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From: Vaughn McIlrath [] Sent: Tuesday, May 27, 2008 Subject:
John, I dug into my military records and came up with all this – Thanks for asking!

Significant dates for Vaughn

____________ Vaughn Graduated from Iowa state university?

Gould began cooping in June 1966 in davenport. My only friends were Don Cordts in
Davenport and Vaughn in Iowa City. After you left in July I flew on my first airplane to new
york to visit my girl friend, lin Packard. On the return trip I torn out a coupon for a $5 into
flight in a Cessna and took. When Don went back to college, I was alone and started working
two jobs for money to fly. I feel I was so unaware then. I came to iowa city to party with you
before you left. But it seemed many were going and it was just normal?

22-Jul-66 Inducted into the Seabees, sent to Davisville, RI, by train.

3-Sep-66 21-Sep-66 Left Davisville on Travel-time leave (home, got very sick)
21-Sep-66 signed-in at USN MCB4 in Port Hueneme, CA.
6-Jan-67 Arrived at Camp Hoover, Danang, RVN

1967: Gould began flight lessons in March 1967 at Boone and soloed.
Gould began his 2nd cooping in June 1967 living with Don Cordts and Ed humpries.
He began dating Janice Maher. He continued his lessons and was certified aug 13.
Don and Ed went back to school. In October gould took Janice as 1st copilot to
montreal Canada.

23-Aug-67 28-Aug-67 R&R in Hong Kong (with whom?)

30-Sep-67 20-Oct-67 Home on leave
7-Oct-67 Married Anne - JRG was my Best Man
20-Dec-67 27-Dec-67 Home on leave for Christmas
16-Feb-68 Arrived at Camp Haines, Danang, RVN
23-May-68 30-May-68 R&R in Sydney, Australia (with whom?)
6-Jul-68 Departed Vietnam for Treasure Island
22-Jul-68 Discharged from active duty, went home to Iowa.

1968: Gould was at summer school in Ames. 2nd copilot

chris swafford
Brought her to iowa city.
Dated until oct 26, 1968 and she went AWOL on drugs!
march 1969 we four flew to ohio and pinned to rene 3rd copilot
Aug. 1969: rene and I toured the west
Sept 1969 Gould to Fort Bragg NC army basic training

August 1969 vaughn to Oregon to start school in the fall.

28-Oct-77 Divorced Anne