. lip-service. serviceability. observatory. deservingness. workservant. reservoir. m: slave. servāre. well-served. servantless. serotype. time-server. self-serving. disservice. serosity. deservedness. servītum: be subject to. undeserved. observer. observant. conservator. conservatrix. serī. serviceless. unserved. subserviently. preservationist.serra. sergeant. undeserving. servery. just desserts. serological. conservatism. servantship. buona sera (It). servāvī. conservatoire. Secret Service. wellpreserved servus. seropurulent. serf. cryopreservation. seroculture. conservation. servitude. servīvī. maidservant. servitor. disserviceable. time-service. triservice. reservedly. dereservation. unobservant. inobservance. conservational. conservative. subservience. inobservant. servant. manservant. server. inservice. self-preservation. serrated. servī. sea service. serviceable. servātum: save conservable. ultraconservative. serve. preservative. serotine. unreservedly. conservatively. serve Civil Service. serviceman. time-serving. servile. concierge. reserved. unobserving. serfdom. serous. preserve. unserviceable.

sexuparous. intersex. sextile. sexualist. sexennial. one and one-half. sexually. sexual intercourse. unsexual LS derives sexus from secō. semestrial. sexpert. sex free. sex: six. sexy. sībilō. sexoffender. sexagesimal.sesqui-: above a ratio. sex linked. sex impulse. sextuple. setarious. severitude. sexual. sexcentenary. sexcapade. homosexual. setule. sextet. desexualize. sexūs. sextant. seta. sex shop. sex hormone. sexagenary. sevēra. sestet. sexto. sex attractant. sībilātum: to hiss . sestina. sex appeal. sex surrogate. sex urge. sex crime. ultrasetaceous Italicized words may be Arabic in origin. sevērum: stern. sex-offense. desex. severely. siesta. sexiferous. Sexagesima. sextal. OLD suggests perhaps vērus. sexist. persevere. sex. setula. sex drive. psychosexual. oversexed. sex party. presexual. sex type. metrosexual. sexploitation. sexfid. sextuplex. sex chromosome. sex manual. perseverance. bisexuality. n: sesterce (sesqui + tertius) sesquicentennial. sex change. sextary. homosexualism. transexual. f: bristle satin. sex limited. sevērus. sestertiī. sex blind. senary. asexually. bisexual. semester. sex instinct. setaceous. cybersex. sexta. sextillion. sextic. sextum: sixth (cf. supersexual. sexism. sex cell. sestertius. unisexuality. heterosexual. sex kitten. parasexual. sex education. strict asseverate. transexualism. sexfoil. sexologist. unisex. asseveration. undersexed. psychosexually. sexpot. hetrosexist. sex play. severe. sexless. ἕξ) bissextile. setiform. sexipede. sex factor. OLD does not. homosexuality. retrosexual. satiny. setose. saetae. sexpartite. severity LS refers to sērius. sesquilateral. seton. sexradiate. unisexual. sexdigitate. sexualization. perseverate. sībilus. senoculate. heterosexuality. sex ratio. m: sex asexual. sexuate. sībilī. unsex. sexual revolution. sex act. setigerous. m: hissing. sexual athlete. sex object. sex organ. sextuplicate. sexualism. sextan. sexennium. sexagene. sesquipedelian. sex symbol. sext. intersexual. sex orgy. sextus. sex killer. sice. seicento (It). pansexual. sexuality. sībilāvī. sībilāre. sesterce sestertius: see sesquī and trēs saeta (sēta). sextern. perseveringly. sexagenarian. transexuality. pseudosex. sexualize. monosexual. sex bomb. sex therapy. sexology. desexualization. sexed. sistine sexus. sextuplet. senocular. nonsexist. perseveration.

designative. undesirable. minus sign. consigne. considerate. inconsiderable. Siciliae. persiflage. siccation. unconsidered. n: statuette. consign. inconsiderate. exsiccation. desiderate. inconsiderately. designing. reassignment. designfully. persifleur (Fr). dēsīderāvī. designated. sibilantly. designator. desirable. qualisign. consignee. sidereal. nonsignificant. sigillum. plus sign. ensign. designingly. persiflate. assignee. considering. designlessly. desirableness. consignificant. exsiccative. secco (It). assigner. consideringly. exsiccosis. n: seal. siccum: dry desiccant. exsiccate. insigne: marked assign. desiccation. siccate. siderostat. consignation. signī. exsiccator. considerately. dēsīderō. designless. considerer. reconsideration. Sicily siccus. radio signal. assignment. designatory. reseal. sic transit gloria mundi sīca. sibilate. considerableness. desirability. desiderative. design. insignificant. cōnsīderātum: inspect. sic semper tyrannis.assibilate. desideration. siccative sīdus. considerably. plurisign. desiccator. co-signatory. consignor. desirously. desiccative. assignation. sicarii Sicilia. assibilation. desirer. ensigncy. desiccate. designee. enseal. consignment. . desiringly. assignable. designedness. sibilation. f: dagger sicarian. assignor. n: star. desiccatory. insignificance. sibilance. sibilus sī: see nisi. countersignature. Siceliot. insignia. cōnsīderāvī. quasi sīc: thus sic. dēsīderātum: desire consider. desireless. consigner. sideromancy. in hoc signo vinces. sibilant. countersignal. insignificantly. well-considered signum. intersidereal. overdesign. resign. resealable. designfulness. privy seal. ill-considered. dēsīderāre. designable. designer. insignis. insignificancy. Sicel. monosign. considered. inconsideration. considerable. electrodesiccation. redesign. resigned. sign. insignis. f: Sicily Sicanian. sīcae. sicca. sigillī. desirelessly. designate. desirelessness. cōnsīderāre. desideratum. predesignate. assignat. desire. undesired. designation. sīderis. reconsider. desirably. assignability. consideration. designedly. desirous. Siciliana. considerateness. reassign. countersign. cōnsīderō. consignable. designful. Sicilian. sibilatory. sibilous.

silicic.B. sigla. silvics. signatum. silicis. desiliconize. silicify. siluī: be silent. word sign. petrosilex. significs. sealant. signum. silvichemical. Silvia. silicon. segno (It). sign. shift sign. supersign. sigillary. m: flint. unassignable. signaphora. sylvite. victory sign. silvicolous. significant. sigillate.resignedly. signalman. savagely. tocsin. siliquae. signpost. simian. signless. siliquose silva. signatory. signified. silent. Th animal seal is unrelated. signet-ring. silencer. significate. signary. silviculture. f: forest Pennsylvania. Sylvia. sigillographer. siliquiferous. sīmiae. way signal. significance. silica. significatory. sileō. sylvatic. signific. sylvan. desilicify. f: pod silicle. sigillation. silicone. Sylvester. similis: see simul simplex (simplicis): one-layered (semel + plectō) . which may be related to silva. terra sigillata. silvicide. signature. signate. Transylvania. signet. signans. silentium. signing. savage. silicosis. silentness. sorosilicate siliqua. silicicolous. silicification. unassigned. petrosiliceous. siliculose. silentiary. Silver is unrelated to silva. silvan. traffic sign. significative. simious These words may be derived from sīmus from σιμός snub-nosed. silence. video signal. savageness. time signal. unsigned. signification. sealed letter. signboard. sigillography. silvex. unseal. Transylvanian Underlined words may be from silva (most likely) or from saevus. test signal. unsilenced silex. sign language. signage. siliquiform. signaler. silicula. signally. siliqua. undesigned. sial. significator. significancy. system design. significantly. siliceous. sealing wax. transiginification. silicoalkaline. undersign. stopsign. signalist. silva. unsealed. signifier. signalize. undersigned. siliciferous. resignation. silēre. sealing. savagery. pebble desilicate. signalization. signal. sylvestrian. signify. silently. signer. simianity. Simia. seal (stamp). silvical. n: silence radio silence. signalectic. sīmia. sigil. yield sign N. silvae. f: ape prosimian. silentiī. silicate. presylvian. sylviculture. sylvicoline. sigillum. signality.

sinecurist. disassimilative. singlevision. singularization. assimilationism. simile. singleton. singularly. sine die. sumulātum: pretend. prestidigitation. sīvī. off-site. sincēra. dextrosinistral. unsimilated. semplice (It). dissimilative. assimilability. simulcast. dissemblingly. desinent. simplist. prestidigitator. simplistically. transfax. simply simul: together. presto. assemble. simplicial. similative. dissemble. simillimum. simul. simulāvī. similar. simulāre. sinecure. sine dubio. single grave. dissimilarly. facsimile. singulary. situate. simulacrum. dissimilitude. sanculottic. sincerely. dissembler. singula: one at a time (ultimately from semel) single. sincerity OLD suggests possibly from semel. dissimilar. dissimilation. sincērum: unblemished. simplify. sine: without nil sine numine. single tax. simulate. situm: leave. simulator. singlehearted. ensemble. similarly. assimilation. tail assembly. singularism. singularist. singulae. simultaneousness. sine prole. fax. simple-minded. dissimulator. in situ. assembly. genuine insincere. simultane. similarity. clear. desinence. assimilator. simultaneous. simultaneism. simpleton. insincerely. simpliste (Fr). dissemblance. sinistrally. . sincērus is not sine + cēra. resemblance. disassemble. simple. similis. sincecurism. singlemindedly. sinistrocular. singleminded. sinister. simulō. simple-hearted. insincerity. simulant. resemble. similis. verisimilitude. assimilable. simplism. simulfix. single track. dissimilarity. situated. dissimulation. sinistrodextral. sincere. single-valued. sinistrad. simplicity. singly. inassimilable. sinisterly. singleness. sinistra. telefacsimile. site. sinere. reassemble. sinistrously sinō. sans (Fr). simuland. assimilationist. sinistrous. assembly line. simpleness. sinistral. semblance. singlesided. similitude. singularity. at the same time. sans-culotte (Fr). unassimilable. assimilative. dissimulate. simultaneity. wheel assembly sincērus. simplistic. simulation. assemblyman. singular. singlehanded. dissimilatory. sine qua non singulī. assimilationistic. simile: like assemblage. sinistrorse. assimilate. dissimulatory. simplification. dissimile. assembler. desinential. dissimulative. dissimilate.oversimplification. verisimilar. oversimplify. singularize. disassimilation. simplex. on-site. single fare. sinistrum: left ambisinister. sitcom. simultaneously. simplex munditiis. consimilarity. sinistrality. allows campsite. singulative sinister. simulative.

associate. sociologic. sinuāvī. consociation. sociocrat. unsocial. social drinking. sociolect. sociologism. social group. societās. sociocracy. bosom.situation. Social Studies. versine sistō (set up): see stō situla. sinuously. societary. societal. socialized medicine. sociative. soccī. socialist. sinusoid. sociī. insinuatingly. situationally. sino-auricular. associable. denazify. sociogenic. antisocially. social revolution. word association sodālis. dissociative. sociodrama. dissocial. dissociant. situlae. sinuose. website sinus. social butterfly. m: comrade 32 acronym for “situation normal all f***ed up” . sociobiological. phytosociology. situlate soccus. social lie. snafu32. socialistic. associational. socialize. sockless. social credit. sinuāre. social work. situationist. disassociate. f: alliance AMA. socializer. Social Security. dissocioscope. Nazi. socius. socialism. insociability. eco-socialism. social. sinuō. sinusoidal. sociable. sociometric. unsociably. socle socius. unsociable. societātis. dissociate. sinuous. consociate. m: bay. dissociable. social will. sociostatic. associability. situationism. psychosocially. socioeconomic. sodālis. social democracy. sociably. associative. desocialization. desocialize. insociably. social action. situational. sociogenesis. sinus. trisinuate. sinuosity. psychosocial. sociobiologist. sinogram. indissociable. m: ally. societarian. sociological. sockhop. socializee. sociography. resocialization. sinuātum: bend cosine. sociality. m: low-heeled shoe sock. sociologist. eusocial. Socred. pocket. sinūs. sociopathic. sociologese. sine. sociopathy. insinuative. social science. socies. situationalism. sociobiology. sociolinguistics. f: bucket situla. soccer. microsocial. antisocial. sociology. denazification. insociable. sociologistic. insinuate. society. social cost. social realism. socially. disassociation. social contract. associator. social wage. social space. open society. socialization. prosocial. social register. sociability. sociogram. sinusitis. sociometry. consocies. sociopath. sinuation. asocial. sociation. sinuate. socialite. sinuately. closed society. insinuation. dissociation. socialist realism. insinuator. association. sociocentric.

soldiery. rubber-soled. solid biosolid. unsoldered. soldiership. soil (n). soily. solidification. prairie soil. consolidation. solid. soldierly. unsoldierly. soliterraneous. subsoil. solar-heated. solidarily. consol. solid fuel. soil cement. solar cell. solar myth. solar. sōlātus sum: comfort. consolidate. sōlemne: performed according to religious tradition. solstice. obsolescence. console (v). solar sail. solstitial. sole (fish. inconsolably. solemnly Probably not sōlus + annus. solida. soliped. planosol. console (n). solea. soliform. solemnity. solar system. solid geometry. solidly. : comfort consolable. soil exhaustion. solidungulate. solder. paleosol. disconsolately. insolidity. solacement. solatium. solitus sum: be accustomed insolence. insolently. solidaric. soil. solarium. solar flare. soling. summer solstice. insolate. unsolid sollicitus: see cieō sōlor. soilless.sodality sōl. subsolar. solēre. solarization. obsoleteness. winter solstice solea (sandal): see solum sōlemnis. traditional solemn. soil cover. soldier ant. sol-lunar. soil nutrient. solarimeter. solderable. inconsolable. solī. solidify. consolement. consolatory. soligenous. solar table. f: sandal insole. obsolete. solidarity. insolation. consolidationist. soil detection. m: sun circumsolar. solidary. sōlis. sōlemnis. oxisol. solation. nightsoil. reconsolidate. sole leather. solderless. planned obsolescence solidus. soleae. consound (heal). disconsolateness. solemnize. consolidatory. soleprimt. ultisol . solid state. consoling. soleless. solar constant. foot). soli-lunar. parasol. consolingly. disconsolate. soldierize. cōnsōlātiō. solar power. consolably. unconsoled solum. solar panel. disconsolation. sōlārī. soldierlike. consolatorily. spodosol. sol. obsolescent. overconsolidated. solar wind. insolent. obsoletely. soil erosion. soil conditioner. solidus. girasol. consolation. lunisolar. solace. solidness. solar charged. solidity. soldering. soldier. solar plexus. soldiering. solidungulous. solid solution. solidum: unalloyed. sou (Fr). solemness. solarism. n: ground. soleō. consolidator. topsoil. consoler. solarist.

solifluction. solivagant. ambisonic. undissolved. resounding. absolutistic. inconsonant. solifidian. dissolubility. isolubleness. soloist. aerosol. resolution. resolvable. absolve. resolve. solve. somnambulism. solion. time-resolved. dissolution. somnolescence. cosonant. absolutist. sonāre. fluctisonant. unsolvable. fat-soluble. resolutive. contoid. sonī. sonantal. irresonance. solubilize. insolvability. irresolute. somniī. sonō. soliloquist. insoluble. absolutize. consonance. absolutism. solipsistic. solūtum: loosen. resonate. solvable. hypersonic. dissolutionist. solutionizing. absolutely. solvī. resound. dissolutional. somnolent. assonance. solibiblical. water soluble somnus. sonitus. indissolvable. desolator. dissonance. sonance. desolation. dissolutionism. resol. consonantize. solubilization. absolvable. insomniac. solution treatment. soliloquy. dissoluteness. solitarily. dissolute. consonantic. ringings absonant. irresolution. solubility. somnambulist. solitude. unresolved. sonitūs. unsolved. persolution. absolute state. somnivolency. dissoluble. consonantism. desolately. solvability. sodar. radio sounder. endoradiosonde. dissonantal. soliton. resolver. solver. irresonant. solvolysis. resonant. dissolvable. somniferous. equisonant. solution set. parasomnia. solvolyze. nonsolvent. irresoluble. resoluble. sullen. desolateness. solubilizer. unabsolved. echo-sounding. resoundingly. solitudinarian. solitaire. absolution. resolute. sominex. sōlum: alone. dissonant. n: sleep. somnī.sōlus. solvent. resolvability. sullenness solvō. consonantly. sole (a). soliflual. solution. m: sound. solventless. somnium. solipsist. solipsism. sonar. dissolvent. indissoluble. sonitum: to make a noise. solutionist. insolubility. malison. solvitur ambulando. resolvancy. dissolver. insolvency. somnolence. problem-solving. m: sound. infrasonic. somnolescent. irresolutely. desolatingly. plastisol. soliloquize. insolvably. consonant. soloistic. solvation. solus. irresolute. dissolve. sonuī. infrasound. solvere. somnolently. consonation. resolvent. insolvable. solitary. soluble. sullenly. assonate. consonantal. magnisonant. solo. resolutely. . highsounding. somnific. somnifacient. mellisonant. sonancy. set free absolute. somniloquist. solely. hydrosol. somnipathy. organosol. unresolvable. redissolve. sonant. MRI. dissolutely. irresolution. insolvent. water insoluble. quadrasonic. sōla. solvate. resonator. bisonant. solute. somniloquy. insolubly. irresolvable. horrisonant. sōlum: only desolate. solid solution. radiosonde. resonance. insomnia. orison. assonant. solvency. grandisonous. Somnus sonus. solifidianism. somnambulant. soliped. insonorous. dissonantly. n: dream hypersomnic. resolved.

sound-symbolism. sone. assortative. sparsity .. polydisperse. reabsorption. cousinlike. sopōris. f: lot assort. ultrasound. sordidus. subsonic. sonorant. sorting code. f: sister cousin. assorter. soak up absorb. ultrasonic. surround sound. sorbēre. unisonal. sparger. consortism. sparse. soporific. sorōris. sonorescence. disperser. missort.sonata. reabsorptive. sordidly. assortment. sonifaction. soundly. dispersedly. soundpost. sorb. sonics. cuz. soundtrack. spargere. sorbile. sorceress. soporiferous. sonobuoy. unsoundly. sonic. m: deep sleep sopor. trisonant. reabsorb. sortition. sorbent. unison. soporous sorbeō. sonorously. conspergent. sonography. desorb. sonogram. transonic. sortilege. sorcerer. zero-sound sopor. resorptive. sororal. sound. dispersivity. asperse. unsounded. disperse. sonnetry. cousinship. resorb. ultrasonography. absorbable. transsonic. desorption. sorbuī (sorpsī): ingest by drinking. soundlessly. sound-condition. sonorousness. soundingboard. sparge. sororicide. soundshift. sonorific. sordēre. supersonic. sonograph. sonneteer. sonnet. unisonant. unisonous. sortability. dispersion. unsoundness. soundsystem. sortable. soniferous. adsorbent. consort. selfabsorbed. dispersedness. sonometer. sound effect. absorbent. dispersively. absorbability. ill-sorted. resorption. m: shrew soricine soror. dispersant. sonnetize. aspersion. unsoundable. intersperse. cousinhood. sordor sō̆rex. sparsum: scatter asperge. sonorous. absorption. soundboard. adsorption. sortis. soundinsulated. consortial. absorbed. absorptive. sorption sordeō. sorbefacient. sonde. physisorb. sound law. consortium. soundless. prince consort. sorcerous. sortation. consperse. sordida. sordidum: dirty sordid. absorbing. sordidness. sounder. dispersal. resorption. sort. sortal. sparseness. sparsely. absorbefacient. physisorption. cousinry. ensorcellment. sonorescent. sonometer. sorter. sorcery. sonority. (sorduī): be dirty. soporose. cousinly. sororate. sō̆ricis. dispersable. soundingline. sordidity. dispersive. sorority sors. soundingly. sparsī. unsorted spargō. soundproof. sonicate. self-absorption. sounding. interspersion. assorted. soundness.

