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recount text adalah a text that telling the reader about one story, action or activity.

Its goal is to entertaining or informing the reader. (sebuah teks yang menceritakan sebuah cerita, aksi ataupun aktifitas. Tujuan recount text adalah untuk menghibur atau menginformasikan pembaca.)

Generic Structure dari Recount Text
Generic structure (susunan umum) recount text ini terdiri dari:

Orientation tells who was involved, what happened, where the events took place, and when it happened. ("Orientation" menceritakan siapa saja yang terlibat dalam cerita, apa yang terjadi, di mana tempat peristiwa terjadi, dan kapan terjadi peristiwanya) Events tell what happened and in what sequence. ("Event" menceritakan apa yang terjadi (lagi) dan menceritakan urutan ceritanya) Reorientation consists of optional-closure of events/ending . ("Reorientation" berisi penutup cerita / akhir cerita)

The working experienceof maria Sharapova 2... Mother prepared the cooking and eating utensils. the good location near the river had been occupied by other campers so we had to look for another place. In what age was miss Sharpova being a model of some products? A. My family and I decided to go camping last holiday. 1. It was near a big tree. The story goes that maria knocked his hat off with the tennis ball. thereby making a favorable impression.. Five D. Her father took her to the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy where one of the coaches check her out. At the age five or six. In 2004. Professional tennis players in the world C. Sharapova moved with her family to Sochi. she was signed up by a number of sponsors including Prince (racquets). at a tennis clinic in Moscow. When everything was ready. At the age of seven. searched C. In the process she also became the first Russian ever to win that tournament. This led her obtaining a scholarship. Oakley and Nike.. Nine 3. After setting up the tent. Sharapova was spotted by Martina Navratilova. placed D. Unfortunately. . Three B.. who urged her parents to get her serious coaching in the USA. Finally. she and her father boarded a plane to the USA with only $700. She began playing tennis at the age of four using a racket given to her by Yevgeng Kafelnikov's father. we found a good place little bit further. introduced The weather was very clear.. Four C. Sharapova became the second youngest Wimbledon women's champion in open era (after Martina Hingis) by defeating defending two-time champion Serena Williams in straight sets (6-1. At the age of nine. The family of maria Sharapova B. We joined other people sitting on the rock near the river.Soal Recoun Text At the age of three. we left for the camping site in countryside. was spotted by Martina Navratilova . seen B. What is the text about? A. 6-4). A. I took my fishing rod and my brother brought his sport equipment." (Paragraph 2) The synonym of the underlined word is. ". Father prepared the tent and other equipment. my father and I went fishing. There were many campers when we arrived at the camping site. The happiness of having a great father D.

. Far away from other campers. D. What is the purpose of the text above? A To describe a camping site.In the evening. D. To inform people the new camping site. At the back of the river. I could say that it was the best fish I had ever tasted. we went back home. 4. Sleeping in the tent was a very wonderful experience. B. I woke up early in the morning. I felt fresh. Near the big tree. Then I accompanied my brother playing ball. 5. C. In the afternoon. father made a fire. Where did the writer and his family set up their tent? A. Mother cooked the fish we caught. To retell the writer’s past camping experience . B. To give instruction how to set up the tent. Near the river. C.

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