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Are You Ashamed of Being A Christian?

These are very exciting times we are living in! Over the years, I’ve
heard Christians remark that they wished they could’ve lived
during the time Jesus walked the earth. Not me! I’m very excited
about the times we are in! We are seeing prophecy unfolding and
being fulfilled at an alarming rate! We are seeing the Gospel
message in lands where it was once forbidden to be a Christian!
The Bible, either whole or in part is available in almost every
language spoken on earth. People everywhere are hearing the
message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Yes, indeed these are
exciting times! Yet, these are also trying times, for we are living in
a country that once enjoyed God’s blessings and favor, but has
since turned its back on God (Psalm 9:17; 33:12) We watched in
silence has demon-inspired infidels expelled God from our public
schools. In some public schools it is a punishable offense to just
bring a Bible to school! Yet the religion of secular humanism is
allowed to be taught and pollute young souls. Secular
Humanism’s main tenet, evolution is fostered on our children as
an established scientific fact, which it certainly is not, whereas the
teaching of Creationsim is prohibited and viewed as unscientific,
superstitious nonsense. Everywhere we turn Christianity is being
attacked and ridiculed. Turn on the television and you will find
numerous programs dedicated to “Christian-bashing.”