co-species. inspection. inspector. despiseress. retrospect. multispecialist. coenospecies. spatiārī. respectively. prospective. spaceless. spacelab. spectāvī. spatial. nonspecific. backspace. inauspicious. despisal. nonspatial. spatialism. space suit. disrespectful.spatium. space-time. perspicuous. respectability. disrespectability. spatiī. expectance. perspicacious. inspectional. disrespect. disrespectable. conspicuously. space program. perspectograph. nonspecialized. spacelike. co-specific. spacesaving. inspectorial. perspicuously. spatialist. perspectivism. spectāre. inspective. especially. auspiciously. photospectroscope. circumspective. inspectorate. spexī. despite. space shuttle. space group. spatiography. nonspeculative. inspectrix. interspace. expectation. space colony. respectfully. auspicious. prospectively. cyberspace. visuospatial. despicably. extraspective. spatior. disrespectfulness. despiser. despicability. diss (slang). despisingly. speciēs. disrespectfully. introspection. spaceport. respectably. prospector. spacebar. hyperspace. spatio-temporal. perspective. inspectress. espacement. spaceship. life-expectancy. respectable. nonspecialist. despicable. expectable. spacecraft. speculī. self-respect. perspicacity. specere. n: mirror aspect. respect. inconspicuous. perspectivistic. especial. despiteously. prospicience. counterspy. despiteous. space cowboy. expectantly. vector space. despisement. spaceman. expectancy. despiteful. spacewalk. conspectus. null space. self-respecting. working space speciō. spaced out. spacious. introspectively. workspace. overspecialization. perspicuity. spacewoman. omnispective. conspicuity. ecospecies. time-space. expatiate. circumspect. subspace. frontispiece. inspectable. spaceline. expectant. spatiate. respectful. inspectorship. social space. perspectively. perspectivity. superspace. space sickness. auspicate. despise. wallspace. space chamber. spacarium. gaze. multispectral. circumspatial. perspectival. despicableness. speculum. prospect. respite. NASA. circumspectly. introspective. irrespectively. perspectivist. spectō. spacy. prospectus. despitefully. irrespective. spacer. spacekey. n: space. spaciousness. space age. spaceworthy. introspect. haruspication. spacistor. expectative. circumspection. prospectless. f: sight. expatiatory. conspicuousness. soupcon. conspicuous. speciēī. expect. auspices. spacialize. extrospective. . radiospectrum. microspecies. despitefulness. conspecies. spectātum: look at. bespectacled. retrospective. respective. expatiative. haruspical. spacefaring. spatially. space cadet. retrospectively. spaciously. inauspiciously. overspecify. expatiation. spatiātus sum: wander aerospace. inspect. inconspicuously. conspecific. spacing. inspectoral. retrospection. (spectum): see. intraspecific.

specialness. speciation. desperate. speculation. specialist. spectacle. spectrochemistry. speciously. spiculate. Esperanto LS derives prosperus from spērō. special. spīca. spectral. spectatorial. speciosity. specular. spēluncae. speculatively. spite. specifically. N. spice. spēlunca. spectrally. specialité (Fr). f: cave (from Greek σπῆλυγξ from σπέος) spelunk. speculate. spectacular. OED does nor trace spite back to speciō. spectroscopic. trispective. specification. other dictionaries do. species-rich. despairingly. unrespectable. spectacles. suspiciousness. spice mill. unrespected. spectatory. spectrophotometer. spyring. spectatorship. special-pleader. unexpected. spec. spycatcher. spectate. species. unspecialized. specifiable. spectrum. spicule. supraspecies. desperado. spectacle-maker. spectatrix. spectacularism. multispicular. spectrogram. spiculum. specifier.B. spectroscopy. suspect. despairful. spērō. spectroscope. spectacled. spīnae. spiciform. spectacle-glass. spicular. speculum.Spam. suspectable. spectrotype. spectatress. unsuspectingly. spectinomycin. speciesism. specializer. speciousness. unsuspecting. suspiciously. spectrology. suspicion. spiteful. despairingness. specific. spymaster. specify. unsuspected. species-sanitation. species-poor. spectrin. spicula. specie. test specimen. suspicious. f: spike (perhaps from speciō) interspicular. spectroheliogram. special-pleading. spiculiferous. desperately. desperateness. spērāvī. spitefully. spicebush. speculatrix. spectrophone. unexpectedly. Spica. species-specific. The connection between spy and speciō is dubious. suspecter. spyglass. subspecialty. specialism. species pair. desperation. spydom. specialistic. spīcae. spectrochemical. spice islands. despairing. specially. spike (wheat) spīna. specificity. spērātum: to hope despair. spicate. spectrometer.B. spectator. despairer. spelunking spēs. specularly. spēī. specs. spectrograph. specter. transpecific. spiciferous. speculatory. OLD does not. unsuspiciously. spicecake. waste inspector N. transpicuous. specialize. specialization. speculator. f: thorn . specimen. specialty. unsuspicious. speciality. spigot. spy. speculative. spicy. spectrological. speculatist. specious. spyproof. spice trade. special interest. stereospecific. unspecified. spelunker. spērāre. spectacularly. specularite. f: hope. spicigerous. subspecies. spectrohelioscope.

respiration. spiny. respirator. spissō. spiraculum. spina. splendidly. mean-spirited. transpire. spiritism. spiritualist. m: breath antiperspirant. spirituality. splendēre. expiration. inspirer. perspirative. spiritously. water spirit. conspirative. inspissator. uninspiring. plunder . spissus. perspiry. spoliō. suspire. spiritually. public-spirited. spinulose. tectospinal. conspire. spirited. spoliī. suspiration. transpirometer. splendiferous. proofspirit. spirituous. spiracular. aspire. OED does not derive sprite from spīrō. spiritist. AHD does. thoracispinal. spine-chiller. respiratory. splendorous. spine-tail. aspirant. spiration. spoils. uninspired. spirit. suspirious. conspiratrix. spissa. inspirate. conspiring. transpiration. conspirer. inspirative. inspirationist. spineless. expirator. esprit de corps (Fr). unexpired. dorsispinal. dispiritment. unaspiring. perspirable. spinescent. spīrātum: breathe. resplendent. aspirate. inspiredly. spiritus. spoliāvī. spinous. medullispinal. unspiritual. infraspinal. perspire. spīritūs. spinula. spoliātum: strip. spissum: thick. n: hide. conspiracy. spissāvī. perspirability. transpinal. spinigrade. splendor. dispiritedly. reaspire. splendiferously. inspirator. spirituosity. spirantization. world spirit N. low-spirited. spirometric. inspiring. intraspinal. expiry. perspiratory. conspirator. spiritualize. dispirit. despiritualization. dispiritingly. respire. sprightliness. despiritualize. spiracle. splendorously spolium. conspiringly. esprit. aspirator. spiritedness. inspirable. high-spirited. in nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. trispinose spīrō. inspiration. spiniform. spiritedly. persp. inspirit. spissāre. sacrospinal. spiritless. transpirable. aspiringly. skin. spiritous. spiritualistic. conspiratorially. spiritual. splenduī: shine resplendence. spine-tingler. awe-inspiring. spinose. spirometer. spine. spissitude splendeō. inspirometer. perspiration. spiritualization. supraspinal. spinal cord. spiritistic. splendent. sprightly. spinodal. nonaspirated. spiritlessly. inspissation. inspirational. spinelessly. spinal. photorespiration. spīrāvī. spiniferous. genitospinal. craniospinal. splendidness. spirograph. respirometer. spoliāre. spinode. inspiringly. responaut. inspiratory. spiritualism. inspire. sprite. splendid. conspirant. spinal column. porcupine. aspiration. spinigerous. perspiring. spissātum: thicken inspissate. expiratory.cerebrospinal. aspiring. cesspool. coconspirator. expire. conspiratorial. spīrāre. spirant. spirantize.B. spine-thriller. spiritlessness. multispinous. spīritus. spiritualizer.

sponsalia. spopondī. spontaneously. spoilspeople. despoilment. respondēre. sua sponte spūma. spontaneous. spondēre. m: illegitimate child spuria. spumeous. squāluī: be unkempt/filthy. espouser. responsal. corresponder. spontaneousness. spoliator. be rough/stiff squalid. photoresponse. responsory. sputum Spew is cognate. spume. spoliative. sponsor. desquamative. respondence. responsibility. squama. responsum: answer co-respondent. spuriī. despumation. correspondingly. espouse. spuriously. despondency. spuriosity. spumoni (It). sponsorship. desquamation. riposte. responsively. dispume. spousal. response. spoilsport. squalor. spumante (It). stimulus response. spontis. . correspondentship. unresponsively. squalī. spumiferous. squalidness. squame. squamation. responsorial. esquamulose. spumous. spoilable. corresponding. spūmae. irresponsible. squaloid. spoliatory. f: free will (diptote only in genitive spontis and ablative sponte) spontaneity. transponder. sponsorial. squalidly. respondī. f: foam (perhaps from spuō) despumate. dispumation. despond. squālēre. spoil. irresponsibility. squāmae. spuī. desquamatory. squalus squāma. despoliation. responder. responsible. spumescence. f: scale (related to squalus) desquamate. unresponsible. spuere. spoliate. squalidity. sponsum : answer. spumy spuō. unresponsive. unresponsiveness. squalodont. squaliform. correspondence. spoilt. corresponsive. m: a type of large fish squalene. spurious. despondent. espousal. spoilsperson. correspondency. sponsal. spoliation. responsibly. correspondent. spumescent. spurius. voicespond (spōns). unspoiled spondeō. respondent. exspuition. correspondential. spoilsman. spuriousness squāleō. despondence. squalorology squalus. correspond. spouse.despoil. spoiler. respondeō. respond. irresponsive. squalorologist. spouseless. correspondently. desponder. despondingly. spoilage. despondently. squamaceous. squamate. despoiler. responsive. spūtum: spit cuspidor. irresponsibly.

stagnant. instellation. stagnum stannum. stagnicolous. stagnate. squamigerous. stāgnum. f: star constellate. S. restaurāre. restaurātum: rebuild bookstore. īnstaurāvī. restorationist. st is the only Latin word lacking a vowel. restaurāvī. hush! st This interjection appears in Plautus and may have influenced the English equivalent. n: tin. instauration. stella. storefront. -staurāvī. stercoraceous. stannum statim: at once (perhaps from stō) stat statuō (decide): see stō -staurō. stelleroid. n: dung stercobilin. storage. stercoration. stannous. stellaria. stellation. thermal storage. stercorary. squamous. stelliform. squamipennate. Incidentally. stercoral. stagnate stagflation. storekeeper. stellionate. stercolith. stagnal. stellion. stellite. constellation. substellar stercus. chainstore. stagnatory. interstellar. stagnantly. stagnationist. stāgnō. squarrōsa. store. squamiform. scabby squarrose st: hist!. restaurō. stercoraemia. Sn. storable. unrestored. stercoris. Stella Maris. stagnancy. squamosal. stāgnātum: form pool of standing water. quasistellar. stellate. squamose. stāgnī. an alloy of silver and lead distannic. restorative. storeroom. storage station. restoration. stāgnāre. stercorolith. -staurāre. stercovorous. restaurateur. stercorate. stellar. stannary. squamule. n: pool of standing water. squarrōsum: scurfy. stellarator.squamiferous. sterculia . storeman. quasar. īnstaurāre. stercoricolous. stāgnāvī. stelliferous. storer. stellify. restaurant. stannic. storage capacity. Stella. storage location. stercoranist. Estelle. stagnation. squamula. stellae. squamulose squarrōsus. stellular. stannī. storage protection. restore. stercorarious. stercorous. īnstaurō. squamuliform. working storage stella. storehouse. -staurātum: establish. stellification. stanniferous. īnstaurātum: renew. restorationism. squamulation.

stratus. instillation. stratocracy. street credibility. stylishness. cumulostratus. electrostimulation. stylet. street crime. distilled. sterilizer sternō. undistilled Italicized words accepted by AHD and W3. stertere. strāvī. sternutative. contrastimulus. cirrostratus.B. distilment. stimulative. sternere. street people. stratification. instill. prostrate. strada (It). stylistic. style. stratigraphic. prostration. stratovolcano. consternation. sterile. stratotype. stimulant. substratum. offstreet. stratocumulus. streetscape. humistratus. streetlight. stimulāre. stertor(i)ously stīlla. stimulāvī. stem-distillation. stretch altostratus. Wall Street N. stīllae. distillable. sternuere. stylishly. laser. streetwalker. stratose. substrate. stylize. straticulate. sterilis. lifestyle. stratificational. sterilizability. stertor(i)ous. stylish.sterilis. stiller. nimbostratus. sterilant. stimoceiver. turbostratic. stylometric. f: drop (diminutive of stīria ice-drop) distill. stimulation. sternuī: sneeze sternutation. sterility. streetway. stylist. stillatitious. stimulātum: urge forward. cross-sreet. stiliform. still (n). sterilize. stratosphere. entrada. . stratigraphical. distillage. sternutator. stylistician. stylostatistics. prostrator. constern. distillate. Strew is at best very remotely related to sternō. stratiform. distillery. stimulator. distilland. spread out. stimulī. stylometry. stratula. instillator. street. stratify. m: pointed stake (from -stīgō) (cf. īnstīgō and stimulus) freestyle. distiller. sterilization. psychostimulant. stimulatory. stilus (stylus). sternuō. stratospheric. stratal. stratocirrus. overstimulate. stratigrapher. stylus No source proves turnstile is derived from stilus. īnstīgō and stilus) (Greek στίζω and στίγμα) contrastimulant. photostimulate. stratigraphy. consternate. stratum. sterile: barren radio sterilization. streetcar. stimulate. stimulō. superstratum. strātum: lay out. spur on (from -stīgō) (cf. sternutatory stertō. distillation. sterilizable. stylization. stiletto. Main Street. streetward. distillatory. stylebook. multistyle. stertuī: snore stertor. autostrada. styler. stilling. straticulation. laserprint. streetless. stimulus. styleless. stilī. m: goad.

extinguishment. stipiform. fire extinguisher. statum: stop. stīpendiī: pay (LS says stips + pendō) stipend. contradistinctive. consistence. sistere. f: stalk (dim. distinct. distinguished. exstinguere. stipuliform. tree. undistinguished. stabulum. stabulī. f: alms. instinctive. coexistence. stipulation. undistinguishable. stimulusresponse. armistice. statūtum: decide (ἵστημι) absolute state. stimulus. stipendless stirps. stabile: steady.stimulogenous. inextirpable. distinguishable. distinguishability. stipulātus sum: bargain constipate. statiōnis. indistinguishable. extirpatory. indistinctly. consistently. inextinguishably. costive. inextinguishable. stipulator. consistency. stabilis. costiveness. exstinctum: destroy contradistinct. distinctively. destroy. coinstantaneous. stīpes. statum: stand. backstage. stīpātum: compress. stipulate. distinguo. coexist. stipula. etiolate. consistent. circumstantiate. constipated. sex instinct. exstirpative. root extirpate. distinguish. stipate. obstipation. stipulārī. coexistent. distinctive. of stīpes). unextinguished -stinō: see stō stīpō. m: clan. f: station. circumstantially. stipule. distinguishably. stipes. extirpator. extirpation. costively. m: log. n: stable. distinguisher. extinction. unextinguishable. extinct. stipulae. instinct. pack. distinguishedly. exstipulate. stirp. stipation. unstimulated stinguō. coinstantaneously. . statuō. assistance. extinguish. stirpiculture. extinguisher. stipuliferous. statuere. distinction. stitī. contradistinguish. stipis. circumstance. stīpitis. stirpis. statuī. sistō. constipation. circumstantiality. stipella. arrest. exstinxī. stipulose. city-state. distinctly. exstinguō. distinctness. circumstantiation. arresting. distinctiveness. coinstaneity. stipendiary. stipellate. indistinctness. stīpendium. consist. nondistinctive. stubble. assistant. assist. stevedore. stipitate. stabilis. stipitiform. arrestee. stipulode. stimulus diffusion. assistor. instinctually. stipe. stīpāre. distingue. tristimulus. instinctively. stīpāvī. stāre. biostatistics. instinctual. stubbly (Schaeffer splits these into three different roots) stips. distinguishingly. stinguere: put out a fire. assister. stipulor. contradistinction. stipulatory. statiō. assistantship. stirps stō. extinctive. consisting. circumstantial. etiolation. extinguishable. stetī. stimulose. indistinct.

institute. reinstatement. institutionalization. constantan. resistanceless. predestination. costly. . interstate. desubstantiate. destitutely. insistent. happenstance. nihil obstat. Pelican State. insubstantially. institutionalize. reconstitute. prosty. constance. inconstantly. constancy. constitutionalist. consubstantialist. resistor. rest (remainder). real estate. inconstant. outdistance. insistently. institution. consubstantiate. persistingly. constability. constituitivity. costless. restive. institutionary. institutionally. insubstantial. constantly. intrastate. existential. instantly. monostable. destituteness. nonresistance. interstice. existentialism. instability. constatation. social cost. coup d’état (Fr). preexistent. inconsistently. persistent. irresistibly. phallic stage. solid state. resister. persistently. overcostly. phototransistor. consubsist. instable. establishment. Constantinople. constitutionally. establishable. constableship. consubstantiative. constative. Constantine. restitution. distal. impersistent. contrasty. consubstantialism. obstinacy. destabilization. radiostation. persistency. metacontrast. cost. constitutor. outstation. consistorian. institutionalism. oust. reinstitute. extant. disestablishment. reestablish. prestidigitation. irresistible. desistance. constitutional. multistage. resistible. constitution. restate. resistant. geostationary. photoresist. institutional. outstate. exist. establisher. constituitonality. solstice. insist. construct state. instantial. consistory. restitutory. distantly. persist. destination. consubstantially. oncost. nonexistence. instate. obstinately. resistivity. pre-existence. distanceless. consubstantial. overstate. overstatement. costliness. constabulary. obstetric. photoresistance. instant. solar constant. prostitution. misstatement. Quaker State. inexistent. constable. establishmentarian. obstetrical. disestablish. constitutionalism. constant. destitute. police state. prestidigitator. inconsistent. co-state. destine. landing-stage. ouster. contrasted. prostitute. Peach State. equidistant. insubstantiality. OAS. persistence. endistance. distant. constitutively. prostitutor. irresistance. obstacle. contrasting. instantaneity. existentialist. insister. rainresistant. establish. instance. dialystaminous. quantum state. interstitial. inconsistency. desist. persistive. instantaneous. reinstate. reestablishment. nonexistent. offstage. institutionize. irresistibility. Mountain States. distally. destiny. insistence. existent. longdistance. obstetrician. predestinate. contrast. nonsubstantial. institutionalist. prossie.consistometer. distance. resistance. photostable. estancia (Sp). instantaneously. estate. obstinate. instancy. radio resistant. obstetrics. constitutive. consubstantiation. constituent. institutive. passive resistance. inexistence. far-distant. police station. multistable. preestablish. piezoresistance. insistency. onstage. destabilize. constituionless. constitute. consubstantiality. desition. destitution. misstate. resistless. constituency. desubstantialize. resist. nonresistant. inconstancy. consistorial. Gulf States. pre-exist. photostationary. contrastable. constitutionalize. existence. poststation. pross. predestine.

