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Published by: Md. Ashraf Hossain Sarker on Sep 05, 2013
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New Brand Design Presentation

• Product name: LINGO – The wireless translator • Rationale:
– – – – – – Very new and unknown product State of the art A dream product Expect high demands New category Challenging to create the brand

What’s LINGO?
LINGO is the first portable communication device that translates languages without any time lag.

• Products
– – – – Earphone Microphone Speaker Charger

• Language
– Major languages: English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, etc. – Optional: Other languages
• Covered 44 languages • Installed

• Voice: Man or Woman

Jeff: Hello, how are you? Fede: Good Jeff: Can I ask you a question? Fede: Sure Jeff: Where is the closest bank? Fede: Go straight and turn right, you will see it. Jeff: Thank you! Fede: You are welcome. Good luck!


Direct Competition • Human Translators •Electronic Translators •Online Translators (Eg. Google) • Tour guide

Indirect Competition

• Dictionaries
• Language Schools •Mobile, Computers

Primary target market

Demographic • Age- 18 – 75 years •Income – Mid to High Income •Occupation- professionals, Students, Homemakers

Psychographic • Life style- Comfortable, Confident seeks convenience • Hobbies/Interests- Loves traveling, exploring new places, new ideas

Customer-Based-Brand Equity
• Electronic device, Wireless automatic translator • User-friendly, Simple design, Very easy to handle, Great battery life, Light, Small, detachable • a companion, it's a way to feel confident in an unknown land, friend and a guide among strange languages • Very effective product, it's a great device for international students, Travelers, Foreign delegates, business sector • High tech, expensive, accessible, widely available in retail stores, feeling security • Necessity, High loyalty

Imagery Judgment Feelings Resonance



•Real-time translation •Stand alone solution •Easy operation

•IBM translation receiver
•Voice recognition software/device •Dictionaries

•Cross-cultural communication
without learning language •Only device with full function to talk in foreign language, in the

(paper/electric, iPods, iPhones)
•Tour guide/conductor


• Customer’s Profile
– – – – – – Business person Frequent traveler Elderly traveler Scholar Movie goers Emergency services

• Brand positioning statement
For frequent travelers or business persons who wants or

needs to communicate with people all over the world,
Lingo is a instant wireless translation device that provides unlimited communication, unlike any other product.

• Brand positioning map
Fast translation


Low mobility

High Mobility

Online translators

Slow translation

• Brand positioning map
High price

Low mobility

High Mobility

Online translators

Low price

Brand elements
Name: LINGO- The portable communication device URL: www.lingo.com

– Memorablity
• Simple • Ease of pronunciation and spelling

– Meaningfulness
• Easy to understand • Especially foreign language • Expressions used by a particular group of people

– Likability
• Friendly, precise

– Transferability
• New category

– Adaptable
• By changing tagline

Brand elements
• Logos

• Slogan:
– Memorability – Meaningfulness
• High technology • Connecting • Communication

Say Hi! to the world

– Likability
• Sophisticated • Persuasive

– Transferability
• New category

– Protectability

Brand elements
• Packaging:
– Memorability
• Simple • Easy to carry

– Meaningfulness
• The last dictionary

– Likability
• Classy packaging

Marketing mix
• Product • Price: 649.99 USD • Place
– Business
• Global companies • Professionals (doctors, lawyers, consultants, scholars, etc)

– Consumers
• • • • Retailers (Best buy, etc) Direct selling through online Brand shops Airport kiosk

Marketing mix
• Promotion
– Trade shows – Advertising
• • • • • • TV Radio Newspaper Magazines Out of home Alternative advertising (Airport branding)

Marketing mix
• Buzz marketing (idea)
– Free trial campaign
• Airports • 100,000 people • Summer and winter vacation

– – – –

Placement in movies and TV programs Present to celebrities Sponsor Olympic Co-branding
• Airlines • Amusement parks

Trial Placement blogs

Facebook Experience Popular Word of mouth

My space YouTube

Marketing mix
• Social networking site “Writing your opinion campaign” with LINGO “Posting your video who you met campaign”
• • • • Face book YouTube Twitter MySpace

Winner gets- “World tour”
Insert campaign information & Advertising Facebook Experience Sign up YouTube Twitter MySpace Word of mouth

Brand Extension
– – – – – – – – – – Home Theater Radio Software Sunglasses Phone (Li Phone) Electronic translator Online translator Language university Dictionary Hardware in computers

Advertising image

Say Hi! to the world

Brand elements

Say Hi! to the world

Brand elements

Say Hi! to the world

Brand elements

Say Hi! to the world

Say Hi! to the world

You cannot talk with animals.

Say Hi! to the world

Say Hi! to the world

Say Hi! to the world

Secondary Research http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism - 2008 – 922million international tourists http://www.ling.gu.se/projekt/sprakfrageladan/english/sprakfakta/eng -sprak-i-varlden.html - 6,500 living languages http://www.executivelinguist.com/faq.php - Translators costs - $75 minimum and pay 12-40cents per word http://www.kaplan.com/Pages/default.aspx - Basic 20 week English class costs $5350

Focus Group - General Questions about language
- What do they do when they don’t speak the language

- General Questions about traveling
- Travel for business or recreational - How often do they travel

- Present the idea of Lingo
- What do they think of this technology - Will they use it - How will they use it (what purpose)


Marketing Lesson
• Customer-Based Brand Equity Pyramid
– Salience, imagery, performance, feelings, judgments, resonance

• Marketing Mix
– Product, Price, Place, Promotion

• Brand Positioning
– Target market, segmentation, Brand Mantra, POP and POD

• Brand Elements
– Brand Name, Packaging, Slogans

Process of working with your teammates
- Brainstorming and collecting ideas
• Product, Slogan, Positioning, Brand Elements, Meting

- Constructing overall picture of our product - Allocated parts to our strengths - Working in a group and coming up with ideas from our diverse cultural background

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