Attorney General Guardian Public Interest Guards criminal interest Government and charity corporations need needy people

where hopelessness and despair leads to criminal persuasion feeding the expanding need for lawyers and social workers. Law Society Bar Association and Top Judge Admit Stated or Implied Courts constitutionally illegal … immediate appropriate reform or charged as criminal frauds They ad hoc de facto I ad lib de jure WW III World Wide Invisible Invincible Inalienable Negligent Attorney General

Authentic Constitutional Court Ultimate Reform Abrogates Traditional Exploitation ACCURATE Guarantee Justice Legal Certainty Not for Profit

Grown Judiciary Grown Prosecutor Grown Defender Tax Revenues Salaried Independent of Conflict of Interest Control Prosecutor and Defender Equivalent salary ranges and proficiencies Majority of cases worked out by Prosecutor and Defender Police should be available to assist either when required Lessen time before the judiciary Consideration to cases categorized assigning to specialists 4D Demonstrates Due Diligent Deterrence to the eradication Criminal aspiration Adverse to private sector lawyer thriving businesses Truth in the Spirit is everyone’s Objective Complaints monitored by Citizens Camera A competent Constitution court looks like this or guilty of Criminal Fraud Effective Efficiency More than 8 years this way and not there yet

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