transubstantial. substitutivity. unresistingly. statist. substantiable. unestablished. unstableness. unresisted. substantialism. statecraft. summer solstice. OED says only stay (attach) is from stō. staminiferous. superstitiousness. statusful. status. stative. stagecraft. statehouse. substantively. transubstantialism. water resistance. staidly. statesman. statistician. substantiate. stager. stabilizer. sub (replacement). state capitalism. wind resistance. third estate. water resistant. statelet. stabilimentum. N. understate. substage. stagy. statedly. stator. superstation. way station. substantially. United States. superstition. subsistence. stage manager. unconstitutional. stylostatistics. State Department. statism. ultrastable. unstated. war resistance. substantiality. stateside. stabler. stationary. stateswoman. stolae. unconstant. stet. unsubstantiated. statehood. stage. statue. understatement. stagiary. and stand are cognates of stō. stability. station. stately. stet processus. steady state.solstitial. stationhouse. unarrested. spacistor. stanza. statistic. states’ rights. supersubstantial. statable. subsist. war resister. unstably. stationery. superstitious. transistorize. transubstantiate. statutorily. stance. stateroom. but not derivatives. stagehand. substantialist. unstable. subsistent. stanzaical. stabat mater. transphasor. statistics. statutory. statesmanlike. staminal. stage door. stationwagon. stabilize. statolatry. weighstation. thermostable. AHD says stay from stō. statuesque. substantival. stat (number). unsubstantial. substation. substantial. stamina. statistcal. stola. stabilizer. superstitiously. stableboy. workstation N. stableman. state. stagelight. superstate. substitution. stateliness. staid. stationmaster. statutory rape. statesmanship. tristate. stabilizator. storage station. upstate. tracking station. stagecoach. substituitonal. stamen. stabilate. timedistance. unresistant. statal. unassisted. transistor. transubstantiation. f: dress: see στολή stola. suprasubstantial. statement. thyristor. well-established. transubstantialist. stagily. statute. substantialize. stably.B. state secret. soverign state. stage play. stagestruck. stay. unstatesmanlike. substantive. stole (n) . Stall. transtage. statuette. stopping station.B. stabilization. stabile. stallion. stare decisis. weather station. substitutive. stationarily. upstage. stats. statistically. winter solstice. statute book. stabit. stable. substitute. stanchion. unresisting. stabledoor. staging. substantiation. status quo. statemental. staminate. stational. substituent. substance. staidness. stabilimeter. time-constant. thermistor. statewide. stateless. staginess. unconstitutionally. stationer. stature. USA. statuary. states’ evidence. transputer.

obstreperously. perstringe. restriction. distress. constrictively. constrainedly. unstressed. m: creaking stridence. irrestrainable. strepitūs. stress corrosion. restrictor. distressful. venoconstriction. stress-grade. restricted. stressor. stress relaxer. constrainingly. prestigeful. strainable. stringent. constrictive. distressfully. strident. restrictively. D. restrictive. constringent. distrain. yield-stress . strīnxī. distraint. boa constrictor. restrictionist. stress reaction. strīdēre/strīdere.stolidus. stress-maximum. stringency. distrainment. stridulation. restrict. strain (v). eye strain. stolidity. strenuous. stringently. astringency. distressingly. stressful.A. redistricting. stridulate. stricture. redistrict. strigose strīdeō/strīdō. derestrict. prestige. irrestrictive. bronchoconstrictor. constraint. stridently. channel decemstriate. strēnua. wind stress. strong stress. strenuousness strepō. strenuously. overstrain. stressman. stress fracture. constrainer. district. strait. striature. distressfulness. stridulatory. stressable. m: noise obstreperous. restrictionistic. strait-laced. self-restraint. strictly. distrainable. restrainer. stress-free. stretto (It). stolidly strātus: see sternō strēnuus. overstrict. stolidum: dull stolid. stolida. strīdī: to make a high-pitched sound. undistressed. restraint. electrostriction. stridulous. unconstrained. constraintless. strīdōris. striated. strictness. strainless. f: furrow. stridor. strepuī: make a loud noise. strepere. nonrestrictive. overstressed. striate. strigil. strepitous stria. prestigious. straiten. striatum. straitless. stress raiser. strepitus. stress diagram. strepitant.. constrictor. strēnuum active strenuosity. astrictive. stria. stress test. stridency. distrainor. obstrepitousness. unconstricted. constrict. restrain. constringency. perstriction. distressedness. distressedly. strict. stress-timed. stria. stridulator. distrainer. striation. astringent. strainer. unrestrainable. distresser. unstrained. stricti iuris. constrained. stressless. unrestrained. stress analyst. striction. strictum: bind astrict. constrain. technostress. stress-mark. stringendo. constriction. resound. strepitoso. unrestricted. astringe. stress factor. stridulously stringō. stress phoneme. straitly. stringere. stress. constringe. stridor. stridulant.

structuralize. destroyingly. construal. unobstructed. stupuī: be amazed. structuralism. instrumentality. structurize. substructure. struma. unstudied. instructiveness. constructionally. student teacher. stultiloquence stupeō. stupefaction. destructive. transit instrument. unreconstructed. destructionist. technostructure. studentize. deconstruct. destructivity. studious. constructionist. study. instrumental. microinstruction. obstipēscere. instructor. structure. instrumentalist. stupidity. nondestructive. Social Studies. destructful. instruct. destroy. structuredness. studiously. constructionism. instructvely. deconstructive. structurally. obstructiveness. obstruction. microstructure. deobstruct. student. instrumentary. constructible. destructiveness. destroyer. self-destruction. understudy. strūctum: build autodestructive. stupendously. reconstruct. deobstruction. reconstruction. studium. stupor. stupidly. obstructive. strumous. destruction. studuī: be eager etude. stuprum. struere. deconstructionist. BASIC. construct state. study hall. strumose. obstructionism. stupendousness. constructively. instruction. misconstruction. wind-instrument studeō. superstructure. destructible. constructiveness. uninstructed. studuēre. instrumentalization. stuprī. constructional. infrastructure. obstipēscō. misconstrue. obstipuī: be amazed stupefacient. structureless. work-study stultus. torpedo-destroyer. student union. structurism. constructure.struō. vasoconstrictor. microinstruct. nonstudent. structuring. self-study. stulta. deconstructor. structuralistic. structuralist. misinstruction. destroyable. obstruct. reconstructionistic. stultify. ultrastructure. restudy. stuporous . structurization. constructivist. destructure. deconstruction. structural. instructional. stupēre. obstruent. constructive. MIDI. misinstruct. obstructionist. instructible. studied. deconstructively. deobstruent. stultum: stupid stultification. reconstructionist. studier. studio. instructress. undestroyed. stupefy. strain (type). reconstructionism. construct. restructure. studentship. destructor. n: dishonor. destructuralize. deconstructionism. studiousness. destructively. construe. construable. stupefier. indestructibility. construer. megastructure. instrumentalism. instrumentation. instructive. construability. strūxī. destructibility. structuration. constructivism. instrument. stupid. studiable. studiolo. stupendous. understudied. obstructor. self-destructive. obstructively. destructional. disobstruct. construction. stupemania. structurist. indestructible. substruction. destructfully. uninstructive. constructor. instrumentally. self-destruct.

subservient. suāsum: persuade (related to suāvis) assuasive. supply. persuader. suppliant. unpersuasive suāvis. subaltern. submerge. suasion. assuagement. persuasibility. subliminal. subitō (suddenly): see sub and eō sublīmis (lofty): see līmen subtīlis (woven fine): see texō succinum (sūcinum). unpersuadable. suburb. suggest. subject. subtrahend. subsidize. impersuadable. persuadability. sublime. subpoena. succinum sūcus. succiniferous. suborn. subsequent. subtle. subzonal. support. suffix. persuasion. suavity Sweet is a cognate. succor. suspend. (for a more complete list consult the Reverse Index) See note under super. supplicant. sustain sotto voce. replacement). not a derivative. suberin. sūberis. suādēre. suppurate. sūber. suasible. subtract. m: juice (related to sūgō) exsuccous. substance. succubus. both LS and OED do associate them. suffocate. suāvis. suberose. suffice. dissuasively. suāve: pleasant (related to suādeō) assuage. suspect. suberous subitus (sudden). succinct. supplement. subside. suasive. subordinate. suasively. subvert. subvene. persuasible. sūcī. suppress. succulency. suāsī. dissuade. sub-. OLD does not associate suādeō and suāvis. succinī. subjugate. soutaine. suffuse. persuasiveness. persuasive. sublet. n: amber (LS says from sūcus) succinic. suffer. subzone Note alternate spellings in: sotto voce.suādeō. persuadingly. persuasively. souvenir. sub: under sub (boat. subjunctive. suberic. succinite. suave. subsist. dissuasion. subscribe. supple. supplant. supposition. suavely. unpersuaded. succeed. persuade. subway resuscitate. suberization. persuadable. soutane. subdue. substitute. dissuasive. n: cork suber. succulent . succulence.

proseity. . insudation. pro se. suī (no nominative): one’s own ampersand. disaccustom. sulfuric Sulla. fuī.). mastiff. customarily. custom. Suck is a cognate. customhouse. f: habit accoutre. suffragism. per se. sui generis. uncustomed suffrāgō. m: furrow bisulcate. m: sweat desudation. consuetude. sulfide. absently. suicidology. introsuction. sūgere. accustom. Sullan sum. costumery. Sullae. mansuetude. liposuction. sūdāre. suffrāgāvī: support. sudatorium. suētum: be accustomed. sulfuris. customary. sudarium. suction pump. suint. posse. futūrus: be. exudation. sulfate. exudatory. sūxī. consuetudinal. εἰμί) absence. sūdāvī. sulciform. alea iacta est. unaccustomed. sulcus. suum cuique sulcus. prosciutto (It. sulfur. accustomed. sulculus. transudatory. coessence. liposuctionist. exude. custom-made. transudate. possum. disulphate. suffragette. suffrāgiī. customerless. suctorial N. absenteeism. customization. suffrāgium. potuī: be able. absentmindedly. sua sponte. persulfate. praesēns (praesentis): present (cf. uncustomary. consuetudinary. sūdor. suēvī. sūdōris. suction.B. costume. absentminded. sudatory. suffrage. sūctum: suck (related to sūcus) exsuction. n: vote cast for a specific candidate (related to refrāgor) antisuffragist. suēscere. sudorific. nitrosulfuric. manso (Sp). sulfa. florisugent. desuetude. trisulcate sulfur (sulphur). sulphur desulfur. sudoriferous. disulfide. n: sulfur. suicidal. desulfurate. transude suēscō. sulcation. persulfide. m: Sulla Sulla. costumer. cōnsuētūdō. desulfurize. sulcated. perseity. sulfite. sulcī. absent. suffragist probably not sub + frangō sūgō. cōnsuētūdinis. esse. customize. transudation. suffrāgāre.sūdō. customer. accoutrement. absenter. sui-mate. costumier. sūdātum: sweat. sudoriparous. exudate. suicide. sulcal. absentee. coessential. seity.

consumptible. suī. presumptive. nonrepresentative. ens. rep. compossible. transumption. presentism. nonentity. sumptuous. compresence. unrepresented Despite appearances. special interest. essentially. omnipresent. transumpt. inessential. supine. essentialism. impuissant. sumptuosity. public interest. proud-hearted. in futuro. résumé. assumpsit. prosit. essential. consumption. sumptuary. suture supīnus. misrepresentation. prude. omnipresence. underrepresented. prudish. co-present. present-day. in absentia. presumptuous. i. cogito ergo sum. presently. sūmere. supīnum: lying down. reassume. See is. interestedly. id est. co-presence. unassumed. assumer. entity. the italicized words are not derived from videō (prūdēns). consumedly. presentment. entitative. possible. quintessentially. reps. unrepresentative. QEF. assume. futuramic. highest). consumpt. disinterestedness. resuture. assumable. representative. resumption. dedans. consumptively. presumable. consume. consumerist. assumption. -ent from present participle of sum summus (top of. compresent. representation. uninterested. scrumptious. prowess. nonconsumption. essentia. representational. uninteresting. misrepresent. futureless. potis for words with -ence. quintessential. supine supination. inconsumable. supinator. underconsumption. QED. resume. presume. sūmptum: take (up) (sub + emō) all-consuming. pluripresence. sūtum: stitch couturier. interest. subsume. presenter. consumptive. consumptivity. corepresent. represent. subsumption. proudful. consumerism. disinterested. impuissance. presumptively. possibilism. futurism. resumptive. possibility. impossible. consumer. co-rep. futurology. coessentially. pearlessence. present. disinterest. presumably. unpresentable. sutural. futurama. sūmpsī. interesting. prudishly. unassuming. self-interest. sumptuously. disinterestedly. ite missa est.coessentiality.e. puissance. multipresent. essentiality. possibly. puissant. supinely. raison d'être (Fr). futurition. future. presentable. sumptuousness. supineness . suere. possibilist. summa (total): se super sūmō. nonessential. quintessence. essentialize. unessential. superessential. transume. proud. Somos Amigos. essence. possibilistic. unconsumed. esse. sit tibi terra levis. supīna. assumptive. presumption. presentation. futuristic. futurity.. presumptuously. couturière. presence. interestingly. impossibly. futurist. essentialist. multipresence. proudly. unpresuming. impossibility. futural. prudery. unpresumptuous suō.

absurdist. summator. susurrus suus (one’s own): see suī . m: whisper susurrant. superbly. super-duper. sully. summariness. superhighway. soily. supernal. surmount. unconsummated. soprano. consummator. surveillant. summarize. summit. summa cum laude. summa. survivalism. ut supra. supremo (Sp). summation. survivable. survivingly. surviver. super. susurrate. sopranist. sovereignly. soubrette. sum. ad absurdum. survival. superior. sirloin. superbity. summae. summus. sūrae. summum jus. absurd. supra. suilline.May be derived from sub (W3 and LS). unresponsive ab absurdo. summate. absurdity. summability. surd. mezzo-soprano. absurdism. sovereign state. Supreme Court. superman. f: total. surdity sūs. supreme. summa. superbum: haughty. surveying. summum genus. survivalist. f: calf (of leg) sural surdus. co-sovereign. summitry. ὑπέρ) consomme. susurration. surda. summum bonum. insuperable. surview. but ODEE and OED derive from super super: above. somersault. reductio ad absurdum. surdism. surplus. sopranino. summa. surdum: deaf. summum: top of. superstar. summulist. summatively. superba. superable. ὗς) sin-soiled. superb. survey. (cf. co-sovereignty. superiority. summary. survive. surveyor. summarily. suovetaurilia. unsoiled. sovereign. insuperability. supremacist. soilure. summational. unsurmountable. consummate. superbus. Suprematism. unsullied susurrus. White Supremacy sūra. soilage. sum total. supremely. summarization. surveillance. summative. absurdly. surveyance. supremacy. suis: pig (cf. susurrī. consummately. soil (vb). consummation. summitless. sovereignty. supremum.

taberna, tabernae, f: shop (cf. trabs) contubernal, tabernacle, tabernacular, tavern, taverna, taverner, tavernkeeper tābēs, tābis, f: wasting contabescence, contabescent, tabes, tabescence, tabescent, tabetic, tabid tabula, tabulae, f: tablet; tabella, tabellae, f: tablet cardtable, contratabular, entablature, entablement, periodic table, planetable, pool table, round table, side table, solar table, steam table, subtabulate, tab, tabella, tablature, table, tableau, tableaux, tableboard, tablecloth, tableful, tableland, tableless, tableline, tablelinen, table manners, tablemountain, table-rapping, tablespoon, tablespoonful, tablestone, tablet, tabletalk, table tennis, tabletop, tableware, table wine, tablinum, tabloid, tab show, tabula, tabular, tabula rasa, tabulary, tabulate, tabulation, tabulator, tabule, tabuliform, tea table, tide-table, timetable, tole (iron), transfer table, turntable, vin de table (Fr), wagontable, watertable, wax tablet, worktable taceō, tacēre, tacuī, tacitum: be silent reticence, reticent, reticently, Tacitean, tacit, tacitly, taciturn, taciturnity, Tacitus taedet, taedēre, taeduit, taesum est: be weary tedious, tediously, tediousness, tedium tālea, tāleae, f: cutting, thin piece of wood detail, detailer, entail, entailable, entailer, entailment, retail, retailer, tailor, tailordom, tailoring, tailorize, tailorless, tailormade, tailory, tally, tally sheet tālis, tālis, tāle: of such a type; tāliō, tāliōnis, f: retribution (OLD distinguishes these two roots) retaliate, retaliation, retaliatory, talion talpa, talpae, f: mole talpa, talpid, talpine, taupe

tālus, tālī, m: knuckle bone, ankle protalus, talaria, taligrade, taliped, talipes, talon, talus Tamesis, Tamesis, m: Thames Thames tandem: finally (tam + -dem) tandem, tandem formation tangō, tangere, tetigī, tāctum: touch; taxō, taxāre, taxāvī, taxātum: value, assess, censure; integer, integra, integrum: fresh aftertaste, attain, attainability, attainable, attainder, attainer, attainment, attainor, attaint, bitangent, contact, contactable, contactor, contagion, contagionist, contagiosity, contagious, contagiously, contagiousness, contagium, contaminant, contaminate, contamination, contaminative, contaminator, contiguity, contiguous, contiguously, contiguousness, contingence, contingency, contingent, contingential, contingently, contingentness, cotangent, co-tangential, decontaminate, decontamination, disattaint, discontiguity, discontiguous, disintegrable, disintegrand, disintegrate, disintegration, disintegrative, disintegratively, disintegrator, disintegratory, disintegrity, distaste, distasteful, distastefully, distastefulness, entire, entirely, entireness, entirety, foretaste, income tax, incontaminate, inheritance tax, intact, intangibility, intangible, intangibly, integer, integrability, integrable, integral, integrally, integrand, integrant, integrate, integration, integrational, integrationist, integrative, integrator, integrist, integrity, noli me tangere, noncontagious, noncontingent, nonintegral, optacon, overtax, poll-tax, property tax, redintegrate, redintegration, sales tax, surtax, tac-node, tact, tactful, tactfully, tactile, tactility, taction, tactless, tactlessly, tactor, tactual, tactually, tactus, tangency, tangent, tangential, tangentially, tangibility, tangible, tangibly, tangoreceptor, task, taskmaster, taskwork, taste, taste-bud, taste-cell, tasteful, tastefully, tastefulness, tasteless, tastelessly, tastelessness, taster, taste-test, tastevin, tastily, tastiness, tastingly, tasto (It), tasty, tax, taxable, taxation, tax avoidance, tax bill, tax bite, tax break, tax code, tax collector, tax credit, tax deduction, tax dodger, taxer, tax evasion, tax exempt, tax haven, tax holiday, taxing, taxless, tax loss, taxpayer, tax relief, tax shelter, taxtaker, tensegrity, tritactic, unattainable, uncontaminated, untasted, untaxable, untaxed, vibrotactile, virgo intacta, visuotactual, war tax, winetaster tantus, tanta, tantum: so great; tantum: so great pro tanto, tantamount, tantipartite, taunt, taunter, taunting, tauntingly AHD and W3 say italicized words from tempto; OED suggests tantus.

