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THE SHIELD The Barn “Pilot” by Shawn Ryan Draft: 3/20/01 © FADE IN: INT. RUNDOWN TENEMENT APARTMENT - KITCHEN - DAY NAKED DEAD WOMAN lies on the floor, her eyes open, but empty. Various stab wounds account for the pool of blood she lies in. A small towel is draped across her genitals. . DUTCH (0.S.) Damn. Lying on her back, those tits are still standing at attention. CHARLES (0.S.) It's called rigor. DUTCH (0.S,) Rigor or no rigor, that's a serious rack. REVEAL the two men talking -- Detective CHARLES BENNETT, 45, black, an old war horse and Detective HOLLAND "DUTCH" CAHILL, 36, professionally cocky, socially awkward. Both wear suits, Bennett's more rumpled than Dutch's: CHARLES You wanna give ‘em a squeeze? DUTCH How much time we got before the M.E. shows up? Officer DANIELLE "DANNY" ALTAMORE, 28, white, a woman toiling ina man's world, appears in the doorway. . DANNY The victim's sister's outside, wants to know what happened. CHARLES Dutch is in charge of all potential criers. DUTCH Thanks a lot. Dutch heads for the front door, Danny following. DUTCH You the first one here? DANNY Yeah, me and Julien got the call. DUTCH Last few weeks, dead bodies seem to follow you around. DANNY Oh, yeah. I'ma real fun time gal. Any notions on this one? DUTCH (showing off) ; Nature of the wounds, we're definitely looking at an inexperienced underachiever type. Covering up the genitals says he was ashamed at what e did... Family member, boyfriend. This one‘1l break easy. . Off her, not totally unimpressed -- EXT. RUNDOWN TENEMENT APARTMENT - PORCH - DAY The camera PANS DOWN from the LOS ANGELES SKYLINE to the porch, where JANET GAINES, 30, white trash, emotional, is being restrained by Officer JULIEN MAYHEW, 26, former 2nd team All Big-Ten linebacker. ‘Tough, stoic, religious. JANET Let go of me! JULIEN No one's allowed in. I'm sorry, ma'am. JANET Goddamnit! Get out of my way! Janet starts syatting at Julien, her arms flailing wildly. Dutch emerges from the apartment, grabs Janet, subdues her. DUTCH Miss, I need you to calm down. JANET Who are you? ; DUTCH Detective Xragen. JANET Is she dead? DUTCH There's a young woman inside, we haven't determined her identity yet. JANET This is my sister, Nancy's, place. DUTCH Like I said, we don't know who she is. JANET Dark hair? Pretty? DUTCH That sounds like her. (sells sincerity) I'm sorry.