tardus, tarda, tardum: slow; tardō, tardāre, tardāvī, tardātum: delay retard, retardant, retardation, retarder, ritardando (It), tardigrade, tardily, tardiness, tardive, tardy Tarpēia, Tarpēiae, f: Tarpeia Tarpeia, Tarpeian Tarquinius, Tarquiniī, m: Tarquin Tarquin, Tarquinian, Tarquinius -tās: quality of liberty etc. (= Eng. -ty) taurus, taurī, m: bull (see ταῦρος) suovetaurilia, Taurid, tauriform, taurine, Taurus, theotaurine, toreador, torero (Sp), torista (Sp), toro (Sp), torry Surely there was a Greek constellation Ταῦρος preceding the Latin Taurus, yet the OED lists Taurus from Latin taurus and not from ταῦρος. The standard rule is that -i- connector is Latin and -o- connector is Greek, but surely all the above words ultimately trace to ταῦρος. taxō: see tangō taxus, taxī, f: yew taxin, taxine tegō, tegere, tēxī, tēctum: cover; tēctum, tēctī, n: roof, house (cf. στέγω) antiprotectionist, counterdetection, detect, detectability, detectable, detectably, detection, detectional, detectival, detective, decectivism, detector, EPA, indectible, integument, obtected, overprotect, overprotection, photodetector, photoprotection, photoprotective, plaintile, protect, protectant, protectee, protectingly, protection, protectionary, protectionism, protectionist, protectionistic, protective, protectively, protectiveness, protector, protectoral, protectorate, protectorship, protectory, protectress, protectrix, protege, protegulum, radio protector, slope detection, smoke detector, sodar, soil detection, storage protection, tectibranch, tectiform, tectocephalic, tectorial, tectospinal, tectrix, tectum, tegestology, tegmen, tegment, tegmental, tegmentary, tegmentum, tegula, tegular, tegument, tegumental, tegumentary, testacea, testacean, Testacel, testaceous, tile, tiler, tilery, tiling, time-detector, tog(s), toga, togate, togavirus, tuile,

undetectable, undetectably, undetected, unprotected, walltile, wave detector, weathertiled, wind-protected, write-protect tēla (web): see texō tellūs, tellūris, f: earth intratelluric, meditullium, Te, tellurian, telluric, telluride, tellurism, tellurite, tellurium, tellurometer tēlum, tēlī, n: dart, spear teliferous temerē: by chance, rashly; temerārius, temerāria, temerārium: rash temerarious, temerariously, temeritous, temerity tēmētum, tēmētī, n: liquor abstemious, abstemiously, abstemiousness

temnō, temnere: despise; contemnō, contemnere, contempsī, contemptum: despise contemn, contemner, contemningly, contempt, contemptibility, contemptible, contemptibly, contemptuous, contemptuously, contemptuousness templum, templī, n: temple (building) contemplant, contemplar, contemplate, contemplation, contemplatist, contemplative, contemplatively, contemplativeness, contemplator, entemple, tempietto (It), templar, templary, template, temple (sacred building), templeless temptō, temptāre, temptāvī, temptātum: try attempt, attemptable, attempter, attemptor, detemporalize, reattempt, sustentacular, sustentaculum, taunt, taunting, tauntingly, tempt, temptability, temptable, temptably, temptation, temptatious, tempter, tempting, temptingly, temptress, tentacle, tentacular, tentaculate, tentacule, tentaculocyst, tentaculiferous, tentaculiform, tentaculoid, tentaculum, tentation, tentative, tentatively, tentativeness, unattempted, untempted W3 says italicized words are derived from temptō; OED suggests tantus. LS derives temptō (tentō) from tendō; OLD does not. tempus, temporis, n: time; temperō, temperāre, temperāvī, temperātum: restrain oneself; tempus, temporis, n: temple (of head)

bitemporal, contemporaneity, contemporaneous, contemporaneously, contemorarily, contemporary, contemporize, contretemps, detemporalize, distemper, distemperer, even-tempered, extemp, extemporal, extemporaneous, extemporaneously, extempore, extemporize, good-temperedly, humiture, ill-tempered, infratemporal, intemperance, intemperately, intemperate, intemporal, nontemporal, obtemporate, omnitemporal, O tempora o mores!, penecontemporaneous, posttemporal, pro tem(pore), quick-tempered, spatio-temporal, supertemporal, sweet-tempered, tamper, temp, temper, tempera, temperament, temperamental, temperamentally, temperance, temperate, temperately, temperature, Temperate Zone, temperer, tempest, tempestuous, tempestuously, tempestuousness, temple (of head), tempo, temporal, temporale, temporalis, temporalism, temporality, temporally, tempora mutantur, temporarily, temporariness, temporary, temporization, temporize, temporizer, temporizingly, temps, tempus fugit, tense (gr), tenseless, tephigram, transition temperature, transtemporal, well-tempered Italicized words are from tempus (temple of the head) tendō, tendere, tetendī, tentum/tensus: stretch; (cf. τείνω) ASCII, attend, attendance, attendant, attendee, attender, attention, attentive, attentively, attently, bartender, circumtension, coextend, coextensive, contend, contender, contention, contentional, contentious, contentiously, contentiousness, counterextension, countertendency, detend, detension, detent, disintensify, distend, distensibility, distensible, distensile, distension, distent, distention, double standard, entente, ententophil, extend, extended, extender, extendibility, extendible, extensibility, extensible, extension, extensional, extensionality, extensionless, extensity, extensive, extensively, extensometer, extensor, extent, gold standard, hightension, hyperextend, hyperextension, hypertension, inattention, inattentive, inattentively, inattentiveness, inextensible, inostensible, intend, intendance, intendancy, intendant, intendment, intense, intensely, intenseness, intensification, intensifier, intensify, intension, intensity, intensive, intensively, intent, intention, intentional, intentionalism, intentionalist, intentionality, intentionally, intentive, intently, intentness, legal tender, nolo contendere, nonattendance, nonstandard, normotensive, ostensibility, ostensible, ostensibly, ostension, ostensive, ostensory, ostentation, ostentatious, ostentatiously, ostentatiousness, overextended, portend, portent, portentous, portentiously, posttensioning, pretence, pretend, pretender, pretense, pretension, pretentious, pretentiously, pretentiousness, protension, protensity, protensive, standard, standard-bearer, standard deviation, standardization, standardized, stanine, substandard, subtend, subtense, superintend, superintendence, superintendency, superintendent, tend, tendance,

tendency, tendential, tendentious, tendentiously, tender (vb: offer), tenderer, tendinitis, tendinous, tendo, tendon, tendril, tendu, tenotomy, tense (tight), tensegrity, tensely, tenseness, tensible, tensile, tensimeter, tensiometer, tension, tensional, tensioner, tensity, tensive, tensometer, tensor, tent, tentage, tentbed, tentdoor, tenter, tenterhook, tenting, tentless, tentmaker, tentorial, tentorium, tentpeg, tent town, thermotensile, thermotension, unattended, uncontentious, uncontentiously, unextended, unintended, unintentional, unintentionally, unostentatious, unostentatiously, unpretending, unpretentious, unpretentiously, well-intentioned ODEE, OED seem to support derivation of italicized words from tendō; W3 not. tenē̆brae, tenē̆brārum, f: shadows obtenebrate, obtenebration, tenebrescence, Tenebrae, tenebrific, tenebrionid, tenebrious, tenebrism, tenebrity, tenebrose, tenebrosity, tenebroso, tenebrous teneō, tenēre, tenuī, tentum: hold abstain, abstainer, abstention, abstinence, abstinent, anal retentive, appertain, appurtenance, appurtenant, contain, containable, container, containerize, containment, content, contentable, contented, contentedly, contentedness, contentment, contents, contentual, continence, continent, continently, continental, continentalism, continentalist, continentality, continentalize, continently, continual, continually, continuance, continuant, continuation, continuative, continuator, continue, continued, continuedly, continuer, continuist, continuity, continuous, continuously, continuousness, continuum, cotenancy, co-tenant, co-tenure, countenance, countenancer, countertenor, detain, detainable, detainee, detainer, detent, detente, detention, detentive, detinue, discontent, discontented, discontentedly, discontentment, discontinuance, discontinue, discontinuee, discontinuer, discontinuity, discontinuous, discontinuously, discontinuousness, discountenance, distenant, double entendre (Fr), double entente (Fr), entertain, entertainable, entertainer, entertaining, entertainingly, entertainment, impertinence, impertinency, impertinent, impertinently, incontinence, incontinent, incontinently, intercontinental, intracontinental, irretention, irretentive, lieut., lieutenancy, lieutenant, maintain, maintainable, maintainer, maintenance, malcontent, malcontentedly, microcontinent, nontenure, obtain, obtainability, obtainable, obtainer, obtainment, ostinato, pertain, pertaining, pertinacious, pertinaciously, pertinacity, pertinence, pertinency, pertinent, pertinently, rein, retain, retainer, retention, retentive, retentively, retentivity, retinue, scuba, selfcontained, self-sustaining, sostenuto (It), souteneur (Fr), soutenu (Fr), subtenant, subtense, supercontinent, sustain, sustainable, sustainer,

tergum termes. sustentation. attenuator. teneral OLD maintains separate root. tenderness. tenement. unsustainable. tergiversant. tennis-player. overtender. tenaillon. sustentive. tenorless. tenderly. tenuiroster. tenalia. tenantship. tergant. tenerum: soft. m: branch termes. unsustained. tenuiflorous. tenacious. tergiversation. tenderfoot. attenuatating. tenderizer. tenuifolious. tergiversate. detergency. tepidly ter: see trēs terebinthus. tenancy. terebinthī. sustension.sustainment. tenantry. transcontinental. Terentiī. tenderize. tenorist. tergiversatory. tenera. tenue: flimsy attenuate. tenuicostate. table tennis. tenuis. tendron. tersely. extenuator. tenantless. m: Terence Terence. attenatation. tergēre (tergere). W2 from tendō. tennis. tenderloin.vb: soften). untenable. terebinth. tenable. tenability. extenuate. terebintinate. extenuative. terebic. terseness tergum. tendre (Fr). tergiversator. termite. immature intenerate. tenaille. tenniscourt. tenuipede. tepēre: be lukewarm tepefy (tepify). tenuis. termitis. tenuously. tenace. tenuousness tepeō. extenuating. tender-minded. tenemental. tersum : polish absterge. tenuis. tenderling. extenuation. tenet. turpentine Terentius. tergī. tenantable. tenderhearted. tender-eyed. extenuatory. tergal. untenanted. tender (adj. termitologist . tenableness. tenant. detersion. tenaculum. f: terebinth tree (see τερέβινθος) terebene. tenderometer. tenacity. LS from tenuis. tenoroon. deterge. abstersive. abstergent. tepidity. sustenance. tenurable. tersī. tergite. terebinthine. tepid. tenuto (It). tenementary. detergemt. detersive. tenuity. tenaciously. tenuous. water content See OED note on rein. tenon. terebenthene. tener. tenaciousness. tepidarium. tenor. sustentative. terse. Terentian tergeō (tergō). tenure. abstersion. n: back deutotergite. tennisball. tennies.

determination. short-term. terricole. terminatively. interminably. indetermination. f: land circumterrestrial. terminalization. inter.. terramare. triteness. extraterritorial. long-term. terra. nondetermined. terebratula. determinantal. preterm. trīvī. terracette. disinter. termless. determinatively. determinability. trituration. termināvī. terraceous. detrital. tercom. undeterminate. terministic. exterminative. determinateness. terebral. summer term. tritor. determinant. determinate. n: press (See also τρίβω) attrited. indeterminably. terebella. termināre. determinably. exterminator. subterranean. fluvioterrestrial. trite. pied-à-terre (Fr). predetermined. terminably. terra rosa. terricolous. terminate. terebrant. terra cognita. detrimental. determinancy. terminally. extraterritoriality. exterminate. tritely. terrier. subterminal. termly. post term. terminō. terete. extraterrestrial. detrivore. tereticaudate. subterrestrial. terra sigillata. overdetermine. deterministic. territorial. terra incognita. exterrestrial. exterritorial. detriment. m: endpoint. trītum: rub. trībulum. deterministically. terramycin. exterminationism. attrition. conterminousness. terraglia. conterminant. interminable. extraterritoriality. terrace. terminātum: limit co-determinant. trībulī. parterre. extermination. detrimentally. determinedly. exterminationistic. terrigenous. contrition. determinism. detrited. contraterrene. co(n)terminous. terminus. subterrene. undetermined.LS. terraciform. term limits. midterm. terraqueous. self-determination. terminable. terran. subterraneously. nonterminal. indeterminism. co-determination. terranean. terra firma. superterrestrial. terminism. sit tibi terra levis. tribulation. terminus. indeterminacy. terere. interment. terminology. superterranean. determined. overdetermination. terebellum. Medit. termination. uniterm terō. triturable. terrain. triturator terra. indeterminately. determine. soliterraneous. detrition. terrae. terminist. determinativeness. determinedness. terral. shift terminator. teretifolious. subterraneous. term. indeterminate. teres. terrestrially. OED associate with terō. terrazzo. tribulate. terracotta. Mediterranean. triturate. terrestrial. terreplein. . terminal. OLD says independent loan-word. conterminate. determiner. infrateritorial. superterrene. terminative. terrarium. conterminal. exterraneous. terrine. predetermination. indeterminable. reinter. determinable. terminational. preterminal. exterminationist. contritely. determinately. Terra Haute. contrite. terminī. determinative. determinist. detritus. terminator. disinterment. terrene. terre (Fr). conterminously.

testes. testament. attestable. protest. testārī. tēla. enfant terrible (Fr). testo (It). protestor. undeterred testa. tete-a-tete. counterterrorism. terrorbombing. contextualist. testudinarian. texuī. terruī. protester. Teutonic. protestation. testis. uncontested OED says testicle. intratextual. testis. terrifying. terrific. contextually. terrorless. ecoterrorist. detestation. test ban. contextualize. Teuton. incontestability. may derive from testis. test. territorian. detestable. attestation. bioterrorism. incontestably. testicle. uncontestable. ecoterrorism. subtlety. teletex. testosterone. terrify. f: pot paternity test. but not conclusively proved. territorialize. tex. obtestation. testableness. telarian. Teutonism. supersubtle. tierras. contestee. ovotestis. subtest. ecoterror. subtle. New Testament. co-text. cyberterrorist. textum: weave. testy. terrifyingly. terrorism. microtext. detestability. target tissue. testae. territoriality. testable. subtilize. detestableness. HTML. deterrence. teletext. testa. Teutophile. detestably. counterprotest. contextual. test-type. Teutonī. testacy. testee. untested LS derives from torreō. intertexture. trade test. test-drive. testimonialize. decontextualize. testiness. testātus sum: witness attest. contextualism. testamentary. contextless. Protestantism. terror. terrorization. co-tillage. testatrix. territorialist. deter. detester. contestation. HTTP. teutonize. hypertext. bioterror. testation. Old Testament. pretext. OED and OLD do not. co-tiller. subtext. test signal. texere. terribilità (It). Test Act. test-retest. test-cross. test-object.territorialism. terror-stricken. antiterrorist. terrorize. telar. terrēre. contester. terrorist. terroristic. testate. f: web context. subtleness. paytoilet. territorially. testudinate. intestate. cyberterrorism. testpit. testimonial. testor. tureen terreō. Teutonōrum. testis etc. deterrable. testis. Teutonist. detest. testimony. posttest. testability. contestant. terrifically. testiculate. intestacy. territorium. test tube. protestant. test well. stress test. incontestable. Prot. subtility. determent. c: witness. testicular. territum: frighten antiterror. m pl: Teutons (a German tribe defeated by Marius) Teutomania. testify. telary. tester. contest. deterrent. Tierra. orbitelous. testator. subtilization. terrified. protestingly. test card. testudo. test-word. terrible. taste-test. pretest. retest. . test specimen. contexture. testimonium. contestable. subtly. Teutophobe texō. tēlae. Protestantize. testifier. territory. terribleness. terribly. oversubtle.

toilette. toilet. tinnīvī. textuary. intimidating. videotext. texture. tintinnabulate. m: fear intimidate. tintinnabulation. yellow-stained tinniō. m: Tiber Tiber. Trastevere tībia. tinter. stainless steel. unsubtly. tigrolysis tilia. intimidatingly. timidly.text. tissue. Tīburis. mezzotint. tinctumutant. tinctorial. tiliae. textura. Tiburtine. tige. timidity. taintless. tinctum: moisten. Tintometer. timid. f: flute. lime tree tilleul timeō. videotex. untinctured. shinbone posttibial. textual. tingere. tinty. Tiberis (Tiberidis). electrotint. tinnitus. travertine tigris. texturize. textuality. tiger. f: wine vessel tinaja tinea. textureless. c: tiger (see τίγρις) hippotigrine. f: linden. unstainable. f: bookwarm. timor. liger. taint. stained glass. textually. textus. text linguistics. untainted. stainlessly. tibial. tigerish. tineae. timēre. tinto (Sp). tinct. Tigris. counterstain. unstained. timorously. textile. yellow tissue thūs/tūs. tīnae. tinxī. mezzotinto. tissuepaper. toile. tincture. timuī: be afraid. timorous. unsubtle. textbook. moth tinea tingō. tigris/tigridis. tint. tincturation. tinnītum: sound tinnient. tintinnabulum . textualism. stainless. unintimidated tīna. tibia. Tiberius. tintinnabular. tiller (machine). tigelle Tībur. stain aquatint. intimidation. toilet paper. tigrine. tigress. tinge. Tivoli. tintinnabulary. timorousness. tinction. pretibial. textualist. thurifer. tissuey. textural. toilet training. tigercat. n: Tivoli Tibur. stainer. tinnīre. thurify Tiberis. intinction. thurification. toiletry. tībiae. timōris. stain. tigon. tigroid. tigereye. thūris/tūris: incense (see θύω) thurible. water stain. intimidator.

tītillātum: tickle titillate. intolerantly. titulī. tonsure tonō. tolerize. attonō. tolerāvī. tolerogen. titrator. attonuī. n: pillow stuffing tomentose. tilde. working title toga (toga). omnitolerant. titrate. title. titularly. zerotolerance tomentum. tondēre.tippula. stun. detonate. astounding. titlepage. m: Tiro (Cicero's secretary) tiro. untitled. intolerability. intone. titillatory titiō. tolerance. enticer. (sublātum): raise. tolerāre. tomentum tondeō. tittle. titlist. titled. titubāre. stun gun. Tornado may be derived from either tonō or torqueō. titillator. stunning. countertitle. togātus (toga-clad): see tegō tollō. titrimetry. attonitum: stun astonish. intolerable. titulus. astonishment. tonuī: thunder. titration. tippulae. title-deed. totondī. m: heading. tolerantly. detonative. intolerably. tolerableness. m: rookie. entitlement. titule. tolerō. tōnsillae. tolerātum: endure crosstolerance. title entry. tītillāre. tonāre. intolerance. detonator. titillative. extol. titulature. detonation. extoller.B. enticement. tolerable. astound. title role. supertitle. Tīrōnis. (sustulī). titubāvī. intonement. tornado N. intonation. shear tonsorial. titubātum: stumble titubant. titubation titulus. titleless. tīrōnis. m: firebrand entice. titubate. subtitle. entitle. tōnsus: clip. tolerationist. tyro tītillō. tomentī. tolerationism. Tironian. tītillāvī. extolment. enticingly titubō. attonāre. Tīrō. intolerant. f: water-spider Tipula tīrō. titiōnis. astonishingly. titillation. tolerant. astonishing. tolerate. toleration. titular. tolerably. titer. tollere. tōnsillārum: tonsils . title co-titular.

torpedo. tormentum. torpidity. torpid. contortedly. tortie. tufa -tor: male who performs an action benefactor etc. tonsilitis. distortive. extort. torchwood. torula. water torture N. knot. torsiograph. torsiometer. tortuosity. extortionate. tōphī/tōfī. truss. levotorsion. torticollis. torrēre. extortion. tostada (Sp) torta. torsal. torrential. tortoise. distortion. tōta. OED does not. toroid. torpent. tophus. torī. torsada. torturer. tormina. tortilla torus. extortionist. torsive. trousseau. tortricid. extortionary. extortionately. tormentī. contortion. tortilly. torporize torqueō. tortuous. tonsilolith tōphus/tōfus. tormentry. retort. torrent. f: bread cake torta. torte. contorted. torment. torpidly. torquemeter. torpedo-catcher. tortum: twist. torulose. torsade. contorsive. contort. torquate. distort. torrid. tortellini. m: swelling. tort. torruī. Torrid Zone. extorsive. perhaps from torqueō. torsibility. torque. tortious. contortive. tormentor. torrefaction. torturous. torus tōtus. torse. torchlight.B. extorsion. torch. tortillon. torsī. OED says derivation of torch from torqueō is not absolutely certain.tonsil. torreō. torsile. torridly. torsocclusion. torquey. τέρσομαι) Post Toasties. extortioner. m: loose stone tophaceous. tōtum: entire. cushion toric. torsion. toroidal. tonsilectomy. torpefy. torsional. torrefy. torpex. overtortured. torpedodestroyer. torous. tortuously. extortive. torose. torrentuous. nasturtium. torpēre: be numb torpedinoid. toasty. tortoise shell. distorter. self-torment. tormentress. waisttorque. torpeō. n: artillery contorsion. Perhaps tornado is derived from tonō. torquēre. torturousness. tōstum: to heat (cf. torques. tortile. Tortrix. tortae. torpor. torpedo boat. torture. toaster. contortionist. torcular. torporific. tornado. toastmaster. contortionism. detorsion. torchless. torpedo-juice. torchbearer. torridity. distortor. all . AHD derives truss from torqueō. toast.

distractedness. teetotaler. contracture. retractor. totipalmate. introtraction. retrace. detractively. distraughtly. totipotency. protractedly. distractibility. teetotalism. treat. protractile. retreatant. distractingly. contract. subtractively. training. extractability. pretraining. subtractor. subtracter. attractive. treaty. trainload. teetotal. pretreat. distractor. treatment. portraitist. contrectation. overtrace. distractedly. detrainment. contractable. intreat. social contract. untraceable. contractual. contractile. tractarian. detractory. totality. untreatable. well-trained. totient. retract. abstractive. traction. supercontraction. totalizator. pretreatment. trainability. weighttraining. NATO. maltreat. abstractionist. trainer. total. detractress. retrain. totalization. trainmaster. detractive. Toussaint trabs. trail. tractor. abstractum. subcontractor. tractably. contractually. abstractly. totalistic. contractional. subtractive. tracer. extract. portaiture. trait. pre-contract. trabeation. ill-treat. entreat. entrain.factotum. distractile. attractiveness. untreated. traceless. detraction. maltreater. contractility. trailing edge. treater. attractor. self-portrait. tracing. SEATO. contractee. mistreatment. treatise. unattractive. abstractor. wage-contract. gravy train. tractrix. portrait. detrain. totipotent. totalitarian. toilet training. mistreat. contraction. f: tree-trunk architrave. subtotal. portrayal. trainee. extractable. overtrain. in toto. trabecula trādō: see do trahō. retractile. entreatingly. wave train. tract. totally. tractive. trailless. ill-treatment. trace. attraction. untraced. tractable. intractable. distract. post-treatment. train-jump. entreatment. personality trait. spring training. trainless. contractural. retraction. retreatism. distractible. distrait. retreat. nontreaty. water treatment. extractory. contractedness. subtrahend. tractableness. aerotrain. irretractable. tractability. tractate. totalist. contracted. protractor. untrainable. extractor. distractively. trailblazer. trāxī. weapon-training. subtract. distractive. detractingly. abstracted. trainman. abstractionism. portray. contractor. sum total. traceable. extraction. train. trabeate. untrained. entreaty. portrayer. contrahent. traineau. detractor. worktrain . quasi-contract. extractive. attract. toto caelo. detractiveness. distraught. tracery. contrail. subtraction. contractation. skytrain. contractedly. detract. attractively. tractile. tractum: drag abstract. abstractedly. totalize. maltreatment. trainable. trahere. retreatist. trailer. sex attractant. subcontract. trabis. trainwrecker. protract. protraction. abstractionistic. distracter. entrainment. contractionist. solution treatment. retractable. undistracted. totalitarianism. distraction. contractive. contractionary. abstraction.

tremendousness. Trastavere. tremulation. tremor. tervalence. tertia. ternion. Trajanic trāma. trapētī. terna. tredrille. trepidity trēs. tremblor. tremble. ternary. tercentenary. trembler. trajectory. transport. tranquilize. terna: three at a time (cf. tremblement.Trāiānus. time travel. trans-. transom. Transvaal. tranquilla. tria: three. termillenary. Ter-sanctus. tremble delirium tremens. travesty. travel document. terdiurnal. transubstantiation. tremere. tercet. tran(s)ship. overtravel. tertian. transpire. tertius. tertrinal. tranquilization. transmigrate. trental. ternate. tremblant. tremendously. trellis. trāmae. traveled. travois. tremolando. tremulous. transfer. tres-) cistron. entrammel. travel agent. tranquillo. untrembling trepidus. intrepidity. trance. tramontane. tremendum. transact. For additional examples consult the Reverse Index. ternately. transect. traverse. tremorless. tremuī: shake. ter: three times. . trecentist. tercel. trapētum. tremulously. trespass. tranquilizer. travelable. traveler. transparent. tertial. terzina (It). Tremella.B. treble clef. transume. ternal. trepidation. tranquilly trāns: across (as prefix: tra-. tremulant. transmarine. trammel. nontrivial. travel bag. tranquility. tergeminate. transmit. intrepidly. termolecular. travel allowance. tervalent. trepida. tremulousness. trēs. tremendous. tremblingly. transoid. transgress. τρεῖς) $. tersacred. transcribe. travel. transplant. travel agency. transept. trecento. transliterate. ternae. tierce. temblor. m: Trajan Trajan. tran-. transverse. DT. travelogue. sesquicentennial. sesterce. trepidatory. trebly. tercentennial. trepidum: fearful intrepid. tremellose. tremolist. translate. tiple (Sp). travail. tertiary. transmute. tremolo. ternatisect. treble. trellis-work. transom. tertium: third. terza (It). ternī. trestle N. f: woof (weaving) (perhaps trahō) tram (weaving) tranquillus. tremolant. n: oilpress trapiche tremō. transfigure. transpontine. tierceron. translucent. trefoil. terce. transcend. Trāiānī. tercio. tranquillum: calm (probably trāns + quiēs) tranquil.

trivector. tribalize. trigeminal. tricaudal. trivalve. triflorous. tricolor. tri-. maldistribution. tricentennial. contributor. tribuō. trispinose. triliteral. warning triangle Trēverī. trizonal. trivium. trinocular. triservice. trisect. contributorship. m: tribe. trice. tricircular. trimodal. triplet. triple-header. trilineate. trisulcate. trinodal. tripunctal. Trēverōrum. contributive. tripinnate. triploid. triple. attributive. distributival. tristimulus. trisensory. retributionist. trijugate. trilingual. triplicity. distributive. tripartization. triplicate. tricenary. trilateral. trifecta. triaster. tridimensional. tripedal. tribal. tribalistic. distributional. tribuī. trimotor. triradiate. attribution. triflagellate. trivialization. distribution. distributable. tristate. distributor. trivialism. tri-mix. trilateration. tridentate. triduum. triweekly. trifurcate. triffid. triequal. trisinuate. distributress. detribalization. tromino. trinitarian. contribual. triumviral. triplicative. triarcuated. tripair. contribuent. tripartism. trisonant. trifunctional. tribalist. trifid. trifacial. trimembral. trifloride. triennial. tricaptain. untrameled. contributory. triply. trinary. tricarbon. contributively. triangle. triage. trilaminate. trivial. tricrural. trisector. trident. trisquare. frequency distribution.trephine. tribūs. tripled. contributional. redistribution. tricorn. trine. trireme. tricellular. trivia. triunity. trillionth. triceps. tripartisan. trinal. triennially. tribūnus. tridiurnal. distribute. trivially. contribute. trinomial. Trier tri-: see trēs tribūnus. tridental. triannular. triluminous. triangulation. trilinear. untraveled. trivialize. m: tribune attributable. triangularly. trifilar. tripartite. trihybrid. trivariant. distributivity. contributable. triclinium. triceptor. tricurvate. trinity. triradial. trilingualism. trilocular. distributorship. triaxial. trivalent. triune. trifocal. trinucleate. triangulator. trijugous. triverbial. m pl: a tribe of Gauls New Trier. triannulate. trivirgate. triacid. triangulate. attribute. tricarinate. trivet. distributively. trilevel. trio. triumvirate. contribution. tribūnī. triplum. tribuō: see tribus tribus. tribalism. trinoctial. triplex. trillion. triviality. trimester. distributism. trijet. trispective. noncontributory. tribūtum: apportion. triennium. triangularity. trimonthly. trifoliate. retribution. trivertebral. Trinidad. triplication. contributorial. tripersonal. triradius. triternate. tritactic. tripla. intertribal. distributary. trigeneric. tridigital. retributionism. tribe. triple-decker. . triovulate. trey. trivoluminous. triserial. redistribute. triacetate. distributiveness. trijunction. redistributive. attributively. trisection. triglandular. trinitarianism. retributive. triangular. retributively. distributee. tricuspid. triumvir. triform. tribuere. trifloral.

nibble) trout trūdō. trūsī. detrude. f: Troy Troadic. detrusor. tribesman. force abstruse. tributor. intruder. triumphī. Trōia. intricate. m pl: ploughing oxen. nonintrusive. trīcārum. Troy. tribunitian. extruder. quirks (cf. intrusion. contrude. intrude. unobtrusive. Triōnum. tristis. protruding. -trīx: female who performs an action benefactrix etc. unobtrusively . triumphalism. Triomphe (Fr). intriguing. intrigue. intriguer. trump AHD derives trump from triumph. triste: sad tristful trītūrō: see terō triumphus. obtrusiveness. extrication. extricate. tribunal.tribeless. truae. extrusion. extrudable. triōnum. m pl: constellation of the Wain Septentrionales tristis. tructae. protrusile. tribunate. Triōnēs. f: ladle trowel tructa. triumph. obtrusively. extrude. intrusionist. triumphalist. protrusive. abstrusity. intruse. protrusion. OED says only some meanings may derive from triumphus. intrusive. nonintrusion. detrusion. obtruder. trūdere. retrusion. protrude. nonintrusively. inextricable. tributary. tribune. undistributed OLD says perhaps tribus is derived from trēs. troy trua. tribeship. extrusory. intriguingly triōnēs. Trōiae. trīcae. intricately. inextricability. triumphally. obtrusion. m: triumph overtrump. obtrude. extricable. extrudability. protrusible. Trojan. inextricably. triumphal. obtrusive. extrusive. tribual. intricacy. triumphantly. trifles. protrusively. trusion. pultrusion. triumphant. f: trout (not in OLD) (perhaps from Greek τρώγω gnaw. tribute. trūsum: thrust. intrusively. f pl: complications. intrusiveness. torqueō) disintricate. protrudent.

tuboplasty. trenchancy. tuberculum. tubī. tubule. phototube. untutored tumeō. tubiferous. tubulocyst. trencher. tuberculation. tuberiform. tutorship. tubae. intutional. tubuliform. tubulate. tubuliflorous.) et tu Brute. tuberiferous. intuition. detumescence. tubilingual. tumor. tubiform. tubulipore. . tube. tumorous. tumefaction. intumescence. n: lump protuberance. tumidity. tubicorn. intuitionalist. trench coat. tumulī. tubifer. intuitivist. vacuum tube. tubulifloral. intuitive. truncate. contumaciously. tuberculous. tumorigenic. m: mound. tumultus. tumidly. tuberose. intuitionalism. tutor. tumorigenetic. meditrunk. OLD says perhaps. intrenchment. tubularian. nonintuitive. trench fever. tuberculiform. working tube tueor. truculent. tubercule. tumulus. sit tibi terra levis. tumesce. test tube. tubage. trunk. tubulidentate. contumacy. multitubular. tubifacient. tubulation. tubulary. tuba. obtruncate. truncheon. intumescent. tubectomy. tubuliferous. retrenchment. trencherman. water tube. tubicule. tubing. protuberant. trenchant. tuberculate. tubulose. tutorage. tubiflorous. m: disturbance contumacious. tubercular. tumescent. contumeliously. tūberis. tutelar. tubinarial. tubefeeding. tutorial. truncī. tube-culture. tutelage. entrench. tutelary. tūta. truncal. intuitiveness. intumesce. truncus. truculently tū: you (sg. tubus.truncus. intuitionism. tubipore. trunnion trux (trucis): savage. tubulous. tuberculine. tuber. tuberous. f: trumpet extubation. tubulus. tuism. tumultūs. tubulicole. tubivalve. tubal. tubular. tubercle. tubate. tu quoque tūber. retrench. tumefacient. tuberosity. tuition. Tubism. intuitivism. tubicolous. tuberculosis. intubation. intuitionist. intrench. tumescence. tūtum: safe counterintuitive. intuitable. tuberousness LS derives from tumeō. contumely. tubiparous. tuberculoma. trenchantly. intuit. trench. truculency. extumescence. subtuberant. truncation. tutorless. intubate. tumēre: swell. truffle. m: trunk detruncate. intuitively. tuba. tuberculin. tūtus. detumescent. entrenchment. tumid. tumefy. m: pipe. tuērī. morituri te salutamus. trenchless. contumelious. fierce truculence. fiat voluntas tua. tuitum/tūtum: guard.

turturis. imperturbability. obtuse. beat. turbine. pulverize contuse. imperturbably. OLD says tumultus and tumeō are obscurely related. perturbational. tundere.tumular. contrive. trouble. obtuseness. turriferous. perturbate. tundō. towering. turbinado. turbulency. wartower. m: thrush turdiform. obtusely. towerless. water turbine turdus. tursī: to swell turgescence. toilsome See pierce in OED. turgēre. undisturbed. troublously.B. troublesome. towerman. tutudī. tunica. toilful. watchtower turtur. turbiniform. disturb. turbellarian. tumultuary. turbosphere. turbō. imperturbable. tumult. towery. troublemaker. disturbing. turpis. turgescency. turbinal. turbo. tumultuously. perturb. troubadour. indisturbance. turris. turbāvī. turdī. tunicae. turgor turpis. unperturbed. f: crowd. turbulently. perturbability. toiler. tunicle turba. Turbojet. disturbance. turbinate. obtusity. perturbable. indisturbable. OED drives tumult from tumeō. turbid. evil turpitude. AHD derives tumult from tumultus. tunica. turpitudinous turris. turriculate. turgidity. disturber. turgidly. troubleshooter. disturbant. disturbingly. Tunicata. turbostratic. perturbation. tower. obtund. turbulent. turgometer. m: turtle-dove turtle . turdine turgeō. tumultuous. turgid. turbocharger. contriver. turbātum: disturb bioturbation. pertuse. turbae. walltower. turbulence. untroubled. turbinectomy. turpe: vile. perturbative. troublesomely. f: tower (cf. contrivance. troublous. turbāre. imperturbation. turbopause. tubidity. turbidite. toil. obtusion. tūsum/tūnsum : strike. τύρρις) tourelle. perturber. cryoturbation. turret. tumulus N. turbo-compressor. f: tunic tunic. tumultuarily. tunicate. towerlight. turba. turgescent. turbidimeter. obtundent. turboprop. turbofan. turricular. turbo-generator. contusion. troublesomeness.

Tuscum: Etruscan. f: cough (cf. tussive tūtus (safe): see tueor .Tuscus. Tusca. Ēt ̆ rūriae. Etruscan. Tuscan. pertussal. Etruscology. f: Etruria Etruria. Ēt ̆ rūria. tussal. intussception. tussis. tussis. tundō) antitussive. pertussis. Etrurian. intusscept. contratussin. Tuscany tussis.

n: sore exulceration. ultramundane. null space LS says diminutive of ūnus. outrageously. ulmin(e) ūlna. ultrafiltration. ultrarevolutionary. ulcerative. ūlla. nullo. ultramarine. ultrasonography. ultranationalistic. ulcerous Ulixēs. f: elbow ulna. outrageousness. nulliverse. ultracold. last antepenult. ourager. ūltimum: farthest. nullipore. f: Ulysses (Latin for Odysseus) Ulyssean. ulmī. ultrasecure. penultima. ulmaceous. ultra. disannul. fertility exuberance. ulnar ūltrā: beyond. ultramafic. ultraism. ulteriorly. ultracentrifuge. nullipara. ultraliberal. ultimatum. ubiquitous ūdus. nūllus. nullness. ūltima. ulmic. ulrafidian. ultimate. annulment. ulcerate. ulceration. ultrareactionary. ultrahigh. ultrabasic. Ultima Thule. ultimogeniture. ultradian. ultranationalism. nulliplex. nullify.. exuberate ubī̆: where ubication. null set. ultramodern. ultramontanism. ūberis: breast. ulcer. ultima. ultralight. ultrasetaceous. ultimation. nullity. ūllum: any. ulterior. ultramicroscope. ultrashort. ūdum: wet udometer ulcus. ultraist. ūlnae. ulceris.U ūber. exuberantly. ūda. exuberant. . outrageous. ūltrō: besides. ubiquity. m: elm elm. ultisol. ultracautious. ultraconservative. nullifier. elmy. outre. nulliparous. ultrafiche. nūllum: none annul. null. null point. ultramicrotome. ultimo. antepenultimate. ultracritical. penult. Ulysses ūllus. ult. outrage. ultrasonic. OLD distinguishes the two words. Ulixis. ultranationalist. ūltimus. ultramontane. nullification. ultimately. ultrafashionable. ubiety. ultramontanist. ulmus. nullifidian. penultimate. nūlla.

undulant. Umbriae. ultrastable. ululation umbilīcus. umbrella. ulroneous ululō. abundantly. undine. one-inch. superabundance. surrounder. ululāvī. undulator. m: navel (cf. ululātum: howl ululant. ondometer. umbre. water-inch uncus. umber. f: Umbria Osco-Umbrian. umbella. ondograph. quincuncial. umbel. superabundant. aduncity. f: twelfth-part (from ūnus) inch. penumbra. umbraculiferous. uncinate. Umbrian ūmeō: see hūmeō umerus: see humerus uncia. undiliform. uncum: hooked. umbilication. sombrous. overabound. umbrage. umbilically. undulant fever. penumbrous. umbra. umbellate. irredundant. umbellifer. umbilīcī. ultrathin. umbrose. somber. abundant. circumundulate. ultraviolet. surround sound. inundate. umbōnis. umbrageous. undular. sombra. umbrous Umbria. umbilicus umbō. ondogram. m: boss of a shield. inundant. redundant. umbraculiform. undulative. abundance. surrounding. overabundance. undulation. inchworm. redound. ὀμφαλός) (perhaps related to umbō) umbilical. undose. curved aduncate. adumbration. surroundings. microinch. circumundulation. protuberance (perhaps related to umbilīcus) dorsoumbonal. Umbria. umbrelliform. ultravirus. inchmeal. surround. aduncous. umbonate umbra. f: shadow adumbrate. umbelliferous. undulatory . unca. umbonal. inundation. inundatal. uncial. umbilical cord. penumbral. ululate. superabound. umbilicate. exumbrella. redundancy. umbriferous. f: wave abound. umbrageously. overabundant. quincunx. biuncinate. inumbrate. ululāre. undae.ultrasound. somberly. superabundantly. oz. unciform. undulate. umbo. uncinus. umbral. uncia. umbrae. somberness.. uncus unda. unciae. ounce. exundant. sombrero. ultrastructure.

uninuclear. ungulae. unification. f: hoof multungulate. univocal. unifoliate. vertical union. urbs. ungulate. uniformly. unionistic. unanimity. reunite. universalistic. f: city ab urbe condita (AUC). inunct. unison. uniovular. universalist. unify. unidirectional. triune. ununited. unisonal. unitive. trade union. unxī. unctuosity. undecagon. unit rule. unilaterally. unitively. Podunk U. nonunion. unguiferate. exurb. reunify. universality. univalve. unisonant. m: fingernail. hyperurbanism. yellow union See ūllus. union. nonuniformly. microunit. university. See atone in OED. unicyclist. United States. univocalic. uniserial. unit. uninominl. uniseriate. unionism. sens unique (Fr). USA. reunion. unicellular. atone. unipersonal. unitary. univariate. uniformless. ūnum: one. anointment. triunity. una voce. unity. unifiable. union shop. suburb. uniquely. unifier. univocally. uniter. ūna. disunionist. deurbanize. unilocularly. disanoint. subunit. unijunction. unionization. coadunate. unisex. unctuously. unilabiate. unitarian. unicameral. uniate. universalize. uniformity. uniqueness. solidungulous. uniformist. uniliteral. urbis. oniony. unitization. conurbation. unction. unate. craft union. unipolar. univocality. unicycle. thermal -unit. unitize. unineme. unilateral. axunge. unctuous. unitedness. uniparous. uniped. atonement. unitedly. unipara. unguere/ungere. unisexual. universalism. unionist. unireme. unicursal. unique. (varsity). exurbia. student union. uniocular. unicity. unitard. ūniversus. ūniversum: all antiunion. unguiculate. ungula. universal time. co-unite. unilocular. unguiligrade unguō/ungō. numero uno. reunification. uniclinal. unipartite. unimer. unionwide. unite. subtopia. wall unit. unifacial. unidimensional. unilateralist. unifilar. universalization. burb(s). inurbanity. unilateralization. unanimism. disunify. onion. unimodal. univalence. disunion. uniparental. uniselector. universally. unanimous. unitarianism. ungual.unguis. uniplanar. uniterm. ungula. unimolecular. unidentate. nonurban. unicorn. unition. labor union. inunction. ointment. unitable. unimodular. uniformitarian. inurbane. unilateralism. exurban. uniflorous. onionskin. interurban. unipotent. e pluribus unum. universalizable. inurbanely. disunity. uniform. ūniversa. unisonous. unguent ūnus. unilingual. universe. unigeniture. co-universal. . unipod. subungual. unisexuality. solidungulate. United Nations. nonunanimous. unilineal. unguis. unanimously. unionize. onion dome. unio. unital. univalent. probit. disunite. unctum: smear with oil anoint. deurbanization. unary. universal.

neuter. suburbicarian. ursiform. urceole. urinous urna. urceolate. urbanity. neutral. combustion. urticate. suburbanite.suburban. urgent. ursī: press upon. urinogenital. urbanite. ūstum: burn. f: urn inurn. urinometer. urbanist. urbanely. urticose. combust. ustion. neutralist. urbanize. urbane. Ursula ūrtīca (nettle): see ūrō -ūrus: act of primogeniture etc. urtica. ursal. f: (female) bear. urticarial. ūrīnae. ursae. ursicidal. Ursa Major. adustiosis. to gamut. neuter. combustive. neutralizer. urbanistic. uriniferous. m: pitcher urceiform. ursine. when. ūrere. ursid. urge. urinoscopy. urgence. noncombustible. urine. urceī. ustulate. yuppy33 urceus. combustibility. f: nettle adust. urgēre. urticant. urbanism. urbic. neutrally. utra. unurbane. urbanization. urbi et orbi. suburbicary. 33 from YUP ‘young urban professional’ . urinologist. combustible. f: urine (from οὖρον) urinate. neutralism. ut supra uter. neutrum: neither. ūrtīca. urger ūrīna. m: (male) bear ursa. -ure) ūsus (use): see ūtor ut/utī: as. uti possedetis. neutralization. ūssī. urticaceous. incombustibility. (= Eng. ursus. neutrality. ursī. urticulate. ūrō. urban. OLD does not. urticarious. urtication. urbiculture. suburbia. uriniparous. neutercane. ustulation ursa. ūrtīcae. urinoscopist. urgently. urceus urgeō. urn LS and OED derive from ūrō. neutra. incombustible. urinogenitary. electroneutral. ursicide. Ursa Minor. utrum: whether antineutrino. that. urination. ut. urbanology. neutralize. urticaria. urnae. push unurged. urtical. ustilago. urinology. urgency. utrum: which of two.

uxoriously. utilize. neutron. usefulness. ill-used. utriculitis. peruse. uxoriousness . utility curve. unusual. usage. nonreusable. usufructuary. abusive. utraquism. user-defined. overuse. neutrodyne. thermoneutral. overabuse. uxōris. uterotome. utile. disuse. usually. disabusal. utility room. usurious. utilitarianist. ūsūs. utility program. uteritis. usucaptive. uterī. disutilize. use. uterus LS says same root as ūter (bag). unusually. usucapt. utriculate. uterogestation. usufruct. utilitarianism. SUV. usurpatory. usual. usability. transuterine. uvular. usurer. nonusage. utilitarianize. ūsus. misuse. perusable. utilityman. OLD dissents. preutilized. usable. uvula. useful. usurping. misusage. disabuse. utilitarian. f: grape pyruvate. usucapient. utility. uterovaginal. value-neutral ūter. usucaption. nonuser. multi-use. m: belly. uvea. utraquist. unusualness. uvularia. usuary. useless. underuse. uva. usurpation. uxorious. abusage. usurpative. unusable. disutility. abusively. reusable. user. utilization. reuse. usurper. abuser. self-abuse.neutrino. pyruvic. ill-usage. photoneutron. uveal. inutile. uveitis. uxoricide. utilizer. word-usage ūva. ūtī. utriculus uterus. multi-user. usurp. womb intrauterine. perusal. uvulotomy uxor. usury. peruser. uterine. user-oriented. uterovesical. utricular. uselessness. unutilized. uselessly. m: use abusable. utility function. uvulotome. usuriously. user-interface. user-friendly. uxorilocal. uvulitis. ūtris: bag utricle. nonuse. usefully. ūsus sum: use. unuseful. nonutility. abuse. uvulatomy. utensil. inutility. utriculoplasty. usance. f: wife uxorial. neutronic. usurpress. usucapion. ūvae. postuterine. unused. utilizable. uvulatome. underutilize. ūtor.

invaginal. vaccinia. vaginalitis. voidee. vacant. pervader. vacillate.V vacca. vaginant. vadī. avoider. vaquero (Sp) vacillō. vacuum tube. vaccinophobia. vacuole. voidable. vacantly. vacillāre. vaccinifer. vaginally. supravaginal. vaccinal. n: shoal vadose vae: woe vae victis vāgīna. evasively. vaccinate. pervasively. vacuolation. invasiveness. voidage. vacillation. vacate. vacatur. tax avoidance. vacua. vaginitis. vagina. vacuity. infravaginal. vacuum pump. evacuator. vāgīnae. vacillating. avoidance. (-vāsum): go evadable. vaginula. pervasiveness. vaccimulgence. vacationist. vacuous. vacillāvī. tax evasion. (-vāsī). vacuously. vacillatory vacō. pervade. uterovaginal. vacation. voided. vacky. vaginoscope. evacuation. voidance. vadum. vādere. vulvovaginal . vacātum: be empty. evacuee. pervaginal. vaccination. vacuum: empty avoid. vaginismus. pervasive. invader. avoidable. vacuometer. vaccae. vaccary. vacancy. invaginate. vanillery. evacuative. f: sheath evaginate. vacillator. pervadingly. intravaginal. vacāre. unavoidably. vanilla. void. devoid. evasion. invasively. vaccinator. vacillant. invagination. vacuum. invasive. vaginate. evade. vanillism. vaccicide. quo vadis. evagination. medevac. sedevacantist. vacciniform. vacuome. invadable. evader. vacuum cleaner. invasion. vacāvī. vaginal. vaccinization. invaginator. vacillātum: totter vacillancy. evasive. pervasion. vacationland. in vacuo. f: cow unvaccinated. vacuus. invade. vaccine. voidness vādō. unavoidable. vade mecum Wade is cognate to vādō. vaginovesical. evacuate.

divagate. value-neutral. plurivalued. m: Valerius 34 stray is from extrā + vagus . valueless.bivalence. Valentine. invalidism. circumvagrant. valid. valēre. valiantly. valuative. vagrantism. evaluator. place value. value. quadrivalent. tervalence. valuta Valerius. equivalency. equivalently. vagum: unsettled. invaluably. vagueness. ambivalence. noctivagous. valorize. evaluate. valuation. vagrant. unvalued. extravagance. quadrivalence. vagotonia. vague. devalue. devaluation. pentavalent. monovalent. availability. vagabondage. valetudinarianism. availing. omniprevalent. hexavalent. invalid. valedictorian. revalorization. ambivalent. strayling. covalent. vāgīre. valiant. vagabond. plurivalent. ambivalently. vāgīvī: distressful cry vagitus vagus. devalorization. valedictory. invalidator. prevalence. valediction. valuable. extravagantly. extravaganza. pervagate. reevaluate. valuer. convalescently. valuator. solivagant. tetravalent. vagal. trivalent. multivalent. vagrancy. pervagation. prevail. unavailability. heptavalent. tervalent. valorous. divalence. convalescency. validate. gyrovague. vagus. valorously. unavailable. cashvalue. quantivalence. vaga. validum: strong ad valorem. disvalue. devalorize. valence. quadrivalency. quinquivalent. quinquevalency. valiancy. vaguely. countervalue. valpack. revalue. unavailing. univalent. single-valued. Valeriī. vagile. vagility. countervail. valida. noctivagant. vale (Roman greeting). stray34. strayline. overvalue. vagrantly. covalently. quinquevalence. prevailing. omnivagant. valetudinary. valuableness. multivalence. vagātus sum: wander (related to vehō and via) astray. availingly. be strong. vagary. invalidity.vāgiō. available. valedtudinarian. convalescent. evaluation. univalence. devaluate. face value. vagor. equivalence. invalidly. vagabondism. transvalue. revaluation. avail. covalence. validator. validus. vasovagal valeō. transvaluation. divalent. convalescence. prevalent. vagabondish. strayaway. divagation. vagārī. valorization. octavalent. valiance. invaluable. nonvalid. validation. invalidation. value-free. quinquevalent. nonevaluative. disvaluable. valuī. covalency. vag. unprevailing. vagarious. convalesce. validity. extravagancy. undervaluation. bio-availability. extravagate. extravagation. evaluative. nonvalent. validly. upvaluation. fluctivagous. bivalent. valitum: be well. invalidate. eigenvalue. polyvalent. valued. equivalent. undervalue. valor. vagabondize. valency. valuably. vagotomy. extravagant. nanoequivalent.

valvate. wallpaint. vail (lower).valerian. sun valve. . quadrivave. fading. vanishment. vallecula. valvulitis. wallvase. LS and OLD suggest vapidus and vapor are related. valveless. wallbar. fade-away. obvallate. m: winnow. vaporific. fantail. univalve. vapor. convanescible. vanish. multivallate. fan fan. evanescent. insignificant convanesce. multivalve. unwalled. nonvanishing. valvule. vapidity. vannī. wall engine. valve. or perhaps lavō vāllum. pervaporate. vāna. intervāllī. vauntungly vapidus. wall bed. wallpaper. vaporimeter. van (sail) vānus. wall-lining. valance. vainglory. vapidly. wallprint. n: gap circumvallate. steam evaporable. plurivalved. wallboard. contravallation. vallar. vanitas. valvar. evanesce. circumvallation. vainglorious. vanisher. wallpost. wall front. vapor. valvula. f: doubledoor of a temple (related to volvō) avalvular. valvotomy. evaporative. vānum: hollow. vain. vaporiform. pervaporation. walltower. m: vapor. vapidum: having lost fresh taste fade. valerianate valgus. waterwall valvae. bivalve. vanishing point. wallspace. vaunter. vapida. valley. wallspan. vāllī. evanescence. vallecular. shift valve. valvifer. wallbanger. wallplate. vaporable. equivalve. wall map. valgum: bandy-legged valgus valles. tubivalve. valvular. wallstone. wallwork. wallface. vallate. vallum. unfading. fadeless. walltile. valvae. tail valve. evaporation. vaporability. unfaded. intervāllum. wallgarden. vapōris. wallflower. vapidness For italicized words see fatuus. vaporer. wall arcade. Valley Girl. safety valve. valga. vapid. wall-towall. vaporetto. wallphone. wall. valvulotomy vannus. wall unit. vallis. walldormer. Wall Street. vanity. vale. n: rampart. vallation. f: valley TVA. trivalve. vaunt. evaporator. interval. valleyspeak Avalanche may also be a corruption of the phrase ad vallem towards the valley. vainly. pseudovalve. evaporate. evaporimeter. bivalvore. vanishingly. but is more likely a derivative of lābor.

n: container avascular. unvarying. vaporless. varicocele. variousness. varicosis. container. invariability. circumvascular. variational. variolation. wallvase. variceal. water vapor varius. vāsis. multivariant. variocoupler. vaporous. peninvariant. covariance. variegation. vātis. vasovagal. extravasation. wastefully. vascularity. verimax. wastebook. covariation. wastemaster. varietal. varicocelectomy. co-vary. varix LS says from varus. covariantly. prevaricator. vaporize. vāsī. vārum: bent. varietist. devastator. extravascular. varactor. varicap. invariableness. vāstāre. waste heat. vasotribe. invariance. vārus. invariant. variolus. multivariate. varifocal. various. vasculitis. vara vās. vary varix. microvascular. devastation. vase. convarial. vasculiferous. varium: compounded. varicis. vessel.vaporish. vastation. convariation. neurovascular. vāstāvī. variorum. vascularize. variety. devastingly. perivascular. nonvascular. varihued. devastating. vasoconstrictor. univariate. covariancy. contravariant. varied. waste inspector. perminvar. vapory. extravasate. variegate. devastative. vaporization. vasoconductor. vasomotor. vāstātum: destroy devastate. variant. divarication. wasteweir. wasteland. wasteful. variator. vasculiform. variable. vair. vasectomy. intervarietal. variance. unvaried. cardiovascular. vasopressin. waste heap. invariantly. vascular. m: dilated vein varication. wastrel vātēs. vāstum: huge. varicolored. vast. woodvessel vāstus. variationist. trivariant. varicose. vāstō. wastebasket. cerebrovascular. waste hole. intravasation. vāsum. wastepaper. vāsta. vaporizer. watervessel. waster. wastefulness. miniver. vastness. changing bivariant. invariably. variancy. varicosity. variation. m: prophet . variability. n: vase. varia. desolate. convariance. bivariate. vasopressor. convariancy. covariant. convariant. OLD perhaps from varus infected spot. vasculature. stretched divaricate. vāra. variolate. vastly. vastitude. prevarication. vasiform. intravascular. motley. varicella. wasteness. variform. unvariegated. watervascular. variometer. variola. vasoligation. subvariety. wasteless. convariantly. fibrovascular. variably. vasculotoxic. variate. varicotomy. prevaricate. varicellous. variole. variously. vas. waste. variableness. divaricator. invariable. vasculum. vasodilator.

vegan. obvelation. revulsive. sail. velaric. convective. revulsant. veiling. revelation. Vaticanist vegeo: enliven. vexil. vexillation. vector product. Vāticāna. convexly. vexī. transvector. vehement. vehicular. vegetal. vegetable. vegetate. velociraptor. veligerous. provector. veggy vehemens (vehementis): vigorous (perhaps from vehō) vehemence. avulsion. contraprovectant. wave velocity vēlum. velum. vector space. veil. velate. convulsionist. revulsion. vegetablize. convulsional. convectional. convulsive. velarization. vehemently vehō. inveigher. Vāticānum: Vatican Vatican. vēxillī. divellent. vegetive. evection. vettura (It). vegeculture. contraprovector. convectively. vaticination. provection. vexillator. advective. velodyne. vehere. convexa. labiovelar. vegeto (1): impart energy lactovegetarian. vehicle. vēlāvī. vulsum: pluck anticonvulsant. vexillary. convection. convex. convulsionary. vēlō. unrevealed. convellent. velocipede. divulsive. vaticinatory Vāticānus. vector. veliger. vegetation. inveigh. vehiculatory. planoconvex. vegetarian. evulse. velocimeter. vectum: carry. intravehicular. velocity. voile . Vaticanism. SUV. convulsibility. wave vector vel (or): see volō (wish) vellō. svelte. vēxillum. veliferous. vaticinal. eigenvector. evulsive. velic. comvulsible. revehent. convulsionism. transvection. vēlī. invective.vaticide. evectant. vēlātum: cover. veilleuse. convect. convulsant. nv: awning. viff. convexity. vexillum. velodrome. reveal. velometer. n: flag enveil. divulsion. pseudovector. odorivector. convector. transvectant. vaticinate. vēlāre. vehiculation. convulsiveness. velarium. divellicate. evulsion. provect. velar. vellere. convexum: vaulted arched (perhaps related to vagus and via) (see also vexō) advection. convulsion. vellicate vēlōx (vēlōcis): swift hypervelocity. velarize. veilless. trivector. convexus. revelatory. vulsī. vegetative. vegetant. evector. velillology. unveil. convulse. convulsively. convulsedly. vetturino (It). vegetarianism.

venturousness. adventurism. circumvention. vēnātus sum: hunt venatic. convenery. uninventive. conventicler. vennel. venturous. prevention. eventfully. inventor. inconvenient. conventionalism. vēnī. contravene. venostasis. venigenous. veined. reconvene. subvention. contravener. f: vein divergivenate. venoconstriction. provenance. covenant. venous. convenience. inventively. veinage. veinule. world events vēnor. preventorium. circumventor. countervenom. covin. parvenu. prevenient. venturer. conveniently. convenient. ventum: come advenient. conventionary. veinous. preventive. uncovenanted. eventually. venepuncture. unprevented. intervener. venery (hunt). venation. eventuate. preventer. subvene. provenience. venison . venatorial. venially veniō. intervention. veiner. vein-stone. unconventionally. veining. conventicle. reinvent. nonevent. conventioner. interventionist. eventless. venose. circumvent. veni vidi vici. covenantee. intravenous. venosity. uneventful. adventurer. venomous. venturously. adventitious. conventionally. adventure. convent. eventual.vēna. conventionalize. inconveniently. n: poison antivenom. revenant. veinlet. inventorize. veiny. intravenously. conveniency. interveinal. covinous. preventable. intervene. prevent. vena. veno-occlusive. inconvenience. penniveined. venēnī. eventuality. invent. veniae. preventative. venatory. inventory. envenom. perivenous. Bonaventure. venturesome. peradventure. supervention. venospasm. eventful. supervene. nonintervention. venomization. contravenable. uninvented. contravention. conventionality. covenantor. unpreventable. convene. conventionist. vein. venire. supervenient. interventionism. venesection. preconvention. venidium. venesector. conventually. aventurine. venīre. conventual. postconvention. venomousness venia. adventuresome. vēnae. venture. work covenant. adventurously. event. venography. veniality. venoclysis. convention. venue. advent. obvention. venule vēndō (to sell): see vēnus venēnum. souvenir. preventively. invention. covenantal. Park Avenue. conventionalization. adventurous. revenuer. veinless. convener. venom. unconventional. misadventure. convenable. revenue. interventionistic. vēnārī. covenanter. adventuress. conventionalist. disinvent. Adventist. avenue. conventional. venomously. inventive. inventiveness. f: favor (OLD relates to Venus and veneror) venial.

venter. venereology. venerable. venery (sex). vender. vēndidī. ventriculus. venereally. ventiduct. ventral. venality. hypoventilation. ventriculose. ventilate. venerability. verbenaceous. vērātrī. m: wind hyperventilate. ventripotent. overventilate. vernalization. mistral. vendee. ventrolateral. proverbial. vernation vērātrum. vervain verber. reverberate. facta non verba. ventriculography. verbal. ventilation. Venus. vernalize. proventriculus. vent-hole. Venusian vēr. biverbal.. n: word adv. deverbative. venally. n: hellebore veratrine. venus. verbalism. vēnī. ventifact. ventropodal ventus. m: belly biventral. ventī. verberative verbum. verbalist. ventilatory vēnus. venerophobia. verbēnae. eventration. ventricular. ventriculitis. verberis. pallidiventrate. verberāre. verbī. vēnditum: sell (vēnum + dō) caveat venditor. . venerārī. supraventricular. vernal equinox. vendor. f: loveliness. vending machine. venerably. verberātum: spank reverberance. verberāvī. f: sacred branch verbena. preverbal. f: Venus. vernal. vendible. unventilated. vend. venerator. reverberator. adverbial. ventrally. preverb. nonverbal. dorsiventral. verberō. reverberation. beauty veneror. verberant. proverb. ventricose. ventriloquial. ventriloquistic. vendue (Fr) Venus. ventriloquism. vent (opening). ventris.venter. venal. Venusberg. venerātus sum: worship (OLD relates to venia) antivenereal. vēris. ventromedial. vēndere. ventricule. vendition. Veneris. ventilator. verberation. medioventral. Venus flytrap. triverbal. youth primaveral. ventrodorsal. veneris. m (also vēnum. ventricumbent. verb. deverb. n: whip. reverberant. n): sale. adverb. ventriloquy. veratrum verbēna. ventilative. dorsoventral. verberate. ventricle. n: spring. ventriloquize. venerableness. vending. vēndō. cruciverbalist. intraverbal. vēnūs. ventriloquist. vendeuse (Fr). ventrad. venereal. proverbially. venerate. reverberatory. ventage. Gros Ventre (Fr). veneration.

antrorse. irreverential. advertent. adversely.verbalistic. vermigerous. divergentiflorous. convergingly. adversative. verēdus. Virgilian vergō. contrōversia. reverend. vernacularly verrūca.B. vermilion. verbigeration. verticis/vorticis. reverent. verbum sap(ienti) sat(is). verbality. vermiculation. verrūcae. verēdī. verge (vb). convergent. m: line. divergent. vermiform. adversary. f: dispute. Vergiliī. reverently. vertex/vortex. reverentially. advertise. verboseness. verbally. vernacularity. reverential. vergency. verbify. vergere: bend. verbification. diverge. diverginervous. adversarial. irreverentially. convergement. aversive. vernacularist. vermin. verger vermis. verruga vertō (vortō). verbalizable. advertising. verrucose. verbosely. verbalization. verve N. verbicidal. adverse. aversely. AHD derives verve from verbum. convergence. vermeil. advertisement. vermiculous. Vergilian. vermicular. divergivenate. vermicelli. m: whirlpool ad. advert. verbicide. avert. irreverently. divergently. divergence. verbum sat. vernacularization. m: Virgil Vergil. vermicide. converging. vermian. rev. turn converge. divergency. versus. m: light hunting horse palfrey vereor. OED: origin obscure. verērī. verbose. vermiferous. vermifuge. vermination. verbatim. vermes. advertiser. reverence. irreverent. m: worm varmint. aversion. verbosity. animadvert. reverie. adversity. vermiculite. verbigerate. Virgil. versum: turn. vernacularize. veritus sum: show reverence irreverence. versūs. verbalizer. vermivorous verna. averse. contrōversiae. vernacularism. vermicidal. vertī. vermiculate. verecund Vergilius. verbalize. verbomania. verminous. f: wort verruca. converger. vermigrade. verbless. convergency. verrucosis. ads. convergescence. verse. m: home-born slave vernacular. animadversion. verrucous. vermicle. verbarian. vermis. verbiage. vermifugal. anteversion. verbid. . adversifoliate. vertere. anniversary. revere. vernae.

perverter. trivertebral. divertissement. traversal. prosaism. unadvertised. diverticular. controversialism. traverse. divorceless. transversal. inadvertency. subvert. transverse. prosy. inversely. reversibility. noncontroversial. nulliverse. midconversation. transversally. prosaical. reversible. divertive. reverse. co-universal. diverticulitis. diverse. universal. conversant. diverticulectomy. convert. undiversified. controversial. prosework. universalistic. reversionistic. extraversion. pervertibility. indivertible. prose. subversively. extravert. risk-averse. reverter. conversion. convertile. controvert. optacon. universally. pervy. inverse. nonadvertence. tergiversator. reconvert. introversibility. seroconversion. divers. invertible. irreversibly. pervertibly. prosiness. subversion. inverted. universal time. multiversity. unreversed. perverse. retroversion. irreversible. conversible. dextrorse. irreversibility. URL. divert. diversiflorous. uncontrovertible. tergiversation. diversionary. traversable. invertor. invertebracy. extrorse. obverse. conversationize. incontrovertibly. . conversibility. transverter. co-versed. convertism. diversionist. conversably. controvertible. introrse. evertebral. eversion. inversion. divorcive. sinistrorse. co-vertical. tergiversatory. converser. universalizable. obversely. transversality. perverseness. divertible. universalism. inversor. inversive. controversially. universalist. controvertist. conversable. perverted. diversify. reversionary. controversion. malversation. universality. convertibility. proconvertin. perversive. traverser. subverter. divorcement. divorceable. prosaist. divorce. extrovert. introrsal. perverible. perversion. readvertise. eversive. invertebrate. universalization. invertile. unversed. controversialist. convertibly. undiverted. dextrorsal. converter. conversely. blank verse. tergiversant. perv. controvertibly. controverter. prosaic. divorcer. revertant. controversy. controverted. quaquaversal. divorcee. polyvoltine. conversance. time reversal. phase converter. diverticulosis. suzerainty. transversive. introvert. invertedly. diversiform. conversancy. quadrivoltine. diversion. conversation. photoconvert. diversification. diverter. revert. sternovertebral. cardioversion. retrorse. obvert. prosaically. varsity. convertiplane. diverticulate. extrorsal.biodiversity. reversion. divertimento. converse. introversive. conversazione. veer. subvertebral. reconversion. introversion. conversationalist. invert. universe. Podunk U. impervertible. proser. evert. convertive. introversible. subversive. malversate. inadvertent. obversion. tergiversate. teleconverter. reversionist. conversationally. convertible. perversity. introvertive. transversalis. reversionism. reversal. transversely. postrorse. perversely. introconversion. inconvertible. inverter. university. convertence. reversibly. diversity. unconverted. incontrovertible. inadvertently. pervertedly. transversion. diversely. universalize. extroversion. diversifoliate. conversational. conversive. inadvertence. diverticulum. prosody. pervert. traversary. diversionism. suzerain.

verdict. veritable. vérité (Fr). vesication. vesical. vortoscope. verily. verifiable. versine. vortex. f: truth aver. vespiary. vespertinal. vespoid Vespasiānus. ἕσπερος) vesper. uterovesical. vestal. Veracruz. verseman. vespiform. verifiability. verificatory. vesicula. vesicate. verticillate. vespertīliō. verset. vesiculate. vertiginate. verticity. vertebrae. vertical. vēritātis. vers libre (Fr). verity. inveracity. veridicity. vertiginously. vortograph. verisimilitude. vēra. vespae. m: evening. Veronica. very. veridicality. vertigo. vorticella. verifier. vespertilione. vēsīcae. transvesical. verificationist.versant. vernicle. vērum: true. m: bat (animal) (cf. vert (vb). vesperī/vesperis. vertiginous. versificator. verism. verticil. verticality. veridical. verist. verify. perivesical. vertiginousness. vice versa. verticillus. versiculus. f: wasp vespacide. VIP. veridically. vesicopustular. spike verumontanum vērus. vesiculitis. versemaker. veracious. vesuculiform. verificationism. vespertilian. vseculigerous. vertically. vespertīliōnis. verso. vorticist. vaginovesical. veraciously. versify. vesicoreteric. verismo (It). intravesical. vesperal. verticillium. versicle. verticillation. vespine. averment. verification. vespasian. vesiculation. vespertilionid. vesicularity. vespertine Vesta: Vesta (goddess of hearth) Vesta. Walden inversion verū. vespasienne vesper. veritism. f: bladder cervicovesical. verisimilar. verser. veritas. versus. versicolored. vesicocervical. verticalize. verticalization. versatility. versicular. vorticism. vesicorectal. unverifiable. vorticellid. in vino veritas. verūs. vorticose. veriest. vesicatory. version. unverified. vortical. vesicointestinal. vesiculiferous. versatile. Vespasiānī. versor. vertex. m: Vespasian Vespasian. versifier. versed. vertebration. vertical union. vorticity. vesicular. n: spit. vesicant. vertebrate. Vertebrata. vertebral. versemonger. versification. verse. vesiculose vespa. voir dire (Fr) vēsīca. virement. inveracious. vesicouretal. vestal virgin vester (your): see vōs . vesicle. vēritās. vespid. veritably. verseless. vespers. veracity.

investment. obvious. investor. divest. Vesuviī. obviously.vestibulum. vetitum: forbid pocket veto. shake (perhaps a frequentative of vehō) unvexed. deviant. investigation. nontrivial. vestibulī. investigator. vestryroom. vestry. vestīgiī. vexātum: bother. vestiary. conveyancer. standard deviation. obvium: in the way bivious. conveyance. veteran. f: clothes devest. vestīgāre: follow the track of. vestigially vestis. obvia. revest. vestiture. undervest. vetoist vetus (veteris): old inveteracy. vest. imperviously. trivialize. deviantly. previous. vestimentary. vestige. vexatious. convoyance. transvestic. vex. investigate. conveyable. vexaciously. vetitive. reinvest. vestīgō. bivium. previously. vestryman. vexed. envoyship. convoyer. veto. obviate. deviation. investiture. trivia. inveterately. envoy. investigational. vestigial. vetuī. trivialization. invoice. vexedly. n: footstep. inveterateness. perviousness. vestibulum vestīgium. veterinarian. devious. vestibulotomy. obvius. triviality. multivious. pervious. vestrybook. vetting. obviative. vexer vēxillum: see vēlum via. vet (v). vexaciousness. trivialism. vexatory. vestee. deviance. trivially. vestibulitis. vested. war veteran vexō. disinvest. transvestitism. vexation. investigative. reconvey. investigatory. uninvested. vestural. divestment. viae. impervious. bon voyage (Fr). m: Vesuvius Vesuvian. vestless. obviousness. disinvestment. transvestism. vetter. deviator. perveance. conveyorize. vestment. divestitive. quadrivium. revet. invest. transvestite. deviability. vestiarian. convey. deviously. vetāre. imperviousness. conveyor. conveyal. VA. deviate. vet. vexāre. vexāvī. Vesuvius vetō. vestis. f: road. trace FBI. revetment. investitive. convoy. travesty. obviation. divestiture. veterinary. . track. quadrivial. vestibule. n: entrance vestibular. vesture Vesuvius. trivium. divesture. inveterate. trivial. deviative. imperviable.

vicissitudinous. vibronic. disadvise. vice-warden. vicariant. . m: village (perhaps related to vīlla) (cf.B. vibrometer. viale (It). invidiae. envision. vice (assistant). advisedly. f: hatred. vibration. vibrio. vibrion. vicarious. unvoyageable. voyager. voyage. vicarism. envisage. vibe(s). victimizer. victimize. vicariad. audiovisual. f: stripe vibex (pl. improvisatrice. improvisation. vī̆brāre. vibratory. envious. enviable. vice-regal. vice-chancellor. vicariously. evidence. envisagement. enviously. vibrancy. evidentiary. victim. voyageur. viscount vīctima. ill-advised. vibriocidal. vibracular. vibrate. improvise. covisit. improvidence. imprudent. vicis. f: sacrificial animal vic. vicepresident. imprudence. vīdī. victimization. victimless. οἶκος) vicinage. vicia. vetchling (vicis). disprovide. vībīcis. vibrissae. evidently.undeviating. improvident. veer OED rejects veer as a derivative of vī̆brō. viciae. vice-admiralty. vī̆brātum: vibrate multivibrator. vicinity videō. vicaress. vice versa. vibices) vī̆brō. vicarship. vicinal. vicar. vicariousness. vibrophone. vibrantly. claivoyantly. vī̆brāvī. improvidently. clairvoyant. vicinism. vibrionic. vidēre. viceadmiral. vibromassage. vicarage. counterview. vībex. via. victimology vīcus. vibroscope. improv. advisory. viaduct. vibraculum. says from gȳrō to go/turn around gȳrus circle (from Greek γῦρος circle) instead. vibriosis. vicariate. f: vetch vetch. vicissitude. vibraharp. vibrator. déjà vu (Fr). envy advice. vice-regency. worm conveyer N. vicarish. viceregent. enviably. envy. advise. viceroyalty. vicar general. vīctimae. advisor. belvedere. vibraculoid. vicarial. Via Lactea. viceroy. vibrationless. vibraphone. vibratile. enviability. The names Beatrice and Beatrix may derive from bonus or via. vicarate. viaticum. vīsum: see. divisa. vice-rector. envier. advisement. clairvoyance. advising. viatic. vibrotactile. advisable. viator. vibrant. vibrational. counterevidence. improvisational. evident. advisability. vicarian. vibromotor. enviousness. vice-queen. vice-presidency. vīcī. vibrato. f: interchange (wanting in the nominative) veep. vibrationally. invidia.

televisual. bereft. visuometer. voyeurist. invisibility. videophone. introvision. visitee. voyeurism. visionary. mirabile visu. viewing. prudentialism. visuotactual. televise. provisionary. visually. visibleness. visualize. videlicet. providentialism. revisit. provider. provide. invisibleness. provision. viewable. f: widow (related to dīvidō) viduage. video piracy. providently. unadvisedly. visibly. rearview. view finder. seaview. prudentially. unadvised. unadvisable. visit. prudery. viduae. visitatorial. omnivision. microviewer. purveyor. proviso. pay-TV. invigorative. telly. state’s evidence. voyeuristic. video map. provided. videograph. tunnel vision. preview. jurisprudent. interviewer. provisionless. intervisit. purview. video film. videocamera. video artist. single vision. visuomotor. Tarvia. vidua. surveyor. video game. vizor (visor). visible. video-player. visualizer. video. videotape. review. revisionism. Vistavision. supervise. viduity. videorecording. invigor. visionless. supervisory. voyeur. visuo-auditory. visor. viguī: be active. providence. visual. invigorant. noctovision. invisible hand. quod vide. supervisee. unrevised. unenviable. video pirate. visualist. interviewee. video signal. prudential. worldview For prude. provisionally. visitor. videoporn. viduus. vigilia. revuist. televisionary. invigoration. visualization. visual aid. jurisprudential. resurvey. visuospatial. televiewer. video card. unprovided. transit visa. video frequency. prevision. videophile. visional. video art. veni vidi vici. invidiously. invidious. revision. providential. unenvied. reinvigorate. self-evidently. providentially. invigorating. f: night watch invigilate. visa. radiovision. vidua. supervision. unpurveyed. visionariness. surveyance. visitable. Widow is cognate not a derivative. jurisprudence. viewpoint. videotex. vidimus. visitant. unvisited. interview. visitation. invisibly. vigiliae. prudence. survey. videography. word vision. veuve (Fr). visite. self-evident. invigorate. reinterview. televisor. vis-a-vis. Montevideo. visioner. TV. visuality. and prudish see sum. penis-envy. vigil (vigilis): alert. videocam. photovisual. viewy. video conference. visuosensory. reviewer. side view. vista. invigorator. vigeō. videotext. viewdata. viewer.. provisory. peer review. well-advised.imprudently. . vide. provisor. surview. invidiousness. reinvigorating. prudent. revise. viduum: deprived of. television. provident. paravisual. vidicon. overview. videographer. videogram. provisional. inadvisedly. viewiness. veduta (It). visage. purvey. invigilation. viewport. invisible. vidual. visile. visionist. surveying. viz. visibility. view. visualizable. visibilia. revue. inadvisable. revisionist. purveyance. prudently. vigēre. supervisor. viewless. provisioner. vision. visuopsychic. revisory.

convictable. vengeful. vigilantly. Clarksville. invincibly. vigil. villous. vilely. vinculī. vigintillion. vigesimal. vaudevillian. evincible. revengeful. Victorian. victory point. vile. vincibly. villainous. surveillance. Jacksonville. revanchist. surveillant. vaudeville. vilification. velvetleaf. veni vidi vici. invincibility. in hoc signo vinces. vigor. convictionless. velvet. vigilance. conquer con (person). Victrola. villosity. vincible ignorance. village. Victoria. villanelle. vaudevillist. unconvincing. convincer. villose. vindicāre. villa. labor omnia vincit. villainize. surveil. convictive. victory. vīctum: defeat. convictively. reviler. villainy. vindicis. -ville. veloute (Fr). convictism. villagery. unconvinced. vigorless. invincible. post-Victorian. convincible. villein. vincible. eviction. vindicō. vilify. victorious. reveille. evince. villagization. villager. convictor. unconvicted. vigorish. conviction. vae victis. victory bond. vigilante. convincingly. vīminis. f: farmhouse (LS and OLD: diminutive of vīcus) Belleville. victory sign. victorine. omnia vincit amor. vinculum. victrix. villino (It) villus. velvet-like. vilifier. Danville. vīlis. unavenged. vindicāvī. victoryless. victoriousness. velour (Fr). Hooverville. contravindicate. revenge. villus vīmen. victory garden. vigia (Pg).reinvigoration. villetta (It). VJ vindex. vigintivirate vīlis. village gossip. vengeance. unvanquished. vanquishment. victoriously. vigorite. m: shaggy hair intervillous. c: avenger. vileness. villi. . villatic. villainously. victor. vincīre. unconvincingly. vīllae. vendetta. ville. Vincent. vilipend vīlla. vigilantism. vanquisher. Victorianism. co-villager. victory roll. convict. vinxī. evict. revanche. vincere. Victorianly. villain. villainess. convince. vinctum: tie. n: twig (LS: from vieō) vimineous vinciō. village pump. Nashville. velure. villanella. vigorousness vīgintī: twenty vicenary. victress. ex-convict. vicennial. vigorous. villī. Villanova. velvety. villiform. revilement. avenger. n: chain vinculum vincō. velveteen. vigilant. Villanovan. unrevenged. vīle: wicked revile. vindicātum: avenge avenge. vincibility. convincing. vanquish. vīcī. vigorously. ville lumière (Fr).

duumvir. vindemiate. vin blanc (Fr). viridescent. virtu. vindictiveness LS and OLD trace to dīcō. verd antique. vinification.vengefully. vin ordinaire (Fr). vinylogous. vinery. virid. verde. virēre. triumvirate. invination. decmviral. triumvir. viridis. verdant. virī. vignetter. winy viola. vindicatirx. verjuice. wineskin. virile part. vinegary. verdigris. eviration. peavine. viruī: be green. virtuous. violet violō (harm by force): see vīs vīpera (viper): see vīvus + pariō vir. quadrumvirate. unvirtuous. Mesa Verde. f: vineyard (cf. virtual. wine-party. vinous. table wine. virtucrat. virent. winepress. viride: green luteovirescent. viniferous. m: man (male). viridity . vīneae. vireō. verdurer. decemvirate. vintner. vinolent. viniculture. triumviral. winery. vendemmia. viridescence. vinaigrette. vinal. virtūtis. verdea. virago. vin rose (Fr). vineleaf. but first root is disputed (perhaps vim. virtuose. virtuousness For second root of virago. vireo. vinetree. virtueless. vinic. quinquevir. Vienna coup. verdure. virility. vīnum. winedrinking. vigneron (Fr). vintage. viola (flower). winecellar. vine branch. vineyard. vintager. virtuously. vindicate. virtue. duumvirate. polyvinyl. virile. wine-farm. vīnī. virilism. vindicative. evirate. f: violet flower (probably cognate ἴον) ultraviolet. viner. virtualist. see note under agō. n: wine. vignette. subvirile. virescent. vinaceous. vindictively. violaceous. virilescence. virtuoso. vengeulness. vinosity. devirilization. vert (n). Vienna (Wien). wine-loving. vinland. vineless. f: courage decemvir. viridarium. wine-dark. venger. vinegarroon. vīnea. viridian. viraginous. tea wine. vin (Fr). accusative of vīs). virile member. viridine. vinometer. vindicable. virescence. vindicatory. vigintivirate. vinify. Viennese. winetaster. devirilize. vinegar. Vienna circle. wine-colored. vindication. οἶνος) grapevine. vindictive. virtualism. vendange. virilocal. verdantly. virilization. vindicator. duumviral. violal. virtually. Vienna cross. vine. Vermont. Vienna green. viridis. revirescent. violae. vinose. sempervirent. viny. virtuosity. vin de table (Fr). verdureless. vinyl. vine dresser. wine. virtuality. septemvir. vino (It). vendimia. wine-cave. in vino veritas. be vigorous. virtūs. verdurous. tastevin. verdancy. virilescent.

evisceration. unviolated. vīs. viscerotome. f: maid. retroviral. West Virginia viriae. f: twig. virgin wax. birdlime viscid. orbivirus. viscerally. viscoelasticity. viruliferous. n: slime. virginly. verger (rod bearer). viral. ultravirus. devirgination. n: mistletoe. vi et armis. viropexis. enterovirus. virial. virginal. f: tetter vitiliginous. virgation. viscous vīscus. violāvī. virgule virgō. virose. virosis. verge (n). viremia. viscidity. virogenesis. violātum: harm by force. inviolacy. vīrī. viroid. Ginny. rotavirus. parvovirus. devirginize. f: force. violator. virgate. vīrium. virgin birth. virogene. virginhood. inviscate. vestal virgin. viriārum. virago (only LS). violate. virga. virginity. provirus. virgular. virgo intacta. Virgin Mary. retrovirus. nonviolent. togavirus. vitiligo . viscosity. rhinovirus. virginalist virginally. violence. violentus. viricide. VA. myxovirus. Virgin Islands. devirginator. violent. violāre. virion. virgula. viscerotonic. V-chip. poliovirus. visceralization. f pl: strength. nonviolence. neurovirulence. violative. violation. vīrēs.virga. vitilīginis. Virginia. viscose. f pl: bracelets ferrule viridis (green): see vireō vīrus. nonviolently. n: guts (more common in the plural. virgin devirginate. viricidal. violō. picornavirus. vīscera) eviscerate. inviolable. virginis. virgal. virulence. violentum: violent antiviolence. Virgo. vis vīscum. inviscation. virulently. viscera. viscin. viscometer. virus vīs. vim. violable. virosome. virology. eviscerator. visceral. rod trivirgate. Virginian. inviolably. violenta. inviolate. virgin. virulency. inviolability. power. vīsceris. poisonous secretion antivirus. viscerotropic vīta: see vīvō vitellus: see vitulus vitilīgō. inviscid. virulent. poxvirus. violently. virgae. vīscī.

vitrain. veal. viperine. vitreous humor. revivescent. viatical. m: Vitruvius Vitruvian. viceless. vitellarium. vitellophage. viverrid. survivor. vituperate. vitrifiable. viola. victualler. vitrine. convivialist. vita. inviable. viperiform. vitrifaction. violone (It). viselike. f: ferret viverra. revictualment. revivification. previable. vitellogenic. vitulī. vīctum: live. violin. revivalism. curriculum vitae. vītis. pseudovitamin. provitamin. n: fault unvitiated. in vitro. vitellī. vitreous. victual. convivially. viable. vitreously. revivalist. ovovitellin. survivable. vituline viverra. viperish. joie de vivre (Fr). vitellarian. viverrine vīvō. vitiī. vitreousness. vituperative. vitiate. vītae. revival. vitaceous. vī̆trī. vituperation. vicious circle. vitrify. subvital. inevitably vī̆trum. viper. devitalization. bon viveur (Fr). survivalist. victualling-house. nonvital. vītātum: avoid inevitability. viticulturist. vitellin(e). vitrescence. viperid. viticultural. savoir-vivre (Fr). viticulture. convive. vice (fault). inevitable. nonviable. violist. vitellicle. Vitrūviī. vīvere. m: little calf fiddle (OED). viand. virectomy. vitellus. survive. vitrescent. vīvum: alive. . vitriol. viol (OED). survivalism. viperously. vealy. vīvus. vitelligerous. f: vine vise. f: headband bivittate. vīxī. vitelloduct. homovital. n: glass devitrification. vittate vitulus. vitta. vīta. conviviality. revitalization. vitriform. vicious. memento vivere. bon vivant (Fr). aqua vita. qui vive (Fr). devitalize. vitelliferous. vellum. m: calf. vitrescible. vitro Vitrūvius. vītāvī. vītāre. vituperator vītō. survival. vittae. vitellary. vituperatively. viverrae. ovoviviparous. inevitableness. vitrite. modus vivendi. intravital. vitelligenous. vīva. vitric. vitiation. survivorship. f: life aquavit. revive. viperling. victualling-office. vitiosity. revivifier. revitalize. viciousness. revivify. vitriolize. devitrify. vitellus. supravital.vītis. viperous. viability. reviver. viciously. vitiferous vitium. Vitruvius vitta. violinist. vitriolic. convivial.

disinvolve. vitalist. vitascope. nolle prosequi. vivisect. volleyer. vivisection. evolutionistic. vivid. vividness. volāvī. vivific. convoluted. vivandier.vitaglass. involutorial. extravolution. omnibenevolent. Vivian. micro-evolution. countervault. evolution. vive (Fr). omnivolent. convolve. volant. nolens volens. volitive. involuted. vivisectional. evolutionism. counterrevolution. circumvolute. voluntarily. mālō. vivaciousness. water viper vocō: see vōx volō. inolutionary. volvere. introvolution. obvolute. devolvement. vivify. voluptuate. polevault. mālle. vividity. viva voce. involution. volāre. vitativeness. evolutionary. convolvutive. vivaciously. devolutive. malevolence. obvolution. convolution. counterrevolutionary. voluptuous. devolutionist. nolition. evolutive. voluntariness. volatilization. volunteer. malevolent. multivoltine. involve. volucrine volō. volley. vivotoxin. vividly. evolvement. nonvolatile. French Revolution. devolve. voluptātis. pre-revolution. volvī. volatility. vivsector. Deo volente. vixit. vitaminize. vitalism. voluntaristic. velleity. evolutional. volition. circumvolve. vivifier. circumvolant. volatile. intervolve. vitality. See OED entry for willy-nilly. devolutionary. convovulus. vivat. involvement. velle. involutional. voluntarist. volātum: fly convolant. revoltingly. rev (up). vitalisitic. vitals. viveur (Fr). ἐλύω) American Revolution. vitally. volador. viviparity. noninvolvement. vivacity. volitation. vitamin. nolo contendere. vivified. revolt. evolve. nōluī: wish not (nē/nōn + volō) avolition. circumvolution. involutive. vivification. māluī: prefer (magis + volō). nōlō. vitaphone. vivace (It). volitate. nōlle. voluntary. involuntary.B. volplane. voluptuousness volvō. vivipary. . noli me tangere. fiat voluntas tua. volatilize. malevolently. voluptuously. vivacious. convolutionary. convolute. evolute. volunteerism N. evolutionist. involucrum. volation. involuntariness. viva. deconvolution. involucre. vivisectionist. vivax. voluntaryism. vittles. volūtum: roll (cf. voluntative. vital. nonrevolutionary. viviparous. voluntaryist. evolvable. volitant. Deus vult. benevolence. f: pleasure (perhaps related to volō wish) voluptuary. benevolently. equivoluminal. somnivolency. vitalize. benevolent. vivier. vole (cards). involatile. omnivolant. viviparously. vivificate. involutant. voluī: wish. voluptās. vivarium. volitional. revolting. voluntarism. devolution. devolatize. volatileness. volup: agreeably. involute. vitalization. volleyball. involuntarily.

supervolute. volume. oryzivorous. devotional. vocāre. vomitum: regurgitate ignivomous. avower. omnivorous. avocation. convocational. self-devotion. pupivorous. devotedly. advocatus diaboli. rendezvous. nucivorous. pray devote. voracity vōs: you (pl. graminivore. vester. revolver. crinivorous. convoke. vomitory. voluminous. herbicarnivorous. frondiverous. votary. straw vote.). volumeless. voteless. revolve. devotionally. omnivorously. devourment. sanguinivorous. vōtum: promise. vocātum: call advocacy. fructivorous. revved. volumetric. detrivore. frugivorous. volubly. merdivorous. outvote. devoted. vomity vorō. devotionist. uninvolved. vomitorium. volumette. vocāvī. formicivorous. vōcis. carnivore. frugivore. vow. vōmeris. mucivore. vomition. insectivore. revolving. canivorous. reptilivorous. voracity. herbivore. lanivorous. vomerine vomō. vault. convocation. vestrum: your Dominus vobiscum. devouringly. avouch. revote. bivalvore. revolutionize. vous (Fr) voveō. stercovorous. voluminosity. voraciously. volute. voluminously. volte-face (Fr). voter. volvulus. trivoluminous. . devour. volubility. volumeter. avow. seminivorous. devotion. agent provocateur (Fr). ornithivorous. vorātum: devour apivorous. lactivorous. vaulted. unvowed. plantivorous. devil’s advocate. devout. ranivorous. convocator. undevout. herbivorous. swing voter. vomere. vermivorous. plurivorous. voluminal. devoter. hominivorous. devotee. avowable. avocational. voraciousness. leucovorin. palmivorous. herbivory. devoutly. sanguivorous. ovoviporous. baccivorous. vocō. devotement. volution. revolutionist. vote. convocant. vuelta (Sp) vōmer. vower vōx. pollinivorous. cancrivorous. vorāvī. citrovorum. n: plowshare vomer. carnivorous. insectivorous. muscivore. avowry. vorāre. devotionary. volutation. convocationist. radicivorous. piscivorous. avowal. vomit. vot(a)ress. voussoir (Fr). f: voice. mellivorous. avowedly. omnivore. advocate. vomuī. vōvī. granivorous. devourer. vomitus. vomiting. vestra. social revolution. undervote. devoutness. revolutionary. votive. slim volume. voluble. voluminousness. fungivorous. devourable. vomiturition. lichenivorous. devotedness. larvivorous. vovēre. overvote. serpentivorous. convocate. voracious. bivocal. ossivorous. vomitive.revolution. lignivorous. ultrarevolutionary. pupivore. votarist. nectarivorous.

voxpop. invocation. vulgarly. voicer. equivocator. voce (It). voucher. vociferate. evocation. univocality. m: Vulcan (god of forges) devulcanize. vulgarity. voiceful. Magnavox. revocatory. viva voce. voicelessly. vocability. vociferously. pseudovolcano. m: vulture (probably from vellō) vulture. vocabulary. vowel shift. overvulcanize. voice-recognition. vulnerable. unvocal. invulnerable. vocation. una voce. vouchsafe. provoker. divulgation. vox populi vox Dei. evoke. vocalic. vulcanism. univocally. equivocate. vulcanist. uninvoked. provocative. provoke. vowelism. vocalize. divulgate. vulgarian. n: common people devulgarize. vouch. vox clamantis in deserto. nonvocal. vulnerātum: wound disvulnerability. Vulcānī. vulnerō. voicespond. vulpis. divulge. vulcanicity. Vulgate vulnus. volcanism. vulcanizer. vulcanization. vulcanology vulgus. vulnerability. vox. unprovoked. vouchee. revocable. vulcanize. vocab. Vulcan. vowel gradation. equivocally. vulgarize. vocative. provocateur. irrevocably. voiced. vocationally. vociferation. voice. vocalist. unequivocally. vulturis. subvocalization. low-voiced. sotto voce. divulgatory. vociferance. high-voiced. vulturine. divulgement. provocatively. invoke. divulger. devoice. volcaniclastic. multivocal. unvoice. equivocal. stratovolcano. vociferous. wrath-provoking Vulcānus. vocally. vocabulist. vulneris. vulgarism. volcanology. voicelessness. vowel. volcanist. invocatory. provocation. vocoid. vox populi. disavowal. vowelize. provoking. thought provoking. f: fox Vulpecula. vocalism.devocalize. voiceless. voix (Fr). Vulcanian. vulnerāvī. equivacatory. vulgī. unvocalized. intervocal. irrevocability. volcanicity. vulpicide. provocator. vulpine vultur. metavolcanic. vocationalism. vocoder. voicecast. vocal. invocant. vulcanic. overvulcanization. invocative. provokingly. provo. invoker. evocative. vulgarization. vociferousness. evulgate. voiceprint. vocable. vociferant. divulgence. vocalese. univocal. semivowel. equivocation. volcano. vulturous . invulnerability. revoke. vocabular. voicemail. vocule. revocation. invocable. VoIP. volcanic. vulnerably. n: wound. vulnerary vulpēs. irrevocable. outvoice. vowelless. vulgar. evocator. prevocalic. disavow. unequivocal. Vo-Ag. vocalization. invulnerably. vowelist. vocality. volcanically. univocalic. vocational. vulnerāre.

vulval. vulvitis. vulviform.vulva. vulvae. vulvectomy. vulvar. f: womb vulva. vulvovaginal